tagChain StoriesBard's Tales: Henry V

Bard's Tales: Henry V

byAurora Black©

The "Shakespeare Uncensored" Chain Story Series

Welcome to Lit's own "Globe Theater." On our stage, you will witness (through a bit of artistic license on each author's part) various erotic scenes that we feel may have been "omitted" from Shakespeare's original plays. We hope you enjoy!

Author's Note: This piece has a very slow buildup to the sex, so if you're a stroke lover, this isn't the place for you. Also features light bondage and teasing. Enjoy.

* * *

"Wilt thou have me, Kate?"

Katherine stared at the handsome monarch standing before her, her heart in her throat.

Mon Dieu! Il veut que je sois son épouse!

Henry V of England wanted her to be his wife and Queen. She was honored by his proposal, unwillingly enchanted by the foreigner's pleasant countenance and the exotic lilt in his speech. Yet the French blood that coursed through her veins contained rage as well as desire. This was the same man who had soundly defeated her countrymen, left them broken and bleeding on the battlefields of Agincourt, Normandy, Rouen. Katherine knew that she was no more than a peace offering under the guise of a bride, and she had no choice but to accept him as a husband.

She had every reason to despise him, yet she melted each time he smiled at her. Katherine wanted him to see her as more than the means of uniting their two countries; she wanted Henry to see her as a woman. His woman, worthy of respect.

He continued to woo her, and she smiled as a plan began to form in her mind. She licked her lips, feeling a wave of triumph wash over her as his eyes were drawn to moist flesh. Mais il est un bel idéal! Je le veux, et je le veux maintenant.

Desire had won.

Henry leaned forward to kiss her, and she offered no resistance. He was beautiful and she wanted him, but on her own terms. She was determined to have the upper hand in the seduction; she needed to hold power over her golden suitor.

Their lips met and Katherine gasped aloud at the sensation, her eyes fluttering shut. Never in her eighteen years had she imagined the feel of his embrace, the mingling of their breath. His strong arms tightened around her waist, pulling her closer. His tongue lightly traced the closed seam of her slightly trembling lips, and she opened herself for him. She gently sucked on his tongue, wanting all of him. Through the many layers of their clothing, she felt the rise of his erection against her, and she moaned into his mouth.

The decision was made, and there was no turning back. She would give him her hand in marriage, but not before she was satisfied with the knowledge of what she'd be getting.

Katherine broke the kiss, her sparkling eyes searching his. Henry's eyes were stormy and unfocused with lust, and she smiled at his reaction to her. Catching his breath, he returned her smile and murmured huskily, "You have witchcraft in your lips, Kate."

She turned to her chaperone, Alice, who had been watching them the entire time.

"Laissez-nous, Alice."

The servant gasped at the idea of leaving Katherine alone with a man.

"Mais, ma princesse..."

Katherine exhaled sharply, frowning at Alice's reluctance. Her voice was firm.

"Je vous commande de nous laissez maintenant."

Alice bowed to her mistress and left the great hall, finally leaving the two of them alone.

As soon as the door closed, Katherine reached for Henry, lifting her heart-shaped face for another kiss. He accepted her offer, and was surprised by the depth of her passion. This time she took the initiative, exploring his mouth with abandon. It was a kiss that was different, stronger and more carnal in nature than he had ever received.

The King realized that his prospective bride had obviously restrained herself under Alice's watchful gaze. Then Katherine's tongue swirled inside his mouth, touching places that made his breath seize in his throat and his staff harden further, and all thought ceased altogether.

Henry could hear his heart pounding in his ears, and he groaned loudly as her firm breasts pressed against him. He could feel her woman's heat against his cock through the barriers between their bodies, and it throbbed painfully against the coarse fabric of his breeches at the thought of sheathing himself inside her.

Breaking the kiss again, Katherine placed her hands on his broad chest, her whole body shivering as if from fever. She pulled away, gathering her skirts to leave the hall. Henry's heart sank at the sight of her retreat until she paused, regarding him from over her shoulder. He was staring at her like a sad little boy deprived of a sweet, and she smiled wickedly. He didn't know how sweet things were about to get.

"Suivez-moi, my lord." She giggled and ran from the room, heading for the stairs. Henry pursued her, curious to see what else his minx of a bride had in store for him.

