tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBar Reward Pt. 01

Bar Reward Pt. 01


I spotted you earlier in the evening- you were with friends in a very nice bar. I sat passively just watching you. The whole time my cock throbbing just imagining what it would be like to have you all to myself in the way I like cunts like you.

You caught my eye as soon as I walked in. Your blond hair is thick and shoulder length, red lipstick, & clear blue eyes with eye shadow and eye liner to really set them off. You are probably at least 5'10" tall and those long shapely legs lead up to what appears to be a very sweet tight round ass.

Several times I got up to use the Men's room and walked past you just to get close to get a better look at you. Yep – you were exactly the kind of cunt I wanted in my basement.

It was getting close to quitting time. The bar was slowly emptying out. Your friends were leaving one by one and soon it was just you and one other girlfriend. I stepped outside and put myself in a position so regardless of which was you went I would be able to get behind you and snatch you once you made it to your car.

All night I watched you and wondered what was underneath that slut dress you picked out for the night. Was it a sexy bra and matching thong, thigh highs, maybe you were panty less? Loved how high your heels were – tough to run in heels that high but it sure made those legs of yours look good.

Out you came – you hugged and kissed your friend goodbye and you both walked in opposite directions. I slowly followed and each step brought me closer to you. I knew you were drunk or at least buzzed enough so you were unaware of your surroundings. Then I saw the car – all alone in this remote part of a downtown parking lot, had to be yours since there were no other cars around. Traffic was light so I knew if I struck quickly – you were mine and no one would have seen it happen.

I could tell you were fumbling in your purse for your car keys – having one too many drinks will do that to you. Then I see you pull them out and walk unsteady to the driver's side door. You have keyless access – I hear the beep see your lights blink and I pull out my stun gun and close the distance between us.

The driver's door opens and as you go to step in – I place the gun against the small of your back and pull the trigger. With your small frame the jolt is quick and effective. I see you straighten up as the jolt incapacitates you and you black out. I grab you under your arms and with some difficulty get you face first into your car. It takes some effort to put you so you are now half sitting in the passenger side with your legs buckled under you. I grab the keys – close the driver's door, take a quick look around – start the car and slowly back out of the parking spot and leave the lot. I am looking and see no one anywhere around that saw this abduction. Pity for you as now no one will know what became of you.

I know a spot that I can pull over and bind your arms behind your back, tie your ankles together and then slip the gag into your mouth. Only at that point do I allow my hands to explore this sexy body of yours. Love how those breasts feel in what must be a very sheer bra. I allow my hands to caress the back of your thigs and then squeeze those luscious ass cheeks. Oh you are going to be an excellent guest in my basement.

The drive takes just about 45 minutes to get to my remote little place. Nearest neighbor is about a half-mile away on either side of me. The house is secluded from the road by a row of thick, tall pines. The garage is attached so once inside the garage – I can close the door and no one will see me remove you from your car and carry you into my home. I love the fact that I found this place years ago and had the time and the money to create the perfect "Safe House' so I can indulge my fetish.

The last few minutes of the drive you start to stir – I dial down the stun gun and give your ass a soft jolt – you quiver – straighten against your bindings and then go back to sleep.

The garage door closes and then I step out of your car and come around to the passenger door open it and then grab you under your arms and pull you out and get you over my shoulders and carry you into the house – down the basement stairs and onto my "changing table".

I am careful as I lay you down – god forbid I bruise this body. The "changing table" was my own personal design. A way to bring a woman into the basement – restrain her – so I could carefully undress her and expose her naked body to me and then photograph you so I can add you to my "Wall of Fame" You my dear are a Keeper.

I define women I pick up as Keepers and Dumpers. Dumpers don't last long with me – maybe just a few hours or the longest would be overnight – but then I dump you. I have a nice safe place – it will be years before they find my old girlfriends – the Dumpers I used and then dumped.

But Keepers – like you – you will spend quite a bit of time down here in my little play room. I am always picky about who I keep and who I dump – you are an exceptional Keeper.

