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Bad Boys?


Karen and I were neighbors. She lived in the middle of the street, I lived on the corner. I was separated, and lived in a small home near the wife and kids. Karen had a fantastic smile, short reddish-brown hair, and had kept her figure despite having three kids under ten. Karen's husband John had a sales job that kept him on the road a lot. I had jumped Karen's car for her one morning, and we'd talk sometimes when she was walking her dog.

I had a few girlfriends since I had separated, but nothing serious. I guess I just wasn't ready to date. They seemed so flat, kind of boring, too shallow... I wanted someone who was fun to be with. Which is probably why I liked Karen's company so much.

Sometimes I'd play ball with her kids. They were good kids, skinny, and it was fun to tease 'em. Karen would come out and watch us, always with a delightful smile and a laugh that made you grin. Funny, I never saw her husband out with the kids. I kind of found out why when I saw him coming out of Frederick's in the mall with his girlfriend. Guy had better things to do, I guess.

I'd see Karen around frequently, and she always had a wave and a quick smile for me. Driving home from the store one hot Saturday afternoon I saw her out mowing her front yard. I grabbed a couple of 7Ups from the fridge, and walked down the block. "Hey, you, take a break."

I could see John's car was gone. "I could use a break."

Karen had beads of sweat on her upper lip. I opened a can, and handed it to her. "How did you get so lucky as to always pull lawn duty?"

"John's been working a lot of weekends lately, and the goat's on strike, so I got nominated."

"Why not have Kevin mow- he should be able to handle it now."

"I would have, but the boys left last night to spend the weekend with their Grandpa and Grandma. I've got the weekend off, and nothing to do but yardwork."

"Could be worse things in the world than a weekend of peace and quiet."

She sized me up, and said "Could be better, too."

I was taken aback, a little confused. Was this mother of three coming on to me? I wasn't going to take a chance at making a fool of myself. "Well, hey, I better let you get back to it. Thanks for the drink."

I headed back home, did some laundry, watched some TV. I was channel surfing when the doorbell rang. "Well, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Karen looked great, a sleeveless white cotton blouse over blue denim shorts, hair still damp from the shower.

"I figure I'd get even with you."


"For the drink, stupid."

"Oh, no problem"

"Get yourself cleaned up and come over at seven. I hope you like burritos," she grinned and turned away. Maybe it wasn't my imagination after all.

The burritos were good, and the Cervaza's were cold. We split a six pack by the time we finished eating. "Nice to have a homecooked meal."

"Nice to have an adult to have dinner with." I helped clear the table. Karen was at the sink, and I brought over the plates.

I tried to put the plates down, and we did a little you-go-this-way, I'll-go-that-way back and forth kind of thing.

"Dinner and dancing, I'll have to come here more often."

"Just make sure you make reservations early, we're kind of exclusive, you know." A laugh, and a look.

I touched her arm gently. "Hey thanks for dinner. It was really good, and I enjoyed the company."

"What the hell are you talking about? You're not leaving yet are you? Go sit down and watch some TV while I finish this."

"Why don't you let me finish, and you go sit down, lawn mower woman."

That laugh again... "OK, if you insist." She smacked me on the butt, and headed out to the family room.

Only took a minute or two to finish the kitchen. She kept a clean house, not easy with three kids. "Hey, don't go to sleep out there," I called to her. A loud, fake snore was my response. I laughed, dried off my hands, and went out to join her. Karen was sitting on the couch with her sexy little legs curled up underneath her. I moved towards the easy chair, but she patted the cushion on the couch. I sat next to her, feeling a hot tension I hadn't felt in quite a while.

"Gimme that remote."

"Just like a man, has to have the remote in his hand to be happy."

"Yeah, just like a man... Now gimme that thing so I can see if there's some wrestling, sports or Sylvester Stallone movies on." I started scanning the channels. 'Cops' was had just started.

"Bad Boys Bad Boys, what'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do when they come for you..." I started singing along. "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what'cha gonna do, what'cha gonna do when they come for you..."

"God, I wish a bad boy would come for me" she said, laughing.

"What the hell would a nice lady like you want with a bad boy?"

"What do you think I'd want, I'd have him wash my car."

I loved this woman's sense of humor. "Whew, thank goodness... for a second there, I was worried that my image of you was going to be shattered."

"Hey, who said he was done after he washed my car? It's been over two years since I had my pipes cleaned."

