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Banging The Babysitter Ch. 03


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This is the start of "Pick your own adventure" chapters that I will do only for a few of my stories, as this one is one that I just had to do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised when Misha called me a few days later.

"Hello baby..." her soft voice came through the receiver. I froze.

"M-Misha?" I wasn't for sure if it was her. I hadn't bothered to see the caller I.D. before I'd answered it.

"Yes...how you doing, Jason?" She sounded so hot....so sexy.

"G-Good....how are you, Misha?" I began to sit down on my desk chair but missed the seat and fell onto the floor. The bump and rustling of papers as my school books and notes fell onto my lap alerted her.

"You okay, baby?" she asked. She then giggled when I didn't answer right away. "Jason?"

"Sorry..." I got onto the chair and held the phone with one hand while picking up my books and notes with the other. "My homework fell onto the floor. How are you....baby?" I felt awkward.

I had had girlfriends before Misha....but this time was different. She was so sexy...so much older than the other girl's I had dated. And even though she wasn't the only girl I'd had sex with, she sure was the hottest.

"Well, I'm good." She sighed. "I hope to be seeing you soon. Would you like to go out this weekend, perhaps. Go see a movie?"

"Y-Yeah....yes!" I felt like a little boy. I cleared my throat. "Well, sure. I mean, if you want to go see something, that would be nice. I think that new Angelina Jolie movie is at Sunset's Drive In." [ Yes, everyone just loves Angelina! : ) LOL ] "Want to see it Friday night?"

"Nah," she sighed. "If we go to a drive in, we'll just end up fucking in the back seat of my car. Let's go see a real movie."

She said she had tickets for a foreign film at a small theater in the downtown of our city, she'd gotten them from a raffle at her gym. She let me know what time to meet her there on Friday night.

Friday night, I dressed in a typical teen's atire, jeans and a t-shirt, a paraody that said, "My highschool drop out sells drugs to your highschool honor student." I knew she'd find it funny knowing her sense of humor.

I thew on a long sleeved button down shirt over it and spiked my hair a little with some gel. I wanted to look perfect for her.

I liked Misha. I had already hit every base with her, even gotten really freaky. And now, a date, it was weird to go backwards. Soon, I'd be meeting her dad, I thought with a laugh.

I drove my car to the theater and parked it in the small parking lot next to the run down building. I went into the lobby and looked around, she wasn't in sight. I felt the burning in my chest and my palms became sweaty, I was getting nervous.

I went into the men's bathroom. Three stahls and two urinals. I slashed water on my face from the sink and dried it off with a paper towel. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Why am I getting so nervous?" I asked myself. "Fuck!"

I made sure I still looked good. My mom and dad always teased me I spent too much time in front of the mirror but I didn't care. I have trouble talking to girls that I really like, and Misha, she was one of the real special ones.

I walked out of the bathroom and there she was, standing right outside the entrance. She was in a short pleeted black skirt with a red top with ties in the front that laced it up. Her legs were smooth, no nylons, and her she looked the California part in her black flip flops. I walked to her, she smiled at me. I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a little hug. She smiled back as I took her hand and we went off to the screening room.

Misha recognized a few friends from school, even a jock who looked at me like I was some stupid kid. I just sat in the chair, occasionally standing to shake hands with the person she would introduce me to. She didn't introduce me as her boyfriend...I was really glad she didn't introduce me as "This is the kid whose sister I babysit."

She snuggled next to me as the movie started. We were in the back of the room, no one was seated near us. About half way into the movie, she laid against me, her hand moving back and forth over my shirt. I smelled in her scent. Hmmm, she smelled so good!

Misha moaned lightly as held me against her, her hand began to travel down. I became scared, "What if someone would see?!" my thoughts clogged my judgement and I leaned back, moving away from her in a quick move. She seemed hurt at first then realized why I'd acted the way I did. She pulled me back to her and snuggled back against me, her hand back on my chest.

I heard her whispers. "Don't worry, Jason. No one will see." She looked up at me and then kissed me with a long sultry kiss. I held her cheek in my hand as we kissed...and then felt her hand move down. Her fingers slide against my pants, finding my zipper. She waisted no time, and pulled it down, her hand slid into my pants next. I moaned into her mouth as her hand found my dick, she felt the smooth soft flesh in her palm and she quickly brought it to full hardness.

I gasped as she tugged it roughly, kissing me harder. I pulled her away looking into those saucy eyes of hers. She smiled back at me, and then glanced around. No one was watching us, or even noticed. She winked at me and then slid off her chair. She got onto her knees onto the cold theater floor. I held her face in my hands as she moved her head up and down my cock as she licked the underside of my shaft.

I occasionaly caught a glimpse of her eyes as she moved up and down. She was staring up at me, watching my face as I came closer and closer to cumming as she took my cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Her tongue slide all around my cock and I felt like I wanted to explode just to get it over with, the feeling was so tremendous. I was so turned on by having her sucking my cock in the theater, the thought of one of the usher's finding us, kicking us out...or one of her friends from school, especially the jock, seeing us and watching us.

She let out a light moan when she pulled away from my cock, making a light pop sound when it came from her mouth. She slid up my legs and pulled the bow on the ties to her top. She pulled the ribbon loose and then pulled it out slowly, drapping it over my arm. I moaned as I felt the smoothness of her flesh as she pressed her tits against my cock. She wrapped her tits around me and began to titty fuck me.

I felt so alive! The feeling of her tits against my cock...the movie on the screen, all the people. I felt my balls tighten and begin to pulsate against her abdomen. Her tits pressed so against my cock, I felt her heartbeat on my erection and it sent me over the top.

