tagGay MaleBathhouses In Another Land Ch. 04

Bathhouses In Another Land Ch. 04


I returned home on Sunday evening, bringing with me two unopened varieties of poppers, having left all my smoking supplies behind, sitting on a bench in a sunken park, sculpture lining a stretch of what had likely been a canal in the past, a casual 5 minute walk away from the still under construction main train station. Smoking supplies which were still generous, even after having enjoyed a fat joint in the pleasant early afternoon sun in late autumn, before walking to the station, then spending the next six hours in a high speed train, enjoying the total relaxation after having spent almost the entire day before in a bathhouse.

My wife is familiar with the effects of weed on me, and generally indulges my horniness whenever I partake during a trip. Or just being horny - like last spring, after my first visit to a big city bathhouse, telling her what happened as she played with my nipple while I jacked off. Well, at least a part of it - the tales my wife hears tend towards more restraint than the ones shared here, to correspond to her tastes.

Poppers, for example, are a long known taste of mine, especially when paired with some good smoke and porn - something she doesn't quite indulge herself, keeping most of my my fantasies of introducing her to the same array of sexual delights as I experienced in the late 70s and early 80s largely unfulfilled.

Getting into bed after my travels, a couple of hours after walking home from the streetcar stop, I reached for her, hearing her somewhat bemused voice say something about my horniness. Prompting me to lead her hand to my still flaccid cock, replying along the lines of not being exactly horny yet, but certainly wanting to be.

'And what did you do when I wasn't around?' she inquired, her hand finding my cock before she was finished.

'Well ... do you really want me to tell?'

'Sure - you want to anyways - it isn't as if I'll be that surprised. Though a woman walking into your room on your last trip was a bit unexpected.'

'Not that anything happened, attractive as she was.'

'That was because of the sauna, right?' Which was true, admittedly - though I had seen her again, my interest had been fairly specifically directed towards experiencing gay group sex in a major city. And though attractive, it was just a chance encounter, unlike what I had planned, full of not exactly random encounters with other horny naked men.

We settled into our federbetten, the down filled quilts becoming warm fairly quickly, autumn still mild around Halloween. Tonight, she had slipped into bed naked, like I. Something rare, as normally, like most women her age here, she wore pyjamas to bed in the colder months. Being naked, the bed grew warm as our bodies touched, naked skin being better than covered in terms of warmth, though the initial coldness of the sheets is something to be endured.

Her hand on my cock, she asked 'What did you do this time?,' causing a sigh as she began to slide her spread fingers between my thighs. She turned into me, a breast against my side, her lips finding my neck, fully knowing that this was the best way to hear me 'confess.' A somewhat circumspect one, keeping her unaware of just how fully male only sex could fill someone's time.

Trying to sound casual, I replied 'Well, I did go to another bathhouse' as her teeth began to expertly move along my sensitive skin, scant moments away from creating another hickey, her hand letting her know just how thoroughly I was in her control, cock erect. The after effects of smoking a good half gram of hash and weed several hours ago were still obvious.

Letting me think that using my newly acquired jungle juice, allowing a comparison of the varieties I had bought, was possible. A certain familiar feeling grew in my middle, knowing that another part of my sexual adventures with men would be shared with someone else. Unlike my bi-friend, my wife has no experience of sex with someone of the same sex, and tends to be a bit suspicious of the whole thing. Partially because the idea of 'bi' seems hard for her to grasp, and partially because of her distrust of male only sex - a reasonable enough concern.

The thrill of telling her about a couple of my adventures while enjoying the enhancing qualities of the poppers next to our bed, on my side, was too powerful to resist, an almost hollow feeling with a hard center, a familiar one, often just before getting off with a stranger. Hopefully, this bottle's effects would be more powerful than the fairly mild ones of the current rush knock-off I had experienced less than a day before.

'What did you do?' she repeated, getting to the heart of the matter, her hand now stroking my full length, her tongue touching my ear.

'I sat on sling, stroking myself as a couple of men watched. It took me a minute to get in it, and it wasn't that comfortable.'

'Sat on what?'

