tagNovels and NovellasBarrons, Ltd. Ch. 1

Barrons, Ltd. Ch. 1


“Ouch!!” He said as he reached to the left of the sink and tore off a small piece of toilet paper. “I hate new razors” he muttered as he placed the toilet paper on the newest nick on his chin.

“What? Dan, is something wrong?” Heather asked as she turned off the shower. She turned off the shower. She grabbed a towel off the rack and gave her hair a quick drying. After replacing the towel as she stepped out of the shower, she crossed the room and hugged Dan from behind, leaving two wet circles just below his should blades.

“Oh Heather! Why didn’t you dry off? I’m running late as it is!” He said angrily. She turned him around and plucked the toilet paper from his chin.

“If it were up to me, you wouldn’t be going to work at all today.” She said as she slowly unbuckled his belt. “I want to continue the fun we were having last night.” She took his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and began fondling his balls and cock.

“Doesn’t that sound better than going to work?” She asked.

Before Dan could answer, she took his cock in her mouth and licked and sucked until he was hard. She slowly worked his cock into her mouth until her nose was in his pubic hair. Once she got to that point, all Dan could do was lean back against the sink and enjoy the ride. Heather started out slowly, inch by inch, up to the head then back down to the pubic hairs, gradually gaining speed and suction while rubbing her freshly shaven pussy on his shin. Soon, she felt his orgasm building so she reached around behind him and sank her nails into his ass. Dan groaned and his cock throbbed in her mouth as he shot his load down his wife’s throat, his body convulsing as she drank down every last drop. As soon as she was sure she had sucked him dry, heather stood up and walked out of the bathroom. A few moments later as Dan was pulling up his pants, she came back into the bathroom carrying a dry shirt and matching tie. He took the shirt from her and put it on as she finished drying off and wrapped herself in a towel.

As she helped him straighten his tie, a devilish look came across Heather’s face. Dan noticed this look and asked her, “why are you looking at me like that? What’s up?”

She kissed him on the lips and said, “That was just a taste of what will be waiting for you tonight when you come home to your loving wife.” She kissed the cut on his chin and said, “have a nice day at work, honey. I love you.” She giggled as she squeezed his crotch once more then left the room.

“Will there be anything else, Mr. Johnson?” Asked the waitress.

“No ma’am, just coffee today. Thank you, Linda.” He said as he handed her the menu. As the waitress walked away, he looked past her at a table across the restaurant. The beautiful redhead he’d followed in the door was looking out the window at the street. Her name was Angela Barrons. She was a senior partner at Barrons, LTD., the real estate brokerage firm founded by her grandfather in 1925.

Most of the competition in the real estate market was courtesy of Universal enterprises, Inc., a brokerage firm which was founded by a Viktor Shinyenko in 1950. Recently Universal and Barrons had gone head to head on more than one occasion in the lad development market and Universal had taken quite a beating, thus their stock had dropped like a rock. The current CEO of Universal, Dmitri Petrov, was not happy about this recent turn of events. One night, approximately two months ago, he made a telephone call, which he was confident, would bring about a swift and positive turn of events for Universal. That telephone call set in motion a chain of events that brought Vince Johnson to this particular restaurant today.

Angela’s order arrived and she ate alone, apparently lost in her own thoughts. Vince continued to watch her patiently. He knew her schedule. He knew where she was going next and he could be there before she arrived if he chose to be, but he continued to watch because he like what he saw very much. It was assignments like this one that made him sometimes hate his job. Sitting across the crowded restaurant from him was a stunningly beautiful woman; 5 ft 6 in tall, luxurious long red hair, beautiful face, breasts in perfect proportion to a dancers ass and legs; a woman who has done nothing wrong by him, yet his assignment was to eliminate her. He had been stretching this particular assignment for weeks now and his employer was getting anxious for results. The time for Angela Barrons death was unfortunately at hand and there was nothing more he could do to postpone it.

Angela got up from her table and walked past his table to the door. Vince waited 15 seconds and followed her to her next destination, 1071 Treadstone Ave. She had a penthouse suite, which was converted, into her own private little fitness center. She went there every day at the same time. Three days a week she worked out with a personal trainer, Trainer, two days she did a cardio-funk workout designed specifically for her by a friend and she took weekends off.

