tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 01

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 01


Susan lay in the corner of the doorway protected from the wind behind a dumpster. Even though it wasn't that cold yet, maybe from her not eating enough food, she was cold. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered while remembering that she was hungry. She heard a noise that had awakened her and now she couldn't go back to sleep. She wondered what time it was. The bars must have just closed. There was someone coming.

She peeked through the crack between the wall and the dumpster to see who was in her alley. Three, young men walked towards her talking and laughing. They looked harmless enough. When most times she remained silently motionless until they walked by, whenever hearing and/or spotting rats, roaches, or men she couldn't remain quiet. She needed money for breakfast.

Always having second thoughts about approaching strangers, especially men, especially when there was more than one man together when she was so alone and so vulnerable in a deserted alley, yet desperate for something to eat, she grabbed her empty, coffee cup. Maybe today was the start of a better day. Maybe these three men were here to help her, an answer to her prayers. Flattening down her hair, hoping they'd take pity on her and give her a couple of dollars, she tried making herself more presentable to look less like a bum.

"Spare change," she said holding up her empty cup and smiling just as they passed by her. "Help the homeless."

All she needed was another quarter to buy herself a cup of coffee in the morning. If she got another dollar, she could buy a muffin too or an egg and sausage sandwich from McDonalds. Never thinking she'd be in this desperate position begging for spare change while sleeping in an alley, she couldn't go back to the shelter because of what happened to her the last time she was there. Better off and safer outdoors than she was inside, so long as the temperature wasn't so unbearably cold, she'd rather be sleeping here than to sleep there.

"I ain't got no spare change and if I did, I wouldn't give it to you, you bum. Get a job," laughed a man and making his two friends laugh too.

Watching them walk away, she lowered her cup and when they passed her, as if a cat sleeping on a couch, she curled herself back in a tight ball and pulled some cardboard over her.

"Hey," said one man to his friend. "That's no dude. That's a broad."

"A broad?" He stopped and turned around to look back at her. "No way."

"Yeah, way, she has tits, big tits. I saw them when she stuck out her hand for money."

The three men turned around and walked back over to her. Towering over her and with the dumpster blocking her escape, they surrounded her as if they were prison guards looking down at a frightened inmate.

"If I give you my hard earned money," said the first man laughing. "What are you going to do for me?" He gave her a not so subtle hint what he wanted and expected her to do by grabbing at his crotch.

"Do for you?" Susan looked up at him as if she was in a daze and had been awakened from her dream. In was late. She was tired and now that she was awake, she remembered how hungry she was before falling asleep. "What I'd do for you is to thank you very much for helping me to get something to eat," she said holding up her cup again.

"That's not the kind of gratitude that I'm looking to have for helping a woman in need," said the first man.

"What say you give us a look and a feel of those big tits," said the second man. "Then maybe we'll think about giving you some money."

"Yeah, I'll give you a dollar for showing me your big tits and another dollar for giving me a feel of your big tits," said the third man. "Maybe I'll even give you five dollars for sucking my cock and cumming in your mouth, that is, so long as you swallow and don't spit."

"No, I can't do that," said Susan clutching her shirt around her breasts as if she was clutching herself to protect her pocketbook from being stolen. Only she didn't have a pocketbook nor did she have any money. All she had were the clothes on her back, a bag of cans she collected, and a bag with some personal things, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, roll of toilet paper, a clean pair of socks and panties, and some sanitary pads she stole from the ladies restroom. "Please, I'm begging you. I really could use a cup of coffee. All I need is another quarter," she said pleading with them to help her.

"I done told you already. I'll give you a dollar if you flash me those big boobs," said the third man insisting. "Another dollar for giving me a feel and five dollars to suck my cock."

"No, sorry," she said turning away from them. "I can't do that. I'm old enough to be your mother," she said with a nervous laugh while hoping, if they weren't going to help her, that they'd just go away and leave her alone.

"That's okay," said the third man. "I like older woman. My mom's flashed me her tits and given me a feel from time to time, especially when I give her some weed."

"Pervert," said one of his friends. "You felt up your mother?"

"You'd feel her up too, if you had a mother as hot as my mom," he said in defense of his incestuous actions.

"What if you suck my cock for a ten dollars?" The second man unzipped himself, reached his hand inside, and pulled out his cock.

"Go away before I scream. I mean it," said Susan.

"Go ahead and scream lady. Everyone screams all the time in this neighborhood," he said screaming at the top of his lungs. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! See? No one cares about you and your tits but us."

The first man reached for her and she pushed him away. The second man grabbed for her and pulled to a standing position while the third man reached to feel her breasts through her shirt but she slapped his hand away before he could touch them.

