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I guess it all started about midflight as I stood in line outside the restroom door in the rear of the airplane. Completely oblivious to the other passengers in line and those on either side of me in their seats, I slowly, languidly mentally undressed the woman in front of me. I began by tossing her long black hair aside and unhooking her dress. Then as my left hand slowly slid the zipper down the center of her back I let my right hand lightly ease out to her shoulder and then down her side.

Following the gentle curve down to her waist and then out onto her hip I watched as her dress opened up above the descending zipper exposing the smooth, dark skin of her back. Eyeing the catch on her bra I considered my next challenge and decided to move my right hand from her firm hip and attempt the intricate combination of hooks and loops with both hands. Although the trembling that belied my nervousness hindered me a bit, I was able to unfasten the bra just as the restroom door opened and a short wrinkled woman stepped out and passed us as she returned to her seat.

With one arm holding up the top of her dress, the woman in front of me turned and our eyes met for the first time, holding a gaze in the naked silence that covered us. Her dark eyes stayed on me as I rejoiced in her face, her firm prominent cheek bones highlighted a dark olive complexion that drew my lips into its softness. Her large lips then moved as she whispered, "Why don't we continue this..."

When she paused I looked back up at her eyes and then turned to see what she was looking at. The line for the restroom had grown and I knew we couldn't continue. Our eyes met again and I silently pleaded in desperation.

"Perhaps not," she whispered in conclusion, her dark complexion not hiding her facial blush.

All I could do was shrug my shoulders as she slipped in and closed the door. I stood staring at the Occupied sign. A few minutes later she emerged and our eyes united for a breathless moment before she returned to her seat. I stepped into the restroom but had to wait until my erection subsided.

Returning to my seat I settled in replaying those moments with her in my mind, wondering if I would ever see her again. I actually considered getting up again and walking toward the front of the plane in an effort to find her but the old lady in the aisle seat just glared at every move I made in my seat. I decided to ride out the flight where I was.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and as the plane pulled to a stop at the gate I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt figuring if I hurry I might catch at least a final glimpse of the woman before she got away. Sadly, the old lady in the aisle seat took so long getting her stuff together the plane was all but empty by the time I finally was able to shuffle down the aisle and step off the plane. When I got to baggage claim the area was nearly empty, so I walked over to the conveyor and waited for my suitcase.

A few people grabbed the last couple of items that were still on the conveyor leaving me standing there by myself, without my bag. Scanning the terminal I spotted the baggage office and slowly walked toward the door. Looking through the glass I saw her standing at the counter, shuffling her feet impatiently. Fortunately, we both, unfortunately, were missing our baggage.

I quickly walked to the office and stepped inside as she was explaining her dilemma to the person behind the counter. I listened as she explained she had no blouses, pants, skirts, or underthings to wear since it was all in the missing bag. As she spoke I pictured her without each of the items she announced, seeing her clothing simply fall away and disappear.

When she finally turned to notice me she was completely naked. Realizing all my clothes were in my suitcase I found myself naked as well. Suddenly we were there together, unencumbered by any other baggage, naked to each other and totally oblivious to the world around us. I took a step toward her...

"Angelina Delgado," she said turning her gaze from me momentarily, "My address? Yes, it is..."

Her words beckoned me onward, inviting me to wrap my arms around her. I moved closer, watching her lips move, seeing her toss her hair over her shoulders and exposing her breasts to me. They were small, but firm with large nipples. I reached out and touched her arm, the skin felt soft...

"Wait a moment, was your bag a dark gray, arriving from San Antonio?" I heard the man behind the counter ask.

Angelina's hair fluttered lightly back over her breasts as she nodded.

"And you sir, your bag, also arriving from San Antonio?"

I looked at the man and nodded, "A black one," my hand lightly brushing Angelina's arm.

"We have them here I think. They actually came in on an earlier flight."

We stood gazing into each other's eyes as the man disappeared through a door. Her head moved slightly, tilting to the right as I leaned in, tilting my head the other way. Her full lips glistened in the light as we leaned together, our lips moving closer and closer...

"Yes, are these your bags?"

We stepped apart and looked down at the baggage. When I looked back at her I noticed she was now fully dressed. She stepped forward, reached out and grabbed the handle to her bag. Realizing I too was fully dressed I did the same.

"I saw you on the plane," I whispered to her as she turned.

Smiling, she replied, "Yes, I remember."

"Where are you going now?" I asked hopefully.

She paused a moment, as if thinking and then replied, "My husband is picking me up. He's probably circling the terminal in his car getting annoyed."

I nodded, remembering I needed to call my wife who was waiting in the cell phone lot waiting to come get me. "Have a nice evening," I said as we both reclaimed our baggage and headed our separate ways.

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