tagSci-Fi & FantasyBait and Switch Ch. 20

Bait and Switch Ch. 20


I found Robin and Dennis sitting in the main room of the apartment, when I got home. They were watching TV and not screwing, which I was thankful for, considering the conversation I'd just had with Shanna.

"Hey," my roommate said, as soon as he saw me, "Did I see you coming out of Mrs. Polkins office earlier?"

I had almost forgotten about the blowjob I'd gotten in her office, until he spoke up. "Yeah, I got a small cut on my hand, and she insisted she take a look at it. It turned out to be nothing, though." I showed him my clean, undamaged palm.

"Is it true what their saying?" Robin asks me excitedly, leaning on the arm of the chair to grin up at me. I have no idea what she's talking about, until she continues. "That she is giving blowjobs to every guy that goes in there," the redhead clarified when I gave her a blank stare. I felt my face turning red, and knew that they had their answer, as I went to my room, accompanied by their snickers.

I had to work tonight, so I jumped in the shower, and furiously cleaned up. Sometimes I hated showering before work, knowing that I would need another one, after working at the grill, but I hated going to work dirty, also. I should have asked if Shanna had to work, but it hadn't crossed my mind at the time, and I didn't dare call to find out. She had made it clear she would talk to me when she was ready.

I thought about what Dennis had said about Mrs. Polkins. Had my switches turned her into a horny woman, or just given her the ability to live out that lifestyle? She'd told me that she used to be a swinger with her late husband. I wondered if she had suppressed her sexuality in her older age, until I'd helped her body feel younger with my switches.

It was my first night back to work, since I'd left for Winter break, and Shanna was working tonight, though she didn't pay me much attention. I tried to talk to her, but she only gave me a small smile, before turning, her dyed red hair flinging out as she walked away. It hurt to be treated like that after pouring my life out to her earlier, but there was little I could do about it, short of using my switches. A quick sense of her 'happy' switch, informed me that she was a little more happy than not, which was at least something.

Bradley was just as ornery as ever, however. There was a new waiter, which he actually made cry, after he'd made a simple drink order mistake. There was another mistake on one of Shanna's tables, and when Bradley started to chew her out, I stepped up, and claimed it'd been my mistake.

"Sorry, Bradley, I misread the order. It wasn't her fault." It really had been her fault, but I was trying to win her back over, though with the way she was treating me tonight, I wasn't sure why I was bothering.

"It's coming out of your paycheck then," Bradley informed me heatedly. "And you, Shanna, make sure your orders are clear enough, that this doesn't happen again!" Our boss turned and stormed away, to start berating someone else. I couldn't remember the last time her had been this miserable to work with.

"I don't need you to fight my battles for me," Shanna informed me as she turned away to go back to the front. "Thanks, though," I barely heard her add, before she was through the doors separating the kitchen from the dining area.

I felt a bit warmer inside after that, though she still refused to talk to me.

I was so distracted by worrying about Shanna, the demons, and dealing with Gina, that I actually DID screw up an order, cooking a steak medium-well, when the customer had ordered rare.

"Where is your head, tonight, Nick?" Bradley nearly screamed at me after Shanna brought the plate back. "That's twice now, you've screwed up. I can't believe how incompetent you are tonight. What did you spend your vacation doing? Giving yourself brain damage, by running into walls? Someone is going to have to cover the cost of that steak, and since I know it wasn't me that screwed up..."

For some reason everything seemed to come to a head, and just seemed to be too much: Shanna testing me and then ignoring me tonight, Bradley chewing me out, the world likely ending soon, and people expecting me to somehow save it. Didn't they all understand that the weight of the human race was on my shoulders? Well, Bradley didn't, but Shanna did. I was just so sick and tired of listening to my bald boss rant and rave, I almost blew up.

For one second, one split moment in time; I considered walking away, and leaving them all to their fate. Who knows... Maybe the world could take care of itself. I mean, the human race had made it this far, without my help, or even my interference. Why should I be the only one to defend it? I'm just a geek, after all. Not some military strategist or even a skillful negotiator. What chance did I really stand against the technologically advanced and alien demons?

