tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBaked 'N' Shaked

Baked 'N' Shaked



Jodi Malenger and the gang stop by at the sisters' bakery to give the ladies a full tit weight and measurement check. Then the sisters get an offer they can't refuse to provide the boys with total customer satisfaction!


Jodi had a tip off one day about a middle aged woman with a good figure who ran a bakery in a town nearby. The story was that her husband did the early morning baking and then went home and left his wife to handle the sales. Jodi went over there, checked the place out, then came back to say it was even better than he'd heard because most afternoons this woman had her sister helping her out at the bakery and she had a even bigger pair of dairy arrangements. They were both middle aged but there was plenty of good fucking left in them, according to Jodi. All they needed was some encouragement.

So, we went over, on an afternoon naturally, to see what was on offer. Yep, both pair of tits were there, so it was time for an unexpected early closing. We didn't even have to force the back door, it was already open, would you believe? One minute later and the five of us were inside. It was still hot around the ovens from the morning's baking and there was an open door into storeroom by the side of the kitchen with a stack of flour bags at the other end of it.

Jodi picked a knife off a hook over the sink and rattled it inside the metal sink. One of the women in the shop came in to see what was causing the noise and her eyes nearly rolled up into her hairline when she found herself grabbed by the arms and the sharp edge of the knife up against your neck.

"Call your sister here!" Jodi snarled.

The woman could hardly make a sound, she was so frightened. But she gasped and called out. Jodi thrust her away from him, Jacko and Mickey grabbed hold of her arms and before she'd stopped moving the other sister had come to see what the noise was all about, to find herself staring at the knife as well. Before she'd got any way at all towards working it all out I'd got hold of one of her arms and Will had the other.

"In the storeroom with them," Jodi said. "I'm going to close up the shop."

We threw the pair of them into the storeroom and blocked the door as Jodi put up the closed sign on the shop window. By the time he came back all parties concerned had enjoyed a chance to take a look at what was on offer. Well, I say enjoyed. I don't know what the women thought of us but I was more than happy with them. They certainly were sisters, not bad looking either, both fair haired. The one I thought was the younger one had large pearl earrings and a thick gold chain around her neck, with a sulky look that seemed fixed on her round face. The other one wore glasses and was licking her lips with nerves. The tight fitting white shop coats they both had on fitted snugly around wide hips. Very nice, yet nothing at all to compare with the bulging shapes underneath the upper halves of the coats. Jodi had told us the truth and nothing but the truth -- these two were both fully loaded forty inchers. The roaring forties as we called them whenever we got our hands on a pair. We roared with joy and the woman always got taught how to blow up a storm.

Jodi started by telling this pair of well stocked bread vendors they weren't going to be hurt if they behaved themselves. Then he wanted to know their names. But the younger one had got a bit of her nerve back by then and tried to tell us to get out. Only Jodi was ready to argue more persuasively than she could. He'd bought along a catapult and a pocket full of marbles, and aiming across the length of the small storeroom was like shooting fish in a barrel. His first shot hit home on sulky face's starboard udder with a terrific thump. She yelled, cowered, covered herself up and said that she was Janice, and her sister's name was Helen.

"OK, girls," Jodi had answered, smiling. "We're inspectors from the weights and measures department and we've come here to make sure those big tits that you're displaying to your customers are the genuine items. So we're going to have to have a good feel of them, all of us. It's a lousy job but somebody's got to do it."

Janice didn't say anything else, but Helen tried to. Until she found out that she couldn't cover up a pair of bristols as big as hers with her hands, and that Jodi was as good shot with that catty when shooting at her tits as when he was on her sister's. The marble caught Helen halfway down her cleavage and right on top of her right tit. It sounded like a bullet hitting a blancmange and the whole massive boob quivered under the impact. Helen shrieked and turned away from him completely, facing the row of sacks to protect her front, so then Jodi let loose a real stinger, straight between the cheeks of her arse. The woman jumped about two feet in the air, howling, and then turned around with her hands spread out in abject surrender.

"Alright, alright, don't hurt me anymore, please."

"That's what I like to see, a willing volunteer," Jodi said. "OK, boys, let's say hello to Janice. Or perhaps she needs another reminder."

He snapped the rubber band on the catapult and the younger sister scuttled out of the room towards us as fast as she could.

