tagMind ControlBait and Switch Ch. 01

Bait and Switch Ch. 01


Author's note: This story will consist of multiple chapters. Some chapters will contain subjects that some may find objectionable, such as incest, anal, and perhaps even violence. While this first chapter doesn't contain any of these, you are here forewarned not to get into this series if these subjects bother/offend you. All characters are over eighteen, as I can't abide kiddy-porn. If all this is suitable to your tastes, please enjoy my new series, Bait and Switch.


Blue lights... A whirring sound... Something pokes my arm... Head is throbbing... I can't feel my arm... Oh no, what have they done with my arm? A pink shadow bends over me.

Sweat soaked, I sit up in bed, terror filling my mind and thoughts. I quickly look at my right arm, and breathe a sigh of relief. It's still there, though numb from having slept on it wrong.

I fall back onto my pillow, shocked at how cold the sweat feels as my head hits it. Flipping it over to the dry side, I notice the time. I have only an hour till my alarm goes off. Groaning, I roll over, hoping to get a little more sleep, before I have to get up, and get ready for classes.

I doubt I will though, as my head is pounding, and my arm is stiff and tingling.

* * *

Buzzing fills my room, followed right after by robotic voices screaming, "Exterminate! Exterminate!" Moaning like the dead, I reach for my alarm clock to switch it off, only to find the switch is already in the off spot, the noise ending just before I reach it.

Sitting up, rubbing my eyes, I reach for the glass of water I left on my nightstand before going to bed last night, and try to wake my sleeping mind. For some reason I feel like I have just run a marathon, rather than had a long night's sleep. I'm just glad the headache is gone, though my arm still seems a little stiff.

My door flies open, and I look up to see my roommate, Dennis, looking at me.

"Rise and shine, dork!" he calls, turning on my light. "I thought I told you to change that alarm sound. Your Doctor What is annoying in the morning."

"I'm a geek!" I told him for what felt like the hundredth time. "And it's Doctor Who, not What."

"More like Doctor Whatever."

Shaking my head at my roommate's ignorance, I quickly get dressed, and head from my room. Reaching for the light, it flips off a moment before I hit the switch. Looking at it in confusion, my stomach rumbles, recalling me to breakfast.

"Have you been watching the news lately?" Dennis asks me as I pour my cereal into a bowl. I just give him a look, in response. He knows I can't abide watching the news. "I just thought you might be interested in what's been happening, you being such a dork and all." Deciding it's best to keep my mouth shut, I just pour my milk. "Seems there was some girl in India that started flying around town, like some sort of Superman, and a guy in Japan suddenly started on fire, but didn't get burned."

"Parlor tricks," I mumble around a mouthful. For a moment I consider mentioning that there are plenty of female comic book characters that can also fly, but then remembering his level of ignorance, I just continue chewing.

"I dunno... The news seemed pretty interested in it. There are videos of the flying girl on Youtube."

He continues to ramble on, but somehow I ignore him, until I leave for class.

Cold air buffets me as I trudge through the snow to my first college course today.

Something hits me in the back, but I ignore it, figuring it is just a snowball and used to this childish behavior by now. "What a nerd!" I hear Robbie Mortensen say a second later. I had hoped to get away from him after high school, but his father had somehow gotten him into the same expensive college I'd received a scholarship at, and so I was still being bullied by him.

"Leave him alone, Robbie," Gina says right afterwards. She's Robbie's girlfriend, and one of the hottest girls on campus.

"Okay, I'll weave the wittle ol' nerd awone for you," Robbie replied in baby talk. Why does Gina put up with such an idiot, I wonder, not for the first time.

Classes seem to drag on, and my mind seems to keep going fuzzy from lack of sleep. Finally, in my last class, I can't seem to keep my eyes open, which is slightly odd, as Prof. Frankens's class is usually one of my favorites. Not because of the subject matter, math has always been an easy subject for me, but because of her. She stands just a little shorter than me, has beautiful big brown eyes that seem magnified by her large glasses. Her long dark brown hair is usually pulled back, and softly reflects the fluorescent lighting in the room. She has a small waist that usually gets overlooked because of her ample bosom. I am usually quite attentive in her class, but today, I struggle just to keep my eyes open, and on her, as she lectures us on a formula I'd mastered last night before going to bed.