Your dress is such a sweet outfit. God it shows off your wonderful parts so well; the way it hugs your breasts, hips, and ass. Wonder why I was the only Man waiting for you outside? I saw you rebuff several men who tried to take you home so I know you have standards or maybe you are just a Bitch and you deserve what happens to you. Guess I was the only Man willing to take what I believe is my right.

I use my scalpel to slowly cut a line up the side of your dress. Careful I do not nick your skin. I slowly pull it to the side and reveal a lovely sheer bra and a matching thong – what? Is that a damp spot? Could you have been turned on sometime during the evening? My god you are a true slut.

I slit off the other side of your dress and I am able to slip it off your slim but lovely body and place it in the plastic bag I will keep as a souvenir of our time together.

I cut the straps on your bra and the sides of your thong and they join your dress in the bag. I close and seal the bag and walk over and place it into the drawer of the dresser I keep all my souvenirs. Later I will include some pictures I am about to take as well as your drivers' license – a nice keepsake of the joy you will be giving me shortly.

I return to find you stretched out spread eagle on your back. I made sure the cuffs that hold you in place on your wrists and ankles are padded so the delicate skin of yours won't cut or bruise easily. Now it is time to wake you from your slumber and allow you to begin to comprehend the fix you are in.

If you are like all the others you will look around, try to move see you are naked and tied down and then the panic sets in. You will scream, then beg, plead and cry. It will all be music to my ears. Over time I have come to control my desires – I know that my patience will be rewarded. The first few women I brought here I rushed things and never took the time to soak in all that this situation provides me. Plus you will be here for quite a long time so I will really enjoy you all you have to offer.

I break the ammonia cap under your nose and a few whiffs and your eyes pop open – I step back and watch as you come to your senses and begin to understand just where you are and what is possibly going to happen to you.

The video cameras are rolling and the digital camera is methodically taking pics every few seconds. I love to go back and view them and see just how long or short it takes some of you women to realize you are doomed.

When you can finally focus and understand you are trapped you look over at me and I can see it in your eyes; the fear and the confusion. You are struggling to figure out how did you get her, who am I, what do I have planned for you, will you leave her alive or will you die and if so how soon. Then you realize that you are naked and begin to realize you will be raped. You squirm and try to pull your arms and legs off the table. Helplessness creeps in and then you scream. Just as if on que – you cunts are all the same.

I walk towards the table – "scream all you like – you are in a soundproof basement and even better – my nearest neighbor is over a half mile away."

I chuckle as I walk over to another table and pick up my tens unit. I come back and attach two patches on either side of your cunt lips. You buck trying to stop me from attaching them put I know exactly where to put them for maximum effect.

I step back holding the control box in my hands. I start slowly; you barely feel the slight pulse from the patches. But as I increase the voltage – you feel it and it begins to give you a confusing sensation. Soon the feeling is as good as a quality vibrator placed on your clit. But my goal is to torment you. I want to see your entire body covered in sheen of perspiration. I won't let you cum just yet – I want you begging me but that first orgasm of yours is actually hours away.

I turn down the voltage so just a small amount of current flows through the patches – just enough to keep that clit of yours tingling. But now I reach back and pick up your driver's license and move to the head of the table.

"My, my, Jessica, you don't look anything like your picture on your driver's license. Don't you just hate that?"

You look at me and for the first time you speak.

"Who are you and why are you doing this to me, you will never get away with this you know they will find you and then you will pay."

I chuckle – not the first time I have heard those sentiments. You cunts are all the same – I keep hoping one of you breaks with tradition and offers me something new instead of this same old dribble that I won't get away with it.

I have been doing this for over 20 years – and yet not once have they ever come anywhere near me in associating me with all the pretty ladies that go missing in the night. You will be no exception. I have perfected my technique to avoid any connection to the ladies who have crossed my threshold and provided me the sexual satisfaction I need.

"Jessica, relax – a beauty like you needs to understand that you and I are going to get very intimate soon and trust me no one will ever no. It will be our little secret."

