tagGroup SexBad Influence Ch. 2

Bad Influence Ch. 2


My cousin Leon came in from NYC to visit for a weekend. He just hit his 21st birthday. For all who don’t know, I was totally fucking him the entire summer, we were almost to the point where it didn’t matter to us who knew about it or not.

But now, I hadn’t seen him since the wedding we attended in NYC last fall and I only had sex occasionally because I was working hard and literally had very little personal time. I missed my sex machine cousin called "Couso!" (My nick name too) I by the time the weekend came, I was so fucking horny.

Since I had been working the entire spring season, I hadn’t been able to work on my tan at all. The entire morning I was sunning myself by the pool completely naked, but freezing my ass off. Hey, at least I was getting tanned. I laid out in the sun for an hour or so, smoking weed and reading. I had recently gotten all of my pubic hair waxed off and the sun felt good on my bare pussy.

It was about 2 PM when I hopped in the shower and washed the suntan lotion off of my body. Of course I was fuckin’ horny as hell. At 3 o’clock PM, the doorbell rang. I ran to the door like a child expecting a present, wearing nothing else but the over-sized New York Knicks jersey that he left the last time he was here. It barely covered my naked ass and my tits were in full view from the sides. I opened the door to find Leon, his friend Joe that I met in New York and some Latin guy named Paul. I thought he was coming alone actually, but played it off, wondering if my brother knew that Leon was bringing his crew with him to LA to stay in his house.

I hugged Leon and he lifted me up. He started spinning me around in circles, causing my shirt to rise up over my ass, exposing it to the two other men who were still standing there. I didn’t care. He put me down as I giggled like a schoolgirl. I greeted Joe with a wet kiss on the lips and I turned and did the same to Paul, a complete stranger. He blushed. I could tell that he didn’t know what to think about that kiss, but he tried to play it off. I felt so slutty and didn’t care if anyone would judge me at this moment, except my brother. I mean, it is his house. I made a private bet to myself to see how fast I could get these guys inside of me without blatantly asking.

I led them inside and they put their bags in the living room. "What can I get you guys to drink?" I asked. "Cognac!" They all seem to say in unison. I went to the bar and poured for glasses of Hennessey on the rocks. I came back and we all raised our glasses. "Happy Birthday!" We all sang out. They drank down their drinks. I sipped mine. I could never get into the taste of cognac.

We sat down in the living room. I made sure that I flashed my pussy to everyone, by "accident" of course. The guys were tripping, whispering to each other and almost giggling. I know what was going through their heads...me!

I had already made up my mind that I was going to fuck all of them, even, Paul, who I just met. I was waiting for the right moment to break the ice.

We made small talk as we drank, getting drunk quickly from. Suddenly I locked eyes with Leon and he smiled. I walked over calmly and sat on his lap with my legs over the edge of the couch. He let me sip out of his cup while Paul moved over to the love seat to get a view of my pussy because my tank tip had risen up. "Your friend is cute." I said out loud to Leon. "Can I have him?" I continued. Leon and Joe smiled.

My pussy was dripping wet by then. I reached down and felt Leon’s cock through his jeans. It was rock hard. I looked up and saw Paul whispering to Joe. Paul seemed to be blushing a bit. I thought to myself. "He ain’t seen nothing yet!" For all those who know me, the shock value sometimes is equally as erotic as the actual sex. I love throwing people off with unadulterated acts of exhibitionism and wild, free sex. I reached down and unzipped Leon’s jeans, fished around for a second and out sprung his rock hard dick. Paul stood up laughing and saying, "Get the fuck out of here!" Joe was laughing too.

"I told you! I told you!" He kept repeating. My pussy was dying for some cock. I couldn’t wait. I placed one leg over him and straddled him. I guided his hard cock into my pussy and it slid in with one stroke. I slowly began humping his dick, listening to the two guys behind me snicker and laugh at me fucking Leon. "What’s so funny you little bitches?" Leon shouted at them. They stopped laughing and got real quiet as they watched. I didn’t even kiss Leon, just stared into his face as he smiled and bit his bottom lip from the pleasure. He grabbed at my ass, spreading my cheeks apart with his hand and fingered my open asshole with both of his fingers.

I wanted to see their faces while I fucked Leon. I slid off of his cock and turned around so they could see his cock sliding up inside my hairless, wet pussy. I was definitely putting on a show for these guys.

I placed one leg over him and straddled him. Then slowly eased his cock inside of me. The guys had little shy grins on their faces. As I humped up and down on Leon’s cock slowly. He started moaning. Suddenly I felt the familiar feeling of my cousin’s cock tensing rock hard. Then I felt him begin to squirt his cum deep inside of my pussy as I slowly humped his dick. He came, moaning to deep within his throat. I think he was embarrassed because he came so quickly and his boys were watching. I wanted more and there were two able bodies right in front of me.