'A sling - a thick leather pad with chains at each corner. I sat down and stroked myself in public, just like at the movie theater years ago.'

'Like now?'

'God yes, like I'm stroking now. With other men watching.'

'Did you look? Tell me what you did.' Her tongue returned to my neck, a finger sliding over my turned on nipple. Playing with myself, the rising pleasure allowing me to share more of my experiences.

'I played with my cock, looking at other men doing the same. After a while, we were all hard. I was really horny - their cocks were really sexy.'

Pausing, she asked how old they were, an unanticipated direction for a question. I replied somewhat older than me, making her say that they probably found me attractive, a perspective that had never occurred to me. Not that I planned to tell her how it felt to fuck someone on a sling, sharing poppers, my covered cock in paradise, deep in man's smooth ass. A memory that had been making me hard while sitting on the sling then, feeling the smooth leather warm under my ass, knowing that a hard cock and spread legs could be considered an invitation.

Admittedly, it wouldn't be the first time such an invitation had been accepted. I have been sucked off in a more advanced sling, years ago in a porn complex, legs spread wide, floating, my horny cock the center of my moving body, a fantastic experience. But there is something primal to be said about the feeling of polished leather, reflecting all the sex it had involved in, knowing that it could easily handle even the roughest male fucking.

'I left the sling and went to the dark area. It was pure sex. Group sex .. you could smell poppers .. gay sex .. in the room .. sexy moans .. deep hit .. talking dirty. I was horny - like now.' My concentration was fading, so I reached down to get the new bottle of jungle juice, creating a small break.

'What are you getting?'

'Just some .. I bought poppers .. I want to cum .. so good.'

'Do they make you horny?'

'You know that - and you should try, just once, with your toy getting you hot, have your slippery ass fingered.'

'Stop, don't talk like that, I don't like it.'

'Well, talking about it, sure. But doing it? You love it, from getting so wet to moving your hips to feel my finger, wanting me to play with your ass again.'

'Sometimes, maybe.'

'Playing with your toy is a perfect opportunity. Like now.' An offer that is always completely sincere - I love watching my wife jacking off to her vibrator, so wet and pink and pulsing.

'Later' she murmured, sliding her upper leg to slide against my cock, slowly jacking as we talked. After a minute, on the edge of orgasm, the mechanics of using the brown bottle provided a welcome distraction to the onrushing pleasure of her furry leg sliding along my horny shaft, lazily changing direction as it rubbed back and forth.

The bottle now in both hands, my left hand had stopped stroking and pulling against her calf. I shifted my body a bit, moving up against the head of the bed, bringing my cock closer to her head.

'I went to the bar - talked to a gay man about saunas while drinking another beer.'

'How drunk were you?'

'Not very, though we drank our beer quickly. I was really stoned.'

'You were stoned?'

'Very, and legally - the coffeeshop was close by anyways. Getting stoned makes me horny - I'm not the only one that is true about.'

'What did you talk about?' she asked, returning to the main subject. Sliding down a bit, moving herself to balance her crotch against my knee, changing position, and switching hands and nipple. Her breasts were invitingly close to my horny cock, a very sexy view.

It was impossible to resist at this point, so I told her about seeing him get hard as we talked. And seeing how he watched me as my hand began to touch my swelling cock under my towel, right at the bar, flirting in a truly sexy way, talking about saunas full of naked people, and their differences.

'A gay sauna has places .. you can fuck .. he was surprised .. straight saunas .. aren't full of .. sex .. naked people .. I explained.' This wasn't a particularly coherent recollection, but my wife seemed to follow the main thread, her pussy beginning to move against my knee - a bony one, according to her, likely an accurate enough appraisal. Something she was using to her pleasure, it seemed.

'What did you do?' I heard, but it was getting more difficult to answer as my concentration shifted focus.

'Tell me about a gay sauna' were the next words she spoke, as my increasing horniness allowing me to talk more freely. I could feel her breath just above my cock, and knew that temptation could not be resisted much longer.

'Men and women .. public sauna .. no sex .. but tempting .. he didn't understand .. we .. we went to the orgy room .. I was hard .. saw fucking .. sucking.'

