Bathhouse Afternoon Opening


Feeling a touch responsible for the disturbance, I decided it was time to explore a few other possibilities, and do another hit or two of Rush. Downstairs, there is the shower area, a glassed wall, three tier dry sauna for easily a dozen men laid out on their towels, the door to the steamroom right of the stair case, and the whirlpool area, which is monitored by video, according to a sign. Which also makes good sense, actually - it is deep enough and private enough to drown in, without at least some monitoring. But this also meant that downstairs was not the place to add a locker room scent - among the bathhouse's various visitors, Rush seemed a fairly rare acquired taste.

Perhaps understandably so - it disappeared from common use around the same time the bathhouses in the U.S. did. For reasons which had made perfect sense to me at the time, even if my favorite way to use poppers then was to get sucked off and then tit fuck a woman. Size made no difference in either my or her pleasure on the part of the three women I enjoyed doing this with over a couple of years. A form of safer sex, actually, while still fully enjoying the sensation of being stoned, sucked, and totally turned on as the Rush made my whole body a driving cock. Or not really safe sex as both of us enjoyed the 'scent' bottle, then fucking and grinding together in pure animal lust, slutty words pouring from our mouths, totally aroused and utterly mindless.

Now upstairs, towel slipped yet again as I moved my left hand off it. My hand held the black bag with condoms and Rush, opened after entering a booth near the stair case. Holding my breath, the entrance chime started to sound like an invitation to paradise, with still more men arriving to get undressed and enjoy each other's company. Being so early had let me experience what the bathhouse was like from its opening. One thing that had stood out downstairs at the bar this visit was the music seemed much better - not less pop oriented, exactly, but much less commercial, most likely because the previously local radio station fed speakers were now generated by someone's playlist, likely from an MP3 player or streamed PC.

Upstairs, the music was a perfect accompaniment as the poppers filled me again, breathing out and then opening the door to wander around. Still quite empty, except for one man in the hallway to the porn area at the end. I walked back to the dark area - a subtle sound of sex in the background. I remain convinced that both the porn area and the cruising area are provided a certain not quite subliminal sound background, because even when it is seemingly empty, there is always the aural awareness of sex. Unlike the steamroom, which lacks music or a porn movie's audio - in the steam, the awareness of sex generally tends to be direct and sweaty, or muted by the dimness and sound of steam, with the occasionally jarring interruption from the shower in the middle of the tiled room.

I went into another booth, did another deep hit, and returned to the basement, condoms already in my left hand. Downstairs, there were only a couple of towels along the alcoved space, and again, it occurred to me my sense of timing might be off - maybe it hadn't really been that long since hearing people arriving, and maybe it hadn't sounded more than a half dozen times.

Not that it was important as I settled down on the bench in the rear, returning to a vantage point which generally suits my interests. I do find the more illuminated area interesting, but it lacks the same intense intimacy of the rear areas. The clock upstairs had shown 3:00pm, meaning that a half hour still needed to pass at a minimum before leaving. Not that leaving was on my mind.

Sitting there, door opened, and the apparently same older and coughing man walked through, passing me into the deep darkness to the left. Where it seemed that the sounds of sucking originated, making me stroke harder in reaction. After a bit, the older man walked out unsteadily, and I was still not certain what had happened. Not that it made any real difference to my stroking, or the way it was making me feel. Another man walked by, hesitated near me, then moved on after receiving no reaction on my part - which seems to be the best way to be ignored, by indicating no interest or reaction at all.

Again, shortly after the man disappeared from view, the sounds of sucking came from the obscuring darkness, followed by a second naked man walking unsteadily towards the door, his cock no longer erect as it had been when he had walked by. Of course, I was completely hard at the idea of some man waiting in the dark to suck literally any cock that appeared, wondering whether I should also see if this was an accurate guess, and not even bother with a condom until it turned out to be true, with his lips sliding along my shaft. The sort of thought which just reminded me how easily one could ignore the truth - any man sucking any cock that appeared was not doing anything but playing losing odds for a number of things I had no desire to share.

Not that it mattered to me as it happened a third time - the room was starting fill, and my cock was now being openly stroked. One pair started kissing in front of me, and one man sat down at the end of the bench, then started sucking the cock of the man he had been holding as he had lowered himself, his mouth remaining in contact with his partner's, until their necks could no longer bend enough to reach, and he went down on him.

The shifting of light and dark was becoming difficult to follow, the glass door opening and closing while figures moved through the steamy space. A man stood in front of me, a hand lightly trailing along the hair of my upraised leg. His other hand touched the side of my neck, his thumb moving along the underside of my ear. Of course, I couldn't stop from moaning, and stroking myself faster, saying 'oh fuck yesss .. fuck yeah ... oh yeahhh.'

By now, the steam room's feel was different from the almost spare erotic mood I had already enjoyed between just a couple of horny strangers. There were easily a dozen men, with an inescapable sexual dimension. Which suited all of us just fine, as my left hand reached out to entice the fourth new cock of the hour closer to my panting mouth, even as his hand reached my cock, then slid over my balls.

At least three other men were sucking cock near me, a pair was kissing and grinding their cocks, with a couple of men looking on against the wall, playing with themselves. Looking around, the space had filled with turned on naked men, the temperature of the steamroom having reached its mutually desired level. A self-sustaining one, of which we were all a part, and in my case, the watching just added to my public openness, legs spread as a naked stranger put his foot on the bench, his hands on the wall as he shifted,

His sexy cock close, my left hand found one of the condoms on the bench, after sliding over his leg and moving my spread fingers lighting over his thigh, finally returning to the level of the bench, my hand running down his shin and foot. Opening the wrapper and sliding it over his pulsing cockhead, his hand on my cock an irresistible invitation to go down on his eager rod, which he was now pressing closer. The very surrender to his wants as he stroked my cock was very easy with a condom ready. Though again, my tongue couldn't be kept from licking his uncovered shaft, with a couple of flicks over the underside of his cock head. With the condom stretched and rolling over the slit at the tip of his cock, I moved my head to position my lips to help the latex sheath down the length of his cock.

