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Amanda's daughter loved baseball. She played 1st base and apparently played it well. Amanda wished her daughter was interested in more female activities like drama or art but she was outnumbered by Billie her husband, who also liked baseball but was never very good at it, so he relived it through Karen. She played baseball every Saturday afternoon and each Wednesday evening, and Billie drove her to every game, stayed and watched her play and then drove her home.

Frank lived next door, so he was their neighbor but Amanda didn't like him much. He was arrogant and pushy, not at all like her husband who was loving and gentle. Amanda knew she was good looking but that didn't mean that she wanted men leering at her or making suggestive remarks. Every time Frank looked at her it was like he was trying to undress her with his eyes. He knew she was married, yet he was always trying to put the make on her.

One Wednesday evening when Karen and Billie were at baseball practice Frank came over and knocked on her door. "What do you want Frank? If you're looking for Billie he won't be home for an hour yet."

"No, it's you I want to talk too. I'm really sorry to bother you Amanda but I have a big favor to ask you. Every Wednesday evening five of us get together to play poker and we take turns playing at each others home. All the others are married and their wives act as hostess for the evening, making snacks and things like that. Since I broke up with my girlfriend I have no one. You are the most beautiful girl I know and I would feel so proud if you would agree to be my hostess next Wednesday."

Amanda blushed at his compliment. "I can't do that, I'm a married woman and you know that. I'm sure you must know someone else that you can ask."

"There is, but no one is anyway near as gorgeous as you are, and it's not just your looks, you have a great personality and a winning smile that makes everyone enjoy your company, and I would feel so special if you were my hostess. I know all my buddies would be jealous of me and wonder how someone like me could get someone as beautiful and sexy as you are to be my hostess."

He was laying it on pretty thick but it did make her feel good; still she didn't trust him. He continued; "I know your daughter plays baseball on Wednesday and this would give you something to do. I know you would enjoy yourself. You could eat and drink as much or as little as you wanted and five males would all be trying to impress you with their very best behavior. If anything displeased you, you could simply walk out and go home. So please, please, pretty please, be my hostess and make me a happy man."

It did sound like it might be fun and better than sitting at home watching TV while her daughter and husband were at the baseball game. "OK, I'll do it, but what do I wear?"

"You can wear anything you want, but it would please me if someone as beautiful as you are wore something sexy as well."

The following Wednesday as Billie was getting ready to drive Karen to the game Amanda told him that she would probably be home late because she was going to be at Frank's place acting as his hostess. "But I thought you didn't like him so what are you doing going over to his place?"

"He is stuck for a hostess tonight so I agreed to do it. It's only for this one time to help out a neighbor."

Later as she was getting ready, she decided to wear a tight white sweater and no bra. She was proud of her perky breasts and the sweater was thick enough that you couldn't see anything, but it made her wonder why she was dressing sexy.

When she got there only Frank and one of his guests had arrived so Frank introduced her. "Norman, this is my beautiful sexy neighbor who graciously agreed to be my hostess. Isn't she lovely?" "Oh stop it Frank" she giggled but it still made her feel good. As the rest arrived they all commented on how beautiful she was as they kissed her check and nobody tried to get fresh. All the guys drank beer but Frank had made her what he called a Pink Lady Special and it did taste pretty good and helped her relax. During the course of the evening she had a couple more and she was enjoying all the attention she was getting from the guys even when she had to walk away when they tried to get too fresh.

When the evening was over and the guys had gone home, Amanda was getting ready to go home also when Frank said, "I want to give you a kiss to say thanks."

"That's not really necessary Frank; I should be going home now."

Frank grabbed her, pulled her body tight against his and kissed her forcing his tongue in her mouth. She could feel the bulge in his pants. When she managed to struggle partially free she said, "Frank, what are you trying to do? Let go of me."

He pushed her down on the sofa and kissed her again, this time massaging her breasts at the same time. "Stop this immediately and let me get up."

Now while he kissed her he continued to massage her breast with one hand and ran his other hand up her leg toward her pussy. She slapped his face but when that accomplished nothing she tried to move his hand away from her pussy. "Stop it this instant. How dare you try and molest me. Let me go you dirty ape."

He was now half on top of her, having pushed up her sweater, he was now sucking on her bare breasts while one hand had found its way under her panties and he was fingering her pussy. She tried to kick him but he had her legs trapped under him "Quit it you horny bastard."