'Tell me what you did' she said, just a few seconds before lips lightly brushed the tip of my cockhead. I opened the bottle, taking a deep hit. Holding my breath, the rising sensations were fantastic, her mouth taking me deeper, the wetness wonderfully distinct from that of her pussy.

My wife has no problem with my nostalgia for an earlier era, as long as it fits her ideas of good sexual public health, circa 1987 or so. Something I find amusing, my awareness of the risks being both older and considerably more up to date than hers. Nonetheless, these concerns are both reasonable and worth respect, as she was proving again, her mouth slowly sliding over my turned on cockhead.

I closed the cap on the newly filled jungle juice bottle, having saved the other two thirds in the recently bought bottle after coming home, hoping to preserve it as long as possible in an air tight gasketed Italian glass container.

'I saw men fucking and sucking .. cocks so hard .. he played with my cock .. I did a hit .. it was so good.'

The head of my cock was fully enclosed in her mouth. Holding my breath, the animal sensation of rush filled my cock, causing me to speak like a total slut, hips beginning to move my cock deeper into her mouth, words pouring from me as I breathed out.

'Cock suckers .. so good .. group fucking .. hard cocks .. he played with my nipple .. stroked me.'

Words overwhelmed all restraints as my wife sucked me off, her skills an interesting contrast to the cocksuckers at different bathhouses, her long practice in getting me off able to counterbalance the male enthusiasm and skill of men sucking my cock for the first time.

'They were fucking .. cock suckers .. my cock was so hard.' The waves of orgasm were building she went down on me, her hand sliding along my shaft to underneath my cockhead, her tongue sliding over it, my eyes closing again after watching her suck me.

To my frustration, she actually paused, taking her mouth away to ask 'What did you do?'

'Nothing .. they were crazy .. no condoms at all.' A true statement, though it left unstated the attraction of a bare cock being sucked, just like now.

'We shared a hit of rush - another man played with my nipple - jacking off watching, so much sex.'

'Really no condoms?'

'It seemed so. I walked to another section, one with booths, most with doors open. But one booth had a closed door, though there was a crack you could see through.'

'Did you look?'

'I listened first. They were clearly fucking, talking dirty. The booth walls did not meet the ceiling, making the sounds obvious.'

'Did you get hard?'

'Yes - and I went in to the booth next to theirs, laying on the pad stroking my cock. Other men were around, lingering, horny. Another man got hard in the booth across from mine - it really turned on seeing him play with his cock, showing off just like decades ago, and getting turned on looking at his sexy cock.'

My hand had strayed to my cock as we spoke, her fingers playing with my nipple knowingly, fully aware of just completely she could turn me into a hot slut.

'Tell me what you saw.'

'Let me get the bottle .. fuck .. I saw them fuck.' Her fingers stayed in contact, sliding down to my bush as I shifted to pick up the bottle. Talking like this is really sexy, because I need to be really turned on before actually saying them to her. A condition which she has no problem with, her hand beginning to stroke my inner thigh, making me pause opening the bottle, knowing that her hand could stray lower, already on the verge of begging her to touch my ass.

'You looked at them fucking, didn't you?' she asked in a tone that seemed amused, her fingers beginning to lightly brush the hairs under my sack, an unbelievably exquisite sensation.

'Yes. I left everything in the booth, then wandered past. There was a crack ,, it let me look in, He was so hard, on his hands and knees.'

'What did you see?' My wife tends to be unimaginative at times, though by now, that was utterly unimportant.

'Fucking .. Asian man .. so hard .. hands and knees .. cock hard .. getting fucked . being ridden .. cock bouncing.'

Her fingers had slid down along my inner thigh, making it difficult to open the bottle, as it became clear that she would finger me when I begged her to. She almost always waits, a long running part of our relationship. One that is beyond my power to end, this being the way she is.

Holding my breath as long as possible, her fingers so close to my ass, I couldn't stop from begging as my lungs filled again, the sensation in my cock growing as her fingers began to lightly glide over the hairs around my wanting ass ring, then leaving. My wife is very familiar with my fantasies about being fucked, a desire she shares, one generally satisfied with my finger when getting off with one of her magic wands, even if she often denies her interest before or after getting fingered.

