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The eight of us grew up in the Bay Area. Over a span of four or five years we'd all become friends either through high school, college or just hanging out. Back then, there was a larger group some of whom we still kept in touch with, but the four couples got together often, sometimes just two couples and a few times each year all four couples. We shared many adventures, concerns and all had forged through a rough spot or two.

First there were common jobs in the financial, education and medical sectors. It was funny. All eight of us worked in one of these three fields so there were always debates and stories to share. The age at which we meet and our friendships formed also placed all eight of us within a similar age clump. The youngest and oldest were all within a five-year age span. Lastly, we all had kids. It's hard to think of a more unifying experience.

Carol and Dan were the first to jump through this wave. The rest of us thought they were crazy. Behind their backs we negatively shook our heads. When Carol gave birth to little Denise we were mesmerized. Just to hold this little bundle of joy was so special. She would soul search into your eyes. This experience deeply touched each of us. Eighteen months later, all of us were parents. Those eyes. Felix and Claudia were the last to join the circle. Naturally, they had twin boys. Fourteen years later, and they were still hyper as fuck, but good kids. Most of the time.

Diane and I were the third couple to join the circle, and afterwards we practiced mightily to yield two more children. Everyone else stopped the procreation at two, except for Dan and Carol who just had Denise. Once or twice a year, the four of us and their families would plan some group event and head off to explore. Each time a different family was in charge, and from the moment one walked out their door until they returned home there could be no complaining. But afterwards, often years afterwards, it was open for sure-fire teasing.

Gerry's small-town dude ranch extravaganza sounded fun in theory, but the fact that it was in rural high-desert Mexico and every single one of us endured days of uncontrollable water-like bowel movements had caught him holy hell. There were other awful trips, but his stood the mark of time as the worst. At least, so far.

Some of our adventures were pretty sweet. Learning to make cheese in an old winery thirty minutes outside Florence was hard to top. There were rafting trips, ski trips, big city trips and several beach trips. Diane and I had arranged our current adventure. Two large beach houses, about a quarter-mile apart, on the Oregon coast. Asides from the two houses, the nearest house was a few miles away. We'd rented the houses for a ten-day span, and had just topped off our eighth day.

Tomorrow, we set up for all the kids to be transported down to a private lodge for kayak lessons, fed and supervised by two of their grandparents (transported up for the two days). Most of the kids were now teenagers, and Denise was going into college soon. She had always been excellent at keeping the younger ones in line, even the twins, so with two grandparents tossed into the mix everyone felt comfortable.

For the adults, Diane had planned the day (I assisted minimally). A visit to a few wineries, followed up by unidentified dance lessons and then back to the house for an adult dinner party. After the winery visit, we'd decided the group would be split into four nonmatching groups and had thirty minutes to procure the best bottle of wine they could find and buy two of them. At dinner, the wine would be poured anonymously into carafes, then a blind tasting would take place. The partners who bought the bottle that received the highest votes would be rewarded with a professional massage. We'd found an outfit in Portland that provided us with two of their best masseuses, provided we pay their hefty price and for their travel time. We thought it was a worthwhile reward.

I feel asleep thinking of the fun we were likely to enjoy the following day and excited to get others reactions of the day's events. It was funny, but I think I actually smiled myself to sleep. When the alarm popped off at 6 am I sprung upwards, fully ready to hug the day as I knew its gifts would be special. My wife, didn't arouse with such a jump. "Diane! Do you want to really get the morning started right?" I asked her while delivering a shower of kisses to her temples.

"Please! Let me sleep a bit more. You know the kids are going to burst in any minute," she replied.

I was fortunate. Diane was special. She had this amazing brown hair, soft as falling snowflakes, but luxuriously stuffed full with curls. Her light tan eyes beautifully matched her hair. The sheets that covered her hid a blessed delight. Full breasts, set off with perfect chocolate long nipples, a thin waist and sexily muscled legs that always seemed to get noticed when she wore shorts or a bikini. But her best feature was her seemingly constant state of happiness, except for early mornings. If allowed to sleep past eight, she always awoke with a fat smile and the curiosity of a four-year-old. This tempered another side of her, she was extremely competitive and loved math. It wasn't surprising she'd gotten into finance, and was heavily sought after by others.