The moment passed, however, and I saw Bradley still staring at me, waiting an answer. I looked around, and saw that everyone was staring at us. A part of my mind wondered at that; I mean, Bradley is almost always yelling at someone. Why should they stop and stare now?

Then I realized that the big man wasn't just staring at me. His mouth was moving, and so were his arms, but no sound escaped his lips. Everyone stared in shock as the man tried to yell and scream, but no volume came out. It wasn't that he was choking; I could easily see and even hear him breathing heavily. Then I felt the switch I'd inadvertently created in him, shutting him up. I had in effect, switched off his vocal cords.

I couldn't help but laugh. The whole thing just seemed too comical. Here was a man I'd feared ever since I started working here. Wider in the shoulders than me, even with the extra muscle I'd gained, he still stood taller, and with his shaved head, he had this intimidating demeanor that usually put me in my place. But as he tried to talk, his arms waiving, and occasionally pawing at his neck, he no longer scared me. Somehow the loss of his voice seemed to remove any sense of a threat from him.

"I quit," I told him calmly, getting my laughter under control. "I'm sick of dealing with your attitude. You run around here, yelling at everybody, chewing them out for perceived issues, and I'm done with it. Take that steak out of my paycheck too, but I'm through."

I calmly untied my apron, and threw it at his feet. Shanna stepped up next to me, untied the apron that she kept her tips and orders in, and threw it at his feet, right next to my apron; after removing her tips, of course.

"I quit, too," she told him breathlessly. "I only put up with your bullshit for one reason, and now I don't have to. You can eat my paycheck, for all I care."

Suddenly everyone around us was quitting as well, throwing in their aprons, tired of the way the big man had bullied us, and only now that he couldn't speak, did they lose their fear of him.

Shanna grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the kitchen, as the aprons piled up at Bradley's feet. Only as I was walking out the front door, did I think to turn his vocal cords back on, and smiled slightly as I heard his roar from the kitchens.

The restaurant had been fairly busy tonight, and now he had no one to do the work.

Shanna still had a hold of my arm, and was dragging me to her car, but I planted my feet, and she took a few extra steps, before she realized I wasn't following her anymore. I felt heady with power. The episode with Bradley had flipped my perspective, and right then I felt like I could take on the demons, even without my sister's help. I knew that thought was foolish, but right then I didn't care. Only it wasn't demons in front of me right then, it was Shanna.

Sweet, loving, sexy, geeky, devious Shanna; the woman that had taken care of me after the marathon sex session with Lela, who could equal or beat me in video games and was just as geeky as me, had shared her sister with me, and then tested me. She had ignored me most of the night, barely acknowledging me, when I'd tried to help her out with Bradley. And now she stood there with a half uncertain, half smile look on her face, looking so innocent and cute. I was sick of games, and sick of deceit.

"No," I told her, my voice quiet, but underlying it was solid granite. She looked at me, and I could see the fear blossom in her blue eyes. She knew what I was capable of, and was likely thinking I meant to use my ability on her. Hadn't she paid attention when I told her I was sick of manipulating people? Well, I guess after what I'd done with Bradley, I could understand her forgetting.

"Nick?" she asked me uncertainly, her voice shaking slightly.

"No more games, Shanna. What are we? If you are afraid of me, walk away now, and I won't stop you. I won't make you forget, and I won't use my ability on you," I informed her, my voice staying even and firm. "But if you want to be with me, then you are going to have to trust me. Trust that I won't use my switches to control you, and will do anything else in my power to make you happy, so long as you treat me properly." I paused for only a second, "So I ask you again: what are we?"

She closed the small distance to us, and without hesitation, placed her hand on my cheek. "I love you Nick. I'm sorry for what I did with Julia. I do trust you. I thought about it, and I realized that you made that switch in me some time ago, but only today have I ever been happy when I had no reason to be. I know you won't use your ability on me, to manipulate me." Her blue eyes looked directly into mine, and I didn't doubt her sincerity. "I want to be with you... But only if you still want me."

"Why have you been ignoring me tonight?" I demanded, ignoring the plaintive look in her long-lashed eyes.