Jodi took her by the hand, lifted it to his lips and kissed it. Janice stared at him, glassy eyed, completely off balance between Jodi kissing her hand and the way he'd just hurt both of the wome. He snapped his fingers.

"Come on, Jacko, undo her buttons for her."

Jacko stood behind Janice, slowly undoing the buttons down the front of her coat as Jodi kept hold of both of her hands.

"Mickey, Andy, you say hello as well."

We moved beside her, one on each side, and I leaned forward to muzzle Janice's neck. There were some fine wrinkles around her throat but she was still an attractive woman. She was trembling and I wondered how she felt as we closed the ring around her. Will was still standing in the storeroom doorway his arm across it, grinning at Helen who was staring past him at the developing situation around her sister. Janice gasped as I touched her ear with the tip of my tongue. I knew Mickey was doing the same thing on the other side.

"Janice, you know you're going to have to do whatever I tell you, don't you?" Jodi asked. "Or do you need reminding again?"

"No . . . no."

"No, what?"

"No, I don't reminding," she said. She was trembling even more than before, which I knew for sure because I could feel it through her earlobe and my tongue.

"Ah, you're still not getting the message. Whenever one of you ladies speaks to one of us gentlemen, you call us 'sir'. I really do hope you both understand that. Jacko, put her hands behind her back."

Mickey and I helped him move her arms until Janice's wrists were locked in Jacko's big paws. Jodi opened the front of the crisp white shop coat and laughed. Underneath it all the respectable shop keeper was wearing was a pink bra and a matching pair of high sided panties with stretch panels back and front.

"It gets hot in here, does it?" Jodi asked, teeth flashing in a wide grin.

"Y . . . yes, sir." Janice stuttered. "In the morning, when we're still baking, sir."

"No need to get nervous. How about you, Helen, you're not nervous, are you?"

Helen's eyes seemed to be swelling up behind her glasses as she stared into the bakehouse over Will's outstretched arm. She brushed away a few stray hairs from her flushed cheek and answered Jodi quickly.

"Yes, I'm nervous. Sir!"

"Oh, Well, perhaps you should be. Come over here and stand besides Janice."

Will let the woman come out and Helen did as she was told, standing next to her sister.

"OK, ladies, here's the deal," Jodi said. "You don't get hurt, nothing in the shop gets damaged, we use condoms so we don't leave any buns in your ovens. That's if you do as you're told and fuck all of us like you've never fucked before. But if you give me any trouble at all I'll hurt both of you like you've never been hurt before. Any questions as far as we've gone?"

Both of the women seemed to be having trouble with their breathing. Especially as Jodi took out his catapult, smiled again and stretched the rubber out all the way before letting it go to snap against one of Janice's exposed D cups. She flinched and snorted as if she was a fly bitten filly.

"Please -- we're sisters," Helen said. "Alright, but not together. Please, sir."

Jodi smiled and stroked his chin. "You know, maybe it would be better if we kept the shop open. Less suspicious. And we wouldn't want to be disturbed, would we? So, Helen, if I let you go back to the counter for a while, remember that I can set fire to this place and be out of the back door in a few seconds -- and as for Janice here, the way we'll leave her, she'll never want to look in a mirror again. Understand?"

Helen nodded: her face was glistening with sweat: "Yes, sir, I understand. I won't tell anybody you're here."

"I'm sure you won't," Jodi said. "In fact I'm going to make sure of it by sending one of my lads out there with you."

He handed the catapult to me: "Keep out of sight. Let her deal with any customers but if she tries to say anything, then aim this right at her head, as hard as you can." He dropped a marble into my hand.

Helen's stunned face had a gaping mouth set in it: she looked like a goldfish that had just found itself inside a tank with a bunch of piranhas.

"OK, Janice, down on your knees," Jodi continued. "Off with your coat and right down here in front of me with your mouth wide open. Otherwise you get pushed head first into one of your ovens."

Jodi always was good at motivating people. Janice dropped her coat down over her arms and every guy in the room took a deep breath at the sight of her plump body in the pink underwear. Nobody looked more wistfully at those huge cups than me: once her tits were let loose up and Janice was taking it doggy style those knockers were going to be bouncing off the floor. In the meantime she went down on knees as demurely as a whore in church and tugged at Jodi's zip without needing to be told.

