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Bad Kitty


It had been a fucking bad day at work. It seemed that no matter how hard I had tried, people found ways to shit on me all day. I was pissed as I walked out the door and headed to my car. There was only one thing that was going to get me out of this bad mood...I was going to take it out on my kitty. She was going to be bruised tonight.

I got my cell phone out and texted her: "I'm pissed -- be ready." She knew what that meant -- naked, on the floor in front of the door, on her hands and knees, with her ass in the air pointing to the door so it would be the first thing I saw when I walked in. We had done this many times. Kitty knew what it meant -- if she wasn't in that position, the punishment would be brutal.

No sooner had I put the phone back in my pocket did it vibrate with an incoming text. I refused to look at it -- if it was from her, she should know better than replying to my text, because the request was not open for debate. If it was anybody else, I didn't want to talk to them.

I arrived at the house and saw that there was a strange car in front. Not good, I thought to myself. I hope they wanted to see what was about to happen. It could have been her parents there, but if she disobeys me, she will pay the price, no matter who else is in the house.

I walked in to find there was no kitty on the floor. Instead, the little slut was sitting in the arm chair, talking to two friends I recognized as Kaci and Maggie. I think they were aware of kitty's relationship with me, but if they weren't, they were about to get a firsthand look...that is, if they decided to stay and watch the show.

Kitty got up out of the chair and came to me, but she wasn't quick enough to say anything before I reacted. I grabbed a handful of her blond hair and pulled hard on it, yanking her even closer to me. I could see the fear and embarrassment in her eyes, because she knew her friends were watching, and learning just how intense our relationship could be.

I growled down at her. "What the fuck is going on here, kitty? Didn't you get my text? Why is your slutty ass not sticking up to greet me at the front door?"

She started to say something like "My friends...." but I cut her off immediately. She knew there were no excuses, and she also knew I wasn't going to let her off this one.

I pulled her hair harder and she whimpered as I said, "What is the number one rule around here, you nasty cunt?"

The strength of my hands in her hair was enough so that the added pain pushed her over the edge, and a tear came to her eye. "I am to obey Daddy at all times, no questions asked."

"And did you do that?"

She sobbed. "No, daddy -- your worthless slut kitty disobeyed you."

Using her hair, I turned her head so that she could see her friends, sitting on the couch with wide-eyed stares of complete surprise. "Then I guess you're ready to be punished. Get into the ready position, right now, here in front of your friends."

"Yes, daddy."

I released her hair and she quickly began to take off her clothes. Her shirt was already off, exposing her bare breasts, as I turned to the two girls on the couch and said, "You're about to see what happens when a worthless whore disobeys an order. You don't have to stay if you don't want to, but I hope you will, because she needs to understand how serious this is, and that I'm not afraid to punish her in front of her friends."

By the time I was finished, kitty was naked and on the floor. I positioned her so that her ass was facing the girls on the couch, and if they chose to look, they could see her shaved pussy and exposed asshole in plain view. I glanced at them...they were looking.

I walked over to kitty and without warning, brought down a hard spank on each cheek with my bare hand. The girls on the couch jumped. I think they had just figured out this was not a show for them, but instead a real punishment session. Kitty didn't move -- she has learned how to take what I have given her so far, but today may see that envelope pushed.

I stepped on her hair and said, "Kitty, show your friends how worthless you are -- since you're a useless piece of shit, crawl around on the floor in front of them. Don't forget to brush up against their legs." Kitty did just that -- keeping her ass up as she circled in front of the couch and other chairs. When she reached the girls, she brushed against them, just like a real kitty would.

"Good, whore -- next, get on your back, facing the girls, and spread your legs wide." Kitty kept her head down -- eye contact was not allowed during punishment, unless I requested it. But I was sure she was blushing a bright apple red since I was forcing her to expose her pussy so openly in front of her friends. They were about to see that she actually craved this, because I knew her pussy was soaked by now.

"Since you are such a stupid whore, show your friends how kitty fucks herself with her fingers -- do it right, at least two fingers, nice and deep, but don't you dare cum, or else you'll think this is just a walk in the park compared to what would happen next. Oh, and look straight at them while your fuck your nasty pussy."

When I first met kitty, she had confided to me about masturbation being her most private exercise. I had trained her to masturbate for me, but this was the first time that I know of that she had done it in front of friends. She didn't hesitate -- because she was so wet already, she easily plunged two fingers in deep, and started thrusting them in and out.

I looked at her, and was proud that she was staring at her friends, looking back and forth between Kaci and Maggie. I glanced at them as well, and noticed that they were either uncomfortable watching kitty fuck herself, or maybe they were getting TOO comfortable with it. Either way, they weren't sitting still.

