tagSci-Fi & FantasyBait and Switch Ch. 11

Bait and Switch Ch. 11


Thanks to JA & garbonzo607 for their insightful edits.


The sun was shining pleasantly as we drove south. The roads were dry, though the sides were piled up with snow. All in all it was a pleasant Sunday drive. At least, it would have been if not for a couple of things. Nancy was sitting in the back seat, humming softly to herself, and Lela had refused to talk to me again last night.

Nancy's presence didn't bother me as much as Lela's attitude was. When I'd called my family to see if Gina could come down, my mom had asked after her mom, and then insisted that I invite her as well. Nancy had hemmed and hawed at first, but Gina convinced her it would be good to not be alone for the holidays. I just kept my mouth shut. I didn't want to influence her decision, and to be honest, I really didn't know how I felt about it. A part of me had been hoping to get some alone time with Gina, but that was less likely with her mom there.

Then there was the issue of the chance of my family finding out what I'd done with the two women. Somehow I was sure my parents would freak out, especially my dad. My sister might take it better, but I still didn't want it getting out.

Yesterday had flown by, as Shanna, Shannon, and I recovered from the night's exertions. We ended up sleeping most of the day. I'd gone to see Gina after calling my mom that evening, and she was ecstatic as she got packed. The two women had decided to go do some shopping, and I left them to it, realizing I would have to do some extra Christmas shopping myself, ordering gifts for the twins, and wrapping Gina's.

I wasn't sure if I should get anything for Donna Frankens, and figured propriety dictated otherwise. I didn't want her to get in any trouble, if someone found out.

Luckily Nancy had opted to pay for gas, as I'd spent more than I'd meant to last night.

I had a peaceful night alone, and was relieved when Lela took me. It dawned on me that she only took me on nights when no one was sleeping with me, for my strengthening treatments. I hoped that meant she wasn't jealous, but when she refused to show herself again. Even though I pleaded with the empty room that I needed to talk to her concerning ways to defeat the demons. Silence and the strength building white light were all that met my requests.

"I hope your family likes me," Gina said the next day, worried for what felt like the hundredth time.

"Relax. You'll be fine," I reassured her again, then thought I'd probably better warn her. "I haven't told you about my sister, have I?" She shook her head. "She's a lesbian. She came out about three years ago. My mom didn't mind so much; though she regretted not having any grandchildren from her, so don't be surprised if she asks when we're having kids."

"Not for awhile, I hope," Gina told me with a laugh. I remembered Robbie complaining that Gina had wanted kids, so that statement kind of surprised me. "I want to finish college first."

"My dad flipped out, though;, called her devil spawn and other not so nice things. He's calmed down since then, but still doesn't like it."

"A parent should always support their children's life decisions," Nancy said from the back seat. "Give you advice if we think you're making mistakes, but if it's what you truly want..." Gina reached over, and squeezed my leg then.

"Thanks, mom. Love you, too," Gina said sincerely.

I decided not to tell them that my dad had been screaming at my mom in the background when I'd called. After Nancy's husband had left her, I could only hope that my parent's didn't get into it too heavily. They had loved each other once, but I had noticed them growing more distant over the last few years. Summer, my sister, blamed herself for our parent's issues, but I doubted it had to do solely with her.

We pulled in about mid-afternoon, and mom ran out to give me a big hug. I felt my cheeks burn at mom's P.D.A. in front of Gina and Nancy, but suffered through it.

"My word!" She exclaimed, pulling away from me, and squeezing my arms. "You've been working out."

I introduced them all.

"Oh, Nick, your girlfriend is so cute!" Mom exclaimed.

"We're not—" Gina and I said in unison, but mom ignored us as she shook Nancy's hand.

"I'm so glad you were willing to come," mom's voice was more exuberant than usual, and I wondered if she was putting on a show for our guests. I hoped her and dad hadn't been fighting too much lately.

"Is Summer here yet?" I asked. I hadn't seen my sister since last Christmas, the only time she was willing to be around our father. We communicated regularly, but it was still nice to see my older sister from time to time.

"No, she said she had to work, and won't be here till Christmas Eve," mom sounded down for a moment, but her smile quickly returned, as she ushered our guests inside, leaving me to unload the car.