This was cool, but her career path didn't interest me. We were an odd couple. I played football and baseball in high school, got a ride and even drafted, but then the show ended. Fortunately, I was able to walk away with a teaching degree which some of my teammates did not manage. True, it was a teaching degree, but I also got to coach the high school baseball team while teaching geeks calculus. Yeah, Diane and I did share a love of numbers, it just was a very different love.

Despite my excitement, I crawled back into our bed and spooned up next to Diane. In the process, pressing my semi-hard feller into her luscious behind and started to kiss the baseline of her hair.

"Seriously, Jack?" she complained. "Is there ever a morning you aren't horny?"

"Mom, Dad aren't you going to go to the river with us? We are going to learn to kayak. Can we go right now?" our youngest screamed as the door flew open and two seconds later she dove between our bodies. Damned if Diane didn't have a sixth sense about our kiddos and coitus interrupticus.

"No sweetie, you're going with all the other kids. The adults are going wine tasting. Wouldn't you like to go with us instead?" I asked.

"No. Gross Dad!"

"Come here honey, give your Mom some kisses and draw flowers on my back please," Diane asked.

"Mom! I don't have time for that. I'm going to be a kayaker. Get dressed we have to go." And with those words she bolted off the bed and out the door.

"Think we have time for a quickie?" I asked while fondling my honey's full lobes.

"Seriously, Jack. This isn't one of your poems, reality. Do you think we'll have ten or even five minutes before one or more of our children are in here?" Diane asked.

"We could always pretend," I replied while pushing down her panties and my briefs so my cock suddenly sprang up against her nude bottom. She replied by rolling over, pulling up her panties and grabbing my cock with her hand.

Softly she stroked it until it was fully firm. "Tonight, all the kids will be in the other house. How about you great me with this when we crawl into bed?" We briefly kissed, and then our second child plowed into our room.

"What do we wear for kayaking? Are jeans ok?"

"Oh, honey. Let me help you. Think swimming," Diane replied as she popped out of the bed and deliberately tried to pull the covers down to expose me. I gripped the blankets hard and kept my now inflated member from view. She was evil.

Diane walked out with our son in tow, so I re-exited from the bed and made a quick line to the shower. Afterwards, I dressed myself in casual relaxed attire and headed downstairs to help prep the kids for their adventures. There were lots to of items to pack: extra clothes, sunblock, snacks, packing bedding and PJ items for the night, plus toiletries.

We'd split the house with Dan and Carol. It really wasn't fair, as they only had Denise compared to our three and Denise was like a second Mom to them. We divided and conquered, then split up into two groups. The ladies elected to grab the other kids and head to the river lodge, while Dan and I tramped over to the other house with arm loads of blankets, and a couple of small suitcases.

Dan was carrying the brunt of the load, but it seemed to fit his tall lanky build. Since high school, he'd been an avid mountain climber and often went off with a group of his buddies to scale some impressive peaks. It wasn't my thing. Looking down from our second story window was enough to wind up my stomach. I preferred places where falling wasn't really an option.

"What time do the wineries open?" he asked me.

"Shit, I don't know. I think ten or a little later. Why?" I asked

"Was hoping we could get a bike in beforehand. You see those trails down close to the river? There are some decent up and downs, and all dirt. Interested?"

"Sure, but you know the bikes that came with the houses aren't really much for dirt biking," I replied.

"I think they'd hold up," Dan answered swiftly.

"Dan, they are beach bikes. Let's just stick to the beach. Besides if we drive down to the river, bike and drive back I know we won't get out of here until noon. Think Carol would be cool with that?" Dan's wife was a stunner. Light blue eyes that left one feeling like they were peering into a bottomless Caribbean pool, framed with slightly wavy black hair and an angelic face. She was a kid doctor or pediatrician. I'm sure numerous Dad's stopped in with their kids for visits that wouldn't have occurred with another physician. But it kept her practice busy.

"Shit, dude. Yeah your right," Dan replied while shaking his long blond curls away from his forehead. "Hey man, we can rush the surf though. That'll be cool."

"Yeah, maybe even troll with a line and catch a few fish too," I added.

