Bayonetta's Abuse Ch. 01


Bayonetta slid into the leather sofa and presented her ass for James' attentions. As he began to caress the perfect contours of her plump behind with his tongue, Jeanne hurriedly went to work with the syringe, pumping her day old cum into the opening of his suit.

"Gods, my cock is dying for a wet hole. I'll make this quick."

She continued to withdraw tubes of semen from her bucket and jam them through the fold of his suit, forcing the thick liquid to run further and further down his stomach and limbs. By the time she was done, there wasn't an inch of James' body below his neck that wasn't caked in cum and bound by slippery latex. Even as far down as his fingers and toes he could feel the slimy seed surrounding him.

A little of the cum was seeping out around his asshole and penis, as those were the only two openings it had to escape, but the vast majority was sealed in for the duration. James felt like a stretched out pussy that had just been double penetrated and filled to the brim.

Jeanne rose from his side, zipped up the back of his suit and reattached the mini padlock, trapping him once again in his familiar prison. "Alright" she said cheerfully "Let's do this!"

The two buxom amazons had no trouble lifting James from both ends and carrying him over to the bondage horse. They placed him on the device face down with his head hanging over one side and his ass, penis and balls hanging over the other. The sex crazed shemales then immediately went to work binding him.

Bayonetta took the straps on the sides of the horse and looped them one by one over James' back, pulled them tight, and locked them. Jeanne walked around the horse attaching a chain to each of James' wrist and ankle rings, looping it through the floor and pulling them tight before locking them as well. His arms and legs were now being pulled straight down along the sides of the horse and the leather straps tightened across his back made it feel like he was being pulled into the horse at twice the force of gravity.

"Perfect" said Jeanne, admiring their work "I wish I had brought a camera."

Bayonetta leaned over James, rubbing him through the suit and swishing semen back and forth across his back. "How does it feel my pet? I bet you never imagined you could feel this filthy? This soiled and slutty..."

James struggled to come up with a suitable reply, but as it turned out, it wasn't necessary.

She moved in front of him and ducked down so their gazes met. "And that's why I've never been this turned on." She thrust her face into his, burying her tongue in his mouth in an aggressive kiss.

Jeanne tossed her arms in the air. "Oh please, I think I'm going to throw up. Can we fuck him now?"

Bayonetta released his lips. "Oh yes" she said while staring deeply into his eyes "It's definitely time to fuck."

With that she got up and hurried over to the computer to activate her music player. Bayonetta's tastes ranged from pop and techno to metal and classic rock, and she always had something new and interesting to set the pace of her thrusts to.

Jeanne had resumed masturbating and was producing a copious amount of pre-cum which she swirled all over her shaft. "Natural lube is the best, don't you think dear?"

"But of course" Bayonetta answered as she rejoined them.

Suddenly, dance club style trance music began thumping and booming out of the speakers in the corners of the room.

"Ok slut!" Jeanne yelled with a heavy slap on his ass. "You've got a nice, sticky glaze on the outside. Now it's time for the cream filling."

She wasted no time bringing the tip of her massive cock to the pucker of his asshole which, thankfully, was still moderately stretched out from the night before. She grabbed his hips firmly and began her insertion in one fluid motion. The first 5 inches weren't so bad, but after that Jeanne's monster prick quickly widened into a phallus the size of which he'd never imagined, let alone experienced.

She was a solid inch thicker in girth than Bayonetta, and that made all the difference in the world. As she continued pushing into him, the pain increased and James reflexively tried to pull away. It was useless though, as his completely bound body was unable to move a millimeter in any direction.

He grunted loudly several times, and then finally cried out in pain as she reached the 10 inch mark. Jeanne stopped momentarily and smacked his ass once again. "Cereza, I thought you said this slave was well trained?"

Bayonetta stood before him, sliding her right hand up and down her gargantuan meat pole, preparing for her own advance. "He is, he just hasn't had the pleasure of meeting COCKZILLA yet!"

Jeanne smirked and continued to drive her hungry boa into him slowly.

Fully erect now, Bayonetta grabbed James' chin and looked down at him. "Don't worry, it will hurt a little at first but you'll get used to, just like with me the first few times. If she had taken your virginity you'd be on your way to the emergency room, but you've had enough practice now to handle her. Just try to relax your ass and keep breathing through your nose until she breaks you in."

