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Be Right Back


Here I am at the age of 50, a white male married to a woman who is more of a roommate than a wife. It's been so long since I felt the touch of a woman or had sex is that all I can remember about sex is how to spell it. I found one of those Internet dating sites and responded to some women's ads without any luck until one magical Wednesday. There was an ad from Badlady she had listed on her profile as being African-American, married, 35 and looking for an intimate encounter.

The next day I had got a reply from Badlady and we exchanged e-mail addresses and got connected to IM messenger. Friday night after work I found BadLady on line and we chatted for a while. I learned her name was Reggie and she was a law student here in town. She invited me over to her apartment and asked me to bring some wine with me. I couldn't believe my luck. Excited and scared as to what adventure lay ahead of me is what I felt as I was driving to her place. I was so eager to get there that I was sure a cop would pull me over for speeding.

She told me to call her just before I got there so she could come down and open up the door for me. So I was waiting at the door for her to come down and open it up for me. There was a small window in the door and I could see inside to the hallway. I was so nervous about meeting her that I was shaking. Then all of a sudden I saw her face framed in the window. I went into shock. Right before me was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She looked like a model from a fashion magazine.

The door open up and she let me in with a shy smile. Oh! My! Word! What beautiful eyes she had. I just wanted to fall in them for forever. Her hair was styled in cornrows and her lips were so sexy that I wanted to kiss them right there and then. She turned and I followed her upstairs to her apartment. I was pinching myself, as this kind of luck doesn't happen to me.

I gave Reggie the wine and she opened it up and poured it in a couple of glasses. She sat in a chair across the room from me and I sat on her couch. It was hard to see what her figure was like as she was wearing a big floppy red sweatshirt and blue jeans. I later learned from her that her bra size was a 43 DD. Also I couldn't tear my eyes away from her beautiful face. Those sexy eyes of hers were really turning me on.

Reggie told me that she was married and her husband was a lawyer in New Jersey and she was a first year law student. I told her that I had a daughter who was a senior at Michigan State University and I had a son who was a senior in high school. As for me I was just senior. That made her laugh and she told me that I was a funny man. I told her back that she had the most beautiful eyes. She looked at me for a minute and then she told me that she would be right back. Putting her glass of wine down she left the room.

After 10 minutes or so Reggie return to her living room. I looked at her and my mouth dropped open. And then I looked to see if there was a candid camera crew around to catch the expression on my face. I was thinking things like this simply does not happen to me and that I had better odds of getting hit by lighting. Reggie was standing there before me with such an animal grace wearing only a little silk robe. The robe was wide open to letting me see Reggie's most beautiful rubensesque nude body. Never before have I seen DD breasts with large near black aureole or a shaved pussy in the flesh before. What a black beauty she was and I just died and went to heaven.

She stretched out her hand to me as I got up off the couch, driven by lust, I took her hand. Reggie led me to her bedroom and she let go of my hand and she laid down on the bed spreading her legs open for me. I felt like a kid let loose in a candy shop gazing at her most delious body that I wanted to devour. As I was taking my clothes off she said she had one rule that I couldn't kiss her on the lips.

I didn't know where to start. I wanted to swallow those the huge mounds of her breasts and eat her pussy all at the same time. I was very greedy. In my dreams, I have always thought about how I would fondle a huge pairs of breasts like Reggie's and now she was giving me the chance to make those dreams come true. I attacked her breasts like they were the only things to save a dying man. How wonderful soft they were and it took both of my hands to encircle one breast to hold it while I licked and sucked her large near black aureole turning her nipple into hardness.

In her cleavage, I tried to smother myself in her warm soft flesh of her breasts. What a wonderful way to die I thought. Back and forth I sucked each of her nipples with a passion that I had never felt before. Reggie was now moaning her approval of my efforts on her breasts and was rubbing her pussy up and down on me from underneath. Suddenly, I was surprised to find that I was now drawing milk from her breasts. I don't know how or why as she had told me that she didn't have any children I just started to suck even harder.

This was another dream come true to suck the milk from a woman's breasts. I had only done it once before when my wife was nursing and it was such an erotic turn on for me. Now I was drinking the sweet milk from Reggie's breasts. She loved my sucking by moaning loudly her pleasure. I was such a lucky man to be with this incredible woman.

I thought it would be wonderful thing to go to sleep using her breasts as pillows because they were so soft. Sucking, caressing, and foundling those huge mounds of hers I was in tit heaven and I never wanted to leave them alone. But I was also getting signals from her pussy. The heat that was being generated from her pussy felt like a fire. Then she yelled out "EAT MY PUSSY!!!!" Who am I to ignore this black beauty's cry? So I slid down to sample the juices flowing from her pussy.