While she was doing that, I knelt down and grabbed her left nipple and pulled it straight up, eliciting a yelp from her mouth. I would have loved to attach the clamps about now, but they were in the other room and I didn't want to interrupt the flow of how this was going. I let it go and watched it spring back as I grabbed the other one. This one I pulled ever harder and longer, until kitty yelled wildly and cried out, "Ow, Daddy!"

I had not given her permission to talk. I let go of the nipple and immediately brought my open hand across her face, the slap resounding through the room. "I don't have to tell you what rule you just broke, kitty, but for the girls' sake, you know that a worthless whore does not speak unless she has been asked a question. Understand, whore?"

With the sound of crying in her voice, kitty replied, "Yes, daddy......"

All of this added to the excitement she was feeling, and I know by watching her face that she was now fighting not to cum as she kept finger-fucking herself. I almost wanted her to go over the edge just to see the fear in her face of disobeying another order mix in with the pleasure of what I knew would be a strong orgasm. We would save that for another day.

I stood directly beside her head and said, "Stop, kitty -- pull your fingers out of your pussy. Show the girls what a whore does when she's made to fuck herself in front of her friends. She gets all wet and sticky. Show them your fingers."

Kitty held her fingers up and gradually spread them, and they could see the juices on her fingers actually create a long stringy bridge between the slick digits. One more request -- "What does a good kitty do when she gets herself messy?"

Without batting an eye, kitty put those two fingers in her mouth and proceeded to lick them clean. The girls watched in awe as kitty was careful to use her tongue on every inch of the fingers that had been in her pussy. When she finished, she held them up to me for inspection. Once I saw they were clean, I looked down at kitty and said, "Good pet. Now stand up and run and get the cane -- it's time for the real punishment to begin."

I knew this was the device kitty liked the least. If used properly, the cane would inflict pain over a longer line across wherever you were using it. Therefore the sting was much greater, something kitty had experienced on many occasions.

She came back with the cane in her hands and offered it to me. I took it, and nodded down at the couch. The fear came back in her eyes as she realized I wanted her between her two friends. But she knew not to protest, since that hadn't worked well for her yet. She got down on her knees, and then bent over at the waist so that her upper body was lying on the middle couch cushion.

As she got ready, I looked at the girls and said, "I could use your help. I want each of you to take her arm and pull it toward you. Hold her hand tightly, because after the first few cane blows, she's going to want to reach back and protect herself. It's up to you to hold on tight and not let her do that."

The girls each grabbed an arm, and the effect it had on kitty was that she was almost floating over the cushion, since she normally used her elbows to brace herself. This meant that the weight of her upper body was being born by her breasts. I smiled -- this was an unintended bonus, one that I quickly made a mental note to include in our private play.

With everyone in place, I stepped up to kitty's large round ass and rubbed the cane all over it, teasing her and preparing her for what was to come. I raised it up a couple of times and then brought it back down slowly to rub it along her pale white globes again. I knew she'd rather I just get it over with, but I enjoyed the little mind games she must have been playing with herself.

Without warning, I brought the cane swiftly against her ass -- SMACK! Immediately a long red welt began to form. The girls on either side of kitty watched as the welt became more visible and pronounced across the top of her ass. Two more quick strikes, and soon a trio of welts showed distinctively where the cane had struck.

Kitty's head face was buried into the cushion, but I knew by now that she was fighting her desire to not show the pain I was inflicting. I rubbed the cane against her ass again, and then brought two more swift hits down on her -- the last one actually hitting the top of her legs just below the bottom of her ass cheek. I had struck her in the most painful place, and she cried out in pain, causing the girls to look up at her.

Fives strikes down, I knew I wanted at least 15, so that a good portion of her ass would be striped. The more thorough in coverage, the more painful the reminders she would feel every time she sat down for the next few days. Of course, I knew the reality was that kitty liked this -- perhaps not at the time, but often our play sessions included spanking as a desired activity.

But usually I did not strike her as hard as I was tonight. The next five hits were all in quick succession, with the last one striking her on the extreme top of her ass, just below her lower back. It was another painful place, and once again kitty couldn't help but scream out. I noticed after the 10th stroke that she was quietly sobbing, something that usually did not happen.

I rubbed both ass cheeks with my bare hand. Her flesh was warm where the welts stood, and I noticed I had broken the skin slightly on a couple of the stripes, including the contact across her upper legs. I examined where the cane hits had landed, and found where the last five would be placed. With slower frequency, I brought them down harder, until after the last two, kitty screamed into the couch.

Without giving her any warning, I had the girls release kitty's arms as I reached down and grabbed her hair once again, pulling her up to look at me face to face. She was a mess -- any makeup she had put on that day was gone, washed away by her tears.

