tagLoving WivesBad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 03

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 03


Khaled was wandering helplessly in the darkly lit street. Arriving at a small bar, he entered and sat at the counter asking for a shot of vodka.
Looking next to him, he saw Salim, a friend he has met at his new university. Salim was also drunk and sobbing heavily. Seeing that he was not alone in bad mood, Khaled went and sat next to Salim.

“I see we are both fucked up right now” Khaled said.
“You’re right my friend. I am sorry about what happened between your wife Carol and that fuckin stud Mansoor. I am sorry that the whole campus knows she is pregnant with his baby”

Smiling bitterly Khaled said: “Mansoor is a disease. He destroyed me like he destroyed my dad before me. Do you know, you are the first person I talk to about this topic since I left my country and came with Mansoor to this university? You know that Mansoor impregnated my mother 5 times and humiliated and beat my father back home?”

“I completely understand what you went through man. I am drinking right now just to forget what is happening with my own family…”
And that night in that bar, Salim decided to open his heart to Khaled seeing that they have both had bad experiences with devilish studs who destroyed their families.

Salim was a 25-year old man finishing his last year at the university. He had a room at the doors right next to Khaled and Mansoor’s at the beginning. That was before Mansoor took Khaled’s wife and fucked her and ordered Khaled to find another room.
Salim was around 170 cm tall. He didn’t have any brothers or sisters. Before enrolling in the university, he lived with his parents.

His mother, Souraya, is a very beautiful woman. She is 45 years old and about 160 cm tall. Blond hair, green eyes and big plump breasts formed her beauty. Long slender legs made all the army men based in that town to salivate at her sight, including one General Raji…

His father, Mohammad, was a devouted man. He was a surgeon and he gave his family everything they needed. Mohammad was the same age as Khaled’s father Youssef. He was approaching 60 years of age. The whole city knew how much Mohammad and Souraya loved each other.

“So why are you drinking my friend?” asked Khaled.
“Today is the memory when dad left us last year and disappeared and I am drinking to forget everything that my mother is doing in our house right now with that evil General Raji”
Khaled knew it was going to be a long night as Salim was about to relay to him a story of intense sexual debauchery, whoring, cuckoldry, domination and interracial cheating. He would never have imagined when Salim began his story the real reason Mohammad left and what was the role of the mysterious General with his mother in all of this story.

The town of Wimpmen where Khaled and Mansoor moved to continue their education actually contained a military base recently enacted to watch the borders with the neighboring countries.
The head of the platoon that was placed in this base was general Raji. Raji was 45 years old, one of the smallest general ever in the army. When seeing this man, one would know how he was placed in such a high authoritative position this soon in his life.

Raji was 6’6” tall towering over every single man in the town. His enormous body seemed ready to burst out of its tight military clothing. His mighty biceps reminded whoever saw them of huge, round cannonballs. He was certainly an intimidating figure. His dark head was shaved completely clean, adding to his menacing look. Salim and his father were not racist but like all other men in Wimpmen town, they were intimidated by the fact that Raji was… BLACK.

Their town was never governed by a black man, less so general before. But like any new thing imposed in this town, the townsmen finally adjust and accept the situation.
Mohammad was considered a leader in this town, being a doctor and all. SO, when the military platoon arrived, the townsmen decided that the general and his high officers should be greeted by an official dinner in Mohammad’s big house.
Mohammad couldn’t refuse. He was considered a very important and wise man in this town.

General Raji and 5 of his top officers were invited to Mohammad’s house where his wife Souraya and a group of other women prepared a big dinner party for them.
The night of the party, Salim watched as his mother wore one of her most expensive dresses and his father kept himself all day in his home office preparing the welcoming speech to the new general.

He wanted to be at the general’s good will from the beginning because he knew the favors he could garner to the whole town and to his family if he is in good terms with the strongest man in town.
Raji arrived right on time, as all military men do. He walked in the house arrogantly looking around him like a king among his people.
Shaking Salim’s father’s hand firmly, Salim saw how this black general towered over his doctor father.

