tagLoving WivesBeach Day for Debbie

Beach Day for Debbie


My wife Debbie and I have been married for 15 years. She is still pretty hot for a 46 year old with 34C breasts and the hottest ass you have ever seen she gets looks where ever we go! She also has a hot tight pussy (1 child C-section) and she is a blow job queen so her pussy has stayed pretty tight over the years. Recently she has been down on how she has gained a few pounds (like 10 pounds is a big deal) and I tell her that any woman would pay good money to look like she does! She thanks me but says "you only say that because I am your wife". To that I respond that we could go out and ask a few guys what they think. She just laughed that off and the discussion ends...

We have sex about once a week and we have a once a month "wild night" during which we come up with all sorts of fun and different things to do. About a year ago she had ordered a dildo on line and she asked me if I would mind putting it into her while she sucked on my cock. I was like OK fine with me and so we started playing. She was really getting into it and I said to her would you like to have 2 guys some day? She was really getting into it and started saying that she would love it and that is what she needs...

A few months after that we were looking for something to do on a Saturday and we decided to hit a beach nearby. It was a fine beach but after dark they had a band in the center and shot off fireworks after 10PM so we decided to make a day of it. After spending 4 hours on the sand we headed back to the car to drop some stuff off and head over to the boardwalk area where they had several bars, restaurants and of course arcades! She hates to sit in a wet bathing suit so she threw on a short sundress and we walked over.

We grabbed some pizza and went to the arcade and she poked me and said "hey that guy over there looks exactly like my uncle Tim". She has always had a kind of crush on her uncle. He past away a few years ago but he played guitar and she grew up idolizing him. The game he was playing I know well and it is very difficult to beat as a single player so I walked over to him and said hey mind if I join in?

He said that he would be happy for the teammate and we both (after 20 minutes and several quarters) beat the game.

I asked him what his name was and he said Rick and that he lived down the street and he asked if we would want to join him for a beer. We headed over to the bar that had outdoor seating near the band and where the fireworks would go off and after an hour of talking about old times telling us how he played in a band a long time ago just like her uncle.

He asked if we wanted another beer and said he would grab them on the way back from the mens room.

When he walked away Debbie looked at me and asked me, do you remember asking me if I would like to ever do 2 men? I said yes , and she said what would you say if I told you that I would like to play with Rick after the fireworks?

Trying to see what I could get out of this deal I said that I didn't know what would you offer?

She said "I really want this so whatever you want I will do".

I have always wanted to do her hot ass so I told her that in exchange she would have to spend the next Saturday naked except for her thong underwear that she was wearing under her sundress and she would have to open her ass to me.

She immediately said "I don't do that" and so I said no problem skip it all then. We saw Rick on his way back with the beers and she turned to me and said "OK".

I said other rules are if he is in your pussy he has to wear a condom and she would have to drive this and turn him on and this is a one and done nothing long term. Agreed!

Rick got back and we all started talking about the how the summer was perfect this year and what was going on in our lives. Debbie excused herself to the bathroom and Rick commented on how hot she looked. I told him that she had a wild side and that she could blow any 20 something (they were sitting all around us) out of the water! He agreed and mentioned that it had been a while since he had gotten any. I said jokingly that if she kept drinking he might!

We both laughed about it and when Debbie came back she asked if we wanted to get some fries or pizza because the band ready to start playing again. I said that I would go and grab something while they held the table.

As I was walking away Deb waved to me and pointed down when I looked I could see that she had taken off her thong and her bare pussy was open for all to see! I could see that several guys at the bar had already noticed her and thought this could be interesting!!!

When I got back the band had really cranked it up and she asked if I wanted to dance. I went out and she was showing it off on the floor. Her sun dress was very short and although nothing was openly visible you could see the bottom of her ass depending on the way she moved. I knew she was more than ready! When we got back she wanted to dance again and I said I wanted to have the rest of my beer.

She then said can I dance with Rick and I said OK by me and off they went.

She ground her ass into his swim trunks and I don't know how he wasn't pitching a tent right there on the floor. When they got back Rick (remembering what I told him) said he was going for another round.

When he left Deb looked at me and said did you see my pussy when you left? I said yeah it was a nice show! She said that she had let a nipple show to Rick when they were dancing and that when she ground into him she felt that he had a huge cock!

Rick came back with the drinks and the fireworks were ready to start. When the show ended Rick asked if we wanted to hang around at his condo for a while.

Deb immediately said yes and he said that we could park in his guest space because his friend Derek (a black base player from his old band) was not going to get there until Sunday afternoon.

We got there and he had a nice place pretty new construction right on the water 3rd floor with a deck.

He asked if we wanted a drink and we both said yes and Deb asked if he could make her a cosmo. I saw him put it together and he was heavy on the vodka hoping to turn her on not knowing that she had already decided to give him the night of his life. When he came back we all started talking and she asked him to play a few songs.