"Two years? Don't you mean two months?"

"I wish."

"Jesus, I'm going nuts and its only been two weeks."

"Awwww, poor baby, ain't got none for two whole weeks." Cute and sarcastic, a wonderful combination. "Wait until you catch up with me- then you'll have something to complain about."

She threw a pretzel at me. "I'll complain if I want to."

I threw one back at her "Oooh, real tough guy, aren't you?" She threw one back at me, giggling.

The dog had gotten up, and was eating the errant pretzels. "Oh, I see... you're going to have your wolf protect you while you bombard me with mini-twists... How courageous of you."

"I don't need any protection from you, buster. I can handle myself." She grabbed a handful of pretzels and whistled. "C'mon boy, let's go. Time for you to go to bed. And you, don't you run away now, I'm not finished with you yet." She lobbed another pretzel at me, which I attempted to catch in my mouth. It hit me in the forehead. Laughing some more, she said, "Oh, very impressive." She turned the corner and went down the hall with the dog.

I got some ammo and slipped into the kitchen behind the counter. I heard the door close, and hunkered down behind the counter. "Walt?" I popped up, and tossed a couple shots at her. "Hey, cheater, sneak attack!!" She raised up her arms to cover up. I zipped around the counter and continued my pretzel assault. Unable to get to the bowl for ammo, she turned and came after me.

Laughing heartily, I wrapped my arms around her. "OK, OK, truce, truce."

She stopped struggling, and said, "Who says I wanted a truce?" Her blue eyes smiled, and she cocked her head to the side.

"OK, no truce."

I'm not sure why, but I kissed her. Our lips pressed together for several warm, very pleasing seconds. I pulled away. "Karen, I'm sorry, I..."

"Shut up." She pulled me closer to her, and we kissed again. She opened her mouth, and I pushed my tongue in, deep kissing her, holding the back of her head with one hand. "Ummmmmm" she hummed, and gave me her tongue. "That's nice..." she said, smiling, running her hand over my chest.

"You sure are..." I told her, and kissed her again. I held her face with both my hands, and kissed her passionately. I started to gently walk her backward, still kissing her, taking baby steps, moving her towards my target. She broke the kiss, but stayed very close.

"Just what do you think you're doing, mister?" I had backed her up to the end of the sofa, the arm just behind her back legs.


I pushed her, and she went backwards onto the couch. I followed, landing on top of her. We both laughed, and I scooted her up some so we could get comfortable. "You must think you're very clever, don't you Mister Walt?"

"Now that you mention it, why yes I do." I pulled a pillow down, and put it under her head. "Quite clever, indeed."

I used my legs to push her knees open, and lay mounted on top of her. "Now, where were we..." We kissed again, getting more familiar with each other, getting the hang of it. We made out like teenagers, necking, finding what was pleasurable, what we wanted more of. I began kissing her neck, licking, searching for that special place that heats you up with my mouth. "Ohhhhh," she moaned. I obviously found the spot, and kept working it.

She reached down with both hand and pulled my butt towards her. I was growing, hot, and she opened her hips, wanting more. The TV show came back from commercial with more of the theme song. "Bad boys, bad boys, what'cha gonna do, what'cha gonna do when they come for you."

"You gonna be my bad boy, Walt?"

"If that's what you want."

She shifted her hips, and put her hands around the back of my neck. "I want."

"Your wish is my command." I pulled up my knees, and sat up. Placing my hands on the inside of the neckline of her blouse, I yanked out and down, popping buttons, and exposing her bra. I hooked my thumbs under the bottom of her bra beneath her breasts, and stretched it over her tits. Smallish with light brown areolas, I pulled her nipples firmly.


I began sucking her soft flesh. "You said you wanted a bad boy, and that's what you're going to get." I switched breasts, and started to caress the other one with my tongue. I rolled her wet nipple between my thumb and forefingers while I pulled the other nipple into my mouth with a strong suck. She groaned, and I pushed my groin up against her pelvic bone. "This is what you want, isn't it baby?"

"Oh, god yes..." I kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with my tongue, dry humping her a bit harder. "Do you feel me between your legs?"

"Uh huh."

"What do you feel?"

"Hot." My voice got louder, firmer, more demanding.

"Yeah, I know you're hot, but what do you feel between your legs?"

"Your hard cock."

"Yes, that's right, my hard cock. Is that what you want, baby, do you want some nice hard cock?"