'I saw him .. so hard .. being fucked .. yes .. fuck yes .. finger me .. I love it.'

'Like he did?'

'Fuck yes .. he was so hard .. finger me.' My ring was pulsing as her now moistened fingers began to press around it. I spread my legs, hand pumping my cock, surrendering to the sensations centered on my ass, wonderfully dirty ones, no longer fantasizing about what it would feel like as her slippery fingers began to go deeper.

'What did you see?'

'Fucking .. hot fucking .. fuck me .. like him.' At this point, the feeling of her fingers going deeper became overwhelming. This was not a confession - she was very familiar with just how much I loved getting fingered when hard. Something she understood, sharing the same desire when turned on. A desire she has been fulfilling over two decades, even if finding it 'dirty' afterwards, almost always leaving the bed to clean herself after making me cum. Something she in no way demands from me after cumming with my finger pleasuring her ass.

My desiring ass was completely under her control as her finger went deeper, my cock stroking slowing in time to her motion. 'I stroked myself .. like this .. watching them .. other men around .. they saw me .. watching .. go deeper .. fuck me.' The rush had filled me, my mouth under its control, revealing my hidden desires, ones that she was again leading me to enjoy utterly, legs spread, words changing to moaning as she finger fucked my hole.

Slowly recovering from my descent into pure poppers sluttiness, I felt her grinding her well lubricated cunt against my raised knee, in rhythm to her fingering, her own words becoming more primitive.

'Horny ass fucker .. hands and knees .. hard cock fucker .. hot fucking.' By now, my hand had slid over her butt, parting her cheeks to explore her ass, then sliding over her pussy, feeling it wetness before again sliding over her asshole, making her gasp as my slippery finger began to circle it.

She moved up a bit, her breasts against my cock, her expression distant as she asked, in a distracted way, 'What happened?'

'I went upstairs to the whirlpool, Another man was in it.' We were fingering each other's horny ass, her mouth close to my cock.

'The water was clear .. we were both touching our cocks .. my foot touched his .. his cock was so sexy .. he touched my thigh .. I looked as his hand stroked my cock .. I touched his cock.'

The thrill was incredible, finally telling my wife that I had played with another man's cock, no longer the purely passive observer of what others did to me, as in the past. I opened the bottle with my right hand, a not exactly rusty skill, taking a deep hit. Then closing the bottle quickly, before its effects would make me incapable of anything but surrendering to its pure pleasure, knowing that this time, I would be unable to resist its power.

Her fingering was skilled, but when she went down on me, the sensation almost made me breath out too early, pumping my cock into her open mouth. I held the hit as long as possible, feeling her wet lips slide down my shaft, her finger beginning to move in my ass. Her wet pussy was slowly moving against my slightly raise3d knee, her asshole being being fingered by my left hand.

Uncaring about what it revealed, I began to tell her what it was like to play with another man's cock, a man already playing with mine. 'He was so so sexy .. I touched his cock .. as he touched mine.'

Her mouth went deeper down my shaft as I talked, her finger slowly withdrawing as her mouth began to go back up my shaft. The contrast was fantastic, and when it reversed, I knew that orgasm was inevitable, a fact equally known to my wife.

'His cock was so .. sexy .. so hard .. so soft,' the words escaping my lips as orgasm began to rise, 'so hard .. so soft. I played with his cock .. touched a man's cock .. it was so sexy.' My finger continued to play with her ass as her cock sucking led me on, telling her about how horny I was, stroking another man's hard cock in the whirlpool, uncaring about whoever saw us, in a place where no one cared about sexual games.

'His cock was so soft .. and so hard.' For the first time letting my wife know I had played with a stranger's cock, unable to resist as her finger went deeper into my ass, her mouth covering my cock in warm wetness, the jungle juice making her fingering feel so wonderful, my ass completely under her control, her fingering making me cum as I began to pant 'so hard .. so soft,' the words perfectly matching the pulsing jets of my orgasm.

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