He grew still stiffer in my mouth, already fucking me before the condom was all the way down. Making my saliva spread below the condom, adding its own slipperiness to the shared task, as his hand reached down to clamp fingers along the bottom of the condom, helping it move to the base of his cock. Which was similar to my own, I thought, especially as the condom provided some independent measure - it was about as tight and covering as on my own cock. Meaning that at this point, there was nothing to concentrate on but his cock in my wanting mouth, getting him off and feeling his hand on my horny cock length, lubricated perfectly with pre-cum and mingled sweat.

Unlike my first time today, the cock being sucked was in charge, his hands and hips combined moving his body to his wants. Desires which made my legs spread even wider in recognition of his need to be pleasured by a cocksucker, my hand unable to stop from openly jacking myself off, pressing up against his circled hand, publicly revealing our shared desires, particularly my desire to please him. Not only making me really horny, but making him go deeper, unable to resist what I offered. But this time, even with the real feeling of having my mouth fucked, my first gagging reaction led to him slowing and pulling back almost instantly, making me eager to see just how deep I could take him.

The next couple of minutes were a lesson in cock sucking, accompanied by the sound of other men doing the same thing. By now, my own efforts were quite loud, an unstoppable mixture of wetness and desire to draw his cock deeper, resulting in noticeable interludes of sloppily obvious cock sucking, even in the obscuring semi-darkness.

And again, the thought of how smart it was to use condoms floated through my bobbing head. Previously, in almost every case since my first visit, the only condoms used came from me, even while enjoying unprotected anal sex while I sucked them. Meaning that basically everyone I had met was already someone you are better off using condoms with. Simply emphasizing the fact that group sex already means multiple partners, and much like a helmet when riding, it makes the potential cost manageable enough, without ruining the enjoyment. Not a perfect analogy, but more than sufficient as my throat kept experiencing a hot cock pressing deeper as his hands pulled my head forwards, wanting and enjoying the inexorable penetration.

He remained at this insistent depth for a while, though eventually unable to stop from wanting to be enveloped to the base of his cock. Which was now maybe an inch away, my opened eyed providing a blurred estimate, likely the deepest I had ever taken a cock. And no further, as again, reflexes overruled any desire. His response was again suitably skilled, as my mouth greedily began to pleasure his complete cock head and a decent section of his shaft, without any danger of gagging.

His movements shifted, now forcing me to take his cock motion's along my cheek, teeth cautiously adding their own texture and pressure along his turned-on rod, a bit tentative due to the thinness of the condom's material. My left hand was again pressing against his ass, adding its own encouragement as my head moved, changing the direction of his thrusting cock to the right cheek from the left one, getting ready to again swallow as much of him as possible.

His cock shifted, starting to go deeper, no longer to one side or the other of my mouth, a sensation which focused my total attention, the hand on my cock becoming still, as my attention became completely devoted to his thrusting cock. A feeling definitely shared by many of the men in the room, either sucking or being sucked. We all knew what had brought us here, an attraction shared and repeated, pure male to male sex.

I knew that this time, he wasn't going to stop until cumming, lost to all restraint, wanting nothing but to fill my mouth with his turned on cock. A thought clearly overwhelming him, his thrusts becoming deeper yet more relaxed, as I felt his cock grow and pump, my lips moving smoothly around his swelled cock head, my tongue sliding over the very tip of his cock, forcing his cum to flow back over his covered cockhead, adding to a wetness we hadn't quite shared.

Knowing he had cum, my hand drifted back down to my still erect cock as he stepped back, somewhat unsteadily. Just another compliment, in its way, a personally familiar feeling after being sucked off by a skilled stranger. But watching him move away in this room just made me hornier - after moving diagonally past the pair still getting off orally next to us on the bench, he was stopped by a man reaching and then grasping his still condom covered cock. The two began to kiss, as a third man moved close, his hand also starting to slide along both the slowly drooping covered cock while he kept stroking himself. A fourth man moved close, as the first two kept kissing deeply.

My attention was slowly brought back to nearby as the pair next to me reached the end of their game, as the sucked man could no longer keep from orgasming, pumping his cumming cock almost fully past the sitting man's lips, sliding his hips back before pushing in again. My hand kept stroking my erect length, noticing that the cock sucking man was doing the same with his own stiff cock. After a bit, the standing man pulled back, also unsteadily. Glancing around, I could no longer see the man who I had sucked off, though plenty of other naked men were entwined or moving in the dimness.

I moved along the slippery bench, my right foot reaching out to touch the man still on the bench. However, he had risen, standing with his back against the rear wall, forcing me to move closer before making my first tentative contact. An unused condom was in my left hand as my eyes focused on his stroked cock. Surveying what was happening just made me hornier as I turned a bit to reach out with my left hand. Finding his erect cock sent a jolt to my own cock, and I almost came from just feeling another cock sucker's horny rod. Responding to my touch, he moved a bit, and I felt his hand on my nipple, just making me stroke myself with greater pleasure.

My own stroking seemed to be having much the same effect on him, leading to another unstoppable orgasm, my hand pumping his cock as my eyes continued to overwhelm my own now cumming cock with images of naked men getting each other off. Between the feel of his fingers on my nipple and my hand jacking my cock, my own orgasm was fantastically satisfying, addictively so. A truth that essentially all the other men in this steam filled chamber of pleasure knew to be true, a shared secret of a male only space.

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