For several moments, the only sounds in the sun-kissed stairwell were that of her laughter, the echo of footfalls on stone, their heaving breaths. Katherine sprinted down a long corridor, her gown shimmering in the light of the burning torches that lined the walls. He followed her blindly; desperate to feel her in his arms again. Despite the fact that they'd just met, he already needed her more than any other woman.

She stopped before a large door of solid oak and lifted the latch as he approached her from behind, placing delicate kisses on her neck. She opened the door and slipped inside, her eyes beckoning him. He entered the room, closing and securing the door behind him.

They were standing inside a vast bedroom. A fire blazed in the hearth, casting everything in a warm glow. Katherine licked her lips as Henry carefully removed her headdress, tossing it away before releasing the pins that held her hair in place. The freed locks spilled over his hands, silky and dark. He sighed, savoring the feel of it between his fingers as he ran his hands through it.

She turned her back to him and pulled the thick curtain of her hair to the side, presenting her neck to his kisses again as she unfastened the belt that held her gown together. His hands cupped her breasts through the fabric, his thumbs grazing the nipples, and she gasped from the heat that his touch generated between her thighs.

Katherine faced him again and slipped off her elegant gown and petticoats, revealing lush, womanly curves in a silk chemise and stockings. Her excited nipples tented the fabric, and Henry fell upon her like a starving man. "Oh Kate, thou art exquisite."

His eyes were tender as he lifted the chemise over her head, leaving her clad only in stockings and shoes. There were no other undergarments to obstruct his view of her naked form. Her woman's fleece enticed him, and he knelt before her to explore.

Burying his face between her legs, Henry inhaled her scent, wanting nothing more than to remain there forever. Katherine gasped at the sudden shock of his tongue against her clit.

"Que faites-vous là?"

Henry paused in his oral worship long enough to reply, "I am paying homage to my Queen. Dost thou wish me to cease?" He flicked his tongue against her again and she threw her head back with a loud cry. Her breath ragged, she threaded her fingers through his lion's mane of hair, anchoring his head to her weeping sex.

"Non. Continuez, s'il vous plaît."

"As you wish, my lady. My French rose."

He stood and took her into his arms, carrying her to the ornate canopied bed. He carefully lowered her onto the embroidered silk coverlet, and Katherine watched as he removed her shoes before shedding his own clothes. With each layer that fell to the floor, her wanting grew until she felt she would burst into flames. She told herself to be patient, for the time was almost at hand.

Naked, he was magnificent. Henry joined her on the bed, and Katherine could no longer resist the urge to take control, to take him. She pushed him onto his back, and he looked up at her with a startled expression. "Kate, what...?"

He felt the blade of the small dagger against his throat, and he froze. He looked up and saw her watching him with dark eyes that betrayed nothing of her thoughts.

"Answer me this, my King. Be thee friend or foe of France? Thou art responsible for the deaths of my countrymen, and yet you profess to love me?"

Henry managed to chuckle even as his brow was covered in sweat, his eyes trained on the dagger. "My darling Kate, thou dost understand the English tongue more than..."

Katherine pressed the blade harder, nicking the skin. "Répondez-moi!"

He met her gaze and replied without hesitation.

"I am a friend of France and of thine."

The hand holding the dagger shook. "Dost thou truly love me, my lord? I am not merely a prize to be won, chattel to be possessed? Do not lie if you value your life."

Cautiously, Henry raised a hand and wrapped it around hers, pulling the knife away from his throat. Katherine dropped the dagger onto the floor beside the bed, and he kissed her hand. "On my life, I swear. I love thee, Katherine de Valois."

Her face was wet with tears as she leaned forward and kissed the small cut that the dagger left. She rained kisses on his beloved face, his lips. "Forgive me."

He reached for her and took her mouth, pressing her against him. There were no longer any barriers to their union, whether physical or cultural. He reveled in the feel of her soft skin against his, and his cock pulsed between their bodies.

Katherine remained on top, wanting to explore every inch of her lover.

"Je veux vous donner du plaisir."

Henry moaned at her breathless declaration that she wanted to give him pleasure.

"Thou dost please me, Kate."

She whispered against his ear, the heat of her breath teasing the delicate shell.

"We shall see."

