Barcelona Beauties Ch. 01


I thought about this for a moment. "But she's the naked body in the room" I replied.

"Okay," Vesna said, and pulled the tube top over her head, showing me her firm rounded breasts. Her pink nipples stiffened. She bit her lip and looked at me with an expression that seemed both vulnerable and hungry.

I was extremely hard in my pants and I reached down to unbutton my jeans. My cock sprang out and Vesna dropped to her knees in front of me, looking intently at my cock. "Stroke it" she whispered, and began to flick her nipples as I pumped my cock.

Vesna looked so lustful and lovely. "You look incredible" I whispered.

"Look at both of us" she urged with a glance at Kiraz, continuing to flick her nipples while her face became flushed. Kiraz' nearly hairless pussy showed between her slender thighs and she seemed to be breathing heavily too. She turned from her side on to her back with her legs spread open.

Vesna continued to flick her right nipple with her left hand while her right hand was under her skirt, stroking her clit. "I want you to come" whispered Vesna. I was getting close.

"Where?" I asked her tentatively.

Vesna opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her lips. "My tongue" she said, then moved closer, moving her tongue back and forth less than an inch from my cock head. I groaned at the impossibly sexy sight and also saw that Kiraz was beginning to shudder. "On my tongue" Vesna repeated, and touched the head of my cock with her tongue.

I started to spurt and Vesna opened wide as my cum shot into her mouth. Vesna's shoulders tensed up, she stopped rubbing herself, and she shook with a powerful orgasm, breathing rapidly but not calling out. I finished cumming and Vesna remained trembling on her knees, eyes closed, breathing in and out of her mouth, still filled with my juice.

I wondered what she was going to do next when she closed her mouth and swallowed with an audible moan, reaching down to touch herself again. She opened her eyes and looked at me and then at Kiraz behind her. "Thanks for painting me" she winked.

Vesna grabbed her tube top, stood and left the room. At this moment, Kiraz opened her eyes and looked straight at my softening cock. "So this is what you do when you paint me" she said mockingly.

"Kiraz," I started to apologize,

"No, no. I thought as much" she interrupted. Kiraz was obviously enjoying my embarrassment. "Since you're so interested," she continued,. "you might as well have a closer look."

With her lithe frame sprawled on the couch, Kiraz raised her pubis and beckoned me with a finger. "Come, have a closer look." I didn't hesitate but knelt before the couch with my face about 6 inches from her delicate little pussy.

As I looked, Kiraz writhed on the couch, breathing heavily. "Lick me" she said. I reached my tongue toward her clit and flicked it. She flinched. "Lick me" she repeated, and I began to take long strokes up and down her pussy.

I grasped her slender thighs. My hands seemed to go halfway around them. She moaned as I licked up and down her folds and then she began to run her fingers through my hair. Kiraz' pussy had a sweet, delicate taste and I enthusiastically tickled her clit with my tongue until she gripped my head and moaned with her orgasm.

I heard a sound behind us and looked around to see Vesna in the doorway with her hand under her skirt. "Vesna, you don't have to sneak around. Come watch if you like" said Kiraz.

She then looked at me and said "I haven't had a fuck in some time. Can you get hard again?" I had been at half mast for a while and my cock hardened at her words.

"I can help that" smirked Vesna, who came over, sat on the edge of the couch and gently put her slim fingers around my cock. I stood up in front of Vesna who began licking the head of my cock while stroking me with her hand.

Kiraz sat up next to her and watched intently. Vesna began to take my cock into her mouth, I could feel her tongue fluttering on the underside of my cock as she took me deeper and deeper until she had me all the way in. Vesna held still and moaned. My cock is six inches long with average girth but no one had swallowed the whole thing before and it felt incredible.

The sensation was great but so was seeing Vesna suck my cock while Kiraz watched in rapt attention. Vesna pulled her mouth off my cock with a pop and turned to Kiraz. "You can have it for awhile, but..."

"But what?" Kiraz mocked. "I know what you want." Kiraz continued. "Don't worry, it's all yours"

I didn't know exactly what was going on but whatever it was I thought I would probably like it so I didn't butt in.

Kiraz had slender fingers adorned with silver rings and pointed fingernails. She tickled my balls with the fingertips of her left hand and gingerly took hold of my cock with her right hand and began to stroke me up and down. Leaning forward, Kiraz tentatively licked my cock, then took just the head in her mouth. She laved the head of my cock with her tongue while continuing to stroke my shaft and caress my balls.

Vesna pulled her tube top down and began pulling on her nipples. "Um. That looks so good" she encouraged. I didn't want the blowjob to end but I was also anxious to get inside what looked like a tight little pussy.

As if on the same wavelength, Kiraz slowly pulled off, smacking her lips as she did. "Lie down on the couch" she told me. Vesna moved aside to let me lie down and pulled up a chair next to the couch. Kiraz climbed on top of me and bit her lip, giving me a hard look. Then reaching down to spread her pussy lips, she slowly sat down on my cock.