When she turned into the underground garage, he continued for two blocks and parked on the street. He figured that the walk back should give her enough time to get into the elevator and be on her way to her suite. This way, he was assured to have a reasonable amount of privacy while activating the receiver on the bomb he had placed on the undercarriage directly below the driver’s seat. It was a simple pipe bomb loaded with a pound of C4 hooked to a receiver tuned to an unusual frequency to avoid any accidental detonation.

Having activated the receiver, Vince went up to Angela’s suite and let himself in with the master key he had ‘borrowed’ from a night janitor a month ago. As he quietly closed the door, he could hear Angela and her trainer in the weight room.

“Fuck you!” Growled Angela.

“Later! Now take it slow and deliberate. Make it burn, feel it” replied Trainer in a patient yet authoritative voice.

“You get off seeing me like this, don’t you?!” Said Angela.

“Angela, any man who sees a woman like you in a position like this, lying on a weight bench nude, sweaty, breasts heaving with every breath, spreading your legs and flashing the world; and doesn’t get off on it is either blind, or brain dead. So to answer your question, yes, I do enjoy seeing you like this.” answered Trainer.

“Boy, (grunts) you sure know how to flatter a girl, you know that?” Asks Angela.

“Well, that’s one of the things you pay me for. Let’s go now, two more sets and then we can hit the pool" answered Trainer.

“Are you going to pace me again?” Angela asked, suggestively.

“Hmmhmm. Sweetheart, I’m going to do more than that.”

“Mmmmm. Should I be worried or horny?”

“That’s up to you. Come on now, one set left.”

When Angela worked out on the weights, she did so in the nude. When she did the cardio-funk, she wore a sports bra to protect her breasts. She was sore for three days after her first time through it because she wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t know what to expect.

When the weights topped, Vince let himself out and took the stairs down to the next floor. From there he took the elevator down to the lobby and left the building. He then went to his suite in the Cameron Building, which was two blocks down the street. He went to the scope and aimed it at Angela’s pool. He then turned on the video camera attached to the scope and the image of two people swimming laps in the nude came to life on the 35-inch color television next to the scope. It was easier to watch the television than look through the scope. He watched them swim for a while, admiring the way Angela’s hair flowed with the water. The grace of her movements, the way her breasts glistened when she did the backstroke. The way that the hair on her head matched the hair on her pussy – a beautiful, fiery shade of red. She was a living work of art and he’d been hired to kill her, what a bummer.

He decided, after a few minutes of watching Angela, that he needed a drink. He went to the kitchen and got a glass of iced tea. When he returned to the monitor, they had disappeared. He moved the scope around to see different areas of the pool and found them in the Jacuzzi. Angela was bent over the edge with her ass toward the windows and Trainer was doing her from the rear. They continued this for a few minutes, then Angela pulled away from Trainer and walked over to the windows and just stood there in all her glory looking out at the world. Trainer walked up behind her and began caressing her breasts from behind. While she allowed him to continue caressing her breasts, she reached between them with one hand to fondle his cock while she played with her clit and pussy with the other hand. Trainer said something to her and she turned around and bent over at the waist and started sucking his cock while she spread her legs and continued to play with herself. Before long it was obvious by Trainer’s expression that he was cumming down Angela’s throat.

She then had him lay on his back on the floor with his feet toward the windows as she settled into a ‘69’ placing her pussy on his face as she once again took his cock down her throat. They stayed that way for a short while, then Trainer found a sweet spot causing Angela to spit out his cock and sit back on his fact. Angela took his cock back into her mouth and continued to lick and suck as she fondled his balls, occasionally lifting her head to moan in response to Trainers actions on her pussy and clit. It didn’t take long before she was cumming on Trainers face.

When the orgasm was over, Angela crawled down Trainers body until she was straddling his cock. She reached between them and grasped his rock hard dick with her hand and rubbed it all over her pussy lips and her ass before guiding him into her wet pussy. She took every inch of his cock in a single thrust, then leaned forward and bounced up and down like a jockey riding a horse; slowly at first, gradually gaining speed until she couldn’t go any faster. Trainer said something to her and she stopped abruptly and sat up straight and didn’t move for a few seconds. She started to massage her own breast as her hips began to move slowly; forward and back, left and right, round and round; again, gradually gaining speed until she had to leave her breasts alone and put her hands on the glass for balance.

