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Beach Heat


The sun was beating down as Mike drove on to the beach. It was his first time here, although he head heard the rumours that it was possible to sunbathe nude and that there was a cruising area. He was eager to find out if they were true.

He drove past the family area to the far end of the beach and parked up. The anticipation of what lay ahead was already making him hard. He climbed out of the car, past the barrier and into the dunes at the back of the beach.

He made his way up to the top of the first hill and looked out over the dunes – just the grass swaying in the breeze. And then in the distance, he spied a head bob up above the sky line.

Mike slowly made his way across the dunes in that direction, working his way through the maze of trails in the grass and away from the main section of the beach.

He came to the top of a dune and looked to the side. In a clearing, an older man lay on a towel, sunbathing nude. His hand brushed his cock as Mike looked on. Mike smiled, but carried on – at 32, he wanted someone closer to his own age.

Further on, a movement by Mike's left side made him turn – a man stood up in the grass dressed in only black speedos, the outline of his shaft clearly visible from where Mike stood. Things were looking up, but Mike preferred men with a defined body – this bloke was a bit thin for Mike's tastes, but would be worth returning to if he didn't get lucky elsewhere.

A bit further along, Mike saw a clearing on top of a dune, near the main path and made his way towards it. After putting down his towel, he slipped off his shorts and trunks. Just feeling the gentle breeze against his naked body was enough to send a shiver of excitement through out his body and a drip of pre-cum glistened at the end of his dick. He put his sun cream on and then settled back to catch the rays and possibly the eye of a passer-by.

He must have drifted off to sleep, as he realised that he was in shadow. Opening his eyes, he realised that it was not a cloud, but there was someone blocking the sun in front of him. And what a vision he was – about 6 foot tall with short, spiky blond hair, he must have been in his early thirties. A well defined hairless chest tapering to a slim waist, the perfect v-shaped body. Mike felt his cock beginning to stir at the sight.

'Do you mind if I sit here a moment,' the stranger said. 'There's a bloke following me who I am trying to lose'.

Mike lifted his head and saw a man looking intently at them about 100 yards away. Damn, thought Mike, it might not be a chat up line. 'Sure, go ahead' he replied. 'Thanks. I'm Luke' said the stranger.

'I'm Mike. Take it that you don't like him' Mike said, nodding to the stranger.

'No, he's not my type' Luke replied. 'He has followed me from the car park and it's beginning to freak me out'

'Well, in that case, why not make him think you are staying here – get out your towel and join me sunbathing'

'If you insist' Luke replied, a glint in his eye.

He stood up and shrugged off his shorts. The back thong was hardly enough to contain the large bulge that it held. He turned round and bent to put his shorts in his rucksack – the string back working its way into his crack.

Mike was almost salivating as Luke slipped off the thong – his cock was 6 inches soft and hung over a hairless ballsac.

Sitting on his towel, he rubbed in his sun oil in a teasing manner, then lay back to catch the rays. After chatting for a few minutes, they realised the Luke's admirer had given up and wandered off.

Mike turned over and lay on his stomach.

'You'll need some oil on there, otherwise you will burn' said Luke, grabbing his bottle. He swung over and straddled Mike as he squirted cream on his back and started to rub it in. Mike felt a tremor of electricity. Luke's legs hugged either side of his body and his cock nestled in Mike's crack. Mike felt himself begin to harden as Luke's hands worked the oil into his body.

'There you go. My turn now' said Luke as he lay face down on his towel. Mike slowly adjusted himself and began to rub in oil from where he lay. 'Come on' said Luke, 'as I did.'

Mike pushed himself onto his knees, his state of arousal obvious. He thought he saw Luke take a quick glance at his 8 inch erection, before he swung his leg over Luke's back. His erection nestled into Luke's butt cheeks, as he started to apply the lotion. A single drop of pre cum leaked from the end of his shaft onto the base of Luke's spine, giving a sticky connection between them.

Luke slowly lifted his butt and ever so gently rocked back and forth – Mike gasped as his cock stood even more to attention. Luke flipped himself over, revealing his own impressive erection, a full nine inches, jutting forward from his blond pubes.

'Looks like we both have the same problem,' he grinned as he lent forward and grabbed Mike's cock. The touch almost made Mike shoot his load immediately. Luke's tongue flickered over the tip of the shaft, taking in the stream of pre-cum that was now leaking from Mike's cock.

He licked his way down either side of Mike's dick before taking the full length in his mouth. Luke's eyes glanced up to see a look of delight on Mike's face.

Mike got Luke to stop whilst he lay down, then turned round so that he could also take in Luke's erection. As they continued to 69 each other, a rustle in the bushes revealed that their voyeur was back. Shorts round his ankles, he was slowly stroking his own meat as he watched the two young studs blow each other.

Luke noticed him, turned to Mike and said 'Lets really give him something to talk about – fuck me'

Mike didn't need a second invitation. Releasing Luke's tool from his mouth, he grabbed the sun oil and poured some over his raging cock. Luke lay back on his towel and spread his legs. Mike leaned forward and his tongue traced the path from Luke's sac to the inviting hole. His tongue flickered round the rim as it spasmed in anticipation.

'Please' begged Luke. 'Don't wait'. Mike drizzled some more oil around Luke's hole and placed his cock at the inviting entrance and slowly pushed forward. Luke was tight, and as Mike approached his ring, he felt the grip on his own cock. One further push and Mike was through. A gasp of pleasure from Luke encouraged him and he slipped in until his full 8 inches were taken and his pubes nestled against Luke's smooth body.

He withdrew a couple of inches and then rammed himself back in. He lent forward to kiss Luke's nipple as he continued to rhythmically push in on out of Luke's ass.

This was too much for the voyeur – the sight of these two men sent him over the edge and he blew his load. He had worked his way closer to the boys and one drop of his creamy liquid hit Luke on the chest.

This turned Mike and Luke on even more, knowing that their show had been appreciated. They rocked in unison with each other, bringing each other to breaking point. With one final grunt, Mike came and Luke felt squirt after squirt of Mike's juice enter his body. That was enough to finish Luke – his cock twitched and then the cum erupted out of the end of his shaft. With each spurt, Luke contracted his ass muscles and gripped Mike's cock further. Lukes orgasm continued, more intense than he had experienced before.

Mike lowered his body onto Luke's, the cum from Luke binding them together further. As Mike gazed into Luke's eyes, Luke lifted his head and their mouths and tongues met.

'I think it's time to tan my other side' said Mike. 'Half an hour will do it, then its your turn to fill me with your own special lotion'.

They both grinned as they lay back on their towels. This afternoon was far from over!

* * * * *

This is my first attempt at a story, so any comments welcomed.

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