tagIncest/TabooBecoming 'Dad' Ch. 03

Becoming 'Dad' Ch. 03


One thing had become clear in all of my sexual interactions with my room-mate's son: It wasn't just my giving him head that got his rocks off, the real turn-on was the risk of getting caught.

Despite my best efforts to resist his advances, I was powerless to refuse Duncan's every request. I was so infatuated with the boy that I couldn't say no, whatever the consequences. I knew that it was inevitable that his father would catch us, and that it would result in the end of our friendship. None of that compelled me to stop, all that mattered to me was satiating the boy's every desire.

Whenever I'd resist his attempts to take things up another level, he'd concoct a way to force me into an uncomfortable situation. One morning, when his father and I were in the kitchen having coffee and Duncan was in the bathroom shaving, the boy called to me on the pretence of asking me about something. I was attempting to answer from the kitchen, seated right across from his father.

Duncan said, "I'm sure the whole apartment block can hear us, why don't you come closer, so we don't have to shout our heads off?"

I got up, walked over and stood in the bathroom doorway, just a few meters away from, and clearly in sight of his father. Duncan smiled at me as he stood completely nude at the bathroom sink. I could see the remnants of shaving cream on his handsome young face. I looked down to see he had his hard cock in his hand, stoking it.

He smiled slyly as he continued the conversation, "So, any plans for the weekend? Want to hang out with me while Papa is at his course?"

My eyes were glued to his hand making love to his hard cock while I tried to reply, "Um, sure... What did you have in mind?"

Duncan continued to stare at himself in the mirror, acting as if he wasn't jerking off in front of me with his father only a few meters away. He suggested, "Why don't we head back to the city centre, that was a lot of fun."

He was referring to getting busted in the public toilet by the security guard. The pace of his hand on his cock sped up while trying to make coherent conversation as his father could likely hear every word. Mid-sentence, the boy started to ramble, then a gurgle and a soft groan. I watched as he pointed his rock-hard cock into the sink and fired off several shots of hot cum.

The boy's strange noises had caught his father's attention. I glanced in Brian's direction and caught his stare. He had a look on his face; A mix of confusion punctuated by what I can only describe as a look of concern. I turned and headed to my bedroom, closing the door and ripping open my pants. I furiously jerked my cock and 30 seconds later I was depositing a big load of cum into the previous days boxers.

A few nights later, when Brian was on his course, the boy called me into his bedroom. "Hey Daddy, come check this out!"

I entered Duncan's room to find him on his bed examining his phone.

He smiled, "Come closer and see what I found."

As he turned his phone towards me, I saw he was on Grindr. He asked me, "Tell me what you see?"

I studied the phone as the boy thumbed through the pictures on a profile. There were a series of pictures of the man's torso and his cock. I was puzzled, it was just a typical Grindr profile, noting exceptional. The man was in good shape, in his early forties I presumed by his body.

Duncan said, "Look closely. Not just at him, at everything else."

I studied the pictures again as Duncan flipped through them more slowly this time. Then it hit me. The chair, the desk, a sliver of a curtain in the background...

It was our apartment. The man in the photos was Brian, Duncan's dad. I gasped when I made the connection.

The boy smiled and flipped back a few screens and read aloud: "Older for younger. Looking for a hot young stud to service. Strictly oral, let me show you how only an older daddy can worship your cock."

Duncan returned to the profile pictures and started slowly scrolling through them again. I glanced down to see him pawing his hard, teen cock and instantly I wanted to suck it. I reached for it and the boy practically swatted my hand away.

"Not now, I've got an idea." Duncan dismissed me from his room and told me to close the door on my way out.

Over the next few days Duncan practically ignore me. On the Saturday morning when his father was in the shower I waited at the breakfast table for the boy to come around the table to shove his hot cock in my mouth and feed me his cum, but he didn't.

He must have sensed my anticipation and told me, "Not now, I've got something better in mind."

I was overcome with dread, thinking that he might want to revisit my humiliation in a public washroom again. When his father emerged from the bathroom he said he was going to a study group for his MBA program and would be a few hours later than usual.

After Brian left, Duncan told me, "I need you here and ready to go at 3 today." I was puzzled, confused and worried.

The whole day my stomach was churning, wondering what the boy was up to. At 3, Duncan emerged from his room, showered and dressed. Once he was ready, he checked the time and said, "Let's go."

