tagErotic CouplingsBad Girls Don't Get What They Want

Bad Girls Don't Get What They Want


My back arches as you grip my hair in a tight fist and shove me face-down in the pillows. Your free hand caresses my skin, your nails dragging and leaving reddened welts along the curve of my ass.

I can feel the heat from your body as you lean over me, still fully clothed; the rough texture of your jeans scraping against my thighs as you thrust a knee between them, spreading my legs apart. Your breath is warm against my neck.

"You're so wet," you whisper, sliding your fingers down over my ass and pressing first one, then two into me. I moan as your thumb flicks over my clit, pressing back against you. You let go of my hair and I push myself up on to my elbows and breathe deeply.

"I want you to fuck me," I say, gasping slightly as you twist your fingers. You laugh quietly and add a third finger. Your fingers are fucking me deeper and deeper, your thumb strumming my clit like it's a fine-tuned instrument. I'm twisting my hips, panting and desperately wanting more.

"Oh, I know."

I move to slide my own hand down between my legs, and you tsk, grabbing my wrist in your free hand and pressing it to the bed above my head.

"No no. Patience is a virtue."

I groan.

"Fuck patience. Better yet - fuck me!" I roll my hips and grind back into you, hoping to entice you into doing exactly that. You laugh, and I yelp as your hand slaps against my ass several times in rapid succession, a quick sting that subsides to a dull throb. Your thumb slides over my clit again, and I clench around your fingers - the pleasure of you touching me versus the stinging pain of the slap on my ass brings me that much closer to cumming.

You pull your fingers away from me, leaving me aching and empty, and slide them into my mouth for me to suck clean. Your voice is low, rough with desire as my tongue curls and licks at your fingers.

"I bet you love the taste of yourself on my cock ... I bet you wish that's what you were sucking right now, isn't it?"

You pull your fingers out of my mouth slowly and pull away from me, at the same time pushing me slightly and indicating you want me to lie on my back in front of you. I roll over, and watch you from under my lashes as you strip down to nothing. You give me a half-smile half-smirk as you come and kneel over me, nipping lightly at my jaw before kissing me.

You take control, thrusting your tongue between my lips, tangling your hands in my hair. I arch up against you, into the kiss, clinging to you. My nails dig into your shoulders, my tongue dueling with yours as you deepen the kiss. All I can think of is how badly I want your cock in me, and I moan into your mouth, so hot and wet. I curl a leg up around your waist, rubbing wantonly against you.

You're breathing raggedly when you pull away from me, and I admire your erection, sliding my hand down your chest to wrap around your cock. You let me play for a moment, watch me from hooded eyes as I jerk my hand slowly up and down your shaft with a corkscrew motion. Then you take my wrist, and pin it above my head, pausing a moment to pinch my nipples with your free hand.

"Stay," you say, letting go of my hand. Obediently, I stay still and you move my other hand so that I have my arms stretched out above my head. You slip off of the bed, and rummage in your bag, your back to me. My hips move restlessly as I wait. When you turn back to me, you're holding a braid of rope in each hand. I can feel myself pale, but remain pliant as you settle back onto the bed, tying my wrists together slowly -- giving me the chance to protest, to say no.

I don't.

You secure the remaining rope to the headboard, and then move down my body. You pause, licking and biting my nipples, kissing your way down my belly, then the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs, my knees, the arch of each foot. You tie each ankle, spreading my legs as far apart as they'll go, and then sit back on your heels between my legs. A slow smile of satisfaction spreads across your lips.

"Tell me what you want," you say, stretching out over me, holding yourself inches above me. I can feel the heat of your body, your knees pressing against the inside of my thighs, and my nipples tighten to hard little points, almost painful.

"I -- " My voice falters, and I blush, lowering my lashes in embarrassment. I hate when you put me on the spot like this, but at the same time ... I can feel the wetness between my legs, the heat uncurling low in my stomach, the prickling of my skin, the heightened awareness of everything around me. I shift beneath you, my hips lifting almost of their own accord. You lean down, forehead to forehead with me, your lips against mine.

