tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeach Encounter

Beach Encounter


A much needed break they said. Ha, I thought! What did they know? But before I knew it, I was packed and jetting out. A week by myself and a chance to recharge my batteries. Ok, so maybe I had been overdoing things at the office. Maybe this week by the sea would help clear the cobwebs. Rejuvenate my weary soul and inspire me to greater things.

I arrived late in the evening when I checked into my hotel. It was not until morning that I got a chance to see where my employees had sent me. Climbing out of bed, I drew back the curtains and stepped out onto the balcony of my room. The sight that greeted me was breathtaking. The sea filled the horizon, laced with a golden sandy beach, which stopped just short of the hotel wall beneath me. The beach was flat and smooth and wet as the tide ebbed across it. To the left of the beach, the sand rose sharply, forming large dunes mixed with wild grass.

I showered and took breakfast in the hotel's dining room. Returning to my room, I changed into my light cotton shorts and sandals, before heading out in search of some peace and quiet, armed with a beach towel and the detective novel I had started reading on the plane. The beach itself was already getting busy with screaming kids, so I decided that the sand dunes offered the best chance of finding seclusion.

The dunes rose and dipped like a line of camels. At the top of the first I saw that they extended for many kilometres around the bay. Despite their natural beauty, they seemed unpopular with the rest of the community, for there appeared to be no one around. I dropped down three or four dunes and up out the other side as I continued to walk away from the beach. I figured I could take my pick, so long as I was out of earshot of the madding crowds I'd left behind.

Finding a suitable resting place, I spread out my towel and lay down, opening my book at the start of chapter two. I paused for a moment, trying to recall what had happened in chapter one. Seagulls circled overhead, squawking as they flew. I reached the bottom of the page and turned.

The squawking continued to bother my subconscious, forcing me to suddenly look up. To my amazement there were no birds in view. And as I listened more closely, I realised that the squawking of the birds had now become a lighter sound. The sound of heavy breathing, mixed with the pleasant sound of a woman's moaning.

I smiled to myself. Just my luck I thought. Trust me to set up camp next to Mr and Mrs Horny. I turned back to my book and tried to concentrate. But the breathing and the moaning played on my mind. It grew louder in my ears, not because the woman was getting noisier, more because I couldn't help but focus on it.

In the end, my curiosity got the better of me. Crawling on my hands and knees I made my way up the side of my dune, treading softly as I neared the top to avoid causing a landslide. Peering down the neighbouring dune I was met with the most erotic sight. Less than ten metres from me lay the most beautiful girl I'd seen since my arrival at the resort. And she was alone! Totally naked, she was bathed in the shadow of a brightly coloured parasol, protecting her from the sun. Her arms outstretched, she was a golden brown all over. Her head held back, her breasts firm and her nipples erect to the sky, she continued to moan. And it was clear to see why. Her legs were tightly wrapped around the pole of the parasol; her hips rising up it with a smooth stroking action, then falling suddenly, the cheeks of her bum greeting their imprint in the sand with utmost precision.

Her beautifully formed feet were closest to me and as I watched her continue to rub herself against the white plastic pole, I felt a stirring in my shorts. She was oblivious to my gazing eyes as she continued to grind herself against her chosen instrument of pleasure. As if beckoning to my wishes, she suddenly unwrapped her legs from around the parasol, allowing me to catch sight of her pussy for the first time. It glistened in the sunlight as she held her legs apart. Her lips coated in juice, her aching clit rose between them. I could almost feel it pulsating; throbbing from all the activity it was receiving.

With her legs still wide apart, she inched her way closer to the pole once again and I watched as her lips engulfed it once more. She let out a sigh as she made contact and started to slide up and down again. As I watched, she took one hand and began fingering herself, massaging her clit. I lay mesmerised as she coated her fingers in her sticky sex. Almost absent-mindedly, she brought her hand to her mouth and delicately licked her fingers clean. But she was soon back to the matter in hand.

All the while, my penis stiffened in my shorts. For a moment I awoke from my trance and realised that I too had been making circling motions in the sand with my loins. And in the ten minutes that I had been watching, I had forged a burrow deep into the sand, subconsciously fucking the side of the dune that kept me hidden from her.