She kept this up for a time, stopping only once to move from her knees to her feet, squatting on Trainers cock. This gave Vince a most pleasing view of the joining of Trainers cock and Angela’s pussy. It was almost as though she knew she was being watched. Then she leaned back until she was lying on Trainers chest. She continued to grind his cock in her pussy as she resumed playing with her tits and this time Trainer’s hands joined hers. Soon Angela rolled off of Trainer and sucked his cock for a few more seconds before bringing him to his second orgasm of the day. They relaxed for a few minutes then returned to the suite.

As Angela and Trainer left the pool area, Vince turned off the camera and turned the television to channel 3. This activated a ‘pen-cam’ in the ventilation duct in the hall between the pool and the suite. The lens in the camera allowed an ‘in-the-room’ view of everything in front of it. That meant Vince saw everything just as if he were actually inside the vent. The camera is one of eight he had installed a week prior to moving into his suite. Each camera transmitted its signal to a different channel on the television and each signal was scrambled and buffered through three random locations before it’s received by Vince’s television. He had a camera in every room in Angela’s suite.

He watched Angela and Trainer enter the suite then switched to channel 6 (the master bathroom) in time to see Trainer start Angela’s shower. After a few minutes, Angela came in and had a brief discussion with Trainer but Vince couldn’t make out what was said because they were both facing away from the camera. They stepped into the shower together and took turns washing each other. While Angela was washing her hair, Trainer stepped out of the shower and left the room. Then as she was rinsing her hair, her mouth started moving and she started dancing in the shower. Vince assumed she was singing along with the radio.

Then she turned the water off, stepped out and dried herself off. Vince remembered that Trainer normally toweled her off so he flipped between the channels to see if Trainer was still around, but he wasn’t in the suite. Vince switched back to channel 7 (the master bedroom) in time to see Angela stretching. She was bent at the waist, feet spread wide, ass toward the camera, touching the floor behind her feet. He watched her finish stretching and get dressed. Then as she left the suite, he switched back to channel 3 to make sure she got onto the elevator. He turned the television off and stood up at the window to do some stretching of his own while he waited for Angela to reach her car.

He was in the kitchen getting another drink when the key chain in his pocket made three quick beeps. This meant that Angela had reached her car. It seemed a little quicker than normal for that elevator, but not quick enough to cause alarm.

He took the key chain out of his picket. It had three little lights on it, green, yellow, and red. Each light had a different meaning. The green light was on when he looked at it; meaning Angela was in the driver’s set. A few seconds later, the yellow light came on. This meant that the engine had been started. Almost immediately after that, the red light began blinking for a few seconds before staying on. This meant that she had backed out of the parking spot and was moving forward toward the exit. He went to the scope and turned on the camera and television. He had learned a long time ago that there were certain advantages to watching an assignment come to an end. It gave him a certain sense of closure, an assurance that it was over, until the next assignment came along. Angela’s car came into view, just as he brought the camera into focus. She had to wait for traffic to clear and this gave Vince enough time to realize that he had the right car, but the driver was not wearing what Angela had been wearing when she left the suite. The driver was Trainer; he must have been bringing the car around for Angela. It was then that he realized a way to give Angela at least another 24 hours of life while retaining plausible deniability.

He waited until the car was in the street and Angela was coming out of the building and walking toward the car, then he pressed the button on the key chain. The car erupted in an explosion violet enough to blow out windows in the surrounding building and cause five other cars to explode as well. He saw Angela get knocked off her feet by the explosion, but she was back on her feet almost immediately. It took two people to hold her back from the burning wreckage of the car.

A few moments later, the telephone rang. He answered it and knew who it was even before he started speaking. “Yes sir…I know…no, I don’t know why she wasn’t in the car…I’m aware of that sir…I won’t miss again.” He immediately began to work out a plan for the next attempt.

To Be Continued...

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