Basement Gym Fuck


" I told you I would drain you, my stud son! Now let me milk your cock a few more times. Ooooooh, I can feel your cream squishing inside me. Ther is sssooo mmmuucchh! " . I tried hard to retain my hardness but I could feel my cock deflating a bit. Still, it must have been over a foot long and rigid enough to continue our humping. I just reckoned it would quickly harden again from the feeling of her cunt streched around my huge girth. But my mom had other ideas. She turned round and stuffed her cunt right on my mouth. I had never licked a woman before but I had the experience of porn viewing to guide me in my task. I licked around her clit in circles while rubbing her trimmed blond muff with my fingers. She was moaning widly, telling me I was doing a good job. I then dived in with my tongue, lapping up the mixture of her cuntjuice and my cum that was pouring out of her vagina. It had a salty taste but I felt delicious considering where it was coming from. In the meantime, my mom had started pulling on my semi-erect prick to bring it to full mast. It only took a couple of minutes before I felt the blood rush towards my cockhead, quickly filling my entire shaft with a quart of red-hot blood. She cooed with delight at the sight of my hardening rod and licked the underside of my glans clean of the encrusted sperm and oozing pre-cum. I decided it would be better to continue this fuck session on a more confortable surface so I stood up, still holding my mum by the arms, her head down sucking on my giant dong. I continue licking her cunt and occasionally glancing in front of me while I climbed the two floors to her master bedroom. There, I gently layed her on the satin sheets.

" Oh, Timmy, do me again, please. I want to feel your huge cock in my pussy! ", she was fingering herself and licking her puffy areolas. I climbed on the bed and parted her legs with my muscular arms, my chiseled broad chest almost touching the tips of her outstanding globes of solft flesh. I pushed my prick gently inside her snatch, drawing gasps of joy from my mother. She was near breathless as over ten inches of rock-hard manmeat pierced deep into her cunt. I stabbed her repeatedly, watching my glistening rod thrust forward from above. There was over four inches of my cock that never made it inside and it excited me a lot to see that I was too long for an adult woman. I've always enjoyed feeling freakishly superior sexually to my counterparts and this was another proof yet of my super-virility. As I pounded away, I imagined a bright future ahead, where my sexual needs would be satiated by my mother's hungry cunt and mouth. My last orgasm of the night was the most powerful. The utter fulfillment of this precious moment between mother and son brought me to new heights of passion. I bellowed angrily as I erupted deep within my mum, sending wave after wave of thick creamy spunk splashing in her womb, filling her to overflowing everytime with a single wad. She exploded into her loudest orgasm of the evening as she felt my hot boycream hosing her inside. I slowly pulled out to make more space for the upcoming jets of seed. Eventually, my cockhead popped out with a loud plop as a foot-long streamer was beginning to arch its way in the air. It splashed my mother's bush, travelling up to her navel where it completely filled the hole of her bellybutton and ending at the underside of her left boob where it pool on her flat, well-defined stomach. I couldn't count the following shots of semen because I had entered the orgasmic dimension but my mum later told me I came like a firehose, at least half a dozen huge strands landed on her face and tits.

After a deep, passionnate kiss that sealed our sexual love forever, I fell asleep. I dreamt of my sister Kate, who was only 20 years-old but looked already as gorgeous as a supermodel and of how I was going to get her to join in the family fun....

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by Anonymous04/10/18

I lost it at the part where you pick her up with your penis, by hard to masturbate to, because I thought it was funny. Also if his cock was that big it would probably kill her from internal bleeding andmore...

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by Anonymous03/09/18


I'll stop writing you dickless fag when you stop posting your sick fucking coments

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by Anonymous03/09/18

Great story

Big timmy is a little puss who kunt right to save his little pinkie sized lady cock. . stop writing now and save us please!!

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