tagIncest/TabooBathrobe Mornings Ch. 02

Bathrobe Mornings Ch. 02


All characters are 18 or older.


My hands were shaking in the shower as I washed my daughter's juices off of my cock. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Honey - my beautiful, petite daughter - had just given me two of the best orgasms of my life, back to back, and in the process had changed both of our lives forever.

First she'd made me come in her tight little pussy, me pounding away at her while she begged me to shoot inside her. Afterward she'd fingered herself, pausing occasionally to lick both our cum from her fingers.

Then, when I'd started to become overwhelmed with guilt over what we'd done, she comforted me by taking my cock in her mouth and giving me the best blowjob I'd ever had. She'd kept going until I'd deposited another load of sperm down her throat.

But we'd gotten caught. My youngest daughter, Heather, had seen her sister go down on me, and then run into her room after Honey had finished swallowing.

Every muscle in my body was tense. My mind was racing and my insides were liquid. Would Heather tell anyone? One phone call to her mother and I was probably going to jail.

But worse even than that was the thought that I could lose either of my daughter's love. They were everything to me. Honey seemed pretty damn happy with this new side to our relationship, but she'd also told me she'd been wanting it for a long time, so she'd had all of those years to get used to the idea. I was fairly sure the act wasn't going to hurt her anymore than just wanting it that intensely had. I knew what it was like to have a fantasy that society would consider outside the norm, even wrong. Hell, I was even drawn to fantasies like that.

I had to talk to Heather. I had to do some kind of damage control. But I'd taken a shower first both so Honey could talk to her, and so I didn't smell like incest when I went to her room.

"Heather, baby?" I called out softly as I pushed her bedroom door open. I was wearing my robe again, not having wanted to take the time to get dressed fully. Honey was still in hers, her hair wet from a shower of her own. Heather was in her nightshirt, laying face down on her bed. Her eyes looked as though she'd been crying. Honey was rubbing her sister's back.

I was enough of a pervert to look from Heather's bare feet up to her perfect ass, clad only in a pair of black panties. Heather was my athlete. She had inherited my height, and stood at five-eight, with strong legs and a ripped midsection from playing endless games of soccer for her high school team. Despite her lack of nearly all unnecessary fat, Heather also had a perfect set of c-cup breasts that absolutely defied gravity. Honey was the older sister, but Heather had more of a woman's body. A body that a lot of playboy models would have been jealous of.

Heather didn't answer and didn't look up when I came in.

"She's okay, Daddy." Honey said with a small smile. "We just surprised her, that's all."

"Can I talk to Heather alone, Honey?"

Honey, always the obedient one (at least for me, her mother couldn't get her to cooperate with anything) got up and stood on her tip toes to kiss me on the neck before leaving the room and shutting the door.

"Hi, Dad." Heather said, finally looking up at me. She'd definitely been crying.

"Hi, yourself." I sat down on her bed and put my hand where Honey's had been. I started rubbing her back, and I took it as a good sign that she didn't move away from my touch.

"Heather... I can't explain what you saw. I - "

"Dad, it's okay. I thought you and Honey would end up having sex someday, I just wasn't expecting to see her going down on you when I woke up this morning. She should have closed the door or something."

"You thought we'd do something like that? Why?"

"God, I can't believe you didn't know all these years how much she's wanted you. I mean, we talk about sex and boys and stuff all the time. We're sisters. It's just that ever since we started doing that, she has always told me fantasies about you and all the things she wanted you to do to her. I've been listening to it for a long time."

"I didn't know."

Heather chuckled into her pillow and shook her head.

"Okay I think its a little weird all right? I'll admit that some of the stories she used to tell me were kind of hot, but that was in fantasy. In real life... its a little intense. But she's my sister and I know this is what she wants to do. So you guys keep doing it if you want. I won't tell anyone, I promise. I just want things to be normal around here. Well, you know, sort of normal."

I comforted Heather for a while. I told her about how much I loved she and her sister and I thanked her over and over again for her understanding. She wanted to know if Honey and I were going to keep fucking, and I told her that would be up to her sister.

"Then you will." She said simply. "God, what a family."

Eventually Heather told me she wanted to take a shower, so I stood up to leave.


"Yes baby?"

"Have you ever... thought about me like that? About fucking me?"

She rolled over and stretched her legs out on the bed. I couldn't read her expression, but when she said "fucking" my eyes went involuntarily to her panty clad pussy. I could see a wisp of light brown hair poking out of one side. I'm sure she noticed me looking, but I tore my eyes away as fast as possible. Her expression was hard to read.

"No baby," I lied, "I think you're beautiful, but the truth is that I've always just thought of both of you as my little girls. What Honey and I did this morning was a surprise, and not something I planned or thought would happen."

"I'm not sure I believe you." Heather said. Smart girl.

I think every father with a beautiful daughter has his fantasies at some point, even if they would never think of acting on them. I know I never thought about acting on mine, but as I mentioned before, forbidden sex is my weakness. Having a daughter who shared my fantasy was just a little bit too much for my underdeveloped willpower.

