Bad Heather

byTx Tall Tales©

"Shit. Which one is it?"

"I hate that I love it."

* * *

Lynn had just left, and Harold was writing out three checks and closing the envelopes when he heard a crash from the kitchen.

"You Ok, honey?"

"Just a minute, Dad."

He heard the noise of cleaning up and went to look in on his only child. She was bending over, cleaning up a broken plate. She was still wearing her bathing suit, demurely covered with a nice coverup, which was almost covering her head as she bent over. Her bikini was stretched tight across her tail, exposing those succulent cheeks.

"God, I'm sorry Dad. I was trying to juggle too many plates, I was in a hurry to get everything put away, and I just lost one. I hope you're not too mad," Heather explained, standing with the dustpan and brush in her hand. She dumped the dustpan in the garbage, and straightened her coverup, hiding the treasure underneath.

"No, but I still think you'll have to be punished, to learn to be more careful," Harold said, trying to hide the eagerness in his voice.

"Of course," Heather answered, hiding the eagerness in her voice.

* * *

She came and stood before him, while he seated himself in preparation. She felt herself blushing, knowing her skimpy bathing suit was all that would be covering her rear. She was glad she wasn't wearing a thong; she didn't think she was ready for that.

"Ready?" she asked.

Harold just patted his lap.

She stretched out across him, and waited.

Harold had his legs closer together, and he raised her rear-end higher, forcing her to lean over and keep her balance with her hands on the floor. She felt the blood rushing to her head, and spread her legs a big to help maintain her balance. She felt so much more exposed than the day before. The slope of her back had her coverup sliding down her body. It was covering nothing but her shoulders and the back of her head.

Harold could barely think straight. He was getting hard even before she was in place. He reached out and placed his hand on her ass, just feeling it, before he drew back and gave her the first blow. She flinched a little.

"Oh!" she cried, just like the first time.

His left hand was just resting easily on her back, feeling her young smooth skin, holding her in place.

He alternated spanking her cheeks, enthralled by how they pinked up and the outline of his hand remained for a moment. After a dozen or so he rested his hand on her ass, gently caressing her.

"Are you Ok?" he asked.

"Yes," so softly he barely heard it.

He spanked her lower, on the bare flesh, where her legs started. It was louder, and yielded a delicious response as she squirmed underneath him, yelping.

After each smack, his hand remained longer, now obviously stroking her ass, gently squeezing her cheeks. She was moaning a little, in between her cries, and pushing herself back against his hand.

On the next blow, on the near cheek, he left his hand where it landed, his fingertips brushing against the bit of cloth covering her crotch, feeling the puffiness of her flesh there.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned. "How many more? It hurts."

"Just a few more, baby," he answered, sliding his hand between her legs for just a second, rubbing against his daughter's barely covered pussy.

He caught himself, thinking he might have gone too far, and finished with two more easy smacks, right in the middle of each cheek. Then he caressed her ass cheeks, "That wasn't too bad was it, angel?"

"No, Daddy," she told him, once more climbing into his lap, pressing against his hardness. "I'll try to be better."

"I know you will," he told her, holding her gently, while she sniffled.

* * *

"Daddy, I thought Lynn might come over again, if it's Ok. She'll have to wait until her Dad comes home though, her car's in the shop."

"Why don't you go pick her up. You haven't been out of the house in weeks, and you've certainly earned it. Here, take my card and do a little shopping. You could use a new bathing suit; the old one is pretty faded. Just make sure you're back before 2:00." Harold told her, car keys in one hand, the ATM card in the other. "Don't go crazy - I don't want you to spend more than a hundred dollars, Ok?"

Heather leaped into his arms and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "You're the greatest! I promise I'll be back on time."

Harold secretly hoped she'd be late.

* * *

The girls got back by 1:45, to Harold's chagrin, and Heather modeled her new, very small bikini for him when she returned. Lynn was wearing one that didn't cover much more. She wasn't as developed as his little girl, and didn't fill out her bikini quite as fully. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a cute pony-tail; her body was much paler than Heather's.

"Do you like it?" Heather asked.

"It's kind of small, don't you think?"

"Oh Daddy, it's just for wearing here. I can get more sun this way. I've got one Mom would approve of for going out in public," Heather explained, twirling and letting him see that the back of this one was no more than a couple of strings disappearing down her crack.

"I guess it's Ok then."