My eyes locked onto hers as I said, "All I need is one more thing to make me forget about this shitty day. Get on your knees, you slutty little fuck toy, and swallow my cock."

She quickly dropped to her knees, and in about five seconds, she had my zipper down, my pants unfastened, and my erect cock out of the confines of my underwear. Quickly, she took it all the way, lubricating it as she bottomed out with her nose buried in my pubic hair. With my fingers now intertwined in her hair, I forced her to hold it there, until she started to panic for air. I pulled her head back and repeated, until she finally gagged. By this time, my cock was coated with her saliva, and she was ready for me to wildly fuck her mouth.

I motioned to the girls on the couch to come over, and as I took my own fingers away from kitty's hair, I grabbed one arm each and put their hands in my place instead. They understood, and for the next few minutes, they were in charge of their slutty little friend as I used her mouth as my own fuck toy. They would push and pull her head back and forth on my cock, establishing a fast rhythm for a few seconds, and then stopping and forcing kitty's nose back into my groin. I looked down to see that Kaci had grabbed one of kitty's nipples and was pulling hard on it like I had earlier, and when Maggie saw what was going on, she did the same thing to kitty's other nipple.

I could feel the familiar beginnings of my orgasm, and since the girls looked like they were having fun controlling kitty as I fucked her face, I decided to give them a say in what happened next. "Girls, where do want this whore cum dump to take my load? Shall I shoot it straight down her throat or just in her mouth where she can show it to us before she swallows? Or how about on her face, and make her wear it the rest of the night?"

I figured they would think about it, but Kaci spoke right up and said, "Across her face -- I've always wanted to see a facial up close!"

Maggie agreed, and then shocked me when she replied, "Yeah, across her slutty face -- paint this stupid whore's face all white!"

That must have burned kitty -- and yet I'm sure it excited the hell out of her as well. I wondered what her relationship with these girls was going to be like now that they had witnessed this. It couldn't help but be changed at least a little bit.

It was time for the painting. I took my cock out of the whore's mouth and jacked it the last few strokes as the girls watched. Kaci grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her face up to where it was the perfect angle for my blast. I winked at Maggie and asked, "Do you want to point it while she gets painted?"

Maggie jumped at the chance, coming over next to me and grabbing my cock (hell yeah!) and aiming at kitty's puffy face. The first jet hit her perfectly across the nose and eyes, and after that, Maggie did a great job of spreading it all around so that no part was left completely untouched. Kaci continued to hold kitty's head up by pulling down on the back of her hair, but she used her free hand to grab my cock as well. She pushed on the back of kitty's head so that she leaned forward and took my cock in mouth and sucked out the last few drops of my cum.

Kaci and Maggie weren't in any hurry to let go of my cock, and I wasn't really in a hurry either. Finally Kaci let go first, and Maggie -- realizing her hand was still stroking me -- took her hand away as well. I leaned down and gave Maggie a quick kiss on the lips, and then looked over to see Kaci smiling, so I kissed her as well. Maggie asserted her boldness again when she asked, "Hey daddy, what do you think this stupid little cum slut would think if she watched me and Kaci fucking you?"

My cock leaped when she suggested that, and I nodded and said, "First of all, kitty isn't here to think, so I don't give a fuck if she doesn't like it. If I want to, it will be my decision to fuck you girls, whether she gets to watch or not. But why don't I take you out to dinner and we can talk about it?"

Both girls grinned. I took a pillow from the couch and put it on the floor, and then pushed kitty over so that her head was lying on the pillow.

"You stupid little whore -- don't ever disobey me again. You stay right there until we get back, and who knows -- maybe you can watch me stick my cock into Kaci and Maggie's tight little pussies!"

We headed toward the door, and just before I closed it, I looked back at kitty to see that she hadn't moved. I smiled and pulled the door shut behind me.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/25/18

How could sit there and do that to her? That’s not BDSM that literal abuse. You sat there and hit her so hard that she had welts and then let other females touch you in a way that only your little should’vemore...

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by Anonymous07/08/18

Fucked up

Ain't masters supposed to be loyal. If I was kitty and he fucked those two slots I would of fucked someone else and make him beg me to come back. He's fucked in the head

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by Anonymous06/18/18


Make her wear a sexy kitty cat costume and make her yell meow instead of a moan

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by Anonymous05/24/18


I loved this. It gave me the feelings my daddy gives me and left me wanting more. Yes, it is abuse but I love the pain. I need him to make me feel worthless but desired at the same time.

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You lost me as soon as he called her "you nasty cunt". This is NOT a BDSM story, this is abuse, plain and simple. You just earned a spot on my list of "Writers to never read again".

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