"Are you going to stay to watch this, Helen?" Jodi asked. "I don't mind if you don't, it should be quite a performance."

Helen turned her head and then her body, stumbling away towards the shop front, leaving Janice to begin sucking on Jodi like a fire pump. I followed Helen, looking at those smooth haunches underneath the white coat and thinking that fucking the other sister first might make up for missing out on the sight of Janice getting her dough thoroughly mixed.

In the meantime the sexy looking shopkeeper turned the sign around in the window again, to 'OPEN' and then stared at me as if trying to make believe that nothing had happened and that her sister wasn't in the next room being forced to commit mass fellation on a gang of thugs. But there I was, as large as life and twice as ugly, with the catapult ready to aim. She shook her head in bewilderment.

"Who are you? Sir."

"Nobody you're going to find out about. Look out, somebody's coming."

It was an old woman who wanted a small brown loaf and a chat. But somehow Helen wasn't in the mood for gossip right then and even the old bag finally got the message. She eventually walked out, looking offended. I'd had to close the inner door while she was there, keeping hunkered up in a corner behind a rack of cakes, but as soon as the shop was empty again I took a quick look out back. Janice had almost reached the end of the line. She was red faced and short of breath, holding Mark's cock steady with one hand as she ran her tongue up and down it whilst pumping up Will with her other hand. All the other guys were stripped off and displaying the wet shiny wet tools that Helen had already lubricated for them. One thing about it, she'd certainly stopped looking sulky.

"Hey, your sister's pretty good at sucking pricks" I said to Helen. "You want to take a look?"

Helen stared at me, pushed her glasses up her nose, then suddenly took a step or two towards me and the partly opened door. She stopped, I took her hand, pulled her closer and she looked over my shoulder.

"God! I mean, God, sir!"

I saw another customer at the entrance and sent Helen back behind the counter. This time it was two boys who wanted some cream cakes. Though from the way they lingered I think they were more interested in admiring Helen's's figure than in anything else. Not that she noticed. Helen had her mind on other things and as soon as the boys gone I opened the door again. We could hear Janice squealing, loud enough to echo around the shop.

"She's getting the coconut oil treatment," I explained. "We bought a bottle of it to oil your tits up with. She's sitting on the end of the table with her hands being held behind her neck while all the lads take turns at an udder each, rubbing in the oil. Here, take a look."

Helen didn't hesitate this time. Never mind what she'd said to Jodi, she didn't seem to have any problems now about wanting to see what was going on. She looked through the door and her jaw dropped when she saw that what I was telling her was really happening to Janice.

"Oh, God, sir, you're really going to fuck her, aren't you? You really are."

"That's right," I said. "All of us, and then it's going to be your turn."

I pushed her back into the shop: "But not until we've given your sister something that's self raising, and it won't be flour."

"Oh God," Helen said again. She ran her fingers over her hair, pushed her glasses up her nose once more, her cheeks looked as if they burning hotter than the bakehouse ovens. "I can't believe this. I can't believe how organized you are, sir. Have you done this before?"

"Dozens of times, dozens of times. Been a few months since we had a pair of sisters though."

"And nobody's caught you yet -- sir?"

"Nobody's come looking. Because none of the ladies wanted us showing around the photographs we take of them. So they don't tell anybody, and neither do we."

"Photographs -- God!"

"Customer coming," I said, and ducked out of sight.

It was a middle aged guy who bought a loaf of bread and left straightaway. If I'd been in his shoes I reckon I'd have asked Helen if she wanted some clothing loosened before she fainted but apparently he didn't notice anything odd about her appearance. Daft sod. Anyway, she was over at my side in a flash as I opened the door again. We couldn't see much of Janice, not for the crowd around the table but we could see her heavy work shoes locked together behind Jodi's back as he rammed her as thoroughly as a stallion earning a stud fee. Then Helen saw that I'd also been telling her the truth about the pictures because Jacko lifted up a camera, aimed it down at the table and touched off a flash. That sure had Janice squealing and bucking as she realized her magic moments were being recorded.

"Jesus!" Helen moaned. "I've got to go to the loo, sir, I'm bursting for a pee. It's my nerves."

"OK, put the closed sign up and keep the bog door open," I said. Then I followed her down the corridor to the toilet.

