Ballet Lesson


Marcel Vintier was a very famous ballet teacher. He had turned out more stars than any other ballet instructor. He was world renowned. And he was coming to interview new talent at Betty's dance studio. Betty had been waiting for an opportunity like this all of her life. She had been doing ballet since before she was five. She was now 19 and had many promising years of ballet ahead of her. She prayed every night after she found out. She wanted so badly to be his pick. She would do anything to get Marcel to choose her for his special training. She was also dying of curiosity to find out what it was. He swore all of his students to secrecy. Betty was sure that whatever it was, it was amazing and profound.

In preparation for his arrival, Betty doubled her amount of practice time a day. She was working harder than she ever had before. That was a feat in itself because she took up nearly all of her free time with ballet. She hadn't even had time to have a serious boyfriend. Plenty of people were interested at first. She had the perfect body of a dancer. She was 5'2" and very slim. She was exceptionally limber too from her years of stretching and practice. She had B cup breasts that looked large on her very svelte frame. Everyone wanted a piece of her, but she never gave her boyfriends any of the proper attention. She'd hardly spend any time with them. She spent nearly every waking minute at the dance studio. They also left her because she rarely, if ever, put out. Usually when she had sex, she was too exhausted the next day to perform her best in ballet. Overall, her love life was pretty stagnant, but she didn't mind because she was doing what she loved. However, every so often she felt a tinge of regret.

The day had finally arrived! Marcel was here! Betty was very nervous. Each dancer had put together a routine to show before Marcel. Most of them were dismissed. A few very lucky ones made the "first cut" and were led into another room. All of them cam out afterwards looking very dejected. Apparently they had failed the second test. None of them would say what it was though. Betty figured that they had been sworn to secrecy as well and their responses implied as much.

Finally, Betty's turn had arrived. She felt sick to her stomach. She was very nervous right before she came before Marcel, but as soon as she got onto the stage, her instinct took over. She performed flawlessly. It was as if she was alone in the room. When she finally finished, she was surprised to hear applause. She turned to see Marcel smiling and clapping. She almost couldn't believe it. It was nearly impossible to contain her excitement. Marcel beckoned for her to come into the room where the second test was held. She was shaking as she walked through the door.

There was a strange apparatus in the center of the room. Betty looked towards it with curiosity. Marcel walked in behind her. "You have passed the first test with flying colors," he said. "You clearly have the natural talent and dedication to become a fine dancer. Unfortunately, there is much more to being a dancer than that. What you need most is to keep your body in absolutely perfect condition and even beyond that. You need to be able to stretch far more than is required by other teachers. That is what this machine is for. It precisely measures how far you can stretch. The most important area to be able to stretch is your legs, so we'll start with that."

Betty nearly dived for the machine. She could stretch more than any other person in the studio. It was something she paid special attention to. "You may feel restricted by this," Marcel warned "but it is necessary. You will actually be lifted off the ground and we don't want you to fall and have some horrible accident. Especially since you seem so promising." Betty blushed at the compliment. She tried to hide it by focusing on the restraints, but Marcel noticed anyway. He was absolutely delighted by this gorgeous blonde. She'd have to pass this test before he would even consider teaching her, but he was pretty sure she'd be able to pass as easily as she had the last one.

The machine had two adjustable leg restraints that could be changed depending on how tall or short the person was. Her arms would be kept bound straight against her back until it was time to stretch those. Even Betty's head was carefully restrained. The cold metal of the machine gave Betty goose bumps, but she could hardly feel it she was so excited. By the time Marcel was done fitting her into the machine, practically all Betty could do was open and close her mouth. "Are you ready?" Marcel asked. "Yes," she said. "Before I begin, I want you to know exactly what will happen. The machine will spread your legs apart until you tell me to stop. You must know that the longer you can stand the stretching, the more likely you are of passing the test. Now, let's begin."

Marcel pressed a button on the machine and it slowly started to pull Betty's legs apart. At first it moved fairly quickly, but it started to slow down once her legs began to approach horizontal. Once her legs were perfectly horizontal, the machine stopped. "You don't have to stop," she said. She was feeling the pull of her stretching muscles, but she could go for a little bit more. Marcel smiled. "I just wanted to give you the opportunity to stop, same as the others." He pressed the button again and the machine began to move once more, this time even more slowly. Now Betty really began to feel the pull on her legs. After a few seconds of that, Marcel stopped the machine. "You look uncomfortable. Shall we stop?" She wanted to stop. The pull was more than she had ever felt before, but she couldn't give up now. She had to go a little more. "No, continue."