She opened his mouth with her fingers and placed the head of her fat dick on the edge of his lips. "And most importantly, STOP WHINING AND SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE BITCH!"

Bayonetta punctuated those last words by jamming her cock into his mouth and down his throat as far as it would go with one thrust. Jeanne beamed, pleased to see Bayonetta taking her proper role, and equally pleased that 2/3 of her fully engorged 18 inch fuck rod was now buried in James' tight boy pussy.

The heat and pain in his ass were intense, but James now had 12 inches of cock in his throat to contend with. He began wagging his tongue left and right, caressing the underside of his mistress' meaty shaft.

Bayonetta grabbed his head and continued to push into him. Her eyes closed as she began to enjoy the absolutely wonderful sensations his mouth and tongue were bathing her flesh in. Jeanne began to rock back and forth slightly, generating short thrusts that pummeled her way into the lowest depths of his rectum. She took deep breaths as her massive penis was almost all the way in and the pleasurable feeling was already overwhelming.

After several minutes of persistent insertion, Jeanne's hips finally met James' ass and her enormous ball sack collided with his soft penis and much smaller scrotum. The pain and feeling of fullness were so great that James could see red streaks around his peripheral vision, but at least now the worst was over.

Jeanne remained still for several moments, enjoying her conquest and allowing him to get used to her full penetration. She smacked his ass yet again, the hardest slap yet ringing out with a loud crack. "How do you like it slave? My 18 inches are balls deep in your slutty ass! Cereza said you could do it, but I didn't believe her. Well, you just jumped on my 'favorite slaves of all time' list. We're going to be good friends, you and I."

James could feel his insides being rearranged as Jeanne slowly withdrew her cock to the 3 inch mark. She then grasped the leather strap handles on the sides of his suit and plunged her shaft home, burying all 18 inches back in his ass. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in an extended "O" as she acclimated to this ultimate pleasure.

James grunted, but it only came out as a low, muffled sound now that Bayonetta had all 16 inches of her cock plugged in his throat, his lips sealed around her pelvis. As she withdrew to 4 inches, he was careful to take a deep breath through his nose, unsure of when he'd get another. She grabbed the strap handles on the sides of his bondage hood and sank her cock back into his throat in one quick thrust, her massive balls slapping into his chin.

"Suck slut... suck it! Show me that you want my cum!"

James put his lips and cheek walls to work, providing as much suction as possible in concert with his oscillating tongue. At this point both women began gradually increasing their pace until they were fucking his mouth and ass in rhythm with the pumping techno beat in the background. The music was loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to drown out the sounds of their increasingly crazed sex. As the two shemale goddesses unleashed their full lust, wet slurping, gagging and the creak of leather and latex completed the symphony of their depraved love making.

Jeanne's arms and hips were a blur as she shafted his butt hole with ever increasing vigor. His ass finally grew accustomed to her colossal appendage and the pain in his depths was slowly dissipating, but that did nothing to aid his testicles which were repeatedly being smashed by her much larger sack.

"Oh gods!" she cried out in mid-thrust. "Fuck dinner and the opera! Let's just stay here all night."

Bayonetta grinned as she speared her spit coated cock into his face repeatedly. "As tempting as that sounds, you may change your mind in an hour or two."

Jeanne's staff was now moving in and out of James' ass like a well oiled piston. "We'll see" she replied, seemingly unconvinced.

Moments later, she abandoned the rhythm of the music and began fucking his ass as fast as her hips would move. She cried out like she'd just been stabbed in the leg as her first orgasm rolled over her and a torrent of cum came rushing out her cock. James felt like a shotgun had gone off in his ass as a geyser of spunk flowed into his innards. Jeanne held him close to her hips as blast after blast of cum fired into his depths. His ass was so packed with her cock and her ejections so copious that he could already feel the jizz creeping up into his colon and lower intestines. It had nowhere else to go.

Seeing her friend in ecstasy and her slave being ass fucked into oblivion sent Bayonetta over the edge as well. On the next inward thrust she suddenly and very roughly pulled James' face into her pelvis, cum rushing down her sperm channel to be deposited in his dumpster of a stomach. His cheeks bulged as her cock fired cannon blasts of sticky paste down his throat. His eyes watered as his throat was stretched to the limit and he became increasingly desperate for air. Bayonetta's face was a picture of bliss as she unloaded in her slutty slave.

