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Bad Girl Spanked


As he slowly walked into the room, he smiled that uniquely sexy smile that I've come to adore. He was around 40, but with that spiked blond hair and those big, broad shoulders, I was hooked! My math teacher was super HOT. He was so cute that all the girls had major crushes on him. But, how could I want him when he just keeps me after class to smack my tender bottom and get himself off, I think to myself? It's not like I asked for this. Or, did I?

I think back to this morning when I was in his class and he caught sight of my panties. He was busy teaching calculus to a full class of seniors at Tangier High School. I may flashed him on purpose. That probably wasn't a good thing to do, in hindsight. That is the reason I am in this situation!

I suddenly realized as I sat in that dark detention room that I was a bit frightened and totally turned on at the same time. The room he selected for our "special detention" (as he called it) was in a wing of the school that seemed deserted and was sound-proofed by all the rooms surrounding it. The back of the room had a windowless door that opened into this dense thicket of forest (that even braver students didn't venture into after dark!). The room was very small and had no windows, but prominently displayed in the center of the room was a large wooden desk with a big leather chair; there were also two student desks arranged in the standard row set-up. For some strange reason, I realized, I was totally wet and excited at the thought that no one would hear me scream or cry out as he reddened my "naughty bottom".

As he sat down at his desk and I pretended to complete some lame-ass history assignment, I finally admitted to myself that I had actually done the flashing on purpose. I wanted to be caught and spanked again. This weekend, I had stayed in a lot ~ lying on my bed and fingering myself to one huge wet orgasm after another while thinking of my sexy math teacher. This student-teacher thing was really getting me horny. I had always enjoyed older men ~ even fantasizing about my own step-father on occasion!

But Mr. G was in a category all his own!! His authority and domination over me was exactly what I'd been subconsciously seeking since my own father abandoned me and mom when I was eight. Of course, at that age, I simply craved a male in my life for father-daughter type outings and such. Now, at 18, I craved a little something different.....and he sensed that in me.

I already knew ~ albeit vaguely ~ what sex was about. For some reason, I tended to get a lot of attention from older men all my life. I was a tiny little thing, but that didn't bother them. Maybe it even turned them on more, I thought to myself. I stand 5'1" tall and have wavy dark hair with blue-green eyes. Due to my Italian ancestry, I have olive skin that tans very easily. But that didn't mean I was a total slut. I was actually considered conservative amongst my friends because most of them had routine sex lives with one or more boys! I only gave blow jobs that I admit to enjoying a LOT!

Mr. G walked over to me and smiled that sexy smile that drives women (and even lil' girls like me) insane with lust. He had already locked the door when he sauntered over to stand right in front of my desk. The height was all wrong.....or was it just right? His crotch was right in my face and I could see the big bulge already forming in his tight but classy grey suit pants. His jacket had been thrown on his desk and his tie (required for all teachers as part of the dress code), was lying on top of the jacket, with his collar already being unbuttoned. He was prepared for this and I wondered if he'd been thinking about it all weekend, too. With his hands in his pockets, he appeared very casual. But that look in his smoldering blue eyes said something else entirely.

"Amanda, stand up and let's go over to my desk. We'll be more comfortable...at least I will!" he laughed. "You know we don't have all day. Stand up immediately, young lady!" he yelled as I struggled to get out of my chair. It was awkward and as I got up, I realized that my body was tingling with excitement. There would be no preliminaries this time. It looked like he wanted to get right to it. When we reached his desk, he had me sit on it; this was accomplished by him lifting my tiny body up and onto the desk with little effort on his part.

"So, my sweet Amanda, what do we have here?" he asked, as he slowly slid his huge hand up my thigh. I had on the standard school uniform of white top, white knee socks, a blue tie, and a pair of black patent leather shoes. The skirt of the uniform was grey and it had been modified to fit a little snugly and was just a few inches shy of the standard length.

I shivered as I answered, "Sir, this is the standard uniform, as you can see."

