tagGay MaleBeauty and the Beast Pt. 01

Beauty and the Beast Pt. 01


I hesitated a long time before I advertised on Craig's list. I was 18 and had left school two months before. I had a place at university for the following October, almost a year ahead. I was living at home and had a mindless temporary job in a solicitor's office that made no demands on anything but my time. I'm a very shy person and no one knew I was gay except me. My father has religious beliefs that are ferociously homophobic. I knew I would have to leave home if he found out.

I desperately wanted to know what it would be like to be with a man. I wanted an older man to initiate me into gay sex. I wanted him to be strong and masterful and experienced. I had many fantasies about this.

I advertised myself as 18, inexperienced and seeking a masterful older man to teach me how to please him.

I had a number of replies and in the end I chose a man in his forties who seemed to fit my fantasies. I also chose him because he lived in a neighbouring town so it would be easy for me to meet him. We exchanged emails. He was surprised at my complete lack of experience, but said that he would love to initiate me, and that though he liked to dominate his partners he would not push me beyond my limits. He asked me for a photo. I did not have a nude photo and besides, absurdly enough, I felt shy about sending such a thing in an email to a stranger. So I sent him one taken a couple of months before, showing me on a beach in my bathing costume. He said he liked my looks. I am slim and though not very tall (5 foot 6 inches) I have long well-shaped legs of which I am quite proud. He said that I looked very feminine and that in our relationship he would be the man and I would be his girlfriend. This fitted very well with my fantasies and I agreed. We arranged to meet. He wanted me to stay at his house for a weekend. I was reluctant at first, but he said time was needed, that he would initiate me slowly, and that of course, I could leave at any time if I wanted to. So in the end I agreed. He also asked me to wear a pair of girl's panties when we met. He said they would help put us both in the right frame of mind.

I told my parents I needed a break and wanted to go the seaside to enjoy the last of the summer - it was early September last year, nearly eight months ago.

I took the train to N, the town he lived in, about thirty miles away from my home, and easily found my way to the café where we were to meet. I was early and bought myself a coffee and took it to a table near the entrance. I was feeling quite nervous. I must have gone into a bit of a daydream as I waited because I didn't see him until he was standing beside my chair.

I was taken aback by his appearance. He was much bigger than I had expected, and, truth to tell, much uglier. Tall, wide-shouldered, huge chested, wearing a grey shirt that was open necked exposing the top of a very hairy chest. His neck was thick, what they call a bull neck, and his face was red, with a large squat nose, thick eyebrows and deep-set, dark penetrating eyes. His hair was a dense black without a trace of grey and was cut quite short and stood up like a crew cut. His mouth was thick lipped and deep lines ran down its sides. He looked cruel as well as ugly and I regretted I had not insisted on a photograph. But then I had not insisted on anything much.

As I stared up at him he took hold of my hand and said, "Well, girl it was about time you met your Daddy." His hand was enormous and mine was swallowed in its grip. His words took me aback. They were his first words to me and they struck me as crude and what's more, they were embarrassing in such a public place. I looked round to see if anyone had heard him. I tried to free my hand, but his grip tightened. "You don't want to deprive me of your pretty little paw," he said, and he smiled at me.

I felt myself blushing. I didn't like his smile. That was the moment to tell him that I had changed my mind, that I didn't want to go with him, that I had made a mistake. But I didn't, though I wanted to.

Then he said. "Come on, little girl, we're leaving. You've got lots to learn. There's no time to waste." With that he pulled me to my feet, grabbing my little travel bag which was on the table, and walked us out of the café, still holding my hand. He let go of it once we were out in the street, but took hold of my arm with a firm grip, guiding me across the road saying, "My car's just over here, little one."

I still wanted to say I couldn't go through with it. But I couldn't find the words. If he had not been holding my arm I would have said nothing and just run away back to the station and home.

His car was a large black saloon. He must have been aware of my feelings, for he made me get in the driver's side, saying "Shift over, girl, and let Daddy in," his enormous body crowding me as I shuffled myself awkwardly across to the passenger side. He closed his door and clicked the central locking.

"Well, here we are girl," and put his hand on my knee. My only thought was, I can't get out. I felt I had been kidnapped by this monstrous man.