"Uh huh."

I shoved my hand down her pants, reaching, adjusting, kissing. I found what I was looking for, and began to rub her. She shifted, opening herself to me, wanting more. "You like my hand down your pants?"

"Yes." I found her wetness, and began working my finger inside her. Just a little in, then up, onto her clit. I stroked her, teasing, caressing, then slipped my finger back inside her, farther this time, but not yet all the way in. Karen had gotten really wet really fast. She pulled my mouth to hers, and started gently sucking on my tongue, again shifting her hips to accommodate me.

Taking my hand out of her pants, I sat up again. Looking her straight in the eyes, I made a show of licking the finger that had just been teasing her wet slit. "I'm going to want to taste some more of this good thing." I leaned forward, and kissed her some more, hungrily working her lips, pulling her hair. I sat up again, put my hands under her armpits, and pulled her to a sitting position in the middle of the couch. I was kneeling on the floor in between her legs.

Her back was against the back of the sofa, not the angle I wanted. I took the pillow that her head was on, and stuffed it behind her, pulling her hips towards me. Again, I pushed my groin against her, letting her feel the hardness in my pants. More kissing. I slipped her blouse off, and reached back for her bra clasp. Not surprisingly, I wasn't able to get it done smoothly. "Just a minute, just a minute tiger." She reached behind her, and got it in a second. I smiled at her, holding her eyes with mine while my hands began working her breasts.

"You've got wonderful tits, babe." Slightly sagging with upturned nipples, they were delightful.

I lifted one up, leaned forward, and began licking, kissing, sucking from the bottom curve of her breast upwards. My tongue ran circles around her nipple, and I playfully blew on it, making it hard and raising chicken skin. Another laugh, a little squeal. "Hey, no fair," she said. I sucked her hard little eraser-head nipple in my mouth, and gently held it with my teeth. I pulled lightly, stretching her skin, and looked up into her eyes. Most of the playfulness had given way to desire.

Letting go of her nipple with a 'pop', I pulled back. "Enough play, Ms. Karen..." I unbuttoned her pants and slid her zipper down. Bracing her feet on the floor, she pushed up, raising her hips, and I took her pants off. There was a visible wet spot on the front of her light blue cotton panties. I rubbed her pussy through the panties, saying "Someone's excited." She was breathing hard, and pushed her back as I kissed her again. Starting behind her ears on her neck, my mouth began a slow, sensual journey southward.

Once I reached her breasts, I gave her a little extra effort. Sucking, licking, kissing, kneading... I could tell from the soft moans and the pushing hips that Karen was loving this. "I'm going to give you a little souvenir, sweetie" I pulled some titflesh in my mouth and sucked hard, pinching and pulling her other nipple at the same time. A small hickey stood out on her white skin. "Hey she said scoldingly. I kept moving south, kissing her mommy tummy, playing with her nipples, squeezing her ass cheeks.

With my hands inside her thighs, I spread her legs farther apart, slipping my fingers inside the legs of her panties. Kissing her mound through her panties, I started stroking her pussy hair. She reached down and ran her fingers over the sides of my face, cooing. I grabbed the crotch of her panties, and pulled, stretching and uncovering. Leaning back, I slipped my middle finger inside her, palm up.

"Enjoying yourself, aren't you." She nodded, and I groped her breast with my free hand. I started fingerfucking her in earnest, curling my middle finger to rub that delightful bump inside her. "That feels SO good," she panted.

"Well, if you like that, you'll love this." Leaning back slightly, I pulled off her panties. I raised up on my haunches, and kissed her again, pulling her wetness against my crotch. "I'm going to make you come with my mouth."

"That won't be hard to do." Another smile, a little giggle, and her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down.

I kissed the top of her pubic bone, and began licking, kissing the insides of her thigh folds. When switching from side to side, I stopped ever so briefly over her slit, smelling her, breathing hotly, just brushing her pussy hair with my lips. Side to side, back and forth, ever inwards... Finally, I spread her pussy open with the fingers of one hand, and started licking her cunt. "Oh god..."

"So, you like that, do you"

"You're wonderful, don't stop."

I didn't. Shifting to one side slightly, I put a finger up inside her while I continued to work on her with my mouth. Building in intensity, I kept at her pussy, and worked her clit. Two fingers inside her, and she started getting louder. I went faster, and asked her, "Ready to let go?"