She dropped her gaze to the ground for a moment, and I saw her breath mist in the cold air three times before she answered. "I...I didn't know what to say. You are almost like a god now with your abilities, and what am I compared to that? Hell, I can't even match up to your sister, with her ability to magnify yours." She lifted her gaze back to mine seeking understanding, but I kept my mouth shut, waiting for her to continue. "Why would you want someone as lowly and simple as me? Frak it, Nick! I love you, but I couldn't see any reason you would want to be with me. You could have anyone you wanted, with your switches." Her gaze grew fiercer then. "I didn't want to stand in your way, but after what you did in there, I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep you." I almost...almost, laughed at her Battlestar Galactica terminology.

I could still hear the uncertainty and fear in her voice, as she turned her face to mine. I knew I had a choice right now. Kiss her, and she was mine, but that meant dropping Gina, Nancy, Professor Frankens, mom, and Summer... Summer...

"You know I still have to be with Summer in order to stop the demons," I said carefully, worried that this one thing may crumble the house of cards I was afraid I was currently standing on.

I felt her lips on my chin, before she gave me her answer, "As long as I'm there. Do that for me, and I am all yours."

For a moment I was afraid. Lela's ship would be the most dangerous place in the coming confrontation. Shanna kissed my chin again, and I knew my answer then, as I dropped my head, and met her lips with mine. For good or ill, Shanna was now officially my girlfriend.

* * *

We drove to her place, me following in my car, and barely made it in the door, before clothes went flying; neither one of us cared if anyone else was there, as we went straight to her room. As soon as I walked in, I took but a moment to look around, and remembered part of why I found this woman so wonderful: from her anime posters, to her figurines, and even her gaming systems, this woman was a true match for me.

Shanna grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me to her naked torso, bringing me back to the reason we were here. Our tongues entwined with one another, as my hands roamed across her smooth back, and I felt hers gripping my rear end. My throbbing penis was poking her in the stomach, and I pulled her tighter to me, squeezing my member between us. I could easily feel her hardened nipples pressed against my chest.

She spun us around, and suddenly shoved me away from her. Caught off balance, I tripped backwards over her bed, and landed on my back. She smiled wickedly at me, and I couldn't help returning the smile. She sauntered slowly over to me, lightly running a finger seductively from her lip, down along her breast, belly, and then finally to her pussy. I could see that her crotch was already sopping wet, when she pulled her finger away, and a string of liquid connected her finger back to her crotch.

She had reached the bed by this point, and bent over my waist, and licked her way up my thigh, till she reached my balls. Sucking one of my eggs between her lips made me moan in pleasure, before she licked her way up my shaft to the head. Her eyes met mine with a smile in them for a bit before she swallowed the large head between her soft lips, and I felt myself hit the rear of her throat.

I dropped my hands to the back of her head, running my hands through her red-dyed hair, and enjoyed how her tongue lashed around my prick while she sucked on the knob.

She pulled her head up, and used her saliva to run her hand up and down my member. "I know you won't use your ability to control me," she said softly, and I grew suddenly wary, "but would you be willing to use it on me if I want you too?"

My first impulse was to deny her, but if she wanted me to, then I wouldn't really be manipulating her, right? "What did you have in mind?" I asked cautiously.

"I was just thinking how much more interesting this could be, if you used your switches to stimulate or entice me, while we make love," she said, emphasizing her words with a quick lick along the length of my shaft.

"Are my skills not good enough?" I asked, slightly insulted.

"No!" she promised immediately, realizing how she must have sounded to me. "I have never had a better lover, I promise. I just wanted to get kinky, is all," she pouted cutely.

Why not? I figured. If it made me a better lover, and truly pleased her, then was there really any reason not to, other than being selfish?

I used my hands on the back of her head to guide her back to sucking my cock, as I made more switches in her. She moaned around my cock as her nipples grew stiff, and became more sensitive, rubbing against my shins. Her pussy gushed as I increased its flow, and just for good measure, I made her asshole start to tingle. She started to go wild, sucking hard on my long rod, and using her hands on the length that couldn't fit into her mouth, as I felt her have a slight orgasm.

"How's that?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, frak, yeah!" she moaned, diving up my body, and kissing me passionately. Her hands were travelling all over my body, as she was overcome with sexual desire. I felt her reach down, and try to get my cock into her sopping wet slit, but I wasn't ready for that yet.