"Amanda, if the skirt were standard length I would not have been put in that embarrassing predicament this morning in class. Do you recall flashing me with those silky black panties you are wearing?" he asked, as his hand continued to sensuously draw circles higher and higher up my thigh.

I shivered as I answered, "Yes, sir. I realize that you saw my panties during class this morning. It was an accident, sir. And, I realize that they are not standard issue, but I can explain....."

I was cut off by his hand tightening around my thigh and his next words, "Mandy, my sweet Mandy! You are lying to me. That was no accident and you will have to be punished for it. Do you understand this, slut? I can't have little girls like you running around turning the teachers on with naughty little acts!"

I knew better than to try to explain further. "Yes sir. I am sorry. I understand and it won't happen again."

"Oh, how right you are, slut! I am going to spank your little bottom until I am sure you understand what happens to little sluts each time they misbehave in my class," he roared. He had no fear of being overheard as we were in the most remote section of the building. He was enjoying the freedom he apparently found since our last encounter. By now he had realized that I wouldn't go running to tell another adult and that I, in fact, enjoyed our interactions.

He roughly pulled me by the hand and said, "Lay across my lap for your punishment now!" I complied and as I lay over his bulge, I realized that he was completely hard and turned on. He was totally getting off on having me to play with. I felt my pussy gushing my little girl juice and I knew he would be turned on further when he saw how wet I'd become.

"You are going to learn your lesson, slut. I am going to spank your tender little bottom until you are ready to follow my rules. Do you understand this?"

"Yes sir. I understand that you are going to spank my naughty little bottom until I behave. Is there any other way?" I pretended to be frightened. I knew that this was part of my sexy teacher's thing ~ to have me resist and act afraid. "I will do extra assignments, anything, sir. But, please don't spank me!" I whimpered, in my sweetest little girl voice. I also knew that the voice turned him into jelly!

He moaned, as his hand made circles over my silky black panties. He slowly pulled them down, all the while attempting to control his heavy breathing. He said, "No, my pet. You must behave during your session. After it is over and I feel you've learned your lesson, we will have some fun. Ok?"

"Please, Mr. G! Please let me go home to my mom now!" I pleaded.

"Oh, Mandy, you will go home. Right after I have some fun with your delicious bottom," he said as his hand began its descent on my round bottom. He spanked and then rubbed for a few minutes. Smack, smack, smack...... his hand came down on each cheek separately. He felt even harder under me, as he continued his assault for several minutes. Then, suddenly, I felt my panties being totally removed. This had me wet and horny. I have never been so turned on in my life. Between feeling his hardness underneath me and being totally exposed to him, I was dripping wet! I began to feel small contractions inside and began breathing harder.

"Oh, so you are enjoying this, lying slut! You are getting off on being spanked by your teacher, aren't you?" he hissed.

"No sir. I am not enjoying this and I wish you'd stop. I don't think you should be pulling my panties down or even spanking my behind. My daddy wouldn't like you doing this to me!" I answered.

"Does your daddy do this to you, Mandy? Does he pull your little panties down and spank you?" he asked "No! My daddy never touches me like this!"

"Well, little slut, I can see that you are enjoying this by the wetness that is dripping onto my nice pants," he said, as he continued his assault on my now sore backside. "I will have to take off my pants to protect them from your slut juices. We wouldn't want my wife to smell horny young slut on me tonight when I get home, would we?"

I stared at his erection through his tight white Calvin Klein underwear. Oh, he was even bigger than I imagined. Last week, he had only made me bend over the desk for my spanking. Now he was taking off his pants! This scared me, as I was still a virgin and didn't want to give my V-card up to him. I wanted it to be special and beautiful, like I'd always imagined it! What could I do? Maybe, if I am a good girl, he'll let me go with just a spanking, I thought to myself.

But, is that really what I wanted? After an entire weekend of my imagining him doing some really naughty things to my body, I knew that I was more than ready physically. Was I truly ready for having sex with my math teacher, though? That was an answer I would soon find out.

I will continue with this story of Mandy and Mr. G, if there is any further interest. If not, we can just assume that NOTHING more than a little spanking happened between them....... ; ) V

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