It took a number of trips, and despite the cold, I was sweating slightly as I brought the last bags in. Gina and Nancy would be sharing the guest bedroom, which unfortunately was right next to my parent's room. There would be no sneaking in there at night, and my room was across the hallway from theirs. Sadly, it looked to be a sex-free week.

My dad was reading a newspaper in the den and drinking a beer. From the pile of cans next to him, I knew not to bother him, so I found the other three women in the dining room, sipping on hot cocoa. I figured that three beautiful women would be better company than my ornery dad.

Gina jumped up to make me some, and I gratefully sat down. Between Lela's white light last night, and unloading the car, I was a little tired.

"Your girlfriend is so cute, Nick," mom leaned over and whispered to me. "And smart, too. She's definitely a keeper."

"She's not my girlfriend, mom," I protested again.

Mom looked at me as though she didn't believe a word of it. I was saved from further argument as Gina brought me my steaming drink.

"Thank you," I told her, and was rewarded with her dazzling smile.

Mom and Nancy started talking about work, and I found out that Nancy was a registered nurse at the main hospital. They became so engrossed in their talking, that Gina and I were able to slip out unnoticed.

"Your mom seems nice," she told me, as we walked into the guest room.

"Yeah... Too happy. I think she's hiding something." I told her, trying to keep my words to a minimum. Gina was still affected by my voice, and considering the lack of opportunities ahead of us, I didn't want to cause her any undue stress.

"You worry too much, Nick," she grabbed my shoulders, turning me to look at her. "Or can you read minds now, too?"

I silently laughed, but shook my head. No, I couldn't read minds, but I still worried about how overly cheerful mom acted.

Gina brought her lips to mine, and I kissed her happily, till she moaned. I pulled away, remembering to tell her about the walls.

"The walls are paper thin in here, so be careful what you say. My parents' room is right next door, and you can hear everything," I warned her.

Gina looked to the wall in question, and then turned back to me with a wicked grin. "That could get interesting," she said, as she stepped back up to me, and started kissing me again.

We had to break apart again a few seconds later as we heard our mothers walking down the hallway. I stepped away, and acted as though I were straightening the blankets on the bed. Our mothers looked at us, suddenly growing silent as they walked in, and I knew we weren't fooling anyone. Gina's grin at my attempted ruse didn't help.

I felt foolish, but I had grown up under my parents' rule, and some habits still stuck, apparently.

Dad finally came out of his den before dinner, and barely said two words throughout the meal. Mom more than made up for it though, talking enough for all of us.

Dad only ate half his meal, before standing up, "I'm going into the office. There are some files I need to file."

"But dear, you've been drinking all day, and we have guests. Can't it wait till tomorrow?" Mom asked, worriedly.

"Dammit, don't tell me how much I've drank, woman. I said I need to go, and those files won't file themselves." Dad stormed from the room, his plate still on the table, as we all sat in stunned silence.

I knew my dad was a big shot lawyer, but a case that needed to be filed this late and this close to the holidays? I doubted it.

I kept my mouth shut though, and mom tried to put on a brave face, though she didn't eat anymore either.

When the rest of us were done eating, Gina and I cleared the table, while our moms put the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Why don't you kids go see a movie tonight?" Mom said as we brought the last of the dishes to them. "I'm sure you two don't want to hang out with us old women, and there isn't likely to be any privacy here." Mom winked at me, and I felt my face flush red.

"Mom!" I whined, but Gina was already dragging me from the room.

Gina wanted to watch some romance movie, but there was a fighting robot movie playing too. We ended up going to the romance movie.

Mom shoved a $20 into Gina's hand before we left, to my disgruntlement, but I had to admit I really couldn't afford much till payday, after I got back. I had plenty in savings, but preferred not to use that if I could avoid it. Taking this week off was really going to hurt, too. I just hope that everyone enjoyed their gifts.

We bought sodas and popcorn, before going into our theater room.

I really shouldn't have worried about the movie choice. As soon as we sat down in the back, just under the projector, Gina's lips were locked to mine. This theater must have upgraded their seating since the last time I was here, as the armrests lifted, allowing us to cuddle up to each other.

Thankfully there were very few people in here on a Sunday night.