"Ok? Don't I look nice in it?" Heather asked.

"You're beautiful," Harold told her, hoping it didn't sound as bad as it felt.

"Doesn't Lynn look nice?" Heather teased.

Harold looked her over. She was so cute. Her breasts were small, barely denting her top, and her hips were smallish, but her round little butt stood out nicely in back.

"Lynn always looks nice, she's a lovely girl." Harold said with a smile, and Lynn blushed nicely.

Heather ran to him and gave him another big hug and a kiss, her lips pressing firmly against his for just a second, before the two sirens headed out to the pool.

Harold headed to the study. And locked the door.

* * *


Harold jumped when he heard the knock on his study door. He quickly pulled up his knit shorts, and turned off his monitor.

"What is it, baby?"

"Can I come in?" Heather asked plaintively.

Harold got up and unlocked the door, opening it for his daughter. God she looked good. She had her cover up on, but it was open in the front, showing off her young body.

Heather walked in and closed the door behind her.

"Where's Lynn?" Harold asked. She couldn't have gone home; it hadn't been an hour since they'd gotten back.

"She's by the pool." She seemed nervous, "Daddy, I have a confession,"

"What's wrong?"

"I went over your limit. I spent about $120 dollars."

"Heather, you know I was very specific," Harold told her, his pulse suddenly racing.

"I know, and I'm sorry." She walked past him and leaned over his desk, her ass inviting his attention. "I know what I've got coming."

Harold approached her, his shorts tenting obscenely. "Yes, as much as I hate to do it, you need to be reminded to follow the rules."

"I know Daddy, I was wrong. I shouldn't have bought the skirts I bought."

Harold was mesmerized by the view in front of him. Heather was stretched across the desk, and her feet were spread about a two feet apart, giving him a full on view of just how little the thong covered.

"Not too hard, please, Daddy," Heather begged.

"If I don't spank you as hard, I'll have to give you more," Harold warned her.

"I understand."

The spanking was not like anything he'd done before. He spent several long minutes alternating occasional firm smacks, with little more then pats and overt caresses. Harold was squeezing and fondling his daughters bare ass, pulling her cheeks apart to see the string barely covering her puckered butt hole. He could see the lips of her young pussy exposed on each side of the string pulled up inside of her. His actions had her moaning openly, squirming, and crying out with each surprise real smack. It had started slowly, but the continuous spanking and the intermingled hard slaps had her cheeks almost cherry red.

"Daddy," she gasped, "you might have to stop."

"Do you think you're punished enough?" He asked his baby girl, his hand squeezing her butt cheek, his fingers caressing her exposed labia.

"I feel funny," she gasped, "just a few more."

He was using two hands now, squeezing and caressing one cheek, while he patted the other one. "Just a few more," he agreed.

Switching sides, he smacked her firmly right between her legs, spanking her right on her pussy.

"OH!" she cried out, and then shivered while he caressed her ass, and his hand cupped her pussy, massaging it. "Oh, shit," she groaned, her feet kicking up, her whole weight resting on the desk. He felt the moistness soaking through the thin cloth.

Had his daughter just come while he was spanking her?

He let go of her incredible rear, and pulled her upright, pulling her into his arms. She clung to him, her hips pressing hard against his erection.

"Am I forgiven?" she asked, her lower body grinding against him.

"Of course," he told her, reaching down and cupping her ass, pulling her against him. "Have you learned your lesson?"

She pressed her lips to his cheek, just beside his ear. "I was naughty."

Harold tensed up, but Heather turned her face and kissed him on the lips, firmly. He felt her moist tongue brush across his lips.

"I'm sorry dear, if I got carried away," he murmured.

"Oh no, Daddy. I deserved it. I earned it."

* * *

"Where were you?" Lynn asked as Heather approached.

"Getting my just rewards."


"I was getting a spanking, for spending too much money at the mall," Heather laughed, turning and showing her friend her reddened cheeks.

"Oh my God, Heather! He just now spanked you?"

"And pawed me nicely, thank you," Heather laughed.

"God now you've got me jealous," Lynn confessed.

"Want me to get you a spanking too? I bet Dad wouldn't mind. You're even more his type than me," Heather teased.

"Don't you dare!" Lynn shrieked. "How was it?" She finally asked.

"I came," Heather whispered.

"Damn! You little slut!" Lynn giggled.