Sucking on one nipple, he used his free hand to undo his pants and pull out his cock. Pushing her panties to one side he tried to get his cock in her but she was squirming so much he couldn't do it. He was trying to rape her so why was her pussy so wet? "Get off me or I'll scream."

"If you scream I'm going to hit you and if you don't stop squirming I'm going to hit you. I'm going to fuck you and there's nothing you can do about it. Now you can be a bitch and make me slap you around before I fuck you; and what would Billie think when you come home all bruises, or you can be good and just let me do it. If you struggle any more all you'll do is make me mad and I'll hurt you."

Amanda knew she had little choice. He already had her half undressed and his cock was poking at her wet pussy. "OK, OK, I'll let you but put on a condom."

"You silly girl; maybe you make your wimpy husband wear a condom but I don't," he said as he pushed harder against her pussy and she relaxed a bit letting his cock into her. At first he did long slow deep thrusts into her pussy letting her relax and her sexual excitement build. When he could feel her pussy pulse on his deep thrusts, he changed to short thrusts but he did it quickly now. As her orgasm neared he could feel her dig her nails into his back to hold him tight, and as she crested he pushed in deep and held it there. He could feel her pussy tugging on his cock as she slowly came down from her high.

That was probably the most satisfying sex she had ever had but she sure wasn't going to let him know that. "Get off me you dirty pig. I'm going home. I have a good mind to call the police." She went home and not only did she not call the police, she never said anything to Billie either.

Billie was asleep when she got home so the following morning he asked her now it went. "It was a one time thing and now that I have done my duty as a neighbor, I won't be going over there again."

The following Saturday, shortly after Karen and Billie left for the baseball game, Frank just walked in her house. He never even knocked on the door. "You bastard, after what you did to me last Wednesday, you've got some nerve coming over here. Get out of my house or this time I will call the police." "I came over to apologize for what I did. I had a little too much to drink and you were so exciting and sexy I couldn't help myself; but instead of giving me even a chance to explain, you threaten to call the police on me! You are a bitch and I know how to treat bitches."

"OK Frank, I accept your apology, now please just go home."

Frank started walking toward her. "I know what you need and I'm going to give it to you."

"No Frank, stay away from me," Amanda said as she ran upstairs hoping to get into the master bedroom which could be locked from the inside, but Frank was right behind her and he got in before she could lock the door.

"How convenient, this is just were I wanted you to be. Now get your clothes off or I'll rip them off."

"Frank I'm sorry I made you mad. Just go home now and we'll forget all about this."

"You bitch, get those clothes off now before you make me even madder. How are you going to explain to Billie why your clothes and underwear are all ripped with cum stains on them? I think I'll beat your ass with my belt first, sometimes that's the only thing that bitches like you understand." Frank started undressing. Soon he was down to just his shorts and Amanda could see his obscene bulge. "Now get undressed or I'm going to put you over my knee and spank you like the spoiled little girl you are."

"Don't hit me with that belt Frank; I'll get undressed" When she was down to her bra and panties she stopped.

"You call that undressed; I want to see you naked. I'm going to beat some sense into you, but since you went partway I'll use my hand to spank you, not my belt. Now get over here and lie across my lap and do it fast before I change my mind and beat you with my belt."

Amanda quickly did what he wanted. He spanked her and her panty covered ass gave her no protection. He starting spanking her hard and it hurt, but after a while Amanda could feel herself becoming sexually aroused. She started squirming a little and she could feel his bulge rubbing against her. Now his spanks were becoming more of a massage than a spanking and she put up little protest when his finger started rubbing up and down between her ass cheeks and gently poking her pussy. She was not even aware she was doing it but she spread her legs just a little bit to give him easier access. Now he slipped two fingers under her panties and he fingered her with very quick short jabs. This was too much stimulation and suppressing her moans, Amanda came all over his fingers.

"Now Amanda, get up, take off the rest of your clothes and lie on your back on the bed or do you want another beating?"

"No Frank, I'll do it."

She decided to just lay quiet like a corpse on her back, let him do his dirty deed while she showed no emotion whatsoever. He started his long slow strokes into her pussy again only this time he squeezed her nipples between his fingers sending sexual shock waves rippling through her body to her moistening pussy. His cock was only a little bigger than Billie's but it had ridges that stimulated her clit on every in stroke and his cock head excited her pussy on every push in and every pull out. The stimulation was good but she wanted it deeper and harder and barely aware of what she was doing she rapped her legs around him and jerked herself up against his every thrust.