My head fell backwards and I let out a loud moan as my cum began to shoot out between her tits. She became very much aware of it and quickly took my cock into her mouth, catching the remnants of my semen in her mouth. She sucked me lightly and trailed her tongue around my head as I came down from the wonderful orgasm.

She smiled up at me as got up and sat back on the seat next to me. I took off my over shirt and gave it to her to clean off her chest. I was embarressed I'd cum on her, but it still felt so sexy. I watched as she smoothed her skin and cleaned off with my shirt, her tits glowed in the light. I helped her then retie up her shirt with the ribbon.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I needed her. I stood up and took her hand, she quickly grabbed her purse, I left my cum-soaked shirt on the floor in the theater and we crept out. We went into the lobby which was deserted, the employees must have been in the office couting their tills. I wanted to get her to my car, drive somewhere, and fuck her brains out so bad.

She had a different idea in her mind however.....

She pushed me into the men's bathroom, she didn't even think to see if someone was in there. We were glad to be alone and quickly went into one of the stahl's, kissing as we got inside. She wrapped her arms around me as we kissed passionately.

I moved my hands under her skirt and found her panties, I pulled them off as I got between her legs. The garment fell to the floor and she stepped out of them as I turned her around. I unzipped my pants and pulled my ragging hard on out and pulled her skirt up. I held her skirt in my right hand up above her cheeks and with my left, held my cock and pressed it between her cheeks.

"You ready, baby?" I asked her.

She moaned and pressed backwards, her hands against the door to the stahl. I felt the warmth between her thighs and her cheeks pressed against my lower stomach. I pressed my cock against her and it found her pussy straight away, as if it were drawn to it.

She threw her head back and moaned as I slammed into her. I felt her juices run down my length as I slid in and out, my balls dangling between my legs. I let go of her skirt and placed my hands on her hips. I pulled her against me and then pushed her back, my cock sliding in and out of that tiny snatch of hers.

She moaned and gasped as I kept fucking her. My hands trailed up her body, finding the tie on her shirt, I pulled it quickly, it ripped the cloth and her top opened. I grabbed her breasts, didn't even bother to say I was sorry for ruining her shirt. I held her tits in my palms and kept fucking her, my balls slapped against her clit as I stepped away and pulled her back to me, making her bend over more. She moaned and grunted with each hard thrust I put into her. Her hair flew around as she became closer to cumming, she threw her head back and looked at me as her pussy erupted around my cock.

I drove it deeper into her and felt her orgasm, her juices coated my cock and almost acted as an adreline shot. I pulled from her and turned her around. I got between her legs and picked her up, my cock sliding into her wet cunt.

I pressed her against the door of the stahl and pumped away into her. She gasped and held onto the sides of the stahl, holding her self up as fucked her fast and hard. She groaned as I felt my giant cock hit the walls of her pussy, jabbing at her insides as I fucked her sensless. Her tits bounced in front of me, her nipples hard and a dark red. I gripped her ass tighter as I moved my face towards her two targets in front of me. I slipped a nipple into my mouth and sucked it while my thrusts became harder and deeper.

She let go with one hand and grabbed her other tit with it. She pinched the nipple as I sucked hard on the other one, my cock deeply inside her, pressing against her womb. She gasped as I bit gently on her nipple in my mouth and she let go of her tit. I quickly moved over to that breast and sucked the pebble into my mouth, moving it between my teeh, grazing it gently.

She moaned out my name as I kept thrusting into her, my cock becoming like a rock hard instrument, it played her insides and with my sucking and light biting of her tit, I brought her to another orgasm.

Misha rode me hard, her body jumping as I thrust into her, my mouth still around the of her titty. I moved my hands up ass and to her hips, I lowered pulled her against me and I sat back on the toilet seat. She put her feet on the floor on either side of me and continued the fucking, giving my legs a rest.

I moved my hands to her front, one holding her tit to my mouth while I suckled it, the other, holding onto her clit between my fingers. She bounced up and down on me, riding me as I pinched her nipple in my hand. I moaned against her tit as I licked the hard nipple, feeling her pussy squeeze me when she landed on it.

I felt the blood in my cock thicken, and my balls tighten, ready to release into her, finally. She rode me harder, her tits boucning up and down with her. She looked like a beatiful porn star as she fucked me and I leaned back, watching the great show. She arched her back, her hands behind her, holding onto my knees. I looked over her hot body as she rode me, feeling my cock ready to release inside her.

She quickened her pace and I soon began to cum, my sperm hitting the entrance of her womb and making her pussy wetter. My cock stayed hard for a few dozen thrusts and she kept riding my cock until she had another orgasm. Our juices melted inside her and trickled out. I held her against me and moaned as I hugged her.

* * * * * * * * *

We left the theater and I walked her to her car. We hugged and kissed, said our goodbyes. I watched her drive away and turned to head back to my car, but stopped in my tracks.

That couldn't be.....nah....I thought....I thought I saw my neighbor, Mr. Kindle. Was...was it him getting into his car?

Later that night, my dad called me downstairs. Mom was out with my sister getting new school clothes and we'd ordered pizza.

"Yeah dad?" I asked as I entered the kitchen. He was sitting at the breakfast nook, the cordless phone next to him.

"I just got off the phone with Mr. Kindle." He said, his hands folded on the table in front of him.

I swallowed hard.....oh no! I thought. It was Mr. Kindle!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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[If you want for Misha to gave fun with Mr. Kindle, read Chapter 4B]

[If you want for Misha and Jason to continue their fun with her bestfriend, read Chapter 4C]

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