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Beautiful Dreamer


My sister Amy was a wild child. By the time she was actually old enough to drink legally, Amy was already a regular at the most popular nightclubs in town. And once she met Kira, her reputation as a hard partier became legendary.

The two of them were inseparable. They went everywhere together, two hot chicks firing up men's imaginations all over town. And because I'd foolishly allowed them to move in with me, I had to deal with the fallout.

I was eight years older than my sister, and I preferred my life to be calm and without drama. But Amy and Kira's phones were always ringing and they had a lot of company.

At first, I wondered if my sister might be same-sex oriented. Our apartment is fairly large, with four bedrooms, but Amy and Kira insisted on sharing not only a room, but a bed. As I eventually learned, however, through way too many overheard discussions, neither Amy nor Kira has limited themselves to a single gender preference.

They often had overnight guests, both male and female, sometimes at the same time. The girls and their paramours would retire to the bedroom and come out the next morning looking like they'd done everything but actually sleep.

On the nights when they did not find a playmate to bring home, the girls would stay out until 2 or 3 in the morning and then crash until the afternoon.

One fateful morning, I woke up to find that the apartment was a wreck. Empty bottles, fast-food wrappers, and discarded clothes were scattered all over the living room. Enough was finally enough. I was going to have a talk with my little sister and her girlfriend.

I stormed into their bedroom and stopped in shock. I'm not sure what I had expected, but it would have been much better for my peace of mind had I waited until they woke up on their own. Amy was passed out flat on her back with Kira cuddled up against her side. And both girls were completely and gorgeously naked.

I tried to leave the room. I told myself to shut my eyes or to at least stare at something other than my sister's nude body. I completely failed to do any of that. Instead, I studied both of them, memorizing every feminine detail of those luscious girls.

A man is not ever supposed to know that his sister shaves her pubic hair. But I got a good, long look at that beautifully bare pussy as well as Amy's proud tits. To my shame, I found myself growing hard within my pants. Kira's secrets were better hidden, pressed up against Amy's hip, but one firm breast was visible, resting atop my sister's arm.

I was powerfully aroused, and oddly angry. I blamed Amy for forcing me to come in here and corrupt my thoughts. It was definitely her fault. Even more disturbing, I was jealous of Kira, and of all the guys and girls who had experienced Amy's lovely body firsthand. And the jealousy was also Amy's fault.

Finally, I managed to force myself to back out of the room. I closed the door behind me and went back to my bedroom. I had some vague idea in mind to ease my frustration with a quick masturbation session. But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

It was wrong to stroke myself while thinking of my sister. I refused to stoop to such perversity. The only sensible thing to do was to put a reliable porn video on the DVD player and let that be my stimulation. Once I was no longer picturing Amy, I could safely pull out my cock and give myself a healthy, normal release.

But that was easier said than done. The two naked girls in the other bedroom were dominating my every thought. Even the explicit action on the television screen was not enough to distract me. The pure, clean images of Jill and Tina's First Anal Gangbang could not rid my mind of the filthy memory of my naked, sleeping sister.

Before I could stop myself, I ventured back into the other bedroom. I stared down at them for a very long time, feeling like the worst kind of pervert. I called myself all kinds of nasty names, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the view.

In the end, there came acceptance. I was a hell bound sexual deviant who wanted to fuck his sister. There was freedom in the knowledge. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, they say.

Acting on it is a different matter, however. I was not so far gone as to get in bed with the girls and satisfy my desires. Although it did occur to me that the two of them were probably still so drunk, it was possible they wouldn't even wake up if I did happen to fuck them both while they slept.

It was something to think about, anyway. Perhaps another night, when they hadn't already had a few hours of sleep, I might consider it. But 10 a.m. was a little chancy.

I continued to stand there, watching the girls and fondling myself through my pants. Without ever really making a conscious decision, I slowly freed myself from my clothes and started stroking. I moved closer to the bed until I was standing over my sister and my cock was pointed right at her.

If someone had suggested it to me just an hour earlier, I would have decked the sick perverted bastard, but now it seemed perfectly reasonable to be jerking myself off, planning to come all over my sister's pretty face.

I wanted to paint her lips and cheeks with semen. Her mouth was slightly open and I hoped to get a little of my come on her tongue and teeth. I wondered what she'd make of it all when she finally woke up. Would she think she hadn't cleaned up after one of her lovers from the night before? Would she think she'd gotten too drunk and had forgotten some event of the evening's activities? I hoped I'd get to hear that conversation as I'd heard so many others.

But my hand froze on my cock when I saw Kira's eyes open. This had all been a huge mistake. I was caught. Kira would tell Amy. My sister would know I was a sick pervert. She might even tell our parents.

But Kira only smiled sleepily up at me. She snuggled closer and pressed her cheek to Amy's, making her own face an available and attractive target as well. Kira opened her lips, and with her fingers, opened Amy's, inviting me to spurt some of my come into their mouths.

She watched me as I resumed jerking off. Her hand drifted over to close on Amy's breast, giving me an even better visual than before. And in moments, I was on the edge of no return. I grabbed the bed's headboard and leaned in close as I felt the explosion beginning. I pointed my dick at Amy's face.

And then I was coming. It was magnificent. The orgasm felt better than any I'd ever given myself before. And I got to watch my hot come splatter Amy's face. Kira got some too, of course, but the real thrill was in spurting semen on my sleeping sister.

It was mostly on Amy's upper lip, but I was far enough away to ensure a decent spray pattern. There were droplets on her nose and chin and even on her eyebrows. Kira had gotten a big glob on her cheek. She smoothed this into her skin, then licked her fingers clean.

When I was done, and I'd completely emptied my balls onto the girls' faces, Kira winked up at me. "I bet you've wanted to do that for a long time," she whispered. "Come back anytime. She'll never know. And if you want to fuck her, tell me and I'll arrange it. Same thing if you want to fuck me."

Kira sighed and closed her eyes, obviously intending to go back to sleep. I stayed for just a minute or two longer, staring at my sister's come-coated features. Finally, I left, thinking about Kira's offer. I just might have to take her up on it.

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by Anonymous

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by kelprime11/02/17

Solid short story.

Ignore the displeased anons. There was nothing unrealistic about this, unless you attempt to do this yourself believing this will be the result. This result is a possibility, not a likelihood. That doesn'tmore...

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by Anonymous10/26/17

Good, but unrealistic.

You start out with a good premise, but to think that someone could cum on a woman's face, without her waking up is really quite ludicrous! She would have and should have woke up. Besides, what is shemore...

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