"Tell me ... "

My tongue darts out to lick at your lips, tracing the outline of your smile.

"I want you to fuck me," I say breathlessly. "Now."

"What else?"

I groan raggedly and close my eyes. My voice is soft, hesitant, as I begin the torture of convincing you to fuck me.

"Bastard... fuck me! I want your cock hard and fast inside of me, I want you to make me your dirty little whore ... I want you to make me cum all over you, til I'm begging you to stop. I want you to fuck my mouth, make me choke and gag on your thick cock ... I want to taste myself on you ... I want your cum, hot, sticky, all over me ..."

Your hands are kneading the pale flesh of my breasts, twisting my nipples.

"What else?" Your voice is low and throaty, and I smile, knowing I have you.

"Tell me what a bad girl I've been," I say. "Teach me a lesson. Spank my ass til it's red, and then pin me down under you and fuck me. Show me what happens to little sluts who tease..."

With one thrust, you're all the way inside of me, filling me. Your cock stretches my cunt with the sudden invasion, and even though I'm wet and ready for you, there's the slight burn of brief pain. You pull out a little, enjoying my helpless moans, and then slam deep inside of me again.

"Fucking slut," you growl, biting my neck and pulling my hair. I revel in the feeling of your hard, swollen cock moving against my slick walls, skin against skin, in the helplessness of being tied beneath you, barely able to move.

"Yes!" I gasp. You're slamming into me as hard as you can, and I writhe under you, feeling your cock so tight and deep, driving all the way in. You dominate my body with your powerful pushes.

You push yourself up onto your arms, and jerk my head back with one hand in my hair, baring my throat to your teeth.

"This is what you want?" you demand. "You little slut -- desperate to get fucked?"

I thrust my hips back against you, knowing that I'm riding the edge of my orgasm.

"Yes, yes -- I want -- oh -- please, please, I'm gonna cum ... " I babble. You stop your movements suddenly, and I whine. "Noo ... no, please ..."

I'm impaled on your cock, can feel your balls pressing against my smooth lips, and you stay still, letting me feel how helpless I am under you. You stroke my damp skin, and goosebumps trail wherever you touch me. Your tongue is hot and wet, darting inside of my ear, nipping at my lobe.

"This isn't about you," you say. You rest your hand against my throat, tightening slightly. My pulse races, and I clench around you. My pussy, my clit, throbs with need. You pull back, withdraw from me, and I begin to beg you.

"No, no -- please, I need you to fuck me, I need to cum -- oh god, I want to cum so bad, please!!"

You suck one of my nipples into your mouth, your tongue teasing and torturing my sensitive flesh. Your teeth are sharp, a momentary pain wrapped in the pleasure of the torment.

"Bad girls don't get to cum when they want," you say when you look up at me again. "Bad girls are lucky if they get to cum at all."

My breath catches in my throat.

"No .. nonono, I'll be good. I'll do anything you want," I whimper. "Please let me cum, I swear I'll do whatever you tell me."

"Anything?" you murmur, swirling your tongue in circles around my nipple. Your fingers are busy between my legs, stroking me too softly, too gently.

"Yes! yes yes yes, anything," I promise, my voice breaking slightly as your thumb grazes my clit with the softest of touches. You bite my nipple, hard, and then gently kiss it before repeating with my other nipple.

"I'll think about it," you say, sitting up suddenly and slapping your hand against the curve of my hip.

"What?!" My body jerks, as much at the sudden noise of your hand on my naked flesh as from the sting of the slap. Your eyes are dark and amused at my indignation as you move to straddle my chest, knees to either side of my ribcage.

"Just what I said, slut. I'll think about it. Maybe you can prove you deserve it. Maybe I'll just cum all over your tits and face, and leave you tied here while I go and do something productive."