I flipped us over, and broke the kiss long enough to tell her, "Uh-uh," before taking a second to suck on her hard sensitive nipples. I kissed my way lower, and as soon as my lips touched her swollen labia, her liquid cum gushed out of her, coating my face in the delicious substance. I loved the way this sexual woman tasted, and lapped up all I could. I nibbled on her labia, sucking hard on her clit, and shoved my tongue as deep inside her small hole as I could. All of that in conjunction with my switches sent her into orgasmic bliss again and again.

Finally she couldn't stand it anymore, and painfully gripped my ears, pulling me up, till we were eye to eye.

"If you don't stick that fat fraking cock in my pussy right now, I'm going to lose it," she informed me through gritted teeth.

"Aye, aye, Starbuck," I told her, grinning to let her know I was enjoying her terminology. Wondering what exactly losing it meant, I decided to oblige her. My cock slipped into her, all the way up to her womb, in one stroke. She'd never been this wet before, and as soon as I was seated inside her, her cunt gripped my length hard, as she came yet again.

I decide that I'd better dial back my switches a little, or she was going to be too worn out, before I even had the chance to finish.

"Oh, gawd," she moaned, with her hands on the back of my neck, and our foreheads touching, "I never knew anything could feel like that!" She pressed her lips to mine, in a hungry kiss for a few seconds, when I felt her legs wrap behind me, and pulled me into her even deeper. Once more I felt that strangling circle engulf my rod, and moaned with her at how good she felt. "Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me hard, NOW!" Apparently we were done with 'Fraking,' and now it was time to 'Fuck!'

I pulled out till I felt that ring slip loose, and then drove back into her, making us both grunt. She was so wet and hot inside, it felt like my hotdog was in an oven getting cooked, but it felt so good, I don't want to stop.

I rolled us over, and got fully seated inside her womb again, as I pulled her chest to my lips and sucked hard on her sensitive nipple. Her hips started rocking back and forth with a fervor that would soon have me coming, as it whipped my cock around inside her. I looked down between us, and could see her frothy juices pooling on my pelvis. I could even feel a steady stream of them running between my balls and thighs.

Suddenly Shanna yelped, as her cunt clamped down harder than ever before on my meat, and I started to cum with her, shooting my seed deep into her, filling every bit of her vagina.

Shanna was still breathing heavily, when she collapsed on top of me, her cheek pressed to mine, and it took me a moment to realize that she had actually passed out.

I soon followed her into slumber.

* * *

We were in my car, driving, with the sun setting behind us, and the moon already sitting high in the sky.

"You didn't have to come with me," I told Shanna. I had tried to talk her out of coming, without trying too hard, and making her suspicious, but it hadn't worked. "I promise you, that I plan on breaking it off with Gina."

"I know," she told me calmly, her hand lightly resting on my thigh. "I just wanted to have a small talk with Gina, too," she told me.

I wondered at that, wondering if she was playing some game or another, but she had assured me she wasn't. Calling Gina over the phone to break it off wasn't an option for me. I felt like it was the chicken shit thing to do, and knew that the blonde deserved better than that. Shanna had insisted on coming with me, and I just wasn't up to arguing with her anymore.

"Now, you told me that Gina knows about your ability, but not how you got it, right?" Shanna asked me, her tone curious. "And not about the alien?"

"Yeah," I answered, wondering what Shanna was planning on talking to Gina about, "she knows nothing about Lela."

"Lela, yes. What about her mom?" she asked next.

"To the best of my knowledge, Nancy doesn't know about any of it," I told her.

"You know, you could make her forget all about you," Shanna told me solicitously, and I glared at her. She knew how I felt about using my power like that. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Sheesh, you'd think I asked you to rob a bank of something."

"Not a bank," I mumbled, "just someone's mind and memories."

"Well, I guess if you put it that way... " she said quietly. "But how do you explain what you did to Gina and Nancy, then?"

"I was still learning, and made mistakes," I told her defensively. "That's why I'm so careful about using them in people now."

"Okay," my girlfriend finally relented.

When I rung the doorbell, Nancy answered the door.

"Oh, Nick! I didn't expect you. Come in!" She was cheerful as she greeted me and even smiled as Shanna came in after me. "I'll go get Gina."

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