I questioned Duncan, trying to learn what he'd planned but his response was simply, "It's a surprise."

We got on the subway and rode to a particularly seedy part of town. Duncan led us into a coffee shop and we sat, with him facing a window so that my back was to it. The boy seemed to be watching outside with great interest. I looked over my shoulder to try and figure out what he was up to. There were many people around, nothing remarkable.

Then I saw something I hadn't noticed before. Directly across the street was a darkened doorway with a grubby sign over it that read "Bijou - XXX Movies." I looked back at Duncan. A crooked smile crossed his face as he kept a hawkeyed view on the doorway across the street.

20 minutes later he suddenly jumped up and ordered me to move, "Let's go, it's show time!" he announced.

We made our way to the doorway of the Bijou and entered. The man at the kiosk stared at Duncan and asked him skeptically if he was 18 and Duncan nodded. The man took our money and buzzed us into a small foyer where Duncan told me to stay put as he made his way into the actual movie theatre. A few minutes later Duncan re-emerged and instructed me to follow him. There was a large screen at the front playing some crappy 90's straight porno which provided the only light. I could just make out that the place could have seated perhaps 100 people. Today, there were about a dozen patrons, mostly sitting alone scattered all over the theatre. I followed Duncan, who seemed to have a destination in mind. He was slightly hunched down and moving stealthily. He pulled into a row in the midpoint of the theatre and sat down, pushing down the seat next to him and nodded, indicating that he wanted me to sit there.

As we sat in the darkness, I took in the surroundings. On the large screen was a video of a big breasted MILF giving head to a very hung man in his early 20s. The sound of slurping on his big wet cock filled the theatre. We were fairly isolated, the closest people to us where four rows in front of us, two men. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could start to make out their features. A young lad, perhaps early 20s, sitting next to an older man. Hard to tell his age from the back, but around 40 I guessed. Then it struck me, the man looked familiar: It was Brian.

I threw a shocked look at Duncan and he smiled, bent closer and whispered in my ear, "This is what I was working on all this week. I found some younger guys on Grindr looking for hot daddy types. I told them about this guy I'd hooked up with who gave the best head ever and pointed them to Papa's profile. This one wanted to hook up with him, but they didn't have a place to go, so I suggested this place to him. That's why Papa said he was going to be late getting home today, this is his "study group".

I was dumbfounded. I now knew what the boy was up to, what I couldn't figure out was why. As I stared at Duncan, I could tell his attention was focused four rows ahead of us. His hand was in his lap squeezing his cock through his jeans. I looked ahead to see Brian lean into the lad next to him, then he lowered his head into the boy's lap.

Duncan hissed, "That's so fucking hot, he's going to blow him right here, right in front of us!"

I heard Duncan unfasten his zipper and looked over to see him fish out his cock. It was already totally hard, sticking out of his fly. He began stroking slowly, leaned closer to me and whispered, "Suck it daddy, I want you to blow me while I watch Papa sucking some kid's cock off." As I bent over his lap, Duncan lifted his hips up and pushed his jeans down around his calves. He whispered, his hot breath in my ear, "There, now you too can get all 8 inches down your throat."

Sitting next to him, all I could manage was to get perhaps half of his cock in my mouth. I slid down between his legs and knelt on the floor and began to give him a proper blowjob.

He told me to go slow or he'd cum too quickly. He added, "I wish you could see what I'm seeing. Papa is really sucking that kid's cock, it's so fucking hot!"

I was totally focused on taking Duncan's entire 8 inches down my throat, wanting to get him off as quickly as possible so we could leave before we got caught. I heard some movement and looked up to see we had an audience. Standing in the row directly behind us were two men, one middle aged guy in a suit and a guy in his early 30s. The guy in his 30s was wearing jeans, a dark tee and a hoodie. His hair was dark and shaggy, and he was sporting a medium length beard. Out of the fly of his 501s hung his uncut cock. It was impressive, perhaps not nearly as thick as Duncan's huge tool, but it was longer. I looked at the businessman's cock, average size and cut.

The two men were watching me blow Duncan and jerking themselves off. Duncan put his hand on the back of my head and guided me back down toward his lap. For the next ten minutes I lavished attention on his hard cock. As I couldn't see what he was watching, Duncan gave me a whispered running commentary of his father sucking off the boy four rows up.