Paul had a huge grin on his face. His cock was out and he was slowly stroking it. It was very long, yet skinny. I slid off of Leon’s dick. I felt some of his sperm drip out down my leg. I moved in closer to Paul. He didn’t say a word, just held his dick upright, waiting for me. I straddled him and mounted his throbbing cock. It slid in with ease and he moaned out loud. So loud that everyone started laughing. I was in total control. "You like this pussy?" I kept repeating as I humped him harder and harder. "Yes!" Is the only words he managed to blurt out as I rode him hard. I felt Leon’s cum began to bubble out as Paul’s cock stirred it up. I leaned over and began kissing Joe on the mouth as Paul fucked my pussy slow and steadily. Joe moved down the couch a bit and took off his jeans.

I got up off of Paul’s cock to turn around. It was coated with my juice and Leon’s cum. I moved motioned for Paul to get behind me and he did as I laid down on my side and began to give Joe head while Paul slid his dick back inside my hot pussy. As I gave Joe the sloppiest head I could, I stared at Leon, who was stroking his limp dick back to life. Paul started fucking me harder and harder. I could tell he was losing control. My pussy was so wet and dripping with juice that his cock slid out. He attempted to slide it back into my pussy, but instead slid it into my well-used asshole. It made me shriek out, but my mouth was stuff with cock, so not much sound came out. I didn’t think he knew he was in my ass as he continued pounding away. Before I knew it, Leon was standing over me, wanting me to give him head or "brain" as the hip hop brothas call it.

I managed to sit up with Paul’s long cock still in my butt. My face and neck were dripping from the saliva that I was coating Joe’s cock with as I sucked his luscious dick. Ahhh. Here was the position that I was yearning for. A DP. Leon slid his cock inside of my pussy for the second time that evening. It felt so good, feeling the pressure from two cocks inside of me.

They fucked me for a good five minutes. I came so hard! Before I knew it, Paul was moaning louder and louder. I could feel his dick tense up. He grunted and began shooting his hot cum deep inside my ass. I could immediately feel it bubbling out of me from the pressure of the two cocks sliding in and out of my holes. The sensation was too much for Paul I guess. "Hold on! Hold on!" He kept saying as his cock slipped in and out of my well used hole. His dick didn’t get soft either. He stayed hard, but stopped moving. "Are you OK?" I asked while Leon snickered as he pumped my pussy.

"I need to get up!" He moaned. I pushed Leon away. His cock slipped out of me noisily. I slowly began to raise up off of Paul’s dick. It seemed to be semi-hard now. It slid out, followed by a small stream of cum that dripped from my ass. He got up and asked where the bathroom was. I pointed across the room and he walked away. I immediately went back to work. I simply moved over and sat on Joe’s awaiting cock. It was in my pussy at first until Leon came over and placed his dick right in front of my pussy. I slid Joe’s dick out of my pussy and slid it into my ass in one quick motion. Right away, Leon puts his big dick back into my pussy and begins slowly pumping away. I was in heaven. I felt another orgasm building up as I sweated between these two sexy men.

That was IT! I starting coming and it was hard and heavy! I was throwing my head around like I was possessed. I know I hit Joe’s head with the back of my head a few times, but I was out of control. I guess seeing me cum made Leon get off because once again he began to moan and suddenly he came once again inside my pussy. I felt dizzy and was just sweating so much that I felt like I was going to pass out. Leon stepped back and sat on the couch, watching Joe fuck his cousin, while he stroked is wet and sticky cock, fresh from my pussy. Joe was fucking my ass so hard that his dick slipped out of my ass. In one quick swoop, he slid it into my cum-filled pussy. I felt Joe’s cock begin to throb inside of me as he fucked me slowly. He had a certain rhythm that he followed and didn’t miss a stroke. Within a minute, he tensed up and came inside my pussy. That was the third load of cum that my pussy received within an hour. I felt so full and wet. I got up off of Joe and told Leon that he should go check on his friend, who hadn’t come out of the bathroom yet.

No one moved and I walked over and knocked on the door. Paul was in there still and didn’t answer. I opened the door and he was in the bathroom, hovering over the john. I think he had too much to drink. I walked over and squatted down next to him and rubbed his head. I was so sweaty and hot still. I gave him a glass of water and he drank it down.

I jumped in the shower and he took a nap while we all watched TV and laughed and talked.

To Be Continued...

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