If only the lights were off, so I could put my head down, and rest. For a moment, I imagine standing up and switching off the lights right by me, but they require a special key to switch.

I open my eyes as someone gasps, and notice that the room is dark, except where Prof. Frankens's computer screen is on, and a couple other students have their cell phones out, playing instead of paying attention.

"Who turned out the lights?" the professor demanded, walking to her desk, and shuffling though a drawer. She must have found what she was looking for, as she marches down the aisle till she stands right next to me, slips the key into a notch, and lifts it, restoring the lights.

She glares down at me, as if I had been the one to turn off the lights. "Mr. Xavier, did you happen to see who turned off the lights?" I just shook my head, not having seen anyone do it, my own eyes having been closed at the time. She looks at me suspiciously for a moment, and then walks back down to her desk, dropping her key back in the drawer.

My mind is racing now. HAD I somehow turned off the lights? I couldn't see how. But then I remembered this morning with the alarm clock, and my bedroom light. Both had been off before I hit them. And the light in class had gone off when I had thought about it. It was all likely a coincidence, but I had to try. I pictured the key moving in the switch, turning the light off... And froze, a grin splitting my face.

Prof. Frankens mutters to herself as she climbs the aisle, key in hand again, to turn the light back on. The class is loudly murmuring, but I ignore them as I consider what this means. Do I have super powers? Am I some kind of mutant? More importantly, what exactly is it that I can do? It has to be more than just turning off lights, because I'd done it to my alarm clock.

The lights came back on, startling me, and I remove the smile from my face a moment too late.

"Since you think this is so funny, Mr. Xavier, I want to see you in my office after class." My fellow students "ooh" like this was junior high, but I ignore them. Part of me is elated at my new discovery, but another is horrified that I am in trouble now. Looking around class, I see a number of students glancing at me furtively, unsure themselves if I had really done the deed. None of the stares really bothers me, till I see Gina giving me a disappointed look.

The professor gets back in front of the class, and continues her lecture, watching me like a hawk. I want to experiment, but know better than to mess with the lights again. Maybe it is telekinesis, I wonder, and start trying to lift my pencil off my desk with only my mind.

Nothing happens.

I try moving it side to side, but again, it sits motionless. Maybe it only works on electronics, I wonder next. Looking around for someone with their cell phone out, I'm disappointed to see none. I don't dare pull my own out, with Prof. Frankens watching me so closely, and it seems the rest of the class feels the same way. The professor's computer screen is faced away from me, so I can't really judge with it.

The bell rings, and I stand up to go, forgetting about Prof. Frankens's office, till she calls me back to it.

Her office is small, but neatly organized, and I sit in a comfortable chair, facing her desk. She goes to one of her filing cabinets, and starts rifling through it, till she finds what she is after, and pulls out a manila folder.

"Nicholas Xavier," she intones, and I can tell from her voice that she's not very happy with me, "4.0 average student, going to this university on a scholarship." Her eyes lift from the folder, and seem to strike me to my core. "I have to confess, if you didn't do so well in my class, I likely wouldn't even know who you were. You don't seem the type to cause problems, so do you want to tell me what that was about out there?"

"Professor Frankens, I know I was smiling, but I thought it was kind of funny, just like the rest of the class. I don't have a key to the switch, so I don't know how it got turned off." But I did know, because I had done it. Done it somehow with my mind.

She started talking again, but my mind is absorbed on what I might be able to do. I can see her laptop screen in here, and imagine it turning off. Again, nothing happens. Thinking hard, I try to figure out what is different. Every time it has worked, I was thinking about switching something off, not just it being off suddenly. Looking to the laptop again, I imagine moving a switch to turn it off, and have to stop myself from whooping as it suddenly powers down.

Wondering if I can only turn things off, I think about switching it back on, and I can almost feel the switch move in my mind, as it starts to power back up.

"Are you listening to me?" My professor's voice cuts through my thoughts, and I look up to meet her large brown eyes, unable to think of what she'd just said. I can see anger in her eyes, as I hesitate to speak, but a sudden thought crosses my mind. What if I could switch off her anger?

