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Barn Frolic

byElle C©

Our Friday evening began like most others that we had shared lately-fighting the five o'clock traffic, rushing home to grab our bags and head out to the farm. My husband and I had been looking after his parents' place since illness had struck them and they were no longer capable of handling the five hundred acres and the chores that went with the land. We worked our regular jobs through the week in the city and then on Friday evening, we would take the hour journey to what simply became known as "The Farm". We both grew up in the country and had lived in that setting most of our lives, but a job change had brought us to the city a few years ago. We enjoyed our home amidst the hustle and bustle life that the city offered, but deep in our hearts, we both longed to be back in the country.

We got settled in upon arrival at his parents' house. The evening passed quickly, and soon it was time for bed. We discussed the plans for the morning and kissed each other goodnight. We would sometimes sneak in a sexual encounter during our stay, but due to the situation, we usually did not have opportunity to enjoy each other sexually, but little did I know that this weekend would be different.

We arose before dawn on Saturday morning. It was autumn, and the mornings were growing much cooler, and it was cloudy that day. We gathered our things and headed out, not knowing what adventures awaited us. We rode the horses moving some cattle, and I was getting rather horny after my pussy had rubbed against the leather of the saddle all morning. As we drove out in the pickup to check on the livestock at another place a few miles down the road, my husband reached over and began to rub his hand on my thigh. I looked over at him with sultry eyes knowing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He looked so sexy with his green eyes peering out from under his cowboy hat, not to mention how those Wrangler jeans looked on his ass.

It started a downpour just as I got out to open the gate going into the lot. By the time he drove through the opening, my hair and clothes were drenched. I climbed back in the truck dripping wet- and not just from the rain. We parked the truck just outside of a small barn that was on this place, and ran for cover into the shelter. The barn smelled of hay as the rain fell against the tin on the roof. We fell into each other's arms kissing passionately. His tongue was exploring the depths of my mouth, and my juices began flowing even more. He backed me up until I was resting against something. As I raised my head up to allow him access to my neck, I saw what I was up against. There was a large wooden support post in the middle of the barn, and my body was trapped between it and my lover.

He continued kissing my lips and neck while removing my coat. The rain had soaked my t-shirt-revealing my hardened nipples through the fabric of my bra and shirt. He began to massage my breasts and tugged gently on my nipples. My heat was rising even though the air in the barn was cool. Just as I was beginning to really enjoy the pleasure of his hands and mouth, he stopped. I opened my eyes to see why he had left me, and then I knew. He had a rope in his hands and a grin on his face. He grabbed my hands and put them over my head tying me to the post. I squirmed just enough to let him think that I was putting up a fight, but I wanted nothing more than to be tied to that pole letting him have his way with me. He got my hands tied above my head and then stepped back and walked around me in a circle-his eyes moving all up and down my body like he was thinking of what to do now that I couldn't get away. Shivers ran up and down my body, which were partly from the cool air, but mostly the anticipation of what was going to happen.

He came back around in front of me and grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me deeply on the mouth. He kissed my neck licking his wet tongue down my throat while cupping my breasts with his hands. I arched my back away from the post, my body desiring more of what he was offering. He put his hands underneath my t-shirt sliding my shirt up over my tits and then undoing the clasp between my breasts. My ample tits feel free from the bra into his waiting hands. His hands explored roughly pulling and tugging on my nipples making them stand out even more.

Then leaning down, his mouth took a turn with them. He then grabbed the waistband of my jeans and quickly unbuttoned them sliding them down my ass and legs all the way to the hay scattered on the ground. I stood there almost naked. My body was trembling because of the desire I was feeling. He stood in front of me quickly removing his coat and sliding his jeans down revealing his very hard cock. He began to stroke his shaft getting it nice and hard watching my reaction the whole time. He spread my legs rubbing the length of his dick along my slit and rubbing my clit with the head. I was so wet by this time that my juices covered his cock when he slid it back away from my body.

He then picked my legs up driving his cock deep inside me with one thrust. He drove his big cock in and out of my wet pussy several strokes, and because the anticipation of the entire scene had left my body so sensitive, I began to feel that I was going to cum before too long. He kept pumping in and out with his big cock finally rocking my body in waves of orgasm, soaking his cock even more with my juices. I could feel his entire body begin to tighten, and I knew he was about to erupt. He pulled his cock out of me placing my feet on the ground and continued to stroke his shaft until his hot cum began spurting out all over my tits and stomach. I could feel the heat running down my body. I begged him to untie me so I could lick him clean. He undid the rope allowing my hands to fall free.

I knelt down in the hay licking and sucking on his cock making sure I had him clean while rubbing his cum into my nipples and stomach and licking it off my finger. The air had now taken on a new aroma-the aroma of our sex, but the smell of a barn filled with hay would forever bring a smile to my face. Work on "The Farm" would never be the same!

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