"You bastard, let me go god damn you let me go." You scream at me as I turn away.

I place your driver's license back in your wallet. Place the wallet back in the purse and then place the purse in the same drawer with your dress and undies.

I come back to my Tens unit and dial up the voltage to max and watch your hips jump off the table as that sensation rips from your clit up your spine and overwhelms your senses. Then I dial it back down and watch as your ass slams back down on the table.

"Cute trick don't you think there Jessica? See how I can control how your sweet cunt responds to outside stimulation?"

I see you start to tremble. Maybe, just maybe you realize this is going to be one hell of an ordeal for you. I like it when I sense the cunt on the table knows that she is in for a very rough time.

I dial up the voltage to a third and watch your thighs start to quiver a little. You squirm; you have used a vibrator on yourself before that gave you similar feelings. You know if this keeps up you will cum for me and you desperately do not want that to happen. Don't want to give me the satisfaction. But I can see the first signs of glistening on the lips of your cunt. Fight it all you want but this Tens unit will always win. You will give it up to me – over and over – all night long – till you pass out from pure exhaustion.

I increase the voltage to half power and see you lick your lips as you fight the impulse to just give in. Your body is starting to shake. Nipples are hard. Fight it as long as you can my sweet cunt but you will surrender to me – they all do. Some even beg me to actually fuck them they need that release. Will you be that good of a slut and beg me to use my cock on you?

I dial the voltage down to one-quarter and see your body relax. You catch your breath and try to breathe normally. You were so close and then it went away. I set the Tens unit down on the table and go into the "bedroom" that you will be staying in till I get bored with you and you have outlived your usefulness to meet my perverted sexual needs.

I double check locks and cuffs to make sure they are all in good working order. Lights are set at just the right angles to make sure there is no darkness in your room and that the bed is ready to accept your naked body. I check to see that the jailhouse issue toilet is functioning – hate to see piss and shit all over the floor, makes for some lousy janitor work for me.

I come back out and return to the table and dial the voltage up to 65% and watch that lovely ass of yours come up off the table. Oh how that must just drive you nuts – to go from zero to 60 on your clit and get you just to the brink of one hell of an orgasm and then I drop it back down to see your ass crash back down.

"You fucking bastard." You shout at me. I just laugh and walk away.

I head over to the fridge and pull out a Pepsi, pop the top, and take a nice long swig. I know you must be thirsty. We have been down here about an hour and it has been at least two hours since you left the bar.

You look over at me and say "I have to use the bathroom, can you get me off this table and let me go to the bathroom?"

"You got to pee?" I ask.

"Yes I do – can you please get me off here so I can use the bathroom?" I see the earnest look on your face nicely asking me for some help.

"Sorry sweetie, no can do. Just pee right there – I designed this table to handle that kind of bathroom need." I reply.

I see you squirm and I know you need to pee but now is when I can really have fun with you. That Tens unit will drive you close to orgasm and you will pee somewhere along the way as you cannot hold back pee and an orgasm at the same time and pee usually wins out. Or should I say loses?

I reach for the Tens unit and you say "Please can you just let me use the bathroom and then you can go back to doing this to me?"

"I told you – pee – as you are not getting off this table till I am done here with you. Pee or else."

Then I adjust the Tens unit slowly – very slowly – I want to build this up – I want you fighting that orgasm every step along the way until you pee. The squirming will start first, then I will see the thighs quiver and start to shake and tremble and then nipples get hard. Your breath will become ragged and you will lick your lips as you fight it. As the intensity grows so will your desire to fight it. I will toggle the voltage up and down slowly – part of you will want it to stay at the heightened level while your will wants it to stop so you don't cum. And then I hit that magic spot on the Tens unit and you will pee so as to prevent yourself from orgasming. Oh the humiliation you will feel.

I lean down into your face – your lips are closed tight I see in your eyes you are fighting this so well.

"Come on Jessica, just let go – you know you want to cum. And you will cum – oh yes my dear sweet Jessica I will make damn sure you cum and cum hard. Just let go." I smirk.

