tagIncest/TabooBalling In Baltimore

Balling In Baltimore


For years I had talked to my sister and made it very clear that I wanted to pick up where we left off just before we both moved out of our parents’ home.

She knows I wear panties, knows that anytime I visit her home she comes up at least one pair of panties short. She would even ask for copies of my sexcapade tapes that I shot most of my sexual encounters. She even wanted tapes of me masturbating.

I always filled her request, but she would never fill mine and even told me she would never finish where we left off. Where was that?

We were home alone on an early Sunday morning. Usually, when it was just the two of us, we would immediately strip off our clothes and soon as the parents drove off and spend the time nude. Sometimes we did touch, but one time, we came real close to intercourse.

She lay on her back with her legs open, ready to receive me, and I got on top of her ready to penetrate her. We were both virgins and had not had any instructions on what to do. No matter how I pushed at her pussy lips my dick would not go inside her pussy.

I tried several times pushing but I guess was too afraid of the unknown to push hard enough to get in. Eventually, the frustration would cause my dick to go limp as a wet noodle.

That was over twenty years ago and now we are both in our mid forties. While she remained in our home with a wonderful career and started her own family that includes the house with the white picket fence and a dog; I traveled the world and lived throughout the country as a member of the armed forces.

Yesterday, she called me and sounded very as excited as she told me she would be flying to a town that is less than two hours from where I am currently living. I became just as excited as she did upon hearing the news. I got excited at the possibility that she might change her mind, and I was almost certain that I would have another pair of her panties.

While she always said no whenever I asked if I could fuck her, she did give some. I commented that the one thing I had always wanted to do was take a shower with her, and told her that if we were ever alone again, she should not be alarmed if I’ll join her in the shower.

She said that that would be okay, so I was EXTREMELY excited about the possibility of that fantasy being fulfilled.

When her plane arrived she called and gave me the hotel information of where she was staying. We agreed that when I got off my late night shift, I would drive to the hotel and sleep in her room while she was working. She’d join me in her room when she finished and we’ll go out for dinner and drinks.

I made it to her hotel as we had talked about, retrieved the key she’d left at the desk for me and headed to her room.

I was sleepy and tired, but first things first. I went through her bags on my panty hunt. She made it easy for me. When I opened the first bag, the one that was laying on one of the beds, that was a note that popped out which read, I brought several pair for you to choose from, you may take more than one if you like.
Since she had been so nice I chose two pair of her sexiest panties, closed the bag and laid them on top so that she’d see my selection when she arrived back at her room. I took a shower and climbed in the unmade bed that I assumed she had slept in.

As I reached under the pillow to adjust it, my hand came in contact with a soft, silky material. When I pulled it out, it was another pair of my sister’s panties. I examined them and found a bit of dampness in the crotch that made it obvious to me that she had worn them. I am not a snuffler or licker, but I do like to wrap my sister’s panties around my dick when I fantasize about being inside her tight body.

I did just that and stroked myself to panty soaking orgasm. Not long afterwards, I filled my sister’s panties with my cum and then I slept like a baby.

I was kind of groggy when I woke up but not so groggy that I could not tell that there was a warm, nude body next to me. There was a warm tight ass pressed firmly against my erect cock and warm tit feeling the hand of the arm that was cuddling the warm body next to me.

I started squeezing the tit and playing with the erect nipple. Though it had been years since I last felt my sister’s tits, there was no mistake that it was her tits I was now playing with again. I squeezed her tits and pinched and pulled her nipples very gently at first. But that gentleness went away as sister started grinded her nice, hot ass on my hard dick.

We did this for at least twenty minutes with neither of us saying a word. There was moaning and groaning, but no words were spoken. She did not even say a word when she reached back between our bodies and grabbed hold of my dick. As I continued to have my way with her tits, my sister began stroking and squeezing my dick.

Without saying a word, she raised one thigh, pulled my dick between her legs, rubbed it up and down her hot, wet pussy lips. Once she had my dickhead wet with her pussy juice, she aimed my dick at her pussy then pushed back and kept pushing until my dick was all the way inside her tight wet pussy.

Quietly, Sis fulfilled a long time dream of mine. Quietly my dick moved in and out of my sister’s tight, wet, hot pussy. Sis and I got into a gentle rhythm that we were able to maintain for what seemed like an eternity. Sometimes we would be in mid stroke and we’d stop and lay there with dick buried in my sister’s pussy. In and out my dick easily slid over the walls of the pussy I had only dreamed of for years.

Sis and I fucked to mutual quiet orgasms with my cock filling her pussy with cum. Afterwards, she put my hand across her body on to her tit and with my dick buried in her we drifted back to sleep.

When I got back home and unpacked my bag, I found several pairs of my sister’s panties and a note. It said…

Sorry it took me so long to give you what you wanted, now that I have it, I’d look forward to the next time. Luv, Sis

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