Duncan's voice dripped with lust as he told me what he was witnessing and how much it was turning him on. "I think the guy is going to cum, I can see he's pushing down on Papa's head faster now. Oh yeah, he just threw his head back and I can see his shoulders shaking! Oh fuck, Papa is taking the kid's cum right in his mouth!"

With that, I felt Duncan's cock swell as he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed down firmly, forcing his cock right down my throat until his big balls came to rest against my chin. He froze for a second then I felt his cock start to throb. I heard a muffled gurgle escape from his mouth and then the words, "Take it! Take all of your boy's cum right down your throat Daddy".

I felt wave after wave of hot cum shoot straight down my throat and into my stomach. As Duncan came down from his obviously epic orgasm, I slowly eased my mouth off of his still steel hard cock. I looked over my shoulder and saw his father and his young companion had gotten up and were headed away from us towards the exit at the front of the theatre. I turned back towards the boy and I noticed our audience was still there. The older business man had just shot a big load which was still oozing out of his cock and running down the front of the seat next to us. The early 30's bearded guy was still slowly stroking his cock, his eyes locked with mine as I glanced at him.

Duncan turned his head slightly and admired the long tool sticking out of the man's 501s. He then whispered in my ear, "Don't just leave him hanging, finish him off. You know you want to."

I contemplated what had just been asked of me, not sure if it was something I actually wanted to do. As I hesitated, Duncan reached for my cock which I'd fished out of my jeans while I had been between the boy's knees. He squeezed it and gave it a quick stroke and leaned over to whisper in my ear; "Do this for me and I'll get you off, I've never made you cum before, would you like your boy to jerk you off Daddy?"

With that, Duncan used his other hand to guide my head towards the cock of the man standing in the row behind ours. Duncan stroked my cock a couple more times, slowly and deliberately and whispered, "Do it".

I studied the cock in front of my face. It was very long if not particularly thick, 9 inches sticking straight out of the button-fly of the man's jeans. I felt Duncan increase the pressure of his hand on the back of my neck. He wasn't pushing so much as guiding. I took the cock into my mouth as Duncan hissed, "That's it Daddy, suck the man's big cock and make him cum with your mouth."

I did as I was instructed, the stranger leaning forward as my mouth descended his long cock. I could feel my lips pushing his foreskin back, then his knob touched the back of my mouth. Again, the boy guided me, "Show him what you can do, deepthroat him." So that's what I did.

The man withdrew his entire cock and reinserted it into my waiting mouth, this time going from tip to base in one long, slow gesture. Duncan had a hold of my cock, slick with my pre-cum, and he stroked it in time with the man's cock sliding in and out of my mouth. The stranger continued to fuck my mouth slowly, pulling out 3/4s of his cock then reinserting it until my lips came to rest against his open fly. He was obviously already close, having edged himself watching me suck off Duncan. The sensation of Duncan's hand on my cock for the first time making me horny as fuck. His pace never changed, slow and rhythmic.

The bearded stranger spoke for the first time, his deep voice announcing, "I'm going to cum right down your throat, swallow it for me."

I felt his cock come to rest in my mouth, buried balls-deep. Then a rapid succession of twitches as the cum shot down the length of the underside of his cock and straight into my throat. Duncan gave my cock a couple of quick, firm strokes as I unloaded, my cum shooting all over the seat-back in front of me. The boy whispered in my ear, "That's right, let it all go. Cum for your boy Daddy."

Just as I was coming down from my orgasm I heard a noise at the end of the row of seats. We all looked to see a man standing there looking dumbfounded. It was Brian.

Apparently, he had been headed home when he noticed he'd lost his keys, he'd returned to the theatre assuming they had certainly fallen out of his pocket there. I stared at my best and only true friend as he stared back, a look of shock and confusion etched on his face. Then that look turned to one of pure rage. He cursed and swore at me as he turned and stormed out of the theatre.

Kneeling there on the seat, I realized that the inevitable had happened: I'd been caught by my best friend with his son's hand on my cock. I knew what that meant, my life was in tatters. Despite all that, I knew I'd have done it all again just to please Duncan. I loved him that much.


I'd like to thank Irish BiGuy for his help. He, very generously, proofread and made stylistic suggestions to this instalment of the story.

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And you had to jerk yourself off how many times before you came to this conclusion?

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