He started the car and as he drove down the busy street, he asked in a conversational tone, "You don't much like the look of me, do you, girl?"

I mumbled something. I dared not answer truthfully.

"Your expression, girl, when you first laid eyes on me told me what you thought. I expected it. Pretty little sissy and monster man, beauty and the beast. Believe me, girl, by the time I'm through with you you'll think the beast is the handsomest prince in lala land." He laughed and put a hand on my knee. It was enormous, very broad with thick fingers, and hairy. There was really something of the beast about it, about him.

"Don't think I'm boasting," he continued, "I'm predicting. You're not the first sissy girl I've had in my hands, though you may be the most innocent. But you'll be just like the others in the end."

He was turning off the road as he spoke, into the driveway of a large detached house. He stopped the car and clicked a control and the door of a garage attached to the side of the house began to rise. He gestured towards the house. "Behold my home, my pretty, Casa Cock, the place you will enter as an innocent virgin and will leave as a little slut, crazy for cock and with a sore but hungry cunt."

I shivered, cold with terror at his words.

Then he drove into the garage, parking so close to the wall that I would have to get out of the car from the driver's side. He was already getting out as ceiling lights went on and the garage door clicked shut behind us.

"Out with you girl." He leaned over and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me as I scrambled out.

He dragged me, stumbling behind him, through a door out of the garage into a large kitchen. "You won't be spending much time in here, my precious. Let me show you where you're going to be such a busy little girl."

He led me out of the kitchen into a large sitting room. It was thickly carpeted, curtains were drawn across a bay window. Afternoon light came in through a set of French doors. There were several armchairs, a sofa, and a baby grand piano.

"A nice civilised room, eh, girl. This is where we'll first get to know each other." Then he led me through a door in the wall beside the French windows. He switched on the light and revealed another large room. But this had no windows. It was low ceilinged, there was an enormous bed, covered with some black material, more armchairs, a sofa, some little tables and other things.

"Have a good look round, girl. This is my special room, built to accommodate little sissies like you. It's where you'll be spending most of your weekend, learning to love cock, mine in particular, but men's cocks in general."

He led me back into the sitting room. "This is where we'll get acquainted," he said and sat down in an armchair still holding my hand. He pointed to the carpet. "On your knees, girl, know your place. You're a sissy girl in the presence of a man."

I knelt in front of him and bowed my head.

"Look at me bitch," he ordered. Obeying, I realised I really didn't want to, he frightened me so. I found I could not meet his intense gaze.

"We need to have a little chat to get a few things clear." His voice was neutral but authoritative.

"As soon as I laid eyes on your photo I saw you were such a pretty little thing you must have have stiffened a lot of men's cocks. And since everybody lies I thought you might be a hot-cunted little bitch who likes to play the innocent. But now I'm not so sure." He paused and stared at me.

"I don't think that's quite ...," I started to say when he raised his arm threateningly. I flinched and fell silent.

"Did I tell you to talk, bitch?"

"No Sir."

"Then shut your pretty mouth. You're here to be used, to please me, not to talk. I'll let you know when I want you to say something."

He glared at me and I nodded to show I'd understood.

He continued, "When I met you I saw immediately that you are a born sissy, really just a brainless little girl, essentially female not male at all. But I also felt you didn't know it and maybe it's true no one has had his hands on you yet or his cock up your cunt. Now I want the truth, and if you lie I will infallibly know and I will hurt you very badly. Have you really had no sexual experience?" He paused and glared at me.

I was so terrified by his words and his manner that I could not speak.

"Answer me, you little tart."

This was all so terribly unlike what I had imagined. I felt I had to get away.

"Please," I began, "I'm sorry I ... You said I

"I could ... I want to ..."

"Don't babble, girl." He bent forward and slapped my face. I cried out. "Answer the question - Were you telling the truth when you said you had no sexual experience?"

My cheek was, stinging, there were tears in my eyes. I was terrified. But I managed to answer. "Yes, Sir, I was telling the truth, I haven't ever ..." Then in a rush, I whined, "And I don't want to ... I'm sorry. Please, Sir, I made a mistake. I want to go home. Please, I'm very sorry." My eyes pleaded with him. I feared his anger. But he seemed pleased with what he had heard.