"Impressive," Marcel said and pressed the button once more. Her legs continued to be lifted up until her toes were nearly at her shoulders. She had held on for a long as she could. Now it had to stop. "STOP!" She yelled. The machine stopped immediately. "I can't go any more," she said. "Please let me out of this now." Marcel was very impressed. It was her first time using the machine and already she had gone as far as some of his oldest students. He couldn't let her go quite yet though. There was one more part to the test that he hadn't explained ahead of time.

"There's one more part of the test. You only get to experience it if you can last very long on this machine. You've lasted for quite a while, so you can undergo this one last test before becoming my student." Betty almost forgot the horrible stretching in her legs. She was so close! She almost didn't notice when Marcel got out a pair of scissors and started to cut at her leotard. "What are you doing!?" she yelled.

"You need to be able to stretch in more places than your legs. Let's see how much I can stretch you in your cunt."

Betty was stunned. This was his secret technique? She couldn't believe Marcel was having sex with all of his students. Marcel pulled down his pants and briefs to expose the largest cock she had ever seen. It was nearly a foot long! "N-no! Stop! If you do this now, you'll be raping me! You'll go to jail for a very long time!"

"Would you really send your best hope of stardom to jail? I can also assure you that it's been tried. Very rarely, but it has been tried. Not only did those few who squealed fail to succeed in their lawsuit, but they very much regretted it afterwards. Come on Betty. I expected more of someone as dedicated as you." Betty swallowed hard. She did want to please him so bad. He was the key to her success, but at this price? Rape? She didn't know.

Pulling her legs apart had fully exposed her cunt. Her lips were wide open. Marcel already had his penis at her slit and was rubbing her clit. She could feel her juices beginning to flow. Her body was ready, but she wasn't. "Please, no. Stop! I don't want success at this price. I won't tell a soul, just please don't fuck me!"

"I'm sorry Betty, but at this point you don't really have much of a choice." Betty was astonished. How could he do this to her? She had idolized this man. She would have done almost anything for him, but this? She just couldn't go through with it. Just as she was going through all of this emotional turmoil, Marcel shoved his dick halfway into her cunt. He was thicker than any of the few other dicks she had had in her cunt. The stretching in her cunt combined with the stretching in her pussy made her feel like she was about to burst. Marcel began to push in deeper and deeper until he hit her cervix. He pushed even harder and managed to get his dick past it. Betty was so slim and tight. He could hardly stand it. It was an effort to keep from cumming then and there. But he wanted her stretchy. He refused to admit any student, no matter how small, who couldn't take his whole dick. He pushed harder.

At first for Betty, it had been very painful to have such a huge cock inside of her. But as her exceptionally stretchy body adjusted, it began to feel better and better. She began to pant. He was getting her hot like no man had ever done before. He was driving her to new limits and thresholds. Suddenly she realized that he had done the same thing while stretching her legs. The key to being a successful dancer he had said was pushing your body past its limits. Was that what he was doing now? Was sex a necessary part of dancing? She had always thought it was an obstacle before. Marcel felt amazing. Her cunt was so tight. It obviously hadn't been used much before. He wanted her so badly as his student. She had such potential. So he did what he almost never did. He gave her a second chance.

"Are you certain that you want to throw away your career? You could be great as one of my students." Betty was still panting as he fucked her. She thought about what he said. Clearly he knew what he was doing. He'd turned out more stars than any other. This opportunity was what she had wanted all of her life. The price to pay was being forced to have sex... with a guy she adored for his amazing dance skill. But forced to have sex... which felt amazingly good... which he had said would help her dancing... which made her feel more fulfilled than she had in a long time. Was it really that bad?

"Ok. I'll be your student. I won't tell. I want to continue this way."

Marcel was overjoyed. He had thought he would have to deal with her like he had the other stubborn ones. He had thought he had lost her. Now she was his to train and do with as he wanted. With this thought, he came all over her pussy. His semen washed all over the deepest areas of her cunt. He continued to ejaculate spurt after spurt. As he was filling her up with cum, she went over the edge and started cumming too. It was the most explosive sensation of her life. None of the other men had felt like this. Marcel pulled out of her cum soaked cunt and kissed her softly on the forehead before releasing her from the machine.

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