Seeing Souraya, the general’s deep black eyes lit with a fiery glim. Salim watched the gazes this black giant gave his mother while kissing her hand. Souraya felt a shiver crossing her body as the black man approached her and she felt and smelled the scent of his powerful military body.

Mohammad sat at one end of the table while the general sat at the opposing end and the officers and Mohammad’s family filled the table.
The dinner was enjoyable, the officers telling the family of their plans for the town and how to protect it. Mohammad was deeply in conversation about the town’s needs when Salim noticed something strange.

General Raji’s eyes were fixed on his mother. He noticed the black man was eating his mother with his eyes, licking his thick black lips as he leered on to her cleavage.
His poor mother Souraya also noticed the bold looks of this general but she knew not to say anything and get her husband on bad terms with this powerful man.
The night passes quietly, but Souraya, from that night on, she couldn’t remove this black general and his dirty looks from her imagination.

General Raji ran every morning for two hours in the town. He liked to keep his body fit by running, boxing and lifting weights. It was rare for a man to have as much muscles and definition as General Raji.
One Friday morning, Souraya was home alone. Her husband had all day long conferences and workshops at the military base for the doctors there while Salim was at the university.

Souraya heard the doorbell ring. Opening the door, she skipped a breath at the towering black ox standing at her door.
It was the first, and certainly not last, time that the faithful wife and mother saw the black playboy without his shirt on. She watched the General in his muscular glory. His smooth bull chest was coated with shiny perspiration; huge, hard, sable nipples capped the heaving, dusky pecs. She has never witnessed a specimen of manhood like this general.

She could feel her nipples hardening in her bra and moisture beginning to form between her legs. General Raji knew the effect he had on women, and especially white women married to inferior men like Salim’s father. Salim’s mother gasped and couldn’t find her voice when the general of the town told her why he was there.
His officers were supposed to get him earlier from his tun because he has a very important meeting in an hour. They are late so he asked if he could use her shower to clean off and wait until his officers pick him up.

Souraya couldn’t say no and she didn’t even have the mental power to think clearly so she let the black ox in.
At this point, Khaled interrupted Salim. “How do you know all these details, man?”
“I have recently found my mother’s diary. That’s why I’m drinking tonight. I want to forget. I figured sharing my story with you will ease my pain.”
“That’s ok. Continue your story. What happened next?”
And Salim continued with the dreadful tale…

The hunky black man went directly to the master bathroom in the house and closed the door. Souraya regained her composure and decided to let this man take his bath and get out of her house as soon as possible.
Half an hour later, Souraya finished ironing her husband’s clothes and went to their room to put them in the closet.

Opening the door and walking in, she saw something that made her drop the clothes in her hands.
The black general was completely naked searching for something in her closet. The first thing she noticed were his muscular back, his slim waist and his tightly muscular and hairy ass. Hearing her, the black bull turned swiftly and unabashedly showing the faithful mother his manly organs.

“Sorry Souraya for wetting your floor but I need a towel to dry off”
Salim’s mother was not hearing what this general was telling her. Her senses, eyes and ears and nose, were fixated on what lies between Raji’s tree trunk hairy thighs.
The general’s cock was thick as a beer can, its plump head the size of a dark blue apple. Whole 10 inches of thick veiny black meat formed the shaft of this man. The huge flaccid donkey cock was wet and resting on his two fat babymakers that hung a good low 4 inches in his big hairy scrotum.

Raji was not ashamed to show this faithful white mother his cock and balls.
Talking to the mother, the general said: “Sorry also for the nudity. But you are a married woman. I am sure you have seen one like this before.” Saying it obscenely, Raji grabbed his cock with his hand and shook it flexing his huge biceps all the while.
Souraya was red in the face and she was mesmerized in her place although she has taken her eyes off the general’s bull appendage.

Laughing while passing next to her, the black bull grabbed the mother’s breast and squeezed it tightly before going back to the bathroom to wear his clothes.

Souraya stayed in her room until the black aggressor left and slammed the door behind him. She was distressed and aroused but she knew that no one can enter in this matter between her and Raji, not even her loving husband. She was alone but strangely she wasn’t afraid.