Suddenly another seagull flew by overhead and let out a shriek. We both looked up in fright together and our eyes met. We froze, each gazing at the other, paralysed. As the sun beat down on me I felt beads of sweat run down my face as I stared at her motionless body; her legs still wide apart; her silky wet pussy looking up at me; her eyes locked onto mine.

My penis throbbed deep in the sand as I considered what to do next.

As the moments ticked by, we continued to stare at each other. The beads of sweat fell more rapidly down my face. She remained motionless, her eyes fixed on mine. We seemed to be playing mind games with each other. Upon being discovered, I initially felt the self-conscious one. After all, I was the intruder, the voyeur to this very private activity. But as we continued to gaze into each other's eyes, neither one of us moving, a feeling of superiority came over me. Suddenly I felt no shame for having sneaked into this girl's private affairs. If she wanted to perform in this way, out in the open, then she should expect to be discovered and embarrassed.

As if reading my thoughts, a wry smile suddenly came across her face. Her mouth opened slightly as if she were about to speak, but she then thought better of it. Instead, and to my utmost surprise, she lowered her head back down on the golden sand, opened her legs as wide as she could and continued to caress herself. Now fully aware of the eyes upon her, she delicately massaged her clit, moistening herself every so often by dipping her fingers deep inside her and coating herself in her wet juice.

My penis throbbed deep inside my shorts as I watched her fingers working around herself. As her body began to writhe I shot a glance up to her face and realised that she was still watching me as she continued to masturbate. She had definitely won back the upper hand. She was now totally in control of the situation. I was paying the price for being a peeping tom. If I retreated now I would be ridiculed in her eyes. Having been discovered, she was now daring me to stay for the whole performance.

However, I did not have to wait long. She had, after all, been playing with herself for some time now and as her writhing in the sand intensified I sensed she was close. Her eyes transfixed on mine, her fingers continually encircling her clit in swift delicate motions, her breasts heaving as her body rose higher and higher. She started moaning once more, as if suddenly oblivious to my presence. Her fingers moved about her clit with increased speed. She probed her lips, extracting more and more of her wet sticky juice. Her buttocks slapped against the sand as her hips thrashed wildly with excitement. And then she froze. She closed her eyes and arched her back. And then she came. Her body trembled violently as she let out a long groan. I was sure she wanted to let go and scream the place down, but she managed to control herself elegantly. As her fingers slowed around her pulsating clit, her legs kicked out in the sand, sending it flying everywhere about her. She controlled her climb down majestically.

She lay motionless for some time, soaking up the experience. I continued to look on, somewhat awkwardly. And then she sat up, picked up the glass by her side and took a long sip of her drink. Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, she replaced the glass and took up a position on her side, face on to me, supporting her head on one hand, her elbow deep in the sand. Staring at me, the expression on her face said it all. "Your move."

I studied the expression on her face for what seemed like a minute. I knew what I had to do. And in fact I knew what I wanted to do. But in my frozen state, I lacked the inertia to make a move.

And then as if in a trance I eased myself up onto my knees and before I realised it I was crawling down the side of the dune towards her, dragging my erect penis between my legs. Gazing into her eyes as I made my way towards her, her expression remained the same. "Your move," it continued to taunt. I stopped some four metres from her and sat down in front of her. Still no change of expression on her face, she was beginning to annoy me. This girl wanted blood!

Dressed in only my shorts and boxers, the bulge between my legs was very evident. Her eyes lowered and my throbbing intensified. Looking back up at me, she let slip a small smile and raised an eyebrow. And then a look that said "I'm waiting."

Obligingly, I rose to my feet and seductively unbuttoned the four buttons of my shorts and let them fall to the sand, revealing the outline of my stiff penis within my white cotton boxers. At my action, she tried to maintain a fixed expression, but I detected an air of excitement in her body. She adjusted her pose, as if trying to make herself more comfortable for what she knew was to follow. Giving herself little time to compose herself, I slipped my hands inside my boxers and lowered them to the floor and promptly sat down and spread my legs in front of her. My tight balls lay neatly in the sand, my penis rising long and hard from above them, wavering with each pulsating quiver. It was an electric sensation. I began to sense the feeling she must have felt exhibiting for me. I felt totally at ease with myself, naked in front of this beautiful stranger.