"Fuck you asshole," he shot back immediately with a chuckle.

We made it the other house, and discovered the women had already departed with all the kids and their gear. It was dead silent there, in a good, yet sad way.

"Where are Felix and Gerry?" Dan inquired. "Do you think they went with the ladies?"

"I doubt that," I replied. "Hundred bucks they are out sitting in the hot tub?"

"Fuck yeah," was the only response I got from Dan as he bolted for the back deck while pulling off his t-shirt. I followed behind him, and as we closed in on the deck heard two deep voices speaking softly.

Dan reached them first, finished disrobing and hopped into the tub. "You gay fucks, hope you don't mind us disrupting your little cuddle party. Man this is great. You guys remember the last time we all got together without kids?"

"Oh, shit. Yeah, that was crazy," Gerry spoke up. His long thick hair was pulled back in a ponytail, revealing his olive skin and latin features. "Wasn't that when we set us all up for that line dancing class at some cowboy bar? Oh shit, that was a disaster. Girls hugging us like lost lovers and didn't Claudia try to kiss a few of us and Diane too, before she started praying to her pale ceramic friend in the restroom?"

"Shit she was hungover and pissed off the next morning," Felix added. The two were an unlikely couple. Claudia moved to the area during high school from London. She was long-haired blue-eyed blonde, had a hot body, knew it and could be a bitch. Perfect combo to match her undisturbed heavy accent. She was so straight laced it wasn't funny, but get her outside of the financial sector and a different person emerged. When she wanted to, she could be a lot of fun. During college she wasn't into sports or anything athletic, but over the last five years had seriously become addicted to running. Blessed with a small petite build, she proved to be a natural.

In contrast, her husband Felix was from Honduras, a touch overweight and was permanently happy. In college he'd played lead guitar for a band that released a few albums, was hot on campus, but fizzled out. He dropped out of college for a semester, but when he re-enrolled he was like a locomotive. Pure focus. Straight A's and many years later was now an oncologist. We use to hang out in college, and after two years of school I would never have wagered he'd get into medical school and excel. It was good to be wrong. What I loved about Felix is he liked to have fun, and saw everyone as an equal, and thus Claudia and he were the odd-couple.

"Well there isn't any tequila on the menu for the day's events, but I still expect a fun time. And you're right, days like today, we need to do far more frequently," I tossed out.

"Ahh shit Jacky. Be honest, dude. You're just hoping Claudia and Diane lock lips again, you sick fuck," Dan roared out.

"Yeah, that wouldn't be too bad. But one can't be greedy with life, and at least we were fortunate enough to witness it once," I replied.

"Man, you are a freak. Your acting like that depressing shit you write and try to call poetry. Getting all Eeyore on us. Shit! What we should be doing is figuring out how to let those two to delight us with another viewing. Not sitting here counting our blessings," Gerry added to the conversation. Ah, Gerry, Gerry. He was our legionary mystic.

Grew up in the Mission neighborhood, played some mean baseball as a pitcher and it led to us becoming friends. He too was into music, and could make an acoustic guitar fly like a hummingbird. In college, he formed this duet with another guy, and, as I liked to tease him, was a perfect recipe for endless one-night stands. Somewhere along the path he and the other guy must have gotten tired of melting their loans into the beautiful honey flowing their way. Both got serious girlfriends and the gig ended. Gerry's special lady was Lola. Half black, half Japanese and all beauty. We'd been friends for nearly 20 years now, and I still had a hard time peeling my eyes away from her. Curly black hair, light skinned, a few dark freckles dotted her flawless face, complete with narrow eyes and a body looked like it was created for sex. Ahhh Lola, Lola.

"Again, my friend, you are right. However, we shouldn't discriminate. How do you propose we get Lola to kiss Carol?" I inquired.

This brought forth laughter from all of us and the end of our guy talk. We discussed the day a bit more, and all admitted we were a bit jealous of our young crew getting to kayak without us, but were also damn happy to have an adult day. Five minutes later we popped out, toweled ourselves dry and gathered together a few items Lola and Claudia had left behind to be moved to the other house. Then we schlepped back to the adult house, made a quick breakfast and a few minutes later were joined by the ladies.