The thrills soon brought her to the brink and the explosion of his cum deep inside her sent her over the top. Instead of pulling out immediately after cuming he stayed deep inside her and let her pussy pulse on his cock as her breathing slowly returned to normal in satisfied bliss. Frank then got up and left without saying a word.

Usually Billie and Amanda made love every Saturday night. Amanda was already in bed wearing her shortie nightie when Billie came in wearing just his pajama tops; he looked ridiculous. "I have been looking forward to this all week Amanda," he said as he stood beside the bed putting on his condom.

Amanda had been sexually satisfied that afternoon and she had no desire to have sex with anyone, especially Billie. When he tried to initiate sex with her she told him she didn't feel well, so she just wanted to cuddle. Billie gave her long loving kisses and then moved down to kiss and suckle her breasts. That sent little thrills right down to her pussy, and although she felt naughty she pushed him further down to do the same to her pussy. Was it the touch of Billie's tongue on her pussy or the erotic thrill of what he was doing after her afternoon rendezvous with Frank, but she had a mini orgasm which was extremely rare with Billie. "Billie you naughty boy; you are so good at that, it sent a thrill through me." But was the real thrill that her husband was sucking her were her neighbor had fucked her?

The following Wednesday, her daughter Karen and her husband were at the baseball stadium for Karen's usual Wednesday night baseball game. Billie had asked her to go with them for a change but she said she would rather stay home and watch TV. Afterward she wondered why she stayed home considering what Frank did to her last Wednesday. About ten o'clock she checked her watch noting that Karen and Billie would be home soon. Was she actually disappointed that Frank never showed up?

The following Saturday after Karen and Billie left for the game, Amanda decided to take a shower. Coming out of the shower, using the bath towel to dry her hair she saw Frank sitting on her bed with a grin on his face. "How did you get in here? I know I locked the door before taking my shower," she said lowering the towel to cover her nudity.

"You forgot to lock the back door and there is no point trying to hide your body now. I have already had a good look and I like what I see."

"Frank you can't keep molesting me just because you're a horny toad. I haven't said anything to Billie yet but unless you leave right now, this time I will."

"You bitch, instead of co-operating just a little bit you keep threatening me. I spanked you before but I can see that didn't teach you anything, so this time I am going to beat you with my belt. I'm going to beat some sense into you," he said grabbing her by the arm and pulling her over his lap. This time he used his belt and he started smacking her ass with it. This was no erotic spanking with his hand, this time he was beating her with his belt and it hurt a lot.

"Frank, stop it; you're hurting me."

"I'll stop when you apologize to me for being a bitch."

"I am not a bitch."

The spanking continued and her ass was sore so how come her pussy was moist. As she squirmed on his lap trying to avoid the blows she could feel his hard cock pressing against her. "Are you ready to say you're sorry?"

"No, let me up you monster."

He gave her a few more spanks and then he dropped the belt and massaged her sore ass with his rough hands. Her ass was sore so she wondered how come his rough treatment was making her pussy wet. "Are you ready to apologize to me now or do I resume the spanking?"

"Don't spank me any more Frank. I apologize for the names I called you."

He lifted her off his lap and tossed her on the bed on her back. "Now I want to see a little more co-operation this time." He thrust his tongue in her mouth and massaged her breasts with his rough hands. Billie's hands were soft and he was gentle when he touched her breasts, but Frank treated her like he didn't care, yet he was sending little tingles straight to her pussy with his rough treatment. He was molesting her so why was her body responding to him? Now he was attacking her pussy with rapid fire finger fucks that built her excitement even though she struggled trying to push him off her Maybe it was just easier to let him do what he wanted. Frank felt her resistance lesson and he quickly mounted her and thrust deep into her pussy. His hard fucks into her were rapidly building her excitement and again his spurting cock sent her over the top to a delicious orgasm.

A few days later Billie said, "My boss is sending me out to our west coast office for two weeks to do an accounting audit. I know you would be uncomfortable being here alone with Frank right next door so I got my boss to agree that you can come with me."

"That's OK Billie, I'll be fine right here. You go ahead and enjoy yourself," and under her breath she said because I know I will.

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