I quickly imagine her anger as a switch, with happiness on one end, anger the other, and try to move the switch. I feel the switch with my mind, as I push against it, but it refuses to budge. I press harder, but still no movement. I almost give up, when her laptop finally boots up, and its startup sounds distract her, and the switch moves a little bit. Not enough to get rid of her anger, I suspect, but enough to blunt it.

Wondering if I had actually moved the emotional switch, or was simply able to sense it, I decide to try something else. Perhaps it's too much to hope to be able to change a mood so much, so quickly. While she is distracted with her laptop, I re-imagine the switch, but this time, instead of happiness, I think of no feeling, and try to move the switch. It budges slightly more, but still not enough.

I look at my professor, at the way her suit hugs her nice curves, and another thought strikes me. Maybe I can't change an emotion quickly, but can I affect her physically? I decide to throw caution to the wind as she turns back to me, her anger only slightly blunted, due to my efforts, and flip another switch in her, almost sighing when I feel it move easily.

Prof. Frankens's eyes seem to grow larger, as what I had done seems to register to her, but otherwise she shows no reaction. She just continues to stare at me, and I know her crotch is getting wetter, or at least I hope it is, because I felt the switch move. I realize she is still waiting for my answer.

"I promise you, I didn't see anybody turn off the lights, and I am not certain how they turned off." I said, trying to think. It wasn't completely a lie, as I still didn't understand how this new power of mine worked.

She continues to stare at me, but I can still feel the anger switch slowly moving. I decide that emotionless is a poor place to move the switch to, and instead create a switch to horny, wondering just what I might be capable of doing to this mature and beautiful woman. I can immediately feel that the switch in her mind is easier to move, but still not moving fast.

Suddenly I realize that the switch making her pussy wet has turned back off on its own. Can I only use one switch at a time? I wonder, as I turn that one back on, and sense the 'horny' switch start moving again. No, I must be able to do more than one at a time, I figure, but how many?

I easily flip another switch in her, making her nipples hard, and hold back my grin as she starts talking again. "You're a bright student, and I don't want to see you get into any trouble." I can feel her horny switch moving faster now, but I have to keep constant attention on the other two, or they turn themselves back off. "I will ignore what happened today, but I don't want it to happen again." She is fidgeting where she's standing. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

The sudden question distracts me, and I lose my concentration, letting all three switches go. "Me? I..."

"Never mind, I shouldn't have asked" she says to me, giving herself a small shake, and sitting on the edge of her desk.

I immediately recreate all three switches, but the moment is gone. "You may leave now, Mr. Xavier. Have a good night."

Cursing inwardly, I walk out of her office. I had almost had her, I think to myself.

Outside the classroom, I see Gina and Robbie talking across the hallway. Deciding to have my revenge on Robbie for all those years of bullying, I start to switch Gina's anger on, throwing all my frustration behind the effort, and feel it moving slowly as they talk. Pretty soon I see Robbie start to get defensive, as Gina's anger rises. After only a couple minutes, Gina starts yelling, "I'm so sick of the way you act like you're some big tough guy around your friends, but then act all sweet and nice when we're alone!"

Robbie looks around, and sees me watching them. Apparently he decides to take his frustrations out on me, as he stomps over to where I stand.

"You got a problem, nerd?" He demands, and this time I let my smile split my face as I flip a switch in him, and feel it move with ease.

"No, but by your smell," I look down at his crotch, and see a satisfying wet spot growing, "it looks like you really needed to go to the bathroom."

"I--What the!" Turning beet red, Robbie turns away from me, trying to cover the evidence of his loose bladder, and sees Gina staring at him in wonder. "I'll get you for this, nerd!" He screams as he starts running down the hallway, leaving a small puddle behind.

"I'm a geek, dammit!" I yell after him, laughing.

"I can't believe that just happened," A voice says right behind me, and I turn to see Gina's hazel eyes looking into mine. "I've heard you say that before, that you're a geek," she said, and I could feel my mouth go dry. Even a few feet away, her proximity to me is having quite the effect. "What is the difference between a nerd and a geek?"

It takes me a couple of tries to get moisture back into my mouth before I can answer her. "Geeks and nerds are both knowledgeable and fanatical about their interests, but geeks have social skills that nerds and dorks don't."

Gina laughed, and it sounded like music to me. "So what is the difference between dorks and nerds?"

"Dorks aren't as smart as geeks or nerds," I say, a little easier this time.