"Heather, I will always love you and your sister both, no matter what, okay?"

"Okay." And then, just before I left the room, "I'll always love you too, Daddy. No matter what."

The three of us spent most of the rest of that day in our rooms, though Honey went out for a while to go shopping. Heather seemed to want time to herself and I figured she probably needed it.

I got into a good novel after a quiet family dinner, and lost track of time until about eleven o'clock, when Honey came to my room.

"I want to show you what I bought today." She said, closing the door behind her. I was already in bed, wearing only a pair of gym shorts and an old t-shirt.

Honey did a slow strip for me, revealing a beautiful pair of lacy, dark green panties with a matching bra. My cock thickened as I watched her turn around.

"Did I do good, Daddy? Was I a good girl?"

"Honey, you were the best girl. Why don't you come over here and give Daddy a kiss."

Honey straddled my lap and put her tongue in my mouth. I ran my hands all over the lace of her lingerie as I tasted my daughter's mouth.

As our bodies tangled our clothes fell by the wayside. I looked up at her angel's face, my cock standing up against my belly, as I peeled her panties down her legs. When I saw her neatly trimmed bush open and wet for me, my mouth went to it of its own volition.

My baby tasted so fresh and clean. I tasted her sweetness again and again as I licked all over her vagina, inserting my tongue into her opening, and then settling on her clit. She moaned and twisted at the attention, not hiding her pleasure at all. I realized that Heather was going to hear her though, so I stopped eating her pussy and moved up between her legs.

"You taste so good, angel." I told her, "but don't you think you should be a bit quieter? Your sister will hear us."

Honey reached between us for my cock and guided it to her waiting pussy.

"She knows I'm in here, Daddy. She watched me suck your cock, remember?"

Honey wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep into her body. She felt like heaven.

"I heard Heather when she came out this morning." She purred into my ear, "It was way before I made you come."

"She watched us?"

"Mmmmm... mmm-hmm. Oh God, Daddy you feel so good. Do you like fucking your little girl, Daddy?"

"Oh yes, baby. You feel so amazing?"

"My pussy, Daddy. Tell me my pussy is making you feel good."

"Your... your pussy angel." God, I was going out of my mind trying to talk dirty to my daughter while my cock stroked in and out of her tight snatch. "Your pussy feels so good. My cock feels so good inside you."

"Inside your own daughter. Mmm... fuck me Daddy. This is so hot."

I lifted Honey's knees up so I could get even deeper in her, and she gasped as I pushed in.

"Oh yes, Daddy. So deep. So good." She pulled me down to her again, her nails raking my back.

"I touched myself while I was sucking you this morning. While she was watching. I wanted her to watch. I wanted her to watch me suck our Daddy's cock." I raised up on my hands and started pounding into her, the head board banging against the wall.

"Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Oh God, Honey, I can't take it anymore, get ready baby."

"Are you gonna come, Daddy? Are you gonna come in my pussy again?"

"Yes, baby, I'm so close."

She pulled me down again, and I kept driving into her over and over.

"Let her hear you." She whispered into my ear. "Let your baby girl hear you fill her sister with your cum."

"Honey! I'm coming baby, you're making Daddy cum!" I didn't yell it, but Heather would have had to have been deaf not to hear it in the quiet house. I couldn't help it. Honey was ruining my mind with the best dirty talk I'd ever had whispered in my ear. My daughter was a demon, come to claim my soul, and I wanted her to do it.

"Yes! I want your cum Daddy! Put it in my pussy - oh!" Honey arched her back and screamed as our orgasms hit together. I pumped load after load into her womb, while her snatch clenched tight and drew every drop of sperm out of my cock. I was filling my baby girl again. Filling her with my seed for the third time today. Images of this morning ran through my mind. Of watching her cum on my cock the first time we fucked, of watching her mouth stretch wide around me as she sucked me off.

Only now Heather was in the images too. Heather watching us. Heather hearing us fucking.

What was happening to me?

I fell along side Honey, our sweat covered bodies still wrapped up together.

"Tell me I'm a good girl, Daddy." She purred.

"You are, baby. You're very bad, but you're very, very good."

"Say it."

"You're a good girl, angel. Daddy's good girl."

"Can I sleep with you tonight? Naked like this?"


"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Honey drifted off to sleep before too much longer, her head on my chest and her little hand wrapped around my cock. I listened for a while to hear if Heather was moving around, and I thought for a minute that I heard her feet moving away down the hallway.

When I heard her door click shut, I knew I was right.

I lay there in the dark, wondering where all this was going, where all of it would lead. It hardly mattered. I didn't have anything close to the willpower it would take to stop this now. The only thing was to enjoy the ride.

I kissed my daughter on the forehead as I felt my cum leaking out of her pussy and onto my thigh. I pulled her naked body closer to mine and let myself drift off to sleep.

To be continued...

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