tagLesbian SexBarry and Diane, Encounter No. 14

Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 14


"So the moving coordinator was at the office today." Diane mentioned as she causally stirred her drink. I looked up from the paper I was reading and studied my wife. I could tell she had something she wanted to discuss with me.

"Oh yeah?" I waited for Diane to continue.

"Yeah. It was a woman; her name was Beverly, and she was there to give me quote on moving all those cubes and stuff. I got the distinct impression that she was checking me out." Diane was trying to sound casual but I could tell that she was intrigued by this woman.

Now I was intrigued as well. She was dressed as she usually was, in jeans and a low cut tee shirt and then a light sweater over that. She was wearing a gold necklace that drew one's eyes irresistibly to her cleavage. Diane worked hard in the gym and her efforts had resulted in a fantastic figure. She was particularly proud of her "girls" as she referred to them, and liked to show them off. And with that in mind, Diane had good taste in clothes, always looking sexy and alluring yet professional.

"And so what happened with her that has resulted in this?" I grinned pointing at Diane's nipples which were now noticeably hard. Diane blushed and smiled at me.

"She looked me up and down and then the entire time I was showing her around the place and she kept staring at my chest. When we were finished she shook my hand and put her other one over mine as well. She wasn't wearing a ring." Diane finished and set her drink down. She looked up at me and tried to stifle a smile that was threatening to take over her face. I grinned at my wife.

"Well it is obvious that you enjoyed the attention huh? Is she coming back? You should get her phone number."

"Actually I am supposed to meet her early next week so she can go over the quote with me. What do you think?" Diane looked at me hopefully.

I got up and crossed the room to stand behind my wife. I leaned over and nuzzled her neck biting gently on her earlobe. "I think you should go with the flow baby." I whispered. "Have some fun with her if she is agreeable. Then bring her home..." I reached around and pinched Diane's nipples feeling how hard and extended they were. Diane moaned low under her breath and closed her eyes laying her head back against my shoulder.

"I am so in love with you Barry." Diane whispered.

"I know baby. I love you too."

The rest of the week went by without a word about Beverly. Tuesday morning arrived and I noted that Diane took a little extra time getting ready for work. I smiled to myself as Diane sat primping in front of the mirror. She had laid out her clothes selection for the day, a short beige skirt that fit her perfectly, a cream colored blouse made of a satiny material that accented her nipples when she was excited, thigh high stockings that showed off her tanned legs, and finally a beige pair of heels, ankle straps of course.

Diane finished her makeup and got dressed. It was all I could do not to take her in my arms and ravish her right there. Buckling her watch Diane kissed me goodbye and promised to be home in time for supper, of which it was my turn to prepare. I could only imagine what the afternoon's activities would hold.

Diane breezed thru the workday with her usual calm professionalism, taking care of this and that and putting out the various fires that cropped up and were her specialty. Diane glanced at her watch and sighed. It was four o'clock. Beverly was supposed to be here at 4:30. Diane thought about Beverly for a moment. Beverly was an attractive woman, perhaps 5'07" tall, probably in her mid forties, but fit, with long dark hair, nice figure, and maybe just a little extra weight. She carried herself well and had an infectious smile. Diane smiled to herself as she remembered how obviously Beverly had assessed Diane at their last meeting. "We shall see what happens this afternoon." Diane thought to herself. The phone rang bringing Diane out of her reverie.

"Hi Diane! Beverly here. I am just calling to let you know traffic is a bitch and I am running a little late. I should be there by five though. Will that be a problem for you?"

"No not at all Beverly. I have some work to do anyway." Diane hung up the phone and sighed. She was hoping to be done by five and on her way home but now, well, that seemed unlikely.

Five o'clock rolled around and everyone started filtering out, some pausing for goodbyes and some not. Everyone liked Diane; she just had that kind of personality. I was indeed a very lucky fellow to have landed her. In any event about five minutes after the hour the phone buzzed again. It was Beverly in the main lobby. Diane pushed the button admitting Beverly to the building. Now it was just Beverly and Diane all to themselves.

Beverly walked out of the elevator and found Diane waiting to greet her. This time Beverly was dressed in a skirt, suit jacket and pumps. Beverly smiled broadly and ignored Diane's outstretched hand instead giving her a hug. Diane noted that Beverly's hand had "accidentally" brushed her right breast. Beverly opened her briefcase and the two women walked thru the empty office building making notes of various changes that were going to be handled by Beverly's movers. They ended up at the far end of the offices, in a long narrow conference room. There were windows on both sides and the lights of the city twinkled below them. In the middle of the room was a large conference table made out of dark hardwood and surrounded by several thickly padded leather chairs. Beverly laid out the detailed breakdown of the quote for all the work that was to be performed. Diane selected a chair and Beverly sat next to her.