Gina places her hand on my shoulder, and it feels like lightning erupts from her touch. "Look, I'm sorry about the way he always treats you, he really isn't that bad of a guy, once you get to know him."

I can't help but think of all the years he has bullied me, and just can't see things from her point of view. "I don't think I will need to worry about him much longer," I say, instead of what I am thinking.

"So, if geeks are so smart, I'll bet you can help me out with Prof. Frankens's math class, right?" Gina smiles at me, but I feel a knot forming in the pit of my stomach. I had hoped that she was better than this, but it is the same old game: an attractive woman, appealing to my insecurities, to get me to do their work, promising closeness, but never delivering. It was a game I'd fallen for many times in the past.

The only difference was that in the past, I didn't have my newfound abilities. This time, the game would be different, I decide.

"Sure," I pipe, trying to put on a gullible looking smile. "Why don't you come to my apartment tonight, and we can go over it?"

"Tonight?" Gina says hesitantly. "I have to work tonight, but if you want to come to my place around eight, I should be home." Disappointed that I won't have her in my own domain, I reason that my abilities should work just as well at her place, plus it will give me more time to experiment with my abilities before I go over. She gives me her address, and we part ways.

The walk back to my apartment seems to go by in a blur. Along the way I turn on and off street lights, and even start a car as I walked by it. By the time I arrive home, I know that I can affect anything I can conceive of as a switch, but only within approximately fifty feet of me. Also, if I create a switch, it remains, so that I don't have to recreate it again later.

I continue experimenting, as I plan for this evening. Looking at myself in the mirror, I notice my slightly pale complexion, and thin frame, and wonder... I imagine a switch inside me, to bulk me up and darken my skin a little, but when I go to flip it, nothing happens. I don't feel a switch move, and no changes occur to my body. Why doesn't it work, I ponder, and then I realize that I am trying to switch my reflection. Closing my eyes, I try again, forming the switch in my mind, but again, I'm met with failure. Did my abilities fail me? The lights in my room turning off and back on again disprove that. My only conclusion then is that I am unable to make switches within me.

My door opens, and Dennis walks through uninvited. "Hey dork, I have a girl coming over tonight, so I need you to make yourself scarce."

Frustration fills me, at the way he constantly calls me dork and my inability to affect myself, and I act before thinking. I switch on his intimidation, noting that it requires some effort to do so, and raise my voice as I talk to him. "I've told you, I'm a geek, not a dork. Get it right for once!"

"O-Okay. Sorry," Dennis says, his voice slightly quavering, and I feel guilty for manipulating him like this, but if he would only listen... "You're a geek, I-I get it." He looks at me a little queerly, and then seems to get his confidence back, as I feel the switch I created move back. "Anyway, think you can do something else tonight?"

For a moment I am tempted to stay and screw things up for him, but the thought of Gina recalls me to my other plans. "Yeah, I've got plans with Gina tonight anyway." I try to reply off-handedly.

"Wait, Gina? Robbie Mortensen's Gina? So the rumor about you making him wet himself is true?" Dennis's intimidation switch moves a little on its own, and I can't help but smile. Despite that, I try to act innocent.

"I dunno about that," I hedge. "Gina said she needed help with Prof. Frankens's class, and I said I would."

"Does Robbie know?"

"Do I care?" I retort, surprised by my own confidence.

Dennis lets out a loud guffaw, before slapping me on the back. "You really are a geek, and not a dork," he says as he leaves my room.

The drive to Gina's house is a short one, and I note that I am still a couple minutes early. Doubt about whether she is really playing on my insecurities or not start to assail me, and I wonder if I am doing the right thing. I resolve to not use my ability, unless I find out otherwise. Walking up to her door, I go ahead and knock.

An older woman, probably in her early forties answers the door, and I immediately think I have the wrong place.

"Yes?" She asks, and the voice sounds slightly familiar.

"Um," I say uncertainly, "I'm here to see Gina?"

"Oh, you must be the tutor Gina told me about. Come in." I am able to see the similarities in this older woman and Gina, now that I look at her. They both have blond hair, and slim waists, as well as a few similar facial features. "I'm Gina's mom, Nancy. She just got back from work, and is changing. Why don't you wait in here, and I'll let her know you're here."

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