"Lynn, I hate to ask but would you put some aloe on my butt? It still stings."

"Jesus, Heather! Here?"

"Please. But do it nicely, I bet he's watching."

Lynn took her time, thoroughly taking care of her best friend's tingling tail. All the while she could feel eyes burning into her scantily clad flesh. She was going to be a bad girl when she got home. She needed it.

* * *

Harold checked his watch as Heather walked in the door. He was surprised that he'd missed having her around all afternoon. He'd allowed her to spend the day over at Lynn's house. He never would have guessed he'd actually want her around.

"Heather, what time is it?"

"I know Daddy, I'm late. I'm sorry. Lynn's Dad wanted us to clean up her room, and it took longer than I thought; I lost track of time."

"And you didn't think of calling? You did have your cell phone, right?" Harold demanded.

"I forgot to charge it, I haven't used it in a while. I'm sorry."

"Do I need to take the phone away again? If you're going to be allowed to have one, you can't turn it off when you're away, or let it charge down. I need to be able to get ahold of you."

Heather approached her father, and put her arms around his neck. "Please don't take it away, Daddy. I promise I'll do better. Please."

"I can't let this go unpunished," Harold told her.

"I know Daddy, and you're right."

"Take your shorts off, little girl." Harold commanded.

"Off?" she asked, hesitantly, as she worked the tight jean shorts down her body, exposing her thong underwear.

"Blue Jeans are too much protection."

Harold sat in the middle of the couch and his only child laid across his lap. She hung one leg off the couch, as the other stretched along the length of it, spreading her legs wide open.

Harold spanked her diligently, more forcefully then he had been lately. "I've got to really make sure you remember dear. The phone is your lifeline to me. You need to have it available." His first dozen strokes traumatized her tender cheeks. This was unlike her previous spankings.

"Oh, Daddy, please, not so hard, it hurts!" Heather cried out, the sound of his open hand smacking her fair skin echoing off the walls. She kept reaching back to cover her butt with her hands, and he grabbed them, crossed their wrists, and held them tight while he smacked her even harder.

"If you fight me, it just gets worse," Harold warned her.

Harold eased back, admiring his handiwork, her ass nice and pink. He took his time, smacking her firmly now and then, but in between caressing her ass and squeezing it. His blows were all over the place, on her ass cheeks, on the back of her thighs, a few even falling on her womanhood.

"Please, Daddy, please," Heather cried, sobbing.

Harold massaged her ass, while he explained himself. "Heather, you are being punished for three things, you understand that?"

Her words skipped between her sobbing, "I-I-I guess, so-o."

He smacked her hard, making her cry out. "One. You were late."

"I'm sorry!"

"Two you didn't call," Harold continued, smacking her other cheek equally hard. It stung his hand.

"Ow! Daddy!" Heather cried out.

"Three, I couldn't reach you on your phone," Harold told her, smacking her firmly between her legs.

"I'll be good, I will!" Heather gasped.

Harold continue to paddle her pussy, smacking her right across her swollen lips, using just his cupped fingers to punish her. She was squirming and writhing under his hands.

He released her hands, reached down and pulled her legs open even wider, then slid his fingers underneath her thong and pulled it aside, exposing her pink lips to his view. She was dripping, and his continued smacks on her pussy sounded obscenely wet and moistened his hand. He rested his hand on her mound letting the length of his finger settle between the lips. God, he was fondling his daughter's pussy! Pulling his hand slowly away, he let his finger momentarily slide within her lips, penetrating her for about half his finger length.

"Will you remember this lesson, little lady?" Harold asked, giving her pussy another stinging smack.

"Yes, yes," she moaned.

"Have you been punished enough?" Harold asked, rubbing her teen pussy with complete disregard for right and wrong.

"Just a few more, Daddy, please," Heather asked softly.

Harold smiled, and patted her pussy, alternating it with firm wet smacks on the cheeks of her ass. He could feel her excitement level rising, and as she moaned louder, he firmed up the smacks on her ass, just as he became more invasive, rubbing her swollen nether-lips.

"There, spank me there," Heather begged, as his hand cupped her mound, his finger tips rubbing her hidden pleasure center. He diddled her clit, opening up the hood, and using his finger tips, swatted her exposed nub of flesh until she came hard. He immediately ceased the slapping, and slid two fingers deep inside of her, causing her orgasm to burst into a continuous explosion. He fingered her while she trembled, and as she slowly relaxed, he pulled out, adjusted her underwear to cover her, and caressed her reddened butt cheeks. As she slowly crawled off his lap, he brought his fingers up to his nose, inhaling his daughter's amazing fragrance.