Her knees were up in the air and I put my hands around her ass and we held hands while I started to eat her dripping wet pussy. It was like licking a fountain she was flowing so freely and she tasted so divine just like wine. Never had I eaten a shaved pussy before and it was nice not to deal with pubic hair. Now I felt so much like an animal all I could think of was sucking and licking her all so fine pussy. This raised the level of her sexy moans and her hips started to rock up and down.

I released one of her hands so I could use my fingers in her pussy. Plunging two fingers back and forth caused Reggie to shake like she was in an earthquake. Never before had I a lover who had a rare ability to abandon all inhibitions in sex. Being in bed with her was fun and satisfying on a level of intimacy that I never before experienced.

Looking up at her face above those sweet melons of her it looked like she was in pain. Her eyes then met mine and it was such an erotic connection. I redoubled my efforts at eating and finger fucking her pussy sometimes forgetting to take a breath. Then her body convulsed as if hit by electricity and she screamed her orgasm so loud I thought her whole apartment complex would her it. It made her breasts rock and roll all over her chest it was an erotic vision of a sex goddess come to life.

As she came back to earth I crawled up to her and lay beside her. We were both breathing hard like we had just run the 100-yard dash. I reached over caressing her breast while we caught our breaths. After a couple of minutes she got up and crawled over me reversing her self so that her ass was now over my head. For the first time I could see her unbelievable shapely ass. I ran my hands over her ass cheeks and then she lowered her pussy to my face.

I started to lick her wonderful wet hot pussy again and was very excited to do so. Then I felt her breasts come to rest on my stomach and her hands grappled my hard cock. Her sexy mouth then swallowed my cock. This was the first time in my life that I had ever done 69 with a woman. My luck was incredible that night. Now I could her moaning with my cock in her mouth and she started to suck me up and down. She played my cock like a musical instrument and was hitting all of the right notes with me.

Her hips were now rocking up and down as she fucked my face with such an abandon and I was licking up all of her juices, as I didn't want to miss a single drop. It felt like we were joined together as one living fucking sex creature. We lost our identities as we gave in to our earthly pleasures. I wished this moment could last forever but Reggie was just too dammed good at sucking my cock and I could feel the pressure rising in my cock to release a load of come in her mouth. Reggie knew this too and doubled her efforts to fuck my face with her pussy. I raised my hips lifting Reggie also and shouted out "FUCK!!!!" as I came as I had never before in my life. It felt like all of my insides were trying to get out thru my cock.

This pushed Reggie over the edge and her body was shaking on top of me like it was going thru a mini earthquake. Reggie suck up all of the come that spilled out of my cock like it was the tastiest thing she had ever eaten. Again we were both breathing hard from our latest efforts. She lay down on her stomach and I gave her a very slow massage. It was awesome to run my hands over her smooth and shapely flesh. To see her large breasts spilling out to the sides of her as her weight crushed them. What a turn on.

Then she said my now favorite three words "Be right back". She left the bedroom and returned a few minutes later. In her hands was a medium large cucumber cold and dripping wet with a grin she gave it to me. And then preceded to lie down on her bed and spread her legs open eagerly. I rubbed the end of the cucumber up and down her pussy lips. It was so large that I didn't think she could get this cucumber in her pussy.

Finally the end of the cucumber started stretching her pussy open and it wasn't long before her tight hot pussy swallowed the entire cucumber. I was now thrusting that cucumber in and out of her as fast as I could. At one point her pussy took the whole thing in and I had a slippery time getting it out again. Reggie grabbed my arms while I was pistoning the cucumber in and out of her. Looking at her face was so awesome. She had such a look of passion; lust, desire and fertile sexuality etched on her face that I was thinking with the help of the cucumber, I caused her to feel this way and it gave me such a feeling of earthly power.

Her body was shaking again, rivulets of sweat poring off, her breasts flailing left and right, as she started to issue a low guttural moan. The moan grew until she was screaming out "OH FUCK ME OH FUCK ME" and then she gave out a loud wail and collapsed on the bed. I thought she had passed out but then her beautiful eyes opened up and she looked at me with a dreamy smile.

I held this most incredible sex goddess in my arms as we again caught our breaths. This was the most incredible night of my life. I left her apartment with the dreamiest smile on my face. It's been some time now since that night but I still am wearing that dreamy smile.

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