tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 06

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 06


Day One

10:07am exactly I stepped off the bus onto the exclusive resort of "Fetish Island", really it was a nickname for the Bare Bottom Hotel on Sicily because it catered to a rather exclusive clientele. The lobby was filled with interesting looking people, although Bare Bottoms is considered a nudist resort, Fetish Island was filled with people wearing... certain kinds of clothing. Latex around midsections were abundant, chastity belts, the works. None of this was considered 'clothing' per say, after all it didn't really cover anything, but it sure enhanced a lot.

All in all, this was an assignment that I had been looking forward to for quite a long time, I had never explored any fetishes myself but I'd always been curious about them. It would be interesting to see just how far I could expand my horizons while I was here... and I also didn't feel left out because there were plenty of other so-called normal people walking around with curious expressions on their faces. There for the show.

The weather was perfect, not at all humid and hot without being oppressive. I wanted to just take off my clothes and run naked outside to bask in the sunshine... let's hear it for getting out of the dreary U.S. of A.!!! Give me sunshine over rain and wind any day! Surprisingly a good number of the people around me were very attractive (which is not what I always found when traveling to nudist colonies and resorts), and I found them as much fun to look at as I did the elegant decor of the hotel. The walls were a caramel color, ivory marble columns led a path to the lobby's main desk, and a spiraling staircase of that same marble with iron railings dominated the main room. To my right was a bar where it looked like a frat party was going on... a naked frat party. I stopped to watch for a moment, everyone in there was under 30 for sure and they were rubbing fruit and alcohol on each others bodies, laughing as they licked it off. For a moment I felt tempted to join them... but I hadn't slept at all on the plane. I'd get into the swing of things after I caught up on my sleep.

Behind the front desk was a large, long mirror, so that even as you turned away from all the interesting people in the main lobby, you could still watch them. I looked at my frizzy brown curls and the dark circles around my hazel eyes, the way my shoulders stooped and even my usually perky 34D breasts seemed to be droopy... definitely I should wait until I was more refreshed to join in any fun. Hell, I wouldn't want to join in any fun with me right now!

"Room 69," the desk attendant smirked at me as he handed me the key. Don't know what he was smirking about, his cock and balls were trapped in a painful looking contraption which I didn't know the name of. However, I did know one of the rules about the staff in this particular hotel... I would be back later for a visit.

Preferably with paddle in hand.

Which, now that I think about it may have been his intention. Perhaps I wasn't as disheveled looking as I thought.

Day Two

I woke up in the morning to the unwelcome ray of sunshine directly in my closed eyes. Silly me, I'd not only slept through the entire night, I'd forgotten to close the drapes. Well, early to bed (and 4pm is pretty darn early!) and early to rise! It was 8am, at least it had taken some time for the sun to get into a position to burn my eyelids rather than awakening me with the dawn. Not that I'm opposed to watching a beautiful sunrise, but I'd rather choose to do that instead of having it thrust upon me.

First things first, try to get myself looking more presentable! I was rather disappointed that I hadn't woken up in time for the nightlife, but after such a good night's sleep I was surely ready to face the day and the night! Heading into the bathroom I was pleased to see that the towels were huge and fluffy. I'd been so exhausted the evening before that I hadn't inspected anything, but I'd definitely be able to report on the luxurious quality of the bathroom. It was modestly sized, but everything was covered with elegant blue tiling and the fluffy sea green towels put me in the mind of the tropics. Rather than having a mirror above the sink, there was a full length mirror to the side of the sink - as I looked at the position of the toilet I realized that the mirror served more than purpose. The hook hanging on the ceiling about a foot away from the mirror told me that there were multiple purposes to its placement. I licked my lips, blushing a little at the lewd thoughts that were already pervading my twisted little mind... everything in this room seemed designed towards sexual fetishes.

Well, it's called Fetish Island for a reason.

The shower was actually a bath, with a completely see-through curtain, there was a ledge on one side of the tub that was just big enough for someone to sit on. Of course the shower head was detachable, and given my current state of mind I was thinking of trying out the uses towards which I'd heard this innovation could be put to. Possibly the most intriguing piece of decor where the manacles on the wall of the shower, placed so that the person would either be facing the wall or outwards... directly at the mirror. How thoughtful.