He said that it had been a while and he didn't even know if the guitar was out of tune.

Debbie said if you play I will dance of you, and he said let me get my guitar!

He was pretty good and she started dancing a lot more openly than she had at the club. You could see the bottom of her ass and her pussy when she swung her dress and her left tit was falling out every time she bent over.

He stopped playing for a minute to go to the bathroom and Debbie said to me that she really wanted to be a little slut tonight but didn't know how to start it.

I told her to do another dance and make sure she showed him her tits and ass then when she was done she should ask me if I minded her giving him a kiss. I told her that I would say go for it and she could take it from there.

When he got back he played a great dance tune and she showed it all! Her dress was barely on and she would lift her arms to show her pussy to the both of us. As she finished the dance she asked if she could kiss him and I told her to go for it.

She French kissed him for 5 minutes and while she did this she let her tit fall out.

When they broke the kiss he saw her tit and said should we put this away.

She replied not without you giving that a kiss first, which he did!

I then said hey don't I get a kiss and she came over and said of course! As we kissed I lifted up her sundress to openly reveal her hot ass to him and opened her cheeks to display her wet pussy to him.

When she stood up she said "is there anything else I can do" and I said how about we let Rick play another song and you can dance out of that sundress.

She replied "Oh really and what if I said OK?" to which I replied Rick play a song.

He played out a dance song and my wife slowly took her sundress off and was there for all to see! She looked so hot with her body still glistening with a bit of the suntan oil on her.

She bowed and I noticed that Rick had a huge hard on in his trunks (as I did also) and I said look what you did honey!

She looked and was happy to see that she was right about his size, he was about 9.5 inches and more than 6 inches around, a lot bigger than me! She walked over to him and said "Can I help you with that" and immediately sat on his lap and started kissing him grinding her bare wet pussy into his cock. She sat there for 5 minutes with her nipples in his mouth and grinding on his cock while he held her by her ass cheeks Then she got up and took his swim trunks off, he was hard as a rock and she started sucking his cock like it was her favorite ice cream!

The whole time I was watching her pussy and sweet asshole and I walked over and started to insert some fingers in there. She responded and I could feel how wet she was! She wanted this bad.

I told her I was feeling left out and she came over and start sucking on my cock.

When she did he got a close up view of her sweet pussy and ass. He reached down and played with her moist labia and commented on how nice it was and that she looked like her pussy was as tight as a teenager, she loved that! He then rubbed a lot of lube on her pussy and asshole and unleashed his monster cock and entered her sweet tight pussy.

She let out a squeal and said to go easy but he held her by her hips and forced his massive cock into her tight pussy. She was taking his cock bareback into her swollen pussy and she was shaking like a leaf which was a sign of her first orgasm! He then filled her pussy with his huge cock a little more each time until he maxed her out!

Her pussy came violently and when he took his cock out to switch positions she shot a load of cum out of her pussy! She never did this before!!

He laid on the floor and had her climb up on top of him. She got on his cock and slowly lowered her pussy onto his massive cock. She stopped with about 3 inches left and then she started ridding him for all she was worth! While she was on top of him I saw her beautiful asshole glistening in the light from the lube Rick had applied earlier.

Her pussy was stretched so wide from the girth of his cock that I thought she was going to split in half, but she needed more!! She breathed deep and then slid her once tight pussy all the way down his shaft and fit it all in!! She must have taken him into her cervix because there was nowhere else to go! He grabbed both of her nipples and bit on them while she was on top of him pushing his cock deep into her pussy. She then once again shook uncontrollably and screamed for him to fuck her harder!

With this I grabbed some of her pussy juice and rubbed it on my cock and entered her asshole. That tight brown hole was going to get it tonight! I started to slide my cock in her ass and she held her ass cheeks open for me as she kissed Rick passionately! Once my head got past her sphincter muscle I felt her pussy quiver and cum for what seemed like 5 minutes! Then it was time to see what she could take! We both power fucked her for 30 minutes DP-ing her through 6 trembling orgasms and then I felt his cock start to cum deep in her pussy! When he took his cock out and her pussy popped! When he pulled it out I drove all of my cock into her brown hole and she shook again, I never thought she would cum from an anal fucking but I was wrong! I came so deep in her ass that when I pulled out she had some gas and blew a little cum bubble!

She stayed kneeling on top of him and I took a look at her once tight holes she was stretched and red with cum leaking from each hole.

She started kissing both of us and she started playing with herself and asked us what we wanted to try next! I said we should try to set a record and she smiled and said but first I need to go to the bathroom. On the way back we asked her to be our naked bartender and make a drink for us all.

She said with a smile "sure will" and what will I get from you two when I am done. She was obviously ready for a lot more! Just then there was a knock on the door apparently Derek had arrived earlier than expected!

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