Easing my buttocks forward slightly, I was able to raise myself upwards, as if trying to thrust myself towards her. Keen to give the performance of my life, I wanted her to see my balls and my anus as well as my penis. I could sense her eyes all over me, it sent a shiver down my spine. Placing my right hand on the inner thigh of my right leg, I slowly slid it down to my balls and gently started caressing them. I loved this sensation at the best of times, on this occasion as soon as my fingers made contact I knew I would be cumming very quickly. My left hand moved down my stomach and found my penis. I held it firmly and pulled back my foreskin, revealing my velvet purple tip. I was sure I saw her lick her lips ever so slightly at this first sight of me like this. I took my hand away for a few seconds to let her digest the image of me there in front of her.

And then I began. Taking myself in my hand once more, I began to stroke myself up and down, long and slow, forming circling motions as I did so. As I continued to caress my balls and probe the entrance of my anus with my right hand, my left pulled away at my penis in an act of self-milking. She watched in fascination as I continued to ease myself up and down with the firm grip I had on myself. My legs wide apart I tried to leave nothing to her imagination as I engaged in self-abuse, a ritual usually reserved for privacy.

As I climbed nearer to my goal, I felt myself drying in the heat of the sun. Pulling my foreskin back as far as I could, I leaned over and dribbled as much saliva as I could muster all over myself. I looked across at her for a reaction and she smiled, as if to say "I wish I could have done that for you". But this was a one-man show. We both knew that. Well lubricated once more, I resumed the stroking action whilst continuing to caress my aching balls. Each pull at myself brought me closer as I gazed into her eyes, trying to convey the message that what I was about to deliver was entirely for her. With amazement, she read my mind, for she suddenly got to her knees and started crawling towards me. As she neared, my strokes intensified, my shiny head looking up at me eager to shoot. We both knew the ground rules. There was to be no bodily contact. Skilfully, she positioned herself in front of me, sliding her legs under mine, which were still outstretched. She lay back in the sand and stared up at me, my penis no further than 20 centimetres from her silky wet pussy, which still glistened from its earlier orgasm. Staring into her gorgeously wet lips I stroked away at myself and caressed my balls, careful not to make contact with her. Overwhelmingly, I looked from my throbbing head, to the gaze of her eyes on me, to her gaping wet pussy as I began to pull at myself faster and faster. In the heat of the frenzy, she suddenly made a move and placed one of her hands between her legs and began caressing her clit once more. As we stroked at ourselves in unison, our eyes were glued to each other as if we were madly in love. My performance so far must have turned her on immensely, for she soon began groaning as she motioned her hand about herself with increased friction. Seeing her masturbate like this at such close quarters became too much for me and I felt myself preparing to shoot.

Holding off as long as I could, I felt her body tremble beneath mine as she let out a long piercing scream, still staring into my eyes. As if this was my signal, I made one final pull on my shaft and held myself up to her and as she turned her eyes on me. With her second orgasm subsiding, I fired once and as my body shuddered with the recoil, a ball of my creamy cum flew up into the air, spiralling as it projected its way towards her, before peppering her stomach. Before it had made contact with her, the second was on its way as I let out an uncontrollable groan. This travelled higher and further and streaked across her breasts, some of it finding its way under her chin.

In rapid succession, I emptied myself all over her body. Lines of my juice appeared as if from nowhere across her thighs, her stomach and in her faint pubic hair. As each shot met her silky skin, she let out a cool sigh of delight. The smile on her face said it all. This was a dirty act of the highest pleasure. As if in an act of final conquest my final creamy spurt left the now gaping hole of my penis and nestled sweetly between her sticky lips. This gave her cause to let out the biggest sigh of all. She quickly placed one hand between her legs and massaged my freshly squeezed cum into herself, effectively mixing our juices. With her other hand she rubbed my creamy streaks all over her body, into her breasts and all around her neck. Within seconds all evidence of my orgasm had evaporated into the midday sun.

We lay there together, motionless, still eyeing each other for a reaction. After a while I felt my penis begin to wilt and this seemed to signal the end of our game. Without saying a word, I stood up and picked up my shorts and boxers. I towered above her for a few seconds, digesting her final thoughts on the matter, before turning away and making my way up the side of the dune and back to my own world once again.

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