Souraya was brought up in a very conservative house. Her father was a racist who hated negroes. He didn’t allow any one of them to work in his house or to be friends with them. Souraya subconsciously continued with this mentality when she married Mohammad. But now, she was obliged to throw this black beast a dinner party and to see him in his full naked glory. She didn’t know what was happening to her but she began to wonder why does she hate niggers without a reason?

That night sleeping next to her loving husband Mohammad, one dream followed the faithful mother Souraya all night. It was the sight of his intensely hairy muscular huge body and the equivalent size of his huge hard black donkey torpedo. In the morning, Souraya had to change the panties because they were soaked from all the erotic dreams she had during the night.

But Souraya was still horny. She needed to get fucked. Asking her husband to make love to her she was not satisfied with his naked body. She compared his average body with the black muscle machine she saw earlier and noticed the huge difference. Mohammad was a good provider and a loving husband but his penis was at best of average size.

Fucking her for 5 minutes was the most that Salim’s father could do to his mother. Souraya feigned the orgasm but in fact she was still horny and she wondered if the rumors she heard from her female friends were true about the potency and virility of the black general. Was it true that he could last hours while fucking a woman?

But even though Souraya was having these thoughts she was not ready to cheat on her husband and destroy her family. She loved Mohammad very much and vowed to stay faithful to him no matter what.

The next few weeks were uneventful. Souraya tried to forget her encounter with the black general while her husband Mohammad was full time booked at the military barracks. Salim heard his father tell his mother that in a few days he was commanded to complete full physical tests for some of the higher ranked officers in the army but he didn’t know why only some individuals were chosen or why were the tests being done at that time.

The general had a habit of wandering in the city every few days and talking to all the citizens and enforce his relations with them. Soon enough, the anguish began to appear on the fathers’ faces every time the general would pass and greet their women, wives and daughters. Sons would notice how their fathers would be ignored by their mothers when they say the black ox coming by and they would do anything just to talk a few words with the fuckin stud and touch his hand.

Soon enough rumors began to fly around town about a few enraged fathers who discovered that the mothers of their children were spending a long time at the barracks and especially at General’s Raji headquarters.

Since the incident where his mother saw the huge black cunt breaker of Raji, Salim’s mother tried to stay clear of the way of the black man. She knew that even though she never cheated on her white husband Mohammad, the masculinity and virility of Raji was strong enough to make her into an adulteress slut. Her moral values were too high for her to give in to her lust and womanly instincts so soon.

At every event where the general was present, Salim noticed that his mother would apologize and stay at home. Rarely would his mother be present in the same room where the black general was located. But the dreams never stopped. Every night, the sight of the big black cock would fill the mother’s mind driving her crazy with lust.

Back at the barracks, Mohammad, Salim’s 55-year old father, the doctor, was assigned to the five high officers under general Raji.
His assignment was a little mysterious. He needed to conduct weekly physical exams for all of them. And the physical requirements contained some suspicious details such as monitoring the density, thickness, quantity and temperature of the five men’s sperm.

Mohammad has done physicals for men before but he didn’t understand the extensive need for the sperm tests weekly. Even though he grew suspicious, he didn’t want to offend general Raji who was the one to directly ask him to perform these duties.

The first physical test for the five men was due in a few days. Mohammad will find these meetings to be revelatory and awaken sleeping things inside him. He will also be surprised if he knew that all of these physicals would be secretly taped through the hidden cameras installed inside the medical compound of the barracks…

One day, Souraya, Salim’s modest mother, was coming back from the walk she usually takes in the afternoon when she remembered she needed to pass by her friend’s house to schedule the next meeting for the ladies of the town.
Her friend was also her neighbor Mrs. Afifa Sharmouta. She was a few years younger than Souraya but she was one of the few women in Wimpmen town to rival her with her beauty.

Souraya crossed the road leading to Afifa’s house and was about to reach the door when she noticed a weird action taking place in the living room of the Sharmouta’s house through the window.

Her heart skipped a beat at the sight she watched in front of her. Afifa, her daughter and her sister were all topless and on their knees in front of an ebony giant. The general Raji was in his birth suit, totally naked, his manliness oozing in the room and Souraya sensed that she could sense the odor of his genitals from several feet away.