Gina's tongue was hungrily moving along my own, as her hand slid into my coat, and pulled me tighter towards her. The lights dimmed, as the opening trailers started up, but my mind barely noticed.

I slid my hand into her coat, but instead of going around to her back, I stopped on her right tit. I gave it a squeeze through her shirt, and only then noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, as I could feel her stiffening nipple with ease.

Gina moaned softly at my touch. There wasn't anyone near us, but it wouldn't serve to get caught. Gina's hand slid down to my crotch, and started playing with my cramped dick through my pants, and I had to break the kiss long enough to up-shift. Gina giggled as I pulled my hand out, but she deftly slipped hers in, and this time it was me that moaned as I felt her fingernails touch my shaft.

Her other hand started working on my zipper, but I grabbed her wrist. "What are you doing?" I hissed, as I looked around. In the dark, with only the screen for light, I didn't think anyone would see us, but you never know.

"Relax," she gave my lips a quick lick with the tip of her tongue, and I relented. I let go of her wrist, and within seconds my hard cock was standing upright in the cool theatre air. It wasn't cold for long, however, as she laid her head in my lap, and swallowed as much as she could between her soft lips. I stripped off my coat, and set it in the seat next to us, ready at a moment's notice to pull it over her if someone came by.

The opening credits of the movie started up, and some cheesy music played, but I could still make out the sucking sounds Gina made as she gobbled my knob. I knew no one else could hear her, but in my paranoia I still wondered why no one was telling us to be quiet.

Gina must have been getting warm too, because she lifted her head long enough to take off her coat, before going back down on me. Placing my hand on her hip, I slid it up under her shirt, until I felt the underside of her boob. Gina moaned as I touched her stiff nipple, and her moan elicited a small moan from me. She used her right hand, and started fondling my balls, intensifying my pleasure.

I continued to fondle her large breast, truly enjoying this first time experience of a public blowjob. Every time I started to get close, I would concentrate on the movie for a few seconds, until the urge subsided, or until she would do something with her tongue that felt fantastic.

I slid my hand down her flat abdomen, to the tops of her pants, and kept going. I had to lean over a bit, but the second my fingers brushed her clit, she began to shudder in orgasmic bliss. The fact that she was so turned on from giving me pleasure, and what little I had done for her set me over the edge, and I let out my loudest moan (though still comparatively quiet) in the theater, as I started to ejaculate into her sucking orifice.

Gina sat up and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, whispering, "Thank you," before cuddling into my arms, and eating popcorn.

The rest of the movie didn't seem so bad after that, though occasionally I could hear explosions from the robot movie next door.

When we arrived back to my parents' place, I noticed dad still wasn't home. We tried to walk in quietly, but we needn't have bothered, as both of our mothers were passed out in the family room, one empty bottle of wine on the coffee table, and another half empty, still clutched in my mom's hand.

Gina helped me carry Nancy back to the guest room, and I told her I could get my mom on my own.

My mother was much shorter than me and pretty light. It was pretty easy for me to pick her up in my arms and carry her to her room. I slipped off her shoes, but didn't dare do anything more with her clothing. I pulled back her sheets, and positioned her in bed. Before I could pull the covers up, however, her arms hugged me tight, and she pulled me down into a drunk, sloppy kiss. I could taste the wine on her tongue as it drove into my shocked mouth.

As soon as my senses returned, I pulled away, and heard her murmur, "I love you." She must be dreaming of better times with dad, I thought, as I carefully pulled the covers over her. And then, I heard "Thank you, Nick."

Her voice froze me as I stepped out of her door. Had she known it was me when she kissed me, or did she wake up in between the kiss and me pulling the covers over her?

In a fog of confusion, I walked across the hallway to my room, and stripped down to my boxers, without turning on the light.

I felt my way over to my old bed, wondering if I was going to get any sleep tonight. The one good thing about being alone was that hopefully Lela would come get me tonight. I would plead with her to talk to me. I needed her advice in order to defeat the demons. I couldn't do it alone.

A soft giggle was the only warning I had, before a very naked Gina pulled me to her, pressing her luscious body to mine.

"What are you doing?" I demanded, trying to speak around her attempts to kiss me.

