The foreign dark beauty, Ka'Niz Ento from beyond the Outer Rim lies drugged on the examination table of the Dark Lord. At first glance she is a delicate creature. Long dark green hair frames her heart shape face emphasizing her pointed ears. Her rich brown skin is unmarred by scares or age. Her body is small but strong from hours of labor. Standing not far from the table Maul watches her drift in and out of consciousness.

The scent of the room was wrong; drifting off she could not recognize her surroundings. Grimacing from the labor of focusing her eyelids flutters close, there was something foreign in her bloodstream. Tensing her muscles to purge the intruding drug she found she could not find the Pa. Almost crying out in abandon she rocks against her bonds holding her hands above her head. Her ears pick up a heartbeat then the blackness enclose on her once again. Sometime later the drug finally wares off to awaken facing him, weak as a new born.

Moments turn into minutes as she stares at her adversary. Confused she tried numerous times to reach the Pa. She couldn't understand why she was cut off. Not many knew how to separate a being from the Pa, correction in this part of the universe it is the Force. Her emotions showed on her face as she finally accepted she made a terrible mistake. She was under his complete control, her plan worked too well, this time she may not be able to get out of this alive much less sane.

The plan was Maul was to find her, capture her, then immediately turns her over to Death Wraith, thus deflecting any attention to him. Instead Maul will keep her, maybe for a time then kill her. Swallowing Ka'Niz was very aware that he was reveling in this knowledge. In his left hand was a bucket lifting it he threw the contents on her. To her relief it was just water. After a time she was soaked to the bone as the streams of water cascaded on the floor into an unseen drain.

Confused to what he was going to do, she shook the water from her eyes, seeing that he turned away from her looking down on a small table she seen with different devices. Turning back to her she saw what he choose, something simple, a belt.

Reaching up he gags her then rips her clothes off, leaving only her underwear. For a moment he studies each tattoo that adorn her stomach, writs and feet. Seemly dismissing them he turns taking something out of the side panel. Her eyes became wide as he connected one slim black wire to the table. Stepping back he calmly reaches for the side panel and press a button.

Several hundred bolts of electricity dart into her body making her arch in pain she has never felt before. Her muscles jump in agony several times. His finger is on one of many black buttons; soon she figures it has to be for wattage. For every pause it was increased but kept below the point of shattering bones but enough scramble the mind and equilibrium. Several times she was made to the point of crying out. Each time she bit into the belt causing her lips to bleed. She would not give Maul the satisfaction of hearing her pain. She would rather die.

Murmuring to himself he looked on in satisfaction that she has a high threshold for pain. Now he would proceed to break her spirit. Smoke rose from the table as the water was replaced with her sweat and fluids. Unhooking her hands from the table he threw her over his shoulder. Groggily her head and hair cascading down his back sway with each step he took to his chambers. Her soft groans fade as the door opens then quickly close.

Descending deeper in his stronghold another door opens to a small chamber with an efficient bathroom and bed. Heading straight for the bathroom he props Ka'Niz against the wall turning on the shower. The pressure feels like needles against her super sensitive skin, gasping she tries to move away from the spray, only to slide down the title.

Pulling a knife out Maul pauses, the glint of the blade flicker in the light. Dread fill her but she clams herself it will be done now or later, how she accepts it will help her coup in the end. Raising his hand he swiftly cut the bonds holding her hands. Feeling the weight off her hands she weakly tried to block the hands pulling her underwear off. After the skimpy material was removed she was turned on her stomach, revealing her last tattoo. Tears mingle with the water, as a soft soapy sponge presses against her skin.

Quickly and efficiently he washes her then lifts her onto the bed. No other restraints are don upon her; temporary weakness itself is enough. She could not feel the Pa nor defend herself against this Lord of the Sith, she was at his mercy and she knew he wouldn't give any. Sitting above her he studies her and all her reactions to the situation at hand. Only then does she notice he has been naked all this time.

