tagSci-Fi & FantasyBaited Ch. 03

Baited Ch. 03


Declan the demon was a robust portrait of deception in all of its glory. His hair was light brown, his eyes a bright green. His face was beautiful as only a male who just reached adulthood could be. Smooth, golden skin without a whisker. An aristocratic nose, and lips that were slim. He was barely six feet tall, built like a swimmer. Long, lean muscles corded throughout his body. He had no chest hair to speak of and a light smattering around his deformed cock.

You see, Declan was a demon whose sole purpose was to punish female souls that had been sexually immoral. His cock, echoed that fact. He had two in place of the one. His top one was slightly higher and thicker than the average cock. His lower one was like a normal cock, just tucked between his balls until he got hard. Then they both stood at attention, BOTH wanting in between the soft places of a woman.

Today, on his agenda, was the torture of one adulteress whose mortal name had been Cindy Whitmore. He stood before her in all of his pleasing to the eye good boy wonder. He knew that when these women first looked upon him, they thought he was an angel. Many had told him he was beautiful, perfect...on the outside.

He grinned at Cindy who lay before him on a bench. Her arms and legs tied to the bench. Cindy's torture room looked like a school locker room. Red lockers lined the wall, the floors were grey and reflected the bright lights from the ceiling.

Cindy had duct tape covering her mouth as she lay there, bare to his sight. She was relatively pretty. Curly brown hair, pretty pink face and bright blue eyes that shimmered with lust. She had thick lips, juicy tits, and a nice wet cunt.

"This was where you were introduced to sex wasn't it Cindy?" Declan's voice was smooth. "When you seduced your cheerleading coach after you turned eighteen? You KNEW he was married. You did the job better than any succubus could EVER have done!"

Declan smiled as Cindy started to sweat. Her pussy was getting wetter. "You like hearing about how I know you're a fuck slut right, Cindy?"

Cindy's eyes widened as she got a load of his double dose dick. "But I know you've never been double stuffed before. And being that we're going to relive your first time having sex, believe me. You're going to FEEL my big dig in TWO virgin holes."

He had control over how big to make his dick. He made his top one ten inches long and two inches around. His smaller one maxed out at eight inches long and one inch thick. Red and purple veins pulsed in his cock, making it twitch.

Cindy's juicy twat betrayed her. Declan grinned as he approached her little pussy and ass. He teased her holes with his cock, smearing her juices before he thrust into her ruthlessly. She screamed as tears fell down her face, but her hips thrust up to meet his anyway.

He didn't move as his two cocks were wrapped in her silky wet pussy and tight nubby asshole. He shivered, loving the feel of breaking in these sluts. They didn't know SHIT about sexual torture. But they'd learn quickly.

When Cindy started to squirm, trying to ride his cock he pulled out of her completely. Blood trickled down from her pussy, into her gaping asshole and down to the bench.

"Fucking pain whore!" He snapped. He walked off and called for a softie.

Another demon, with a single tiny cock came into view. "Feel free to fuck her if you can reach the bitches stretched out walls."

The minor demon went to obey, Cindy's cries of unfulfilled frustration rent the air.

Disgusted, Declan stalked the halls. Torturing seemed to have lost all of its allure. Women nowadays were just too hard to impress!

"Maybe you're just in the wrong department?" A seductive voice broke through his inner tirade.

Declan looked up and saw Satan wearing khaki pants and a black tank top that showed off his rippling muscles. The red hair was mussed and his goatee seemed a bit longer than the norm. But those golden eyes glimmered with all sorts of wicked delights.

"What department should I be in then, oh Lord and Master." He responded sarcastically.

Satan backhanded him. Declan's head whipped around with the force of the blow, blood trickling from the corner of his lip.

"I'm here for a favor double dick." Satan crossed his arms over his chest as though nothing had occurred.

Wiping the blood from his lip, Declan was intrigued. "Asking a favor, Dark Prince? I guess you really ARE getting soft."

"More like getting harder..." Satan's voice got rougher as his eyes brightened.

"A new female?" Declan perked up. "Perhaps one that I can actually enjoy?"