Shedding my clothing I found my hands running over my body, cupping my perky breasts and rubbing my nipples... sliding over my stomach and smooth mound to tickle my clit. I hissed my anticipation as I turned the shower on to hot, steaming water slamming against my skin. The water pressure was very hard, I was quickly drenched as the room filled with steam. I was sure that the mirror was completely fogged, but hey, that's the price you pay for a good hot shower. After I shampooed my hair I began soaping my body, spreading the lather all over my slippy skin. Despite the heat of the shower my nipples were hard and aching with arousal, discontent with the attention I gave them as the slickness of my skin made it hard for me to get a good grip.

With the heat in my pussy swiftly outpacing the shower's temperature, I finally took the shower head in hand, seating myself on the ledge oh-so-conveniently provided. Pointing it at my body I let the water spray my breasts, my nipples aching and pulsing with the deluge of water. Moving slowly I lowered the showerhead, feeling the water drip over my spread pussy as the spray traveled closer and closer. With a foot on each ledge of the tub, my legs were completely open as the showerhead finally reached my thigh's apex. I groaned as my pussy was suddenly lashed with heat, tiny arrows of sensation massaging my pussy lips and trickling over my asshole.

Using my other hand, I spread my pussy lips wide open, letting my hard clit poke through and come directly under fire of the hard spray. Moaning loudly I came, although not as hard as I might have wanted to. It was more like a teaser, getting me ready for the day ahead, quenching my lust just a little bit, but mostly giving it a jumping off point to climb to higher heights.

Since I didn't have to get dressed, preparing for the day didn't date very long. I would my long hair up into a bun, when it finally dried it would be wavy if released from the confines of the pins. Walking through the halls to the elevator I could hear moans and gasps coming from behind the doors, slaps and muffled screams from behind some... oddly I hadn't heard anything when I was in my room. Apparently the walls were well sound-proofed, but you could still eavesdrop by simply hanging out in a hallway.

The cheeky desk attendant from the afternoon before wasn't there, instead it was a gorgeous blonde woman, wearing nothing but clamps on her nipples. I wondered if there was similar adornment below her waistline where I couldn't see. At the moment an older man was checking in with a young man who looked to be barely 18 (of course he must be since you had to be in order to check in); the young man was blatantly gawking at the buxom blonde who seemed to be enjoying making her breasts bounce and sway for them. I decided to take a walk at the beach.

For some reason it felt a little odd to be walking around nude this early in the morning with so many other people around... and some of them were not so coy about looking. Then I realized that among the fetishes catered to at a resort like this, exhibitionism would definitely be one of them... I wondered what the beach would be like with this many fetishes here.

Strolling along the sand, feeling the suns rays sinking into the pale spaces on my breasts and mound (was it my imagination or was I really burning despite the layers of sunscreen I'd slathered onto the parts of myself that were usually covered?) I watched the many activities going on around me. A large group was gathered around the volleyball net, watching the two teams of girls bouncing and giggling, sand scraping along their bodies as they dove for the ball. The audience was an even mix of men and women, all cheering their chosen teams on. Good thing they weren't playing basketball... how would you do that here anyway? Skins and... skins??

But I digress. There were a lot of couples who had found hidden nooks along the sand dunes to have sex in, more who were frolicking in the water (and would probably be laid out on a towel soon enough). One of the more amusing sights of the morning was a group of women who had buried a man in the sand - except for his penis and ball sack - and were proceeding to build a sand castle around his hard wood. They kept him at full staff by taking turns occasionally blowing him... the poor guy kept begging for release but they just laughed and told him that they had to finish the castle and take a picture first. To their side was a women who looked on approvingly, some of the conversation indicated that she might be his Mistress, which would explain his control in not climaxing. She looked awfully tough.

Having taken a long stroll, I decided to go back and watch the end of the volleyball game. From the noises the crowd was making it wouldn't be much longer. Maybe I'd play in the next round.