Using her hands on the couch, she pushed herself on to me harder, and cried "Uuhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhhh, "her voice rising in pitch and volume, then she dropped, relaxed.

Raising back up, I kissed her deeply. "You taste great," I told her.

"Less filling," and another smile and laugh.

"Taste great"

"Less filling." I began to work back down again, and brought my mouth back to her pussy again.

"Tastes great"

"OK, you win, just don't stop" I hummed, vibrating my lips on her clit. After several more minutes of pussy eating, she came again, same moans only a bit louder.

This time, the dog started crying and scratching at the door. We both laughed, and I said "See what you did, Miss Noisy?" We laughed some more, and I tweaked her tits playfully.

"OK, troublemaker, now it's your turn" Karen put her hands between my legs, feeling my erection. "I haven't done this for a long time, so I don't want to hear any complaints." I stood up in front of her, letting her undo my belt. I had a wet splotch on the front of my zipper from pushing up against Karen's wet pussy.

"You should have taken these off and that wouldn't have happened," she said as she opened my pants. I took my shirt off, and she worked my pants down over my thighs. I stepped back, a got 'em the rest of the way off, and took off my undies. My cock was at full attention, and I moved back in front of Karen. "Oh my, this is nice..." she said, holding my balls in one hand, my shaft in the other.

"Glad you like it, it's the only one I have." Another laugh, and she stroked me. She sat up straight on the edge of the couch, and leaned forward.

"Unlike some people, I'm not such a tease." Her eyes had a nasty glint to them, and she licked the underside of my cock.

I shifted slightly, and she wrapped her lips around my cockhead. Keeping just the mushroom head in her mouth, she bent my cock slightly downwards. "You like to watch?"


"I like to watch you watching me." She went down on my dick, not deep throating, but taking all she could. Rubbing my balls, she worked me over good. I could feel myself building. I was loving the blowjob, but knew I had to fuck her. She kept at me for a couple of more minutes, slurping occasionally, working hard to please me.

"Enough," I said, pulling away from her. "Lay down" I commanded, and she moved the pillow to the end of the couch, putting her head on it. I lay on top of her, enjoying the feel of our flesh together.

A kiss, and then she said "C'mon, bad boy, get to it." She opened herself to me, and I adjusted, and slipped the end of my cock into her hot pussy. I reached down and held myself, and rubbed my cock all around her, pushing up against her clitty, then aiming back inside her.

She had lost it, and tried to pull me deeper into her. "Not yet," I thought to myself. I kept teasing her, fucking her with just the end of my dick, rubbing up on her. Finally, I reached down with both arms and hooked my hands behind her knees. I lifted, and pushed deep inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment, and I started giving her long, deep, slow strokes. She was so wet I slid in and out of her easily. As I got used to the dynamics of things, I pulled all the way out of her, held out for a count, and then plunged back into the warmth of her pussy.

I reached down and spread her buttcheeks, driving deeper into her. Just like when I ate her out, she began moaning... "uhhhh, uhhhhh, UHHHHHH." I felt her clench me, and she came again. Staying still deep inside her, I leaned forward. She leaned to me, lifting her chin, and I kissed her softly. Her eyes glistened, and she said, "Thank you."

I began fucking her again, still slowly, just some strokes to keep me hard and my motor running hot. The dog scratched at the door some more, and we both giggled. "Now there's an inspiration," I said pulling out of Karen. I stood up, and pulled her hips, trying to rotate them. She got the idea, and turned over, getting up on all fours, her arms on the arm of the couch. I got behind her, got settled in, and mounted her.

No more mister nice guy. I started a fast pace, my cock thrusting in and out of her. She started rocking back, and we got the rhythm. I reached up with one hand and cupped her breast, and pulled a handful of hair with the other. Our fucking made a wet smacking sound as my thighs smacked into her ass. I pulled her backwards on the couch, forcing her head down on the seats, and shifted my weight upwards to penetrate her as deeply as I could. No holding back now, I fucked her as hard and fast as I could.

Another commercial break, and again, "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what'cha gonna do, what'cha gonna do when they come for you, bad boys bad boys, what'cha gonna do," I felt myself going over the edge, pulsing, and Karen's pussy spasming around my cock. "What'cha gonna do when they come for yooooouuuu..." I came inside her, weeks of built-up cum bursting loose in her pussy.

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