At first Kiraz fucked herself on just the head of my cock. I would guess she weighed no more than 90 pounds so she almost seemed to float above me as we fucked. Vesna continued to pull her nipples while she watched us. Kiraz looked at both of us and arched her back.

Since her breasts were nearly nonexistent, this might not have seemed so erotic but it was her wantonness and obvious pleasure in being watched that made her so hot. I put my hands on her waist but Kiraz muttered, "no, let me control it. Why don't you touch Vesna?"

Vesna bent toward me, holding her breasts fetchingly. I placed my hands over her pointed breasts and gently felt them from every angle and then began pulling on her nipples. Vesna smiled at me, moved the chair closer and bent down to place a nipple in my mouth.

As I reached my tongue out to touch the first hard point, Kiraz lunged down, swallowing my cock with her warm pussy. Kiraz was tight. Her pussy felt like a hand squeezing my cock. Her little body was flushed and flecked with perspiration and her hair covered her face. She was pumping up and down on my shaft, sighing something, presumably in Turkish.

Vesna pulled her breasts from me for a moment to watch, looking at both of us and smiling. I was sweating and breathing hard and knew I couldn't hold out for long. Vesna stood up and pulled off her skirt and tube top. Her pussy had a tiny tuft of blond hair, her skin lightly freckled.

"Remember! Kiraz" Vesna warned. I was beginning to figure what was going to happen. Kiraz grunted and screamed out her orgasm and I was about to cum as well when Kiraz jumped off me and threw herself panting onto the rug.

Vesna quickly got on the couch in front of me, grabbed my cock and started pumping it with her face inches from my cock head. Vesna's breasts pointed down, her nipples grazing my thighs and when I looked away, I saw Kiraz with her petite ass pointed right at me. I was panting hard and then grunted as I came.

Vesna wrapped her lips around my head and sucked down all of my cum. She moaned and shook, appearing to have an orgasm as I came down her throat. When we had both calmed down, Vesna crawled up and lay down on top of me, twining her legs with mine and resting her head on my collar.

I could feel her wet pussy dripping on my thigh. There was a sound in the next room and I saw of flash of movement in the darkened room. "Oops" said Kiraz. "I guess someone came home and saw our show."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Vesna but then Kiraz started to laugh. Soon we were all laughing, apparently realizing that what's done is done and that being watched could even be a good thing.

That night I was reading in bed at about midnight when I heard a tap at the door. "Come in" I said and Vesna poked her head in.

"Hi beautiful" I said cheerfully, happy to see this visitor. Vesna wore sandals and a man's button down shirt that came just to the bottom of her ass.

"Claude," Vesna said. "I don't want a boyfriend. But I would like, ah...if you could...satisfy me sometimes. I mean, if you don't think it's strange." I was moved by Vesna's vulnerability and openness.

"Come here," I said, patting the bed as I sat up. She came and sat down and stretched out her lovely legs. She had just bathed: her hair was damp, her legs glistened with a light sheen of oil and I could smell the faint scent of her body. "Vesna," I said, "what happened today was the most erotic experience of my life. I'd love to share more experiences with you on whatever terms you're comfortable with."

"You're very sweet Claude" she said and kissed my cheek. I realized then that neither of the women had kissed me on the lips.

"I would like one thing, 'though" I said.

"What?" Vesna responded, slightly on guard.

"I'd like to kiss you...on the lips, sometime."

"Oh Claude," Vesna smiled at me tenderly, "you can kiss me anytime." Vesna leaned forward and lightly touched her lips to mine. Her shirt fell open showing me the swell of her breasts.

My cock started to stiffen as Vesna gave me the sweetest kisses I'd ever had, tenderly brushing her lips against mine and lightly licking my lips with the tip of her tongue. "Claude," she said, with her lips an inch from mine, "I'm tired and I don't want to sleep alone. If you don't mind just holding me tonight, I'll do something nice for you in the morning."

"Vesna," I responded, "you can sleep here anytime."

I was smitten with her and would have done just about anything she asked. I realized I would need to be careful not to fall for her but to enjoy it while it lasted. Vesna crawled under the light sheet. It was still warm outside.

"What about Kiraz?" I asked.

"What?" Vesna replied. "Oh, if you want to have sex with her I don't mind."

"What I meant was, is she alright with what happened today?"

Vesna laughed. "The whole set up was her idea. She's capricious so I wouldn't expect too much but I got the impression that she will want to set up more situations to expose herself."

"She wasn't asleep, was she?" I asked.

"Kiraz loves to show her body, to be watched. I guess you would call her an exhibitionist. That's her thing. My thing is that the taste of cum can make me orgasm. I don't know if there's a name for that. The last guy I dated thought there was something wrong with me."

"I'd say that was his loss," I said.

"Well Claude," Vesna said as she snuggled down in the bed, "tomorrow morning, his loss will be your gain. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Vesna," I said. I turned off the light and thought about the day and what Vesna had said. Being in Barcelona was great in many ways but I had been somewhat lonely being in a new place, not to mention feeling pretty horny watching so many hot women in their summer clothes. As I heard Vesna begin to breathe with the rhythm of real, rather than simulated sleep, I felt a lot less lonely and a lot more satisfied.

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