Before she was even done cumming, she settled back into a strong throat fucking rhythm, realigning her thrusts with the beat of the music. Jeanne, also, regained her steady ass fucking pace as her climax ebbed.

'What the hell?' thought James 'They're not even going to take a break?'

Bayonetta abandoned the side straps and instead grabbed the strap on top of James' head, fucking his mouth with just one arm. With the other arm she held up her index finger and looked at Jeanne. "One to one."

Jeanne nodded, took in a full breath and exhaled loudly as the fuck fest continued.

James understood now. This was a competition.

An hour flew by as Bayonetta and Jeanne fucked him into a new incarnation. James came a couple times from the endless prostate massage that Jeanne was providing, but his mistresses were too busy to notice or care. So hard were their thrusts that despite the thorough bondage he was in, he found himself being pushed back and forth slightly on the horse. The cum coating that covered his body inside the latex suit made squishing noises as his body was continually jolted by their insatiable meat poles.

During her fourth climax, Jeanne had crammed his colon and intestines so full of her cum that her emissions were now forced backward and came spurting out of his ass, flying in all directions around the base of her cock. Her expensive red leather dominatrix outfit was soon covered in her own jizz, but she didn't so much as bat an eyelash. She kept right on fucking him.

Similarly, Bayonetta had several times withdrawn her cock only to stick a finger down James' throat and gag out the excess cum he was choking on; his stomach unable to accommodate any more. As soon as that was done, it was right back to sucking her 16 inch erection. Nothing would stop this clash of the futanari titans.

As Jeanne and Bayonetta both hit their sixth climax and James' ass and mouth were flooded with seed once more, he began to wonder what exactly this all added up to.

At first he had assumed that Bayonetta was a rare specimen of some kind, a freak of nature even; if an absolutely gorgeous, sexy freak. He knew now that this was not the case. Jeanne was just like her and actually appeared to be even more dominant, lustful and crazy.

Who were these women? Where did they come from? Are there more like them? He had heard the term "Umbra Witches" but who knew what that meant? How is it that they both have giant functioning penises that put any porn actor to shame? How could they have such incredible sexual drive and stamina? He had more information now, but that information had yielded only more questions.

"Hey!" Bayonetta yelled with a slap to his face. "You're not sucking. I never said we were done. Do your job slut!" She then grabbed the side straps on his hood and began plunging her cock into his mouth even faster.

Another half hour passed and the music came to a stop. Bayonetta had apparently only scheduled an hour and a half of music on her player. The only sounds that now emanated throughout the room were the slurch of cock entering a cum filled asshole, the slurp of cock exiting a cum slick throat and the occasional moans and sighs of the two amazing amazons.

Some minutes later, Bayonetta grabbed James by the throat and mashed her hips into his face the hardest she had all day. Bayonetta could feel the bulge of her fat slug within his throat as she released a final hot deluge of semen into his body. She pulled out just slightly and pumped herself back in many times, milking out every last ounce of her thick baby batter.

"Ahhhhh YES, take it all slut! A good slut never says no. And even if you did, I'd just have to punish you by giving you more."

As her orgasm subsided, she withdrew the glistening tool from his throat with an especially wet slurp and a huge web of cum slid out of James' mouth, hitting the ground with a loud splat.

After a dozen more thrusts Jeanne reached her climax as well. She quickly pulled out of James, laid her greasy pole right on his crack and stroked herself as large ropes of cum covered his back and ass. She sighed contentedly as the orgasm flowed through her body.

Bayonetta looked at her with a smile of immense satisfaction. "Eight!" she said.

"Eight" Jeanne agreed.

They were both covered in sweat, exhausted and dehydrated, but neither wanted to admit it.

"Look, I know you don't like declaring ties, but I think we're both done here" Bayonetta conjectured.

"Yeah, I suppose we should get ready for dinner" she agreed reluctantly.

"Great! I'm going to hit the shower. You make yourself comfortable and keep an eye on James until I'm done." Bayonetta headed for the bathroom, already tugging at her cum splattered leather gloves.

"Gladly" Jeanne responded with her toothiest grin.