Satisfied she understood her defeat he continues his assault; capturing her earlobe between his teeth the pain sends a shiver down her spine. Placing hot nips down her neck and shoulder his hand caresses the most sensitive part of a female Wuduelfin's body the small of the back. Futilely pushing against him only achieves to press her waist against his.

"You want me so quickly?" Mockingly he wraps her legs around his waist letting her feel his hardness at the apex of her femininity. Instantly she gasps. Fear blossoms through her body as the intimate position dawns in her foggy mind.

Chuckling he continues as his tongue flicks her nipple making it a hard pebble as she moans in frustration. Hot, tight and honest her body responds arching she dig her nails into his shoulders. Then suddenly slashes against his cheek, causing him to growl in rapture. Raking his own against her skin he trails his tongue over her flat stomach. Shifting he hooks her legs over his shoulders. His tongue flicks over the moist curls covering her pussy. Recklessly she defends herself. The lingering sting left of his cheeks only heightens his pleasure.

Deftly opening her lips with his fingers, he samples. Feebly she wines then cries in passion. Deftly caressing her lips with his tongue his body tightens. Invading her making her tremble under his control feeds his purpose. With each stroke she drew a gasp of wonder and torment. Each lick, suckle and graze of his teeth he commands her focus. Then he introduces his finger. Shuddering her hands grip the frame of the bed.

Her virginal walls clamp onto the invading muscle. Like a raw nerve exposed he manipulates her body to his desire. Her body rocks against the mattress from the force of his plunging finger. Easily his forces a second inside her, his breath matches hers as his hand becomes slick with her need. Roughly he bites her clit he suckles it. The small room fills with short shouts as she instantly climax into his mouth forcing him to swallow.

Panting she lays, soiled yet determined to survive. Staring at the title her heart races wishing the trembling to stop. He doesn't see the beauty in her flushed skin or the sweet aroma of her flesh. Her body told of humiliation. The sweat trickling between her pert breast the gasp within her breath. She will be easily conquered. Maybe even driven to sexual insanity. The wanton response he so easily took from her. Was more pleasing than he realized.

Loaming over her he holds her head looking into her eyes "Taste your desire." Roughly mocking her, forces her nectar on her tongue. Her muscles are forcibly relaxed, enough for him to push himself into her behind. Her breath catches in her throat, eyes wide with shock. Smilingly maliciously "I will leave you a virgin, still."

Pumping into her he reaches between them stimulating her. Biting her lip in shame she reopens her wound. Bending Maul suckles on the rising blood. Pumping vigorously into her body pleasure and pain intermingles.

The bed rocks as both voice their pleasure, effortlessly he switches her onto her stomach. First pinning her to the mattress straining against her then lifts her to her knees. Finally he reaches his brink of control as she grips his thighs, her head thrown back against his shoulder her long hair cling to their skin. Biting the juncture of her neck he felt the beginning of her climax as she hiccupped a sob.

The devastation he wrecks on her mind gives him pleasure. Her helplessness feeds him. The swell of disgust from her wets his appetite for more.

Wanting her completely under his control he reaches between her legs, again. Catching his wrist as the other hand latches on his forearm her nails dig deep into his skin on his pleasure points. The waves of tormenting pleasure mushrooms through her body twisting in horror her short fangs are briefly exposed, sinking her teeth into his flesh, drawing blood. Shouting in surprise Maul violently erupts into her. Echoes of his climax flood through him as she mews.

The feeling builds into a terrible wave scorching his senses. Her sweet scent almost destroys him. In an instant her wants became his. His lust and need for power quenched. His ambition made small. Alone he is inconsequential but together they were the Force. The grip of the dark side so complete began to show cracks.

His power began to ebb. Then he heard the roar of a lion. Limply she fell on the mattress, mercifully unconscious. Almost falling on top of her he braces his arms on either side of her a word escapes his mouth "Bitch." His momentary weakness dissipates as hatred fuels him to move. Unsteadily he rips himself out of the room.

She won this time.

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