Heather turned and straddled her father, hugging him closely. "I'll be better Daddy, I promise." She kissed him on the neck, and on the cheek, before finally kissing him on the lips. Their mouths opened just enough for their tongues to touch, and run across each other's lips. Harold cupped his daughter's warm ass and stroked them lovingly, gently.

"I know you will, pumpkin."

* * *

Harold sat back and watched his child cleaning the living room, wiping down the surfaces diligently. She looked so pretty. Just as he remembered her. Her hair was up in pig tails, just as she'd worn it all through middle-school. Her skirt showed off her slender legs, her feet were bare.

"Is that a new outfit?" Harold asked.

Heather skipped over to where he was sitting and did a quick pirouette for him. "I got it at the mall the other day. Do you like it?"

Harold loved it. The plaid mid-thigh skirt reminded him of the school girl skirts of his youth. Her simple white polo shirt matched it wonderfully. "It's... very nice."

"I'm glad you like it, you bought it," she answered, giggling. She did another spin, a little faster. Her skirt flew up, giving her father a rather indecent show.

"Heather? Are you wearing underwear?" Harold asked.

Heather stopped and hung her head. She moved over to stand right next to her father. He pulled up her skirt and saw she was completely naked underneath.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I was doing the laundry and just added my panties at the last moment since I was doing delicates," Heather admitted.

"Young lady. You know that's not appropriate," Harold scolded.

"I'm sorry," she said softly.

"You don't have a shortage of underpants, do you?"

Heather took her father by the hand, and lead him to her room. He followed as she took him to her furniture.

Heather opened the top drawer of her chest, and displayed a drawer full of neatly folded underthings.

"So it's not because you don't have any, or because they're all dirty," Harold confirmed.

"No Daddy, I just didn't want to wear them."

Harold sat on her double bed, and patted his lap. Heather climbed up on the bed and crawled across his lap. Settled in place, she felt him lift her skirt completely out of the way, exposing her bare ass. She opened her legs, eager for his touch.

"Heather, that was very inappropriate. What if someone came over, or what if we went out and you'd forgotten. This can't be allowed." Already his hand was fondling his daughter's bare butt. He let his hands roam quite freely, between her thighs, up along her crack.

"I know, Daddy."

Harold swatted her cheek, and she suddenly sat up. "Oh, please, just a second." She got off the bed, and unzipped the side of her skirt before removing it. "I...I'm afraid I might mess it up."

"Oh." Harold nodded. "You might want to take off your shirt too, just in case," Harold cautioned.

"Ok, if you think so." Heather pulled her shirt over her head, and Harold only then realized she wasn't wearing a bra either. His little girl was standing in front of him, as naked as the day she was born. Looking down at her exposed crotch, he noticed she didn't have much more hair than back then either.

Heather turned away and went to her desk where she folded her clothing and carefully placed them next to her computer. Where she stealthily clicked an icon and then turned off the monitor.

Turning back to her father, Heather stretched out across his lap, her legs spread wide in anticipation. She eased her hand between them as she got comfortable, resting her palm on his stiffness.

Harold was in absolute heaven. He toyed with her butt, before starting his careful ritual. A pattern of firm smacks and caresses began, pinking up her cheeks, and warming her up. His blows fell with more accuracy, cheek-cheek-thigh-thigh-crotch, while his baby girl twitched and squirmed beneath him. After several minutes of continued spanking, with her cheeks bright red, the pretense of punishment was abandoned. He proceeded to get his daughter off, patting her pussy, massaging her clit and fingering her. With his moistened fingers he rubbed her little puckered butt-hole, and she groaned, reaching back with one hand to open herself up.

It was only then that he realized where her other hand was, clutching his erection tightly.

He scooted further back on the bed, easing her forward on his legs, so his crotch was no longer beneath her. His daughter's hand continued to hold him, now slowly moving up and down his shaft, through his shorts.

"Turn over," he told her. He barely recognized his own voice.

Heather released his cock, and did as commanded. She lay across his legs, the small of her back centered between his open legs. Blatantly, she reached for his cock again, holding it firmly.

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