As the bathroom door shut, Jeanne bent down to inspect the slaves' asshole. As she peered inside she saw that the cum she had packed his innards with was slowly sliding down and filling his anal cavity. "Beautiful" she commented before raining another harsh blow down on his ass.

James had never imagined that such degradation was possible. His stomach was filled with cum, his throat was greased with cum, his intestines were full of cum, his ass was half filled with cum, and he was bound in a morass of day old cum and latex. At least the ordeal was over. Or so he thought until Jeanne's high heeled boot connected with his scrotum.

James coughed and sputtered as Jeanne slowly circled to his front. "You know, actually, I lied" she said bringing her massive prick to his lips "I want number nine NOW!"

James thought very briefly about resisting as Jeanne plowed her filth covered mega cock into his mouth, but realized there was no point. If he did anything to anger her she would go to town on his balls and it would only anger his mistress as well. This was his life now, and Bayonetta had told him to obey her guests' commands.

"TASTE YOUR ASS, WHORE!" Jeanne cried as all 18 inches plunged down his throat. She grabbed the hood straps on both sides of his head and quickly established a fast mouth fucking pace.

As her pelvis mashed into his face repeatedly James was just thankful that her cock wasn't half an inch thicker, as his jaw would probably have unhinged at that point. Jeanne threw her head back and snarled like an animal as her balls slapped into his chin over and over.

"Oh, you're something else slut. No other slave has ever taken me balls deep in the mouth AND the ass. Not without physical therapy. I like you a lot..."

She looked down at him, grinning wildly as she pumped his throat nonstop. "We're going to have to arrange a play date for you to visit my home, preferably when Cereza is busy doing something else. You think you're a slut today? I'll teach you the true meaning of the word."

She timed her thrusts to be as long as humanly possible, withdrawing until there was only the head left in his mouth, and then jamming the other 16 inches of hot beef down his throat. James sucked for all he was worth, if only to get the sinister shemale off quickly. She thrust into his face faster and faster, treating his mouth no differently than the asshole she had just fucked into submission.

Jeanne lost her mind as her ninth climax began, a lightning bolt of energy and endorphins striking her at her core. Cum poured out of her cock in the largest quantity yet, and as she ejected the godly load into his body she continued to fuck his mouth. The thick filth filled his throat, crashing upon the entrance to his lungs, pooling in the bottom of his mouth, and finally dripping from his nose. She fucked his sludge filled mouth for another twenty strokes before ripping the erupting phallus out of his face, pointing it at his eyes and firing blasts of jizm into the only feature of his body yet unspoiled.

Cum continued gushing from her flesh hose as she slapped him across the face with it repeatedly. He gagged, coughed and spit up cum, attempting to clear his nose and throat. Realizing he was in actual danger, she quickly stuck a finger down his throat which enabled him to hack up the rest of the jizz. As he sucked in fresh air, Jeanne pumped her cock with her left hand, firing the final spurts of cum all over his face while massaging her ample breasts with her right hand.

Bayonetta exited the bathroom drying herself with a towel and was immediately confronted with the sight of Jeanne shuddering and painting her slaves face with her filth.

"What the hell?!?"

Jeanne turned her head, cock still in hand and a shit eating grin on her face. "Nine."

"You're such a petty bitch sometimes" Bayonetta scowled.

"Yes, but I'm a petty bitch who had one more climax than you!" she chuckled.

Bayonetta rolled her eyes. "Get cleaned up! I'm starving" she snapped "And good luck getting the smell of spunk out of that body suit. You really did a number on it."

Jeanne stepped toward the shower, intentionally brushing up against Bayonetta along the way. "You say that as if smelling like my cum was a bad thing!" She laughed heartily and shut the bathroom door behind her.

Bayonetta growled, attempting unsuccessfully to brush the cum off her moist skin. "You fucking cunt..."

After washing herself off in the kitchen, Bayonetta returned to the main room and got her evening wear out of her suitcase. The skirt she had chosen was black leather, but at least she wasn't going to the opera dressed as a dominatrix.

After dressing, she moved to the bondage horse and started undoing the straps and chains that held James down.

"You did great! I had a wonderful time and I think it's safe to say that Jeanne did too. Rest up until we get back. I'd help you up, but you're filthy."

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