Since I'd come so late in the game, I wasn't particularly attached to either of the teams. Instead I just watched the crowd; all naked and pressed together they didn't seem to be interested in anything other than the game. It was both surprising and freeing that no one seemed to be thinking of sex. That is, until the game ended. The team of losers came over onto the winners side and got down on their knees; immediately the winners each picked a loser and pressed her pussy over the loser girls face. I gasped in shock; not only were the girls exhibiting their bodies in a sweaty game, but now the losers were eating them out in front of the crowd!!! Which was turning more sexual by the minute, watching the blatant display of lesbianism before it.

I started wriggling, not sure if I wanted to be caught in the kind of orgy that seemed imminent... but as I pushed back I found myself stopped by a hard body with an insistently pressing dick in my ass crack.

"Hello," a low, yet somewhat familiar voice murmured in my ear, "Good to see you again." His dick rubbed back and forth against my ass cheeks, hands sliding up along my waist.

I turned my head to see the desk attendant from the evening before, "I looked for you this morning... I wanted to give you a spanking after yesterday."

He grinned devilishly at me, eyes sparkling with amusement, "Ah, but I'm off duty right now, and when I'm off duty I never let anyone spank me." Lowering his head he sank his teeth lightly into my neck just as his hands cupped my large breasts. All around me others were doing the same, already writhing in pleasure and filling the air with moans, but I felt completely apart from them, as if I was in my own little world. Shuddering as his fingers pinched my nipples, I pressed back against him, feeling my pussy juices leaking.

"I'm not really a sex in public kind of girl," I admitted, walking around naked was one thing but I'd never had sex in front of other people. Even if they were more involved in their own sexual activities than in watching me.

"Don't knock it till you try it," he murmured, letting his lips and tongue slide along my ear. I moaned. Slowly, inexorably, he pressed me down until I was on my hands and knees in front of him, his hands and fingers still deftly kneading my hanging breasts. All around me there was a plethora of sex, it filled the air along with the salt smell of the ocean; intoxicating my senses. Behind me, he was sliding his tongue along the small of my back, nibbling on the curves of my ass. I moaned again as his hands pressed my thighs apart and the damp head of his dick pressed against my sopping pussy.

No one was paying attention to me anyway, they were all either watching the volleyball girls or the spectacular sight on the other side of the court where a woman was taking on three guys at once. I had to admire her flexibility, not to mention her enthusiasm.

Then my attention was taken up by the thick meat that was slowly pressing into my dripping pussy, it was possibly the biggest dick I'd ever had in me. Maybe not the longest, but definitely the widest, it stretched me open like I'd never really thought possible. I groaned at the invasion, feeling my pussy walls clench around the invading shaft, shuddering with pleasure as his crotch pressed against my upraised ass cheeks.

Reaching around my body, the desk attendant (I realized I didn't even know his name) grabbed ahold of my swaying breasts and began thrusting in and out of my roughly, using my breasts as leverage. I groaned, leaning forward and resting most of my weight on my forearms, luxuriating in the way my pussy stretched to conform for him. He played my body like a musician might play an instrument, pinching my nipples and letting them rub against the sand in a pleasant, burning friction; fucking my from every angle, changing directions with every thrust. As his balls slapped against my clit, I could feel the sun heating our bodies, slicking us with sweat. Everywhere I looked, limbs and body parts were entangled, no one was standing except a few people on the sidelines who were masturbating at the sight before them.

I could feel myself flushing at being part of that sight, but it didn't stop me from moving my body against the man behind me, greedily drinking in the pleasure of every thrust. Suddenly, one of his thrusts made the tip of his dick press directly against my g-sport and I cried out in pleasant shock. Again he did it, at the exact same angle, instantly realizing that he'd found a sensitive spot. It was intense pleasure that made my toes curl and I could feel my pussy walls shuddering around him as he thrust against my g-spot over and over and over and over and over...

Screaming my climax I almost collapsed, only his hands on my breasts kept me up as he continued to press into me, sustaining my orgasm until I thought I was going to explode from the pleasure. It didn't feel like my body could take it anymore, I was just one big bundle of nerve endings that was totally encompassed in exquisite pleasure. When he finally held himself inside me, allowing me to finish my climax and my body to relax a little, I thought I was just going to drop. And then I realized that he still hadn't cum... I groaned, unsure that my pussy could take anymore pleasure. Towards the end my orgasm had started to feel almost painful in its intensity.