"They're both passed out drunk," she told me. "They'll never know." I wasn't too sure about that, after what'd happened in my parent's room.

"My dad could be home at any minute," I warned, but she didn't care, and her insistence soon turned my thoughts around. If I heard him come in, we'd just have to stop.

I finally let our mouths come together, and she nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth as she yanked my pants down to my thighs. She wasted no time in straddling my hips, gripping my member, and with a deft hand, I was soon inside her. She took as much of me into her tight twat as it could hold in one quick push. I couldn't believe how horny she was. She must have enjoyed that movie more than I'd thought.

I lifted my head, and latched onto one of her dangling breasts, the nipple already hard, as I ran my tongue around the areola, and nibbled the tit. It didn't take her long like this, before she shoved my head down, and kissed me furiously, moaning into our kiss. I brought my hands down to her firm ass, and squeezed both cheeks, as I started hunching my hips, and trying to drive her orgasm higher. Thankfully she'd given me that blowjob earlier, because at that pace, I likely wouldn't have lasted long.

Gina broke the kiss, and placed her head next to mine, before turning it, and nibbling on my earlobe, moaning softly with each of my thrusts.

Some small, almost insignificant sound caught my attention, and I remembered my father. I froze, holding Gina tight, hissing, "Stop, I think my dad is home." Unfortunately I forgot the effect my voice had on her, as she started to cum again. I had to fight back my own moans, as her cunny undulated around my stationary tool.

A few seconds later, I heard my parents' door open, and then close. I was in a bad spot now. We could stop, but that would likely leave me hurting. At the same time, I didn't dare keep going, with my dad awake across the hall.

Then I thought about Summer's room. It was next to mine, but further away from my parent's. If we could slip in there quietly, we might be able to continue.

Gina was game to try. Every footfall sounded unnaturally loud on the carpet, every breath oddly raspy and heavy, and I could have sworn I heard my door open on its silent hinges. Yet somehow we found ourselves in my sister's old room. As soon as the door closed behind me, with the loudest click I probably didn't really hear, Gina plastered her body back against mine, and she started to nibble on my neck. I reached down and gripped her hind end, lifting her up, and setting her back onto my quickly re-hardening rod. It had gone a bit limp from the worrisome trek to this room, but Gina's touch definitely had its effect on my libido.

Using my upper body strength, I lifted her up and down my cock, loving how her canal gripped my rod. I've never felt her so wet before, and I wondered what had brought it about, as her juices dripped off my scrotum, and dribbled down my legs. The only reason I could think of, was the long day in my presence, but unable to really do anything till now. I had tried to talk as little as possible, but I couldn't be rude. If that were the case, we would need to find some secluded spot to screw daily, or she would tear me in half after a few days without.

My strength wasn't unlimited, and after her second orgasm, moaning hard into my neck, I walked us over to where I could make out the bed in the moonlight streaming through the window.

I laid her flat on the bed, and threw her legs onto my shoulders. Squeezing her legs together made her impossibly tighter and I smiled as she had to bite her hand, in order to stifle her moans. I loved the way she looked, as she tried to keep her noises down. A small part of me wanted to see if I could make her break, and moan out loud. Luckily better sense prevailed.

I started nibbling on her ankles near my face, and felt her start to cream again. It was too much for me, and I pumped my second load of the night into her slippery hole.

Gina's moans escaped her lips as I continued to pump my seed into her. When I finally pulled out with a wet slurping sound, I collapsed next to her. Gently kissing her shoulder, I whispered, "You're trouble, you know that?"

She giggled, but after a moment, we both agreed that we needed to get to our own beds.

"Bye Nick," Gina whispered and gave me a kiss before I left. I could definitely get used to this.

Safely back in my old room, I found my boxers buried in the blankets, and just had enough time to pull them on, when I suddenly found myself in the blue, corner-less room.

The white light immediately surrounded me, and I could feel my strength leaching out of me.

"Lela, PLEASE! I need to talk with you. You don't have to come in here, just talk with me." I felt for her switches, but just as had happened every other night since our night-long mating session, she was somehow shielded from me.

"I'm sorry," I continued to plead, "I'll do anything I can to make it up to you, but I need to talk about the demons. I need your help to defeat them."

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