She leapt up from the bed, and Henry watched as she walked towards a nearby bureau. Katherine opened the drawer and reached for a beautifully hand-carved wooden box. She briefly hesitated when she touched the smooth lid, but the hunger she felt for the man waiting on the bed demanded satisfaction. She removed the box and returned to him, and Henry regarded it with interest.

"What have you there, my love?"

Katherine smiled enigmatically, not inclined to confess to him about her clandestine lessons with Madame de Fouchet, one of France's most sought after courtesans. For two years, the princess consulted with the older woman to learn a variety of erotic techniques to tease and excite a man to great heights. She had learned many things about men during that time; their needs, their desires. How to quench their thirst for passion.

She opened the box and saw the tools she required within. With a saucy gleam in her eyes, she pulled out a length of crimson satin and held it out before him, outstretched in her hands. Her voice was husky with want. "Trust me."

Without a word, Henry took the strip of cloth and bound his eyes with it, marveling at the softness against his skin. His other senses were magnified by the loss of his sight, and he awaited her next move. His turgid flesh pulsed with anticipation.

She kissed the palm of his hand as she removed several more pieces of satin from the box, her tongue darting out to taste the skin. He moaned at her touch before she secured his wrists to the bedposts, followed by his ankles.

The fair King was now under her command, naked and spread-eagled beneath her, and Katherine couldn't wait to test his limits the way Madame had instructed. She reached into the box once more and removed a long stick of bamboo topped with a luxurious strand of black fox hair. It was a calligraphy brush imported from the Far East, but it was meant to be used for more than just writing.

Katherine leaned forward to kiss his lips, whispering softly.

"Be not afraid, my darling. Imagine that thou art a field of flowers, and this..."

She traced the brush along the cupid's bow of his mouth, and he shivered. She sat up and twirled the bristles around a dusky male nipple. "This is the butterfly."

Groaning low in his throat, Henry arched towards the brush only to have it taken away. She continued to torment him with seemingly random passes of the silken fox hair upon his sensitized skin, inflaming him further. On his chest. Against his thighs. His cock.

He fought against his restraints, desperate to touch her, taste her. He wanted to bury himself so deeply inside her that they wouldn't be able to tell where she ended and he began. His voice was strained with pent up desire, his mouth dry.

"Kate, please. Release me. I need thee this instant."

The bedroom echoed with the sound of her bell-like laughter.

"Patience, mon amant. I am not quite finished."

She reached into the wooden box one last time and removed a tiny glass vial filled with a liquid that gleamed in the firelight, revealing a golden hue. She uncorked the vial with eager hands, breathing heavily at the feel of her molten arousal trickling down the insides of her thighs. The smell of jasmine invaded her senses and fueled the flames within. She dipped the very tip of the brush into the substance, coating the bristles with the aromatic oil before re-corking the bottle.

Henry felt Katherine position herself between his legs, and he cursed the blindfold for robbing him of the knowledge of her caresses. Then he felt the oiled brush touch the tip of his erect cock and he could hardly breathe, the feeling was so intense. Helpless whimpers escaped his throat as she leisurely teased him, circling the corona with the soft bristles until his jaw clenched in pleasure.

"Free my eyes, I beg you!"

Her breath ragged, Katherine hurriedly raised herself to remove the satin from his eyes before returning to her spot between his thighs, which were corded with tension. Feeling his eyes upon her, she stared in fascination at the clear drop of moisture that had appeared on his cockhead. Without thinking, she collected it with her tongue, gently probing his tiny slit for more of the sweet nectar.

"My God!"

He writhed on the bed, awash in sensation. He pulled harder at the strips of cloth that bound his hands, resisting the urge to thrust savagely into her mouth. Katherine's artful tongue surged against his length, driving him insane as her hands cupped and juggled his testicles.

She is much too good at this to be a chaste virgin. I shall find out soon.

The fabric began to give way, and Henry smiled darkly in triumph. The tables had turned in his favor. The cloth slid away from his limbs and he continued to watch her sweet mouth work him into a frenzy, overpowered by the sight and sounds of the act.

Fighting not to lose control, Henry reached for Katherine's face, wanting to end the torture once and for all. She gasped around his cock at the feel of his freed hands, and startled brown eyes met and held with his stormy blue. "Quoi...?"

His voice was firm. "Come here."