Apparently I didn't have to worry about that though, instead of continuing his assault on my pussy, he pulled out and pressed his head against the crinkled rosebud of my ass. I hissed and stiffened for a moment, and then forced myself to relax. It wasn't that I had never had anal sex before, but I had definitely never had anything as thick of him in my ass before either. Groaning, I clenched and relaxed as he began wedging himself into my tighter hole, trying desperately to accustom myself to the new proportions of my body. Burning pleasure of sexual pain flowed over me as he fit the thick head of his dick into me and then began the slow slide into the depths of my body. Slow agony combined with shudders of pleasure as he slide just fast enough that I couldn't quite adjust. With his dick fully embedded in my ass, I was still clenching and massaging his dick as my body was rearranging itself.

Almost without pause he started thrusting in and out of my ass, roughly and quickly, not really allowing me to adjust at all; my ass was speared over and over as I cried out in pain and the inside of my body fluttered in involuntary contractions. Then it was all over as he thrust hard enough to make me scream; I could actually feel his dick pulsing against the inside of my body as spurt after spurt of white froth invaded my ass. I moaned softly as his dick began to shrink in my ravaged ass, and he pulled me up and turned my head to give me a gentle kiss.

"I have to go to work," he said, and I blinked at him through teary eyes, "But I get off at 11 tonight if you'd like to go to a special part of the hotel with me."

"Ok..." I couldn't quite seem to get my thoughts straight... I didn't know where it was he wanted to go, what his name was, who he was... but I wanted to go with him tonight. "What's your name?" I asked, kinda pathetically. His dick was still embedded in my ass.

"Mike." He smiled at me and pulled his dick from my body. I could feel my eyes pop a little at the sudden empty space. "I'll see you tonight."

"Ok..." I watched him go, feeling rather breathless. Around me the orgy was still in full swing. Turning, I ran out of the sea of bodies and into the real ocean, desperate for the coolness of the water. When that cool salt water touched my chafing asshole, I shrieked.


That night Mike took me to a very special part of the hotel indeed... the Security Room. He touched my body as I watched everything happening, every single "specialty" room in the hotel. There was the room where a woman was wielding a heavy crop onto a completely erect man - of course, part of his erection may have been due to the fact that she had his dick in a cage; another room where a woman was in the center of a bunch of men jacking off (I watched as she was coated in the heavy amounts of sperm); and on and on it went. My favorite room to watch was the gang-bang room, there was something just so rawly sexual about watching a woman take on man after man after man... I also probably would have watched more of the gay group sex, but Mike wasn't quite as interested in that one as I was. And I have to admit, it was more for the novelty than being a turn-on for me too... but I made a mental note to tell my friend Dillon back home.

We flipped through all of the channels as I rode up and down on Mike's lap, thrusting his big dick in and out of my pussy in excitement... so I may not be much of an exhibitionist, but I was definitely turning out to be a bit of a voyeur!!! Harder and harder I rode him, bouncing in his lap as he played with my tits, pinching my nipples hard so that I let my head fall back as I moaned.

Suddenly, as I was getting closer and closer to my climax, he pulled me up off his dick and repositioned himself at my back door. My extremely tight, slightly swollen back door.

"Mike...." I whined, grimacing as he started pushing himself into my ass, it felt even bigger than before since my ass was still sore from earlier.

"Shhh.." he murmured, "I want you to come while I have my dick up your ass."

Well, I guess I knew his sexual fetish now. But as long as he was going to make me cum... I panted and moaned, wriggling on top of him as my body slowly slid down his pole, my ass protesting at the amount of meat it was taking. Every time my ass spasmed around him, he moaned in pleasure; finally, when he was balls deep one hand lowered from my breast to my pussy and he began playing with my clit. The pleasant sensations of my orgasm slowly coming back to me helped alleviate some of the pain he'd caused in my ass.

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