Satan nodded. "But not like the others. Come and meet her."

Declan followed Satan, teleporting into his own private room where Declan's cock hardened at the sight before him. A succubus and a vampire cuddling naked. The succubus was a gold skinned creature of hell, her blonde hair falling around her head her athletic body quivering with each breath. Her black wings and black cock-tail twitched every now and then.

The vampire, though technically an undead, was in Hell. Her eternal soul lost, but not as long as she were surviving her undead. She was technically categorized as "other" but he'd seen them in their undead afterlife... Not pretty.

This one though...flawless. Wavy black hair that looked like it would fall to the small of her back. Large perky breasts tipped with pointy pink nipples. Her shaved pussy was still glistening with her juices. He eyed her well rounded ass, intent on shoving his second dick deep into her. He wanted to see her pale skin red from his spanks.

Declan licked his lips.

Satan smiled as he made his clothes vanish from his body so he and Declan could eye the females together in their nudity. Both penis' in Declan's crotch stirred to life. Hardening and lengthening.

Satan walked to the bed, Declan following silently. He shook the two females together as he and Declan sat beside them on the bed.

Satan was enchanted by Annalei's soft flesh, so pale and easily marked. She opened her teal eyes and he faltered for a second. When she smiled at him, he felt his heart stutter. His palms became clammy when he reached for her. She opened her arms and he fell into her embrace, ravishing her soft body with his hard one. He captured her lips in a scorching kiss that left his dick hard and aching.

Anna's breasts were heavy, her pussy burning to feel Satan's hot cock inside of her at last. She rubbed her wet slit on his thigh as he covered her completely. His chest smashed her breasts, the light smattering of hair tickling her nipples. She moaned as she writhed wantonly beneath his pleasant weight. The heaviness of his cock pushed insistently against her belly.

Declan cleared his throat. Watching Satan and this vampire grinding on each other was pretty hot. A sheen of sweat bloomed on his skin as the succubus woke, flapping her wings and swishing her cock-tail.

"Declan?" The succubus stared at him with mesmerizing dark eyes. Familiar dark eyes...

"Do I know you?" He asked, even as he reached for her. Something about this female made him notice her, made him want her.

She smiled as her tail twitched. "It's me. Sinai.

Declan's eyes widened as a smile broke his face. "I thought you seemed familiar."

Sinai laughed sensuously. Her body curving towards him, her perky breasts pointing at him, her large nipples stiffening under his gaze. He noticed her tail wrap around her waist, the head of her cocktail dipping towards her pussy and rubbing at it. She whimpered which made him growl.

Declan reached for her breasts first. "I remember when I saw you."

Sinai felt beautiful Declan's hands on her tits. He held them softly, teasingly. His thumbs brushing her nipples. He felt her hands trailing down his chest, her nails scraping down his abs until her fingers wrapped around his upper dick.

"Mm my Anna, suck my cock baby." Satan was watching Declan and Sinai touch each other as their wet mouths met in a sweltering kiss. Lots of tongue and soon Declan had the succubus on her back, his lips traveling down her slender body.

Anna's thick lips were wrapped around his throbbing cock, her hand wrapped around the base. She found a gentle rhythm, stroking with her hand and sucking with her mouth. She was doing great, getting his cock sloppy with her saliva, the warm wetness traveling down his shaft to his balls. He moaned when her other hand began to play with the heavy weights. His eyes strayed to Declan and Sinai again while Anna pleasured him.

Declan's face was between Sinai's thighs, licking her wet cunt and suckling on her little clit. Her head thrashed with pleasure, her cocktail running up and down Declan's back. Declan used his hands to push her thighs as far apart as possible, then he switched his position. He pushed Sinai on her shoulder blades, her ass up in the air, him on his knees while he pushed his tongue as far into her pussy as he could go. They stared into each others eyes as Sinai came on a scream.

Satan grabbed Anna by her hair, effectively pulled her mouth off his cock before throwing her on the bed beside Sinai.

"Sixty nine her, Anna." His voice was deep with arousal. "Put your ass in the air for me baby."