She stared at me as I watched her but unbuttoned the bottom of her jacket anyway, then pulled her panties down to her knees and sat on the toilet. Blue ones, this time.

"Are you dressed like your sister -- hardly anything on underneath your white coat?"

"Yes, sir. It's hot in the bake house."

"It's a fucking sight hotter in there right now. Come on, get on with it."

"I'm nervous. With you standing there, sir."

I laughed and told her to put her hands behind her neck. Then I stepped into the toilet until my knees were on the outside of hers and pulled down my zip.

"This is a guaranteed cure for shyness," I said. "Here, try it."

My cock dropped down in front of her face. I took hold of the bottom of the shaft and brushed the tip against her lips. She shut her eyes and opened her mouth.

"Look up at me, slut."

Mrs Bun the Baker opened her eyes again and stared up at me as I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it forward. I ran the tip of my prick around her open lips again and she put out her tongue. A twist of one curl of her hair as a clear threat and her mouth was closed again, but this time with the old bald headed devil's head inside it and pressing down on her tongue. Janice's eyes peered up at me over the tops of her glasses as if I was the most important man she'd ever seen and her cheeks puckered in as she sucked my cock for me as hard as she could. At the exact same moment I heard her pissing into the toilet bowl

"There you are" I told her. "I knew you'd stop being shy."

Some high pitched sounds came down the corridor from the bakery. It sounded like an ostrich being raped by an elephant.

"I think Janice is taking the other three guys now", I told Janice. "All at once. I hope she's not shy."

Helen's eyelids fluttered, she twitched and then swallowed an amazing amount of my meat. Amazing for such a respectable lady anyway. Listening to her snorting away as if she trying to breathe through a snorkel and feeling her slobbering all over my prick was a real treat. Especially because every time I looked down she was still squinting up at my face like a dog begging by the side of a table.

Oh, she was horny for it now but no more than I was.

I pulled a condom packet out of my pocket, already opened, pushed her head back and shoved the rubber between her lips.

"Unroll it, with your mouth, all the way. Then I'm going to take you walkies."

Who says you can't teach an old bitch new tricks. This was one that Helen obviously hadn't tried before but she soon got the measure of it. About six inches in fact by the time she'd finished, with her nose pressed into my pubes, my cock rubbing her tonsils and her glasses almost falling off. When my obliging hostess was as near to choking as I dared let her I stepped back from the toilet.

"Stand up."

Helen rose up unsteadily, blinking at me like an owl, her blue panties still caught around her knees.

"Turn around."

She turned around, as awkwardly as the hobbled mare she was. I moved up to her back, grabbed hold of the unbuttoned bottom of her shop coat and wriggled it up over her hips, showing off her plump white arse with the circular mark of the toilet seat still visible around all those lovely wide spaces. She looked like an hippo in a ballerina dress. I pressed against her, rubbing my cock up against her shit ring at the same time. She snorted as she rubbed her bum against my cock. It was like being sexed up by an amorous cart horse. I whispered in her ear

"I'm having you first, slut, before the rest of the guys hold you down next to your sister."

Helen almost buckled at the knees and whimpered with keen anticipation at the threat. By then she was ready to take on the local football team and most of the supporters as well. All it takes is a little touch of Jodi magic.

"You know what we're going to do to you two? We're going to make you squat down and drop your tits on the table and then we're going to run a rolling pin over them every time you're not fucking the guy underneath you hard enough."

"Oh my God! You bastards! Sir!"

"You're learning. Lean forward and put your hands on the sides of the shit house seat. Stick your arse right up in front of me."

She fumbled at the edges of the seat, put her hands down on the plastic rim and leaned forward to move her weight on her braced arms. I knelt down behind and slashed the panties apart on either side with the knife, then whipped them off with a flourish like a conjuror finishing off a trick. Not that anybody could see me, but there was at least one person who was very interested in what I was doing. I leaned forward and tied the remains of the panties around Janice's neck, just to remind of who was in charge. I noticed she had grey streaks showing in her blonde hair and every time I touched her she twitched as if I was applying electrodes to a pair of frog's legs. I grabbed her neck and pushed her face right down into the toilet bowl. The first thing that happened was that those glasses finally fell off, into the bowl. Not that it mattered, she wasn't going to get much of a view anyway from inside a crapper.

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