"C'mon lady, give it up," said the first man feeling Susan's big breasts. "Show me your tits."

"Stop it!" She slapped his hand away again while taking a step back and looking for a weapon. "Get away from me!"

"My hand felt some big ass titties in that shirt you're wearing. You're not even wearing a bra, you slut," said the first man laughing.

"She's not wearing a bra? Lemme have a feel," said the second man.

The second man stepped closer for a feel of Susan's big tits and she slapped his hand away hard. Now with him too close to her for her to really haul back to whack him a good one, he stepped even closer and when he did, she slapped him hard across the face. Only more focused on feeling her big tits than he was on being slapped across his face, he reached out with both hands and grabbed two, full handfuls of her big boobs before ripping open her shirt to exposed her massive, D cup breasts. When she grabbed at her shirt to close it and to button it, the third man grabbed her from behind and grabbed both of her wrists. He pulled her arms behind her back while the first man had a good, long look and an uninterrupted feel of her big boobs.

"Let go of me," she screamed squirming, turning, twisting, and pulling while the man touched, fondled, felt, and caressed her breasts while fingering, pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples.

"Wow! Look at the tits on her. They're amazing. They're so big and so firm," said the second man laughing before leaning down to take her big nipples in his mouth. As if he had never sucked a tit, he was really sucking her tits. "Mama's got some big, milk jugs."

"Give me a feel of those tits baby," said the first man.

"She has bigger and shapelier breasts than the stripper in the club," said the first man.

Immorally exposed and pulling away from the third man who held her arms behind her back, she launched herself at the second man who ripped open her shirt, fondled her breasts, and sucked her tits. As if she was Iron Mike Tyson charging across the ring at Leon Spinks, with a perfect textbook combination, she hit him hard with a straight, right hand to the nose and a left uppercut to the chin. The combination of quick, hard punches lifted his head up and back and knocked him down on his ass as if he was a losing opponent in a Blockhead Fighting Game. In one quick pull, the third man still positioned behind her, pulled down her sweat pants to her knees while laughing.

"Look! She's not wearing any underwear. Her ass and pussy are right there," he said laughing.

When Susan bent at the waist to retrieve her pants while exposing all of her ass and her blonde pussy to the one who pulled down her pants, he grabbed two handfuls of her naked ass before sticking his hand between her legs to cup her untrimmed, bushy, blonde pussy.

"How dare you! You filthy pigs! You animals! Get the fuck away from me," she said screaming at them, fighting them, kicking them, and punching them while swinging and throwing anything at them that she could find in the alley.

When she reached down to pull up her pants, the first man pushed her down on the dirty ground. Now with her legs spread as if a beetle on its back, all three men had a good look at her naked tits and her exposed pussy. While she was still down on the ground and trying to get up, the second man straddled her, unzipped himself, and pulled out his cock.

"Suck my cock Mommy. Blow me! I need to cum in your little, bag lady mouth while feeling those massive tits," said the second man while laughing as he turned to look at his friends.

"I'm next said the third man."

"I'll take sloppy thirds said the first man laughing."

When the second man pulled her up by her hair to stick his cock in her mouth, with a quick kick to his balls, she bent him over in pain. She pulled up her pants as she stood. Trying their best to overpower her, the other two were at her kicking her and punching her. Stuck in the corner in the way of Mohammad Ali doing his rope-a-dope, protecting her face while blocking their punches with her forearms and kicking back with her legs, she used the protection of the dumpster and the backdrop of the brick wall behind her to her advantage.

Even though she was holding her own, with weak and tired from not eating and with them much younger opponents, there was just no way that she could defend herself against the three of them much longer. It was only a matter of time before she'd be overwhelmed, overpowered, and dragged inside of a doorway to be raped, beaten, and maybe even murdered. A senseless crime and a brutal murder, it was only a matter of time before she'd be just another homeless person found dead in an alley.

"Get out of here! Leave me alone. Help! Help! Someone help me! Please! Call the police! Call 911! Help! Help! Rape! Rape!"

"Help! Help! Someone help me!" The three men mocked her while laughing at her. "Ain't no one comin' to your rescue lady," said the first man.

"Ain't no one gonna risk a bullet to help a bag lady," said the second man.

"You're on your own baby," said the third man.

To be continued...

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by Scruffus06/11/18

Chapter 12 had me at a loss.....

I enjoy your stories and your prolific imagination. However chapter 12 of ‘The Bag Lady and The Retired Marine’ had me at a loss. I was expecting more of Susan and Dave, LOL maybe a happy ever aftermore...

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