"A reluctant pretty sissy virgin! And all for me! It's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. Now, listen up, girl. You may have told the truth in your emails, but I didn't. I lied." He grinned his nasty grin. "I said you could leave when you wanted. Well, you can forget that. You can't leave until I say so. You're here till Monday morning, unless I get tired of you sooner." He grinned again.

"Then, remember, in this house, I am the male; you are a sissy girl with small tits a slightly enlarged clit and a tight cunt; you will call me Daddy - forget, and you will be punished. Do you understand, bitch?"

"Yes Daddy, I understand." I realised I was trembling. I hadn't known what being dominated would feel like.

"Stand up, slut."

Shakily I got to my feet and he got up and walked slowly round me. "Now, let's see what I've got hold of. Strip! Everything off except your panties."

I hurried to obey, and as each of my garments came off he took it and threw it to a corner of the room. "You won't be needing those again till you leave." He stepped in front of me and grabbed hold of my nipples and started squeezing them. "You've got pretty titties here, girl, but they need treatment. They're pert little things, but they need a bit more flesh and these nipples need attention."

He was hurting me. I tried not to react but when he started twisting them and pulling I couldn't stand it and a little squeal escaped me.

"I thought a little girl liked it when a man plays with her titties. You should be thrilled I'm taking an interest in your pretty toys. So enjoy it, you dumb bitch," he said squeezing hard and then letting go when I squealed again, more loudly.

"Now turn round, sissy. I want to see more of that plump girly bottom"

I felt shy to be so exposed almost naked under his leering gaze while he was still fully clothed.

"I might have guessed a little girl like you would choose pink panties," he said reaching round and cupping my little penis and balls in his hand and squeezing. "Now hear this. Sissy girls don't use the word 'no' to a man. I hear that word from you, bitch, you'll wish you hadn't said it," he said squeezing harder.

Then I felt his hand behind me feeling my bottom cheeks. His finger pressed the panties into my bottom, his finger pushing hard right on my anus.

"I'm going to enjoy getting my cock up your cunt and turning you into a slut begging for cock. It's what you want, isn't it, bitch?"

"Yes Daddy," I murmured. I was terrified of this man. He was turning out to be a monster. I was wishing with all my heart I had never met him.

"You will eat all my cum that doesn't end up in your cunt. You will be hungry for it. Cum will be your favourite nourishment. Do you understand, bitch?"

"Yes Daddy," I said, feeling revulsion at the idea of his cum.

"Lastly, you will forget you ever thought you were male. You will always behave like the sissy girl you are. You will walk like a sexy girl, shaking your hips and wriggling that plump girly bottom, inviting cock up your cunt. You will speak more like a girly bitch and your mannerisms should show what a sissy girl you are. Don't ever try to talk sense, your tiny sissy brain isn't up to it. Any time you forget you're really female, a girly slut, you get punished. "Understand bitch?"

"Yes Daddy," I answered making my voice higher and like a girl's.

"That's better and you'll improve. Now, walk for me, to the window and back here. And remember you are female and want to make my cock hard."

I swayed my hips and wiggled as I walked, hoping to please him. I came back and he said, "You'll do better when you've learned to think about nothing but cock. Then the way you walk will show it."

He placed a hand on my head and pushed down. "On your knees, girl."

He stood in front of me and pulled his shirt off and let down his trousers. He was massively built, very hairy, heavily muscled but running to fat, and with a beer belly - a very big man. He towered over me intimidatingly. I am small and slender and he made me feel like a helpless little girl in front of him. With those powerful arms and huge hands he could break me in half. I could see the outline of his cock through his jockeys. It was very thick and long and, like a living thing, it was swelling and growing as I watched, and with a sob of terror I saw its enormous knob, red and angry, emerge and crawl down his hairy thigh. It was oozing precum.

"Lick me, girl," he ordered

Frightened by the monstrous fleshiness of his knob, I bent forward and licked his jockeys over the stem of his cock. He grabbed my hair pulled my head up and slapped my face.

"I told you to lick me not my clothes, you dumb bitch." He slapped me again.