Declan laid Sinai on her back once more while Anna straddled her face. Anna leaned her head down and started to lap up Anna's juices. Declan prodded her cheek with his cocks and Anna switched. She took the larger upper cock into her mouth, eliciting a moan from Declan before dipping her head to his lower cock.

Satan was doing the same. He pushed his cock down into Sinai's warm mouth, palming Anna's ass and sliding his finger into her dripping cunt. Anna moaned around Declan's dick when Satan's finger started stretching her little hole. When his second finger slipped in, she thrust her hips back at him.

"Just fuck her Satan," Declan urged. He took his cocks out of Anna's mouth and positioned them at Sinai's waiting holes. One at her wet pussy, the other at her asshole.

Anna wiggled her ass at him. "Please? Put your cock in my empty pussy..." She begged.

Satan grinned and pulled his cock out of Sinai and finally positioned it at Anna's dripping pussy. He pushed the head in a little bit, watching her pink lips spreading at his invasion. He pulled it out a bit, her hips followed his cock. He smiled.

"Greedy little bitch," He murmured as he slapped her ass. She let out a little moan as her cunt released a fresh wave of juices over him. "If you want my hot cock so badly..." He shoved it into her ruthlessly, her scream torn between pleasure and pain.

Declan grinned and followed Satan. He thrust himself into Sinai's waiting holes. She screamed at the invasion as well, but it ended on a moan when he thrust again. Her pussy was a hot wet glove over his top cock, her ass gripped him so tightly it almost pained him. But it made his spine tingle with rapture.

"Fuck Sinai," He groaned as he started fucking her slowly. "You're so tight and hot."

Satan had never known a more perfect pussy before. Anna was tight, moving in sync with him as he pumped his shaft into her soaking pussy. He felt her juices dripping down onto his balls, saw his shaft come out shiny with her wetness. He heard her moans as she got a close up view of Declan's double dick's sliding in and out of Sinai's holes, filling her up.

"Oh my God..." Sinai had never felt this full in so long. Declan's dicks were expanding inside of her as he increased his rhythm, making her wetter and wetter. She felt some of Anna's cum dripping onto her face as she watched Satan's big dick stretch the vampire's tight cunt.

"Master!" Anna cried out, her body was overwhelmed with pleasure. The tight knot in her belly exploded in an orgasm that took her breath away.

Satan felt Anna's pussy release a flood of juices, watched it gush onto Sinai's face. His vamp slut was a squirter! He felt his balls tighten as he came deep in Anna's pussy. A rush of hot jizz that dripped out and added to the mess on Sinai's face.

Declan's cocks exploded when Satan's did, but he pulled his dicks out. His upper one he aimed at Anna's face, splattering her with his hot cum. Shooting it on her cheeks, her lips, and her hair. His lower cock exploded onto Sinai's pussy, mixing with her pussy juices.

The two men both fell onto their asses as they surveyed the two females covered in cum. They were caressing each other, Sinai licking Anna's pussy lips as Anna did the same. Satan sighed with pleasure as Declan panted.

"Your Anna's a hot little piece Satan." Declan said with admiration.

"I want her showered." He snapped his fingers. Now fifteen soundlessly screaming souls appeared with a hot tub on their backs. Satan grinned and looked at Declan's surprised face. "That will never get old."

Anna lifted her head languidly. Sinai peered around Anna's taut thighs to see the tub. The two females grinned.

"May we Master?" They both asked.

"Let's go females." Satan waved to the tub.

The four of them leapt into the tub and lounged. Anna rinsed her body of cum and put her head on Satan's chest. He brushed her hair with his fingers and kissed her forehead with pleasure. They cuddled, talking about their lives as hey watched Sinai and Declan splash each other playfully.

Satan felt comfortable talking about the challenges he faced as the ruler of Hell. Anna felt happy to listen and contribute. Ecstatic when it seemed like Satan was listening and considering. His golden eyes would sparkle when she said something witty and a crooked smile would threaten his lips if she was clever.

Satan never thought about taking a consort, but this vampire was really making him consider it.


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