tagGay MaleBBC Suck-off in the Cinema

BBC Suck-off in the Cinema


I'd read about the video club and had fantasized about going there for a while but never had the bottle.

It was a Sunday, I'd had a few drinks and was on the way home at 6pm courtesy of the Northern Line. As the tube pulled out of Kings Cross, I looked up and saw that the next stop was Angel. Angel! Something clicked. As the doors opened I was still deciding whether to do it or not. Suddenly I switched on to autopilot, stood up then stepped onto the platform.

Still on auto, I left the station, drew some cash out, walked and found myself within view of the door. I snapped back into focus as adrenaline began to surge in my body. I made a first pass and carried on walking fifty metres or so before turning around. The adrenalin gathered in my groin and I decided that this was it.

Good, no-one around. I strode purposefully back towards the door, turning sharply right at the last minute. Thank fuck! The door opened as I pushed it. I stepped in quickly and shut the door. It seemed like I'd walked into a taxi office, apart from there was porn on the monitors behind the desk and a dark staircase at the end of the room.

I paid my membership fee, signed a name I'd borrowed off some kid I used to know and headed towards the staircase...

I stepped down a couple of steps into the back of a small dark cinema. I walked the five metres or so corridor past a couple of old gay looking guys with facial hair and glasses. They seemed engrossed with the porn in front of them. I turned right and looked down the thinly occupied half dozen rows of seats, which sloped down towards a big movie screen. Currently showing: a woman being doggy styled. I saw a light through the doorway at the front of the cinema - the toilets. There must be some action there!

I entered the toilets and went straight to the urinal next to a geeky looking guy in a suit. As I was pissing I stared at his cock, I felt free in here. He was semi-hard and unfortunately his penis was geeky like him. I finished, washed my hands and went out and turned right into the second cinema.

This cinema was smaller, it was quite full and the door I'd walked through was in front of the audience. I speedily sat down in the closest empty seat I could see. In between watching the film of some Euro girl being spit roasted, I stole glances around the room. A lot of the guys looked quite old and a lot of them were wearing hats. Then I saw a TV being face fucked in the third row. Yep, that answered my question on whether anything goes.

I felt a bit claustrophobic and upped and went to the corridor between the two cinemas. There was a slim black guy standing there. He looked to be mid thirties and was quite short. "Do you know if it's it ok to smoke in here?", I asked. He grinned at me and said, "In here, you can do anything you like." He then walked past me, squeezing on my semi-hard cock as he did so. He gave a little chuckle and murmured, "mm-mmm" as he disappeared around the corner.

I finished my cigarette and then sat at an empty row near the back of the bigger, less busy cinema. From my viewpoint I could see a TV sat near the front, but she was fiddling with her mobile phone and soon left. I could also see a few moving shoulders - people stroking themselves off. Somebody sat at the end of my row. I watched the film for a bit, a big titted brunette blowing two massive dicks. Soon I was distracted by movement to my left. I looked out of my peripheral vision and could see a guy in a parka with the hood up, obviously wanking himself. I turned to look closely, but he was leant forward and there was no way I could see his dick, no luck there.

I continued watching the film, my hard on growing as I watched that lucky bitch get exactly what I wanted, a huge rock hard cock in the mouth.

I noticed a big guy leaning in the corridor, fumbling with his flies. He flopped his cock out and started slowly tugging as he stared intently at the film. He was well lit and I could get a good look at his tool. It was thick, smooth and pink, with a nicely rolling foreskin and a mushroom like head. I guessed at maybe close to seven inches long, and got ready to make my way over and weigh up my chances of getting a taste.

I suddenly noticed the black guy stood in the doorway, smiling at me. He signalled with his eyes for me to follow him. I felt the warm adrenaline again as popular beliefs about short men and black men pressed to the forefront of my mind. I suddenly needed to piss, those beers working their way through, and took a diversion to the toilets. As I shook off the drips I noticed a familiar figure behind me. I zipped up and turned around, starting the cheesy line, 'is it true what they say...' I turned and only got as far as "is it..." when the words stuck in my throat.

I looked down at his exposed dick and drank in what I saw. He was very dark but his cock was even darker, almost black. There was obviously some room for growth of this fully flaccid dong, but it was already a good half a foot, and quite fat. I looked up at his grinning face. "Suck it", he said.

I felt like a giddy schoolgirl as I squatted down and gently palmed the heavy floppy meat. He was uncut and I began slowly wanking him. His cock began to grow steadily, reaching almost seven, and starting to raise a little.

Damn, I wanted a face full of that now! I rolled him back to expose his dark purple helmet. I leant forward, kissed the end of his dick and then slowly ran my tongue over his bulbous tip.

This got a good response. His big schlong began to jerk, and then slowly pulse, growing longer and harder with every throb. My excitement was going to rip a hole in my trousers - this was the certainly the biggest fuck-stick I'd ever seen. It raised slightly above horizontal and then stopped. The transformation was complete.

Scared? Horny? I don't know which emotion was strongest as I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. I knew my hands were roughly four inches across. As I wrapped a second hand around I could see that there was more than an inch of dick still in front of me. That made nine and a half inches! Fuck me, this was huge. I couldn't believe that some porn stars have twelve inches, this guy looked like if it was any bigger he would have fallen over.

I now switched into auto again, gobbling on his big dick, licking his veiny shaft, gulping, sucking, nibbling his tiny balls and slapping that weighty member against my cheeks while I gasped for air. I felt like a little white slut and I loved it. When I started licking at his succulent head again, he suddenly pulled away.

I looked up at him, a bit dazed, I'd almost forgotten that he had a face. He stared at me and with a faint smirk told me what he wanted me to say. I was already enslaved by that swinging ebony dick so there was no hesitation. 'I love big black cocks!' I hissed. I greedily grabbed at his organ and started slobbering it down. I soon felt his hands on my head as he prepared to fuck my face.

He started gently, sliding it in and out over my tongue. "Good girl", he moaned, "you like that?" I didn't get a chance to answer. His grip tightened as he forced more of that oversized pork sword inside me. I gagged as he thrust against the back of my throat and then swiftly pulled away for the next assault. As he kept slamming my face, my mouth had to stretch as wide as it could. He was about five and a half circumference at the tip but his manhood was like a rhino's horn and got considerably thicker as it descended.

After some time he removed his hands from my head and pulled himself out of my mouth. I bobbed forward and wrapped my lips around it, it now looked even bigger and more succulent - I was like a bitch on heat.

He pulled away again, "You've been a good little slut so I'm telling you that I'm going to come", he said. I grabbed the twitching beast. I kept a grip with my right hand and moved so that I was stood behind him. I began tugging, building faster, his throbbing hot shaft pushing at my grip, the thick veins raising. His helmet started to twitch as huge globs of spunk jetted out in front of him, spattering heavily as they hit the tiles. I slowed my wanking and then removed my hand from his rapidly drooping hose.

After freshening up and letting my stiffy subside, I left and made my way home, feeling like I was walking on air.

There was another adage proved that day. I've had a real taste of black, and it would take a hugely hung white man to make me 'go back'

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Have had a few BBCs and love them! But not one has had the balls, to make me their bitch! All have turned out to be my bitch!!! Huge cocks that want to be held down and face fucked and/or buttfucked!more...

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