I see you struggle fighting it and then I make those quick little adjustments on the Tens unit – see you shake and then you pee. It is a gusher. The night's worth of booze comes rushing out. You slump down on the table – your ass now wet with piss – the inside of your thighs wet with piss and I see you start to cry. Yes my first task in humiliating you and beginning to break you has just occurred. And I have yet to touch you in any way sexual.

As a courtesy to my ladies I redid the plumbing in the basement to allow for a hose to be attached that allowed for warm water to come out. That way when I hosed down the ladies on the table to rinse away the piss they did not suffer further humiliation with a blast of very cold water. I mean I am not such a terrible guy in spite of what some people might say.

So I turned on the spray and from the waist down hosed off poor Ms. Jessica. The way the table was built the water as well as the piss runs off and down a drain directly below the table. Next I got a huge bath towel and dried her off as best I could. I let her rest for just a few minutes as I went and got the vibrator that would soon slip easily into her sweet tight cunt and in combo with the Tens unit and some nipple clamps the next hour or so would see poor Jessica have some very strong orgasms – one after another.

You see me returning to the table and you see the cock shaped item in my hand with a cord coming out of the base. You think oh no he is going to shove that into my cunt oh god what else can he do to me?

What you don't see is the lube I have in my other hand. Standing next to the table I squirt a fair amount of lube on the end of the cock shaped vibrator. I grab the inside of your thigh and pull your legs open and then I begin to rub the tip of the cock on your cunt lips but each downward stroke I go a little further till you feel it pushing apart your ass cheeks.

"What are you going to do with that? Please don't do any more to me. Just let me go, I won't tell anyone I promise just let me go." You start to plead. But I have heard this all before – hundreds of times – from ladies just like you strapped down to this table.

"Now you just relax or this will hurt really bad and Jessica – I don't give a fuck if it does. But based on past experiences – best to relax because this is going where it will go and I will make sure it does. Now relax or it will hurt and remember – I don't give a damn." And I smile as I say it looking you right in the eyes.

Then you feel it, that first sense of pressure at the entrance to your asshole. You automatically tighten up – which I expected – and I push – hard enough to push past the sphincter muscle. You gasp as the big head of this black rubber cock slips in to your virgin ass. Then with one more forceful push I get it in balls deep, the air rushes out of you. You raise your head off the table gasping as the pain and the fullness of some object jammed up your ass overwhelms you.

"Arggggghhhhhh" you scream.

I twist just a quarter turn and hear you go "Arrrrrggghhhhhh" once again. You are gasping for air, the pain and the fullness is too much for you and you try pushing it out but I hold it firmly in place. Then I pull it back slightly and then jam it in hard again. Once again your head comes off the table and you gasp and scream.

Knowing I have it firmly planted up your ass as far as it can go I switch on the first level of vibrations. And walk away.

I can hear it humming in your ass and know from past uses it will start to get you turned on slowly but the next little addition to the fun is the Wand from Hitachi. What a wonderful device to use to pull orgasms out of reluctant women.

But I have rigged it with an adjustable harness so when I strap it on you – it will not only hold itself in place but also that cock vibrator planted in your ass. I walk back and you are shaking, more from fear then the vibrator or Tens unit pulsing thru you. I begin to attach the Wand and you try the best you can rotating your hips and ass to prevent me from attaching it but the way I designed the table and how you are secured it only slows the process.

Once I have it securely positioned so it lays on your stomach so the head rests just on top of your clit I turn it on at the first setting. I ramp up the voltage on the Tens unit and also increase the vibrating cock in your ass a few notches up and then I walk away.

If you are like most cunts I bring here in about 10-15 minutes the Wand will have accomplished its goal and the first orgasm will begin. You will fight it but trust me the combination of all three devices even the Virgin Mary could not stop herself from cuming.

I go back and find my Pepsi, take a swig and sit down in a chair and watch on one of the monitors that show your face from the camera mounted directly above your head in the ceiling.

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