Frustrated, I tug my wrists downwards, testing the give in the rope. There is none. You know me too well for that. Tsking, you press my breasts together, and slide your dick between them, into the tight passage you've created. You rest there for a moment, the head of your cock peeking at me from my cleavage. You squeeze even more tightly, and begin to thrust back and forth, small jerks at first and then more forcefully. Your cock chafes my silky skin, your balls slap against the underside of my tits and back again. The sensation is exquisite torture; I ache for you to fuck me like this, hard and deep, your cock inside of me. My hips make small circles in time with your thrusts. I throw my head back, close my eyes and bite my lip to keep from whimpering.

Your breath is quick and irregular now, harsh as your fingers dig into my skin. There will be marks later. Your pace picks up, and I can feel the ripple of your muscles; I can feel your imminent orgasm.

"No, wai - " I start to demand, and the first ropey stream of cum hits my face, at the corner of my lips.

"Ah, fuck!" you groan, your eyes closed in ecstasy as you pump your cock in your fist now, jerking off over my face, into my mouth that I now hold open in supplication, my tongue extended to catch every last bit of your cum. I am distracted from my need for the moment, enjoying the slick feel of your fluids on my lips, the warmth where it's spattered on my cheek.

You roll off onto the bed, and lie next to me, catching your breath for a minute. I lick the remainder from my lips, pouting a bit. You smirk at my expression when you sit up, grabbing a tissue from the bedside table and dabbing at my cheek.

"You don't think we're done yet, do you?" you mock. "Open your mouth."

I do so, and you move over me again, sliding your soft cock between my lips. I tease and suck, running my tongue over and around your shaft. You make a noise of satisfaction, and move your hips slightly. You give me a few minutes and then pull away, wrapping your hand around your cock, slowly pumping. You shift so that your balls are dangling over my mouth; I obey your unspoken order, and my tongue darts out, flickering over your skin and tasting you before I wrap them in the moist warmth of my mouth. I watch you as I lick and suck, as your cock gets hard again in your hand.

"Ah, fuck ... you're so good at that," you mutter, half to yourself and half to me. You stop stroking yourself for a minute and lean forward, your hands busy untying the ropes around my wrists. I feel the ropes fall away, but leave my hands above my head still. You slip away from me to do the same to the ropes at my ankles, and then lie back, gesturing for me to come to you.

I crawl to you, kiss your lips lightly, my hands already hungrily petting and exploring your body. You draw me in for a deeper kiss, and then with gentle pressure, push me down your body to your stiffening cock.

"Be a good girl," you say.

I wrap my hand around your length, slowing stroking up and down, enjoying the satiny smoothness of your skin. I take my time, exploring you, and lean down, swirling my tongue around the head of your cock with a teasing smile. I caress your balls with my free hand as I take you between my lips, savouring your taste as you slide over my tongue. Your hand rests on my head, but you let me go at my own pace as your breathing quickens and your cock throbs against the back of my throat. I pause there for a minute, looking up the length of your body to meet your eyes, my nails scraping delicately across your sensitive skin.

I slide my lips back up again, with lingering slowness.

"I love the taste of your cock ... " I press a gentle kiss to the underside of your shaft. Lazily, I stroke your length, and then roll my lips back over the head, taking inch by inch; I suck hard, increasing the rhythm and pressure as I bob up and down in earnest now. My fingers play with your balls, stroke the sensitive flesh between your sack and your ass. I tease you with my tongue, and move back to suck just the head of your cock while wrapping my hand around your shaft.

"Ah ... you fucking tease," you growl, suddenly tangling your hands in my hair and thrusting your hips upwards. I gag as you go deep, and brace my hands against your thighs. You hold my head down like that, giving minute thrusts into the tightness of my throat until I start to choke and whimper. Then you pull back, giving me a reprieve -- I have a few seconds to gasp in a deep breath before you plunge back in, and keep up a steady motion, fucking my throat. I can't keep up with you, so I just relax my jaw as much as possible, and try to breathe around your movements.