Beverly started thru the quote making margin notes and answering the various questions that Diane had.

"Now doesn't that just figure?" Beverly sighed. "Pen is out of ink."

"Oh here's one" Diane reached across Beverly toward the fancy holder sitting in the center of the table. When she did Beverly froze, Diane's neck and face very close to hers. Beverly tilted her head slightly and lightly kissed Diane on her neck. Diane sucked in her breath and froze. Emboldened by this, Beverly reached up an put her hand around Diane's neck. Diane slowly sat back down looking into Beverly's eyes. Tenderly Beverly pulled Diane's face toward hers. Diane sighed and closed her eyes tilting her head and allowing Beverly to pull her close. Beverly parted her lips and slipped her tongue into Diane's waiting mouth.

"Mmmmmm" Diane moaned softly around Beverly's tongue. Kissing her back Diane flicked her tongue back and forth, exploring Beverly's mouth and wrapping her arms around her.

Breaking the kiss, Beverly sat back for a moment. "Oh Honey!" Beverly cooed, "This isn't your first time with a woman is it? You do that very, very well!"

"No, it isn't." Diane admitted. "My husband encouraged me to explore a little because he loves me, and because he gets all hot and bothered watching me and thinking about me making love to another woman."

"Diane, you are indeed an incredibly sexy woman." Beverly gushed. "I wanted you the first time I laid eyes on you!" Beverly was slipping off her jacket and standing up. She pulled Diane to her feet and drew her close. Looking into Diane's eyes she leaned in and kissed her again, more forcefully this time, jamming her tongue into Diane's mouth and roaming her hands all over Diane's body. Diane gasped at the intrusion, wrapping her own hands around Beverly's waist. Beverly pulled back and started unbuttoning Diane's blouse, taking care not to damage the garment as she opened one button after another.

Soon she had Diane's blouse open and Diane reached around and snapped off her bra. Unzipping her skirt, Diane let it fall to the floor as Beverly stepped out of her own skirt. Now Diane pulled Beverly close and deftly unclasped her bra. Beverly's breasts swung free and Diane bent over, taking first one of Beverly's nipples in her mouth and then the other. Beverly pulled her close as Diane sucked, nibbled, and pulled on Beverly's rapidly hardening nipples. Diane's own chest was on fire now too as was her pussy. Beverly moaned aloud as Diane worked her over, swirling her tongue around and alternating gentle bites with flicks from her tongue.

"Oh baby!" Beverly gasped. Pushing Diane backwards Beverly assisted Diane as she lay back on the boardroom table. Diane bent her knees and spread her legs. Holding her arms out she motioned for Beverly to join her. Beverly grinned broadly and finished shedding her clothes. Now Beverly was wearing only her heels and stocking as well.

Climbing up on the table she spun around and crawled over Diane. Kneeling between her thighs, Beverly wrapped her arms around Diane's thighs spreading them gently. Meanwhile Diane positioned her mouth beneath Beverly's dripping snatch. Reaching up Diane pulled Beverly's hips down to her mouth.

"OH MY GOD! THAT FEELS GOOD!" Beverly gasped as Diane licked long and deep into Beverly's folds. Starting at the top of her pussy Diane flattened her tongue and licked slowly all along the length of her wet lips. Again and again Diane licked her, pausing every so often to flick her tongue at Beverly's button. Beverly bit her lip and nuzzled her head down between Diane's thighs. She paused searching until she found just the right place and then plunged her tongue between Diane's lips.

"OH! OH! OH!" Diane cried out. Beverly was no amateur at pleasuring a woman and she worked Diane expertly. Slipping a finger into her she worked it in and out in conjunction with her efforts at licking Diane's button. In and out she pressed her finger deep, Diane's juices coating her face, lips, and tongue. Beverly felt her own orgasm building within her and doubled her efforts on Diane, desperate that they should cum together. Diane responded her body tensing up like a coiled spring until she gasped and shook, her orgasm rocketed thru her. Shaking and shuddering, Diane came again and again. This sent Beverly over the edge and she came hard, her juices coating Diane's face, little shivers running all along her back and legs. Exhausted, both the girls lay still, breathing slowing until it returned to normal. Beverly rolled off of Diane and lay back.

"Diane that was amazing!" Beverly sighed.

"You are pretty amazing yourself Beverly!" Diane quipped. Rolling over and sitting up Diane began gathering her things. "Come on Beverly." Diane was pulling up her skirt.

"Have to leave huh?" Beverly questioned.

"No, but my husband wants to meet you." Diane grinned.

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