They immediately gave us orders, then just as quickly disappeared to the restrooms. We packed up some snacks for the vehicles and retired to the porch to wait for the day to begin. Thirty minutes went buy as we chitchatted about all types of things except the wives or anything sexual. Another fifteen minutes went by before the ladies emerged. Each of them had on a sundress, but all in different shades and colors.

Diane had on a magenta colored dress that ended a few inches below her butt. It showed off her legs and generous breasts. On top there were spaghetti straps, which seemed to barely hold up the material covering her chest. Carol's sundress was a light blue that perfectly matched her eyes, and contrasted her dark hair. The top covered her shoulders, but a deep V showed off her cleavage. Claudia wore a dark blue flowing dress. The bottom of her hem touched the tops of her sandal clad feet, and up top was fully covered without any cleavage, but as she walked buy I realized the back essentially was missing and exposed her upper cheeks. Lola was last, and dressed in a flowing white dress. I just knew if she were to stand in the sunlight right, it would be close to sheer. The dresses were all beautiful on gorgeous women, but what silenced all of us gentlemen was the fact that not a one of them was wearing a bra. I swear I witnessed eight nipples winking at me.

We all popped into one of the vans we'd rented, and Dan took the driver's seat. Diane pulled from her purse a carefully folded piece of paper, "Here is our itinerary for the day. First, we are going to taste at three different wineries, and then we'll go into town. There are a number of wineries there and we are going to split up. Each lady will draw a number out of a hat, and that will be your town partner. The two of you are to go, sample some juice and find one you both agree is the best, but you only have an hour. Buy two bottles of it and we'll meet back at the van. Second, well let's just work on having some fun during the first part, as I don't want to let all the fun out of the bag yet.

Over the next three hours we hit up three different wineries. When we planned the adventure I thought we'd get micro-sips at each place and never dreamed we'd have a decent buzz after the second stop. Diane had insisted on getting a driver after the winery portion, and I had protested, ultimately we agreed after the tasting started Claudia would drive. The first winery seemed stuffy, and there was little chatter amongst our group. By the time we hit up the third winery, things had changed considerably.

Most of the crew were tipsy, and all were enjoying the ever-present nipple show. Within the group, there was open flirtation. A few times Diane had bent over and I knew Dan and Felix had caught an eye full of her breasts. Claudia and Lola seemed to take turns flirting with me, and I sure as hell didn't protest. During the third winery tasting, Lola point blank caught me staring at her tits.

"Do you like them? I probably should have worn a bra. What do you think?" Lola whispered to me.

"Ahhmm. No," I stammered.

"So you don't like them?"

"No, no. I was talking about the bra," I answered while turning a little pink.

"Would you like to see them?" Lola popped off next as her eyes focused heavily on mine. Just then Carol approached with a goofy grin. God her eyes could transfix a person.

"When are we going to draw partners, or do we just get to pick?" she asked as she looped one of her arms around mine. Just as Carol put the question forth, Lola bent over at the waist to scratch her lower leg and provided me with an unblocked view straight down her dress. Her breasts were small, but still firm and her nipples a dark chocolate. As Carol kept chatting Lola looked up, again directly into my eyes, and we both knew what she was doing.

"Ok, everyone, five minutes before we head out," Diane stated loudly as she clapped her hands together twice which caused her breasts to bounce seductively. Just then Claudia leaned back against the bar and inadvertently knocked over a small ornamental tree. Diane turned quickly, bent half way down, and was able to catch it before it fell. A few in our group clapped, and Diane smiled then looked down. One of her breasts had entirely popped free and was openly on display. She looked around for a brief moment, before uttering "Ooops," and slowly covering up.

For a second no one said a word. "You have to let them breath every once in a while," Dan spat out. "They do have a right to fresh air too you know." This broke the tension and got everyone laughing.

"Ok, off we go to town," Diane directed and this seemed to be the end of the event. Claudia drove as she was our lone nondrinker. She tasted several of the wines, but always spit out the juice. Although I'm sure a bit went down, and she seemed pretty happy. The drive to town was about twenty minutes. We paired off into two groups, and talked about everything and nothing, but all of us were having fun.

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