I squealed and said, "I'm sorry, Daddy." and hurried to get my tongue onto to the huge red knob, now more than a third of the way down his thigh. I licked the spongy red surface, pressed my lips to it and kissed it. I was in a panic to please this man and avoid more punishment.

He grunted approval. "That's better. Now, bitch, take it out."

I pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out right in front of my face. It was very big and intimidating with its swollen angry red knob, nothing like my little penis.

"Now, kiss it girl, lick the head, get that little pink tongue working, you horny slut. Show me how you love my cock and want it."

I kissed the head and licked around it and then tried sucking it into my mouth. He grabbed my head and pulled it back and slapped my face.

"Oh," I gasped and recoiled. My cheek felt hot.

"Did I tell you that you could suck my cock, bitch?"

"No Daddy, I just thought..."

"Shut up, you dumb bitch. That pretty head isn't for thinking and that sexy mouth isn't for talking. It's there to fit round my cock. You just need to do as Daddy tells you," he said slapping me again. "Is your tiny female brain capable of understanding that or do I need to take you into the other room and beat it into your slutty body?"

I shivered and hurried to say, "Yes Daddy, I do, I do understand."

"Then stick out that snaky tongue and lick my cock, get it nice and wet, polish my cockhead."

I did as he says licking up and down his cock. I felt it getting even harder, even bigger. His cock head was soft and spongy and I licked it all over, tasting the precum oozing out of it.

"Ok bitch, now get your mouth round my cock and suck."

It was so thick I had to open really wide and even then couldn't get very much more than the head into my mouth. I used my tongue to lick the underside as I sucked the knob in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, he pulled me off his cock. He slapped me several times, pulling my head back, making me look up at him.

"You useless little bitch. You're supposed to suck my cock not just my knob. I want my cock down your throat, you stupid sissy. I'll show you what that means."

He took my head in both hands and pulled it onto his cock forcing it much deeper into me than I had managed. He moved my head to and fro, pulling and pushing working his cock ever deeper into my mouth, and then into my throat, making me gag. Then he backed off a little before pulling me back onto his cock.

"You're still not taking it all, you stupid slut," he said in a conversational tone as he pushed and pulled me onto his cock, "but you will learn and you will like it, or that fat girly bottom will be so red and sore you'll be standing for a month." Then he pulled my head back off his cock and smeared the juices over my face and made me look up at him. "Open wide girl," and he spat into my mouth and said, "Get sucking, whore," and shoved me back on his cock.

I was very afraid of him now, I sucked his cock, desperately trying to take more and more and still had trouble, gagging every time it pressed into my throat. I wasn't enjoying it, I just wanted to please him. I wanted him to cum but he didn't. I wanted this to be over, but it wasn't.

He pulled me off his cock. "An improvement," he says, "but an improvement won't do. You're a useless little bitch, but you're pretty and have a very fuckable mouth. So I'll let you persevere. Next time I want my cock down your throat. Do you understand me, you dumb slut?"

He pulled my head back by my hair making me stare up at him. I tried to nod, stammering, "YYes Daddy. I understand."

"It's time to try out that tight little cunt of yours. Off to the sissy playroom now, you slut. Take down your panties and lie down over the end of the bed."

I hurried into the room, remembering to wiggle as I went. I took off the panties and laid down beside them, my chest on the bed, my feet on the floor and waited nervously for him to follow me. I heard him shut the door as he entered and then sensed he was just behind me. The silence was frightening. I felt his predatory gaze on my body and realised I was trembling.

Then I jerked and whimpered fearfully as I felt his hands on my bare bottom kneading the cheeks, feeling their firmness. "Yes girl," he said, "You've got a fine girly bottom. These plump cheeks are just asking for a cock to slide between them into that hungry little cunt."

"But that hungry little cunt will have to wait. You're due for some punishment first. You deserve it because you irritated me back there and your performance sucking my cock was amateurish, even allowing you've never had those pretty lips round a hard cock before. And you need punishment because a sissy girl like you needs a real man to spank her plump girly bottom. And you'll get it because I'll enjoy seeing these ivory cheeks turn red under my hard hands - and - because I want to make you cry like a little girl."

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