Katherine couldn't resist taking one last lick up the seam of his shaft, tasting him again before crawling up to him on shaky legs. She knew that her playtime was over.

Henry looked at her as if he could see her soul. "Now it is my turn."

He coaxed her to lie on her back. She watched him with heavy-lidded eyes as he climbed over her and felt a momentary pang of fear when he spread her legs. But he did not penetrate just yet; his cock remained on the outside of her delicate labia as he leaned over her and took her lips in a passionate kiss.

"Kate, my love. Thou hast bewitched me, sweet vixen..."

He trailed off to taste the skin of her neck, carefully biting at her flesh. He wanted to claim her, leave his mark on her. She was his now; his wife, his queen and his lover.

Katherine ran her fingers through his rich auburn hair as he moved his lips lower, and she moaned as he captured a nipple in his mouth. His tongue toyed with the erect peak, and she felt a strange fluttering sensation in her quim at each oral caress.

She rubbed her aching sex against his cock as he switched back and forth between her breasts, her body screaming for relief. He sucked at her nipples, and her head thrashed against the pillows. "Henry, s'il te plaît..."

Henry sucked harder, pleased that she had called him by his first name and had ceased using the dreaded and formal "vous" when addressing him.

That's one barrier broken. As for the other...

He released the taut flesh and looked down at her flushed face.

"Please what, Kate? What dost thou wish me to do?"

Unable to put her needs into words, she grabbed his hand and led it to her pussy. His cock jerked against her thigh when he felt how very hot and wet she was for him. He stroked her sex slowly, and Katherine's eyes were so dark with passion that they were almost black, pleading for him to satisfy her body's cravings.

"Please, Henry."

"Right away, love."

Henry's mouth continued its downward journey, with a brief rest at her navel. He briefly speared it with his tongue before he finally reached the place where he most wanted to be. He looked up to find Katherine watching him with a look of pure lust.

"Lick me."

His tongue parted her folds and she let out an almost primal sound of ecstasy, raising her hips to grind against his face as he feasted on her wet pussy. He tugged on her labia with his lips, exciting her further and exposing her hard clit to his gaze. Henry lightly swiped at it with the tip of his tongue and Katherine wrapped her silk encased legs around his neck, drawing him closer.

As he traced patterns on her throbbing clit, he glanced up to see Katherine lying flush against the coverlet, her head thrown back in pleasure as she played with her magnificent breasts. Her hips moved in time with his frantic licks, her aristocratic fingers plucking and twisting her nipples. Her moans reached his ears.

God's blood, she excited him. The vision of her squirming under the force of her desire. The knowledge of her self-directed caresses. The smell of the overflowing wetness of her sex. The feel of the stockings she still wore against his skin. His senses were filled with Katherine, and he was nearing the breaking point.

Henry pulled his mouth away from her pussy and she moaned at the loss, but he was not finished with her. He wet a thick finger and circled it around her drenched opening as he happily resumed his task of licking her. She arched against him, and he slipped his fingertip inside. Her inner muscles automatically clenched around him, and it took all his will to resist replacing his finger with his cock. He didn't want to frighten her. His cock was so hard it was painful, but he wanted to please her.

Moving slowly and carefully, he withdrew his finger and slowly slid it back in as his tongue continued to tease her towards climax. Katherine began to gasp with each flick of his tongue and shallow probe, and Henry knew she was close. He pushed on, increasing the intensity of his mouth on her clit as he searched inside her for the spot that would make her explode. He found it, his finger exploring it until she screamed.

"Mon Dieu! Henry!"

He gently nuzzled her as she shuddered and came, stretching out her orgasm for as long as possible. When she finally stopped shaking and relaxed against the bed, Henry climbed back up to her and watched her face. She opened her eyes, and they were languid and full of wonder at what she had just experienced. She was so beautiful. He kissed her lips, and she tasted herself on his mouth.

Henry moved atop her, positioning himself at the entrance to her sex. It was time.

His voice was deep and powerful, his eyes bright. "I love thee, Kate."

Katherine sighed, her own eyes filled with love. "Moi aussi. Take me, Henry."

His hand closed around his shaft and he rubbed the head against her. She spread her legs wider for him, her hands resting on his muscled buttocks. She could feel the power within them as he began to move forward, and she gasped as his cock penetrated.

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