What shocked Souraya was not only the nudity and the cheating that was happening on the poor husbands of these married women, it was the debasement these females were going through voluntarily.

Afifa was holding the huge black hose-like uncut cock in the hand where she put her wedding ring but it was apparent that her manicured fingers were far from encircling the fevering sausage. The 40-year old mother was insanely licking and planting kisses all along the veiny and hairy shaft of the dark bull. Her sister had one of the gigantic testicles in her mouth and the other was laying fat and low in its bag tickled by the sister’s hand.

Afifa’s twenty-year old, recently married daughter was fighting with her mother and aunt to taste the genitals of the black general, but the lust of the two other women denied her this pleasure. With clear anguish on her face, the young girl raised the huge biceps of the stud and began kissing his football-steel biceps and licking them as if they will cure all her diseases. She then put her nose in his hairy armpit and took a deep sniff as if the only oxygen in the world remaining was in his dirty hairy underarm. She then was in a dazy lust being denied his cock and balls, she began to grab his chest and muscular eight-pack, kissing and worshipping them all along.

Kicking the two women at his feet and grabbing the daughter by her hair, Raji ordered them to get on all four on the expensive carpet that Afifa’s husband bought a few weeks earlier.

The three women were moaning in lust knowing that they will be finally satisfied. The three of them got on all fours, raising their bottoms to give the black general access to their fertile white cunts. Souraya hid in the shadow of the window so that the three women wouldn’t notice her.

Without any preparation, the black general took his huge spear and shoved it inside the skirt of the mother Afifa. It seems that none of them wore panties under their skirts. Howling like a bitch, Afifa, the modest aristocrat woman, opened her mouth in pain as the black stud mounted her from behind. Fucking her strongly, Afifa was moaning and desperately begging for more of the delicious male organ in her cunt. Suddenly, a pop sound was heard as Rajitook his penis from Afifa’s cunt and slammed it into her sister. The same happened after a few minutes as the daughter had her turn in taking the heavenly cock in her snatch.

All three women were talking in the dirtiest manner that even sluts didn’t use. “Please give me your fuckin black cock. Oh God... so huge... so thick... so hot and smooth... God I'm crazy about this dirty black dick... I want this hunk of niggermeat in my married pussy. Plow that nasty donkey cock up my cunt. AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!! YES!!! YES!!! HARDER!!!! Bust my cunt wide open for your black cock!!!!AIIIEEEEE!!!!”

All the while the black master didn’t say a word. When he sensed he was nearing ejaculation, he ordered the dirty white whores on their knees. The three faithful women knelt and opened their mouths as the giant black fucker masturbated over them. Suddenly, Souraya’s jaw dropped open as she saw the metal cock expand to reach 14 inches and the head open wide like a snake’s eye. Raji flexed all the muscles in his hairy glistening body and shot load after load of his creamy babymaking spunk all over the faces and bodies of the three women drenching them in cum.

He cummed and cummed for three straight minutes, his balls jacking up and down to pump the black seed through the black thick cock. At the end, the women were not able to see anything from the sperm covering their eyes but they could taste it on their faces. Their breasts were also drenched in the hot cum.

After finishing his ejaculation, the three white women bent to his hairy feet and began kissing them in obedience and thanking him for the gift of cum he gave them.
As she was shocked at this scene, Souraya saw Raji looking straight at her with an animalistic look, pointed at his huge cock and then at her and licked his lips. The poor mother understood that she was next.

Souraya locked herself in her room to recover from the shock she was feeling. Looking under her skirt, she saw her panties soaking wet and she felt her nipples about to poke through the fabric of her blouse.

Visualizing the dirty scene in front of her eyes, she couldn’t believe the black cock and balls acting as a cannon to shoot sperm all over the married women’s faces and bodies. Souraya couldn’t believe the size of the man’s reproductive organs or the amount of sperm his big heavy balls produced. No man can ever shoot this much milk from his balls. She began to suspect the methods in which this man could shoot this much babymaking juice.

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