Just as I become accustomed to your thrusting, you stop and push me to the side, swinging your legs around to sit on the edge of the bed. I'm confused for a moment, til you drag me across your lap, my face hanging down to the floor and my ass pointing upwards. I brace my hands against the floor and shiver as your hand caresses the curve of my ass.

"Do you know what happens to fucking teases?" you ask me, your voice deceptively soft.

"N..no ... " I say, although I have a fairly good idea from the position I've found myself in. I moan as your fingers slide between my legs, and my thighs part to give you better access. Instead of continuing, you withdraw your hand and smooth it in circles over my skin.


I jerk as your hand comes down on my right cheek, not hard enough to hurt yet but enough to sting. I wiggle slightly, feeling your cock pressing hard and tight against me.

"That's nothing. I've had worse."

Your hand comes down a second time, on my left cheek. Harder. I bite my lip to keep from yelping. You brace one arm against my hips, holding me down while you continue to rain slaps on my ass with your other hand. My ass burns, hot and red from your ministrations, and I can't keep still in your lap, wiggling in an attempt to avoid the spanking and crying out every time you land a blow.

"Oh fuck, please -- no more, it hurts," I whimper as I finally tire of trying to escape, my ass on fire. You pause, resting your hand on my now-very-warm bottom.

"What was that?"

I try to push myself up, off of your lap, and you press firmly against the small of my back, holding me down. Tsking, you say "I guess we haven't had enough yet, hmm?" and you raise your hand to continue.

"nononono," I gasp, wiggling futilely. "I - I'm sorry - I wanted to apologize, I'm ready to be a good girl - "

You laugh softly.

"I'm sure you are," you murmur, pulling me up into a sitting position in your lap and cuddling me to your chest. I curl around you, burying my face in the curve of your neck. My ass is warm, still stinging, but I'm also very aware of how wet and excited I am. I shift slightly, enjoying the hardness of your cock pressed against my hip, and squirm around to straddle your lap, facing you. You indulge me, your hands resting lightly at my waist, holding me a breath away from your body. I lean forward and press a butterfly-soft kiss to the corner of your lips.

"Haven't I been good?" I whisper, looking up at you from under my lashes. I slide a hand between our bodies, slowly caressing your cock. I press a kiss to the other corner of your mouth. "Please?"

"Please what?"

I kiss you softly, nibbling at your lower lip.

"Please tell me I'm a good girl ... " I sigh against your mouth. "Please fuck me..." I move my hand on your cock, my hips shifting forward as I trace my tongue around your lips. "Please make me cum..."

Your hands lift me slightly, and then your cock is sliding inside of me again and I moan into your mouth.

"Yes, like that," I gasp quietly.

"Good girl," you mutter, moving your hands from my waist to my breasts as I fuck you. I slowly swivel my hips, and look down to watch your dick sliding back into me. Moaning, I move my fingers over my clit and kiss you with a hot, open mouth. I tangle my tongue around yours and move more quickly, with an edge of desperation. You rest your hands again on my hips, moving in time to the pace I've set.

"Yes, yes, yes," I chant, arching my back and thrusting my breasts invitingly towards your face. I rest one hand against your knee, focused on finally cumming. My fingers slide over my clit and then your cock as you thrust into me again, and then back to my clit, moving rapidly. The sensation of you inside me - hard and thick and deep -and my fingers on my clit, is too much for me, and my body stiffens with my orgasm as I press against you, crying out at the waves of delicious feeling pulsing through me.

That's apparently enough for you, because I find myself twisted around and sprawled beneath you on the bed as you fuck me hard. You drive forward, filling my cunt, and my hips rise to meet your motions again. You give a hoarse cry as you cum, frozen over me; you slowly stroke in and out of me a few more times, enjoying the aftershocks, and kiss me lightly before settling down to lie next to me. I shiver happily.

"See? Being bad isn't always bad."

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