tagGay MaleBecoming The Dog

Becoming The Dog


Well I was living with my cousin in upstate Michigan, and was very bored, and tired of having so little to do. I knew I had been submissive all my life and used to always be the Indian in Cowboys and Indians so I could get stripped and tied up by the Cowboys and Cowgirls.

The only thing to do around here, (I thought) was hunt deer in the fall, so there were some clearings in the woods where some neighbors and us had planted clover to get the deer in.

I took the ATV and headed to the out back to a one acre clearing. Shortly after I got there, two neighbors showed up to check it out too, and visit.

They were Roy and Cleo two black guys who had a hunting cabin on 40 acres near my cousin's 350 acres. Really pretty good guys, I always enjoyed talking and drinking with them. Oddly enough they didn't have their dog Molly with them. They told me Molly had stayed back in the city where they worked.

So we talked and they produced a bottle out of their coveralls and we hit the bottle for a while.

Soon, I was feeling real good.

Then the talk turned to; too bad we didn't have Molly to play fetch with and let run. For some reason, I gave out a howl.

Roy looked at me and said: "Hey I got and idea. Us two can have a dog to play with." and they looked at me.

I said: "Just what do you mean?"

"Well," he said, "Why don't you get down and be the dog?

You know, just for fun." he continued,

"Get down on your hands and knees, and be our dog."

He handed me another swig of inhibition reducer, and I got a hot feeling in my stomach I kinda thought it was a hot idea.

I really couldn't think of any reason not to do it, but didn't want to give in too easily.

"Naw, I couldn't (not wouldn't) do that."

"Sure you can. Just for fun. Here, I even have a hunting collar you can wear."

He pulled a collar out of his pocket and actually put it around my neck. Now, just why that seemed to make things better, I don't know, but I felt myself slipping into compliance.

Cleo now put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a light push down. I went to my knees. And damn I was feeling good.

Then a slight push forward and I was on my hands and knees, doggy style. "Good boy, good boy.", Roy said, and patted my head.

They tossed a stick out a couple of feet and said "Fetch boy."

I fetched. Picking it up in my mouth and then turning around and brining it back.

They tossed it out again, farther this time, "Fetch boy!".

"Now, come now.", I started to say, when wham! I was hit with a shock to my neck from the training collar. I hadn't realized it was a shock collar.

"HEY! Stop!" WHAM another shock.

"Dogs don't talk." Roy said.

I shut up.

"Good boy." he said again, and for some reason, I was glad to get the compliment.

They tossed the stick a few more times, then pretended to shoot some ducks, and I went out and fetched the pretend ducks. I really don't know why I was getting so caught up in this game but, I was. Well we played around and they had me doing some tricks, sitting up to beg, and roll over and get scratched behind the ear.

"I've been thinking. What else don't dogs do?" asked Cleo,,,,,,,,,,

"Wear shoes."

"Take off your shoes." Roy said.

Roy standing there holding that collar convinced me not to protest, and so I sat around, and removed my shoes.

"Off with the shirt too, boy."

I peeled off my shirt.

"Now, kneel over."

I got back on my hands and knees.

"Undo you belt too."

I did, and Roy took the waist of my pants and underpants and pulled them down; and off!

I was now naked, as a dog should be. They noticed my hard cock, and pointed out that I must be excited to be their dog. (I was).

"Now fetch that stick, boy." Roy said.

I crawled off and fetched the stick.

We spent the next half hour humiliating me with all kinds of doggie tricks, and my hard cock showed that I wasn't displeased with the workout.

Occasionally they would offer to give me a belly rub, and I would roll on my back and get my belly tickled and then some strokes to my hard cock.It felt so good and I was getting turned on and really submissive to these two men.

There was no resistance left on my part.

They had pulled out another bottle and were drinking that and giving me drinks which easily kept me compliant. My head was swimming and I was surprisingly turned on.

Then Roy needed to take a piss, he pulled out his cock, and pissed. I looked at his cock, and was strangely turned on, even more. Roy walked over to me and told me to kneel up. I knelt up and his cock was right in front of my face.

"Speak dog, tell me how you like the looks of this cock."

"It is just fine. I like the look of your cock" I said, a hot feeling in my gut. I was sealing my fate.

"How would you like it down your throat?"

Damn, a thrill went through me, my cock started to twitch my brain went numb, I couldn't say no. I couldn't say anything.

I guess I did want that cock.

I couldn't allow myself to do that though. I knew that it wasn't something a normal man would do.

I tried to say no, I tried to say I didn't want that, BUT, my mouth opened. No words came out. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't tell him no.

My open mouth was an invitation to Roy and his cock. Roy's cock came forward, it came forward to my mouth.

His cock invaded my mouth, my head was swimming, my guts felt hot, my cock was hard and it felt strangely good.

"Damn!" Cleo proclaimed, "I never thought that would really happen, I'm going to want a turn too.".

Roy replied; "I told you, I knew this boy could be had, we could turn him into our bitch."

Hearing that my cock twitched again, and it felt great, it felt like it was one stroke from cumming.

My head swirled.

My head was swimming, here I was, just a short time ago a manly stud, out checking my hunting spot, and now, I am naked, on my knees with a big black hard cock in my mouth, and my cock sticking out showing how much I liked it.

I felt submissive, I felt humiliated, I felt great, I was sucking a hard black cock and another cock was going to be ready soon. Cleo had taken his cock out and was slowly stroking it.

Two superior, black men were using me, and it felt all right, it felt like it was what I was meant for.

I sucked down on Roy's cock and he stroked it in and out of my mouth. He reached forward and held my head so he could put some good strong deep strokes into me.

His cock stroked deep into my now willing mouth, pushing back into my throat, gagging me, causing me to drool all over my chin and down onto my chest.

Cleo was going nuts watching this, slowly stroking his fine cock.

Cleo stroked his cock and Roy fucked my mouth until Cleo finally said, "Roy, man, get out of that mouth for a minute. I'm about to blow my load, and I want a soft sucking mouth to finish in."

Roy pulled out and said "Here it is, use it, fuck it, dump your load in it."

Cleo came over and rammed his hard cock into my sucking mouth. He stroked in and out big long hard strokes of cock into my mouth, and jamming my throat. I gagged and drooled around the big, hard, black cock in my sucking mouth.

Cleo fucked my face for only about a minute and then moaned and grunted, and held my head still as he gave my mouth some short, quick strokes AND THEN: his cock pulsed in my mouth and dumped a load of hot cum into my mouth and throat.


His cock was still shooting as he felt weaker and then his cock pulled back so just the head was in my mouth and then he pulled out running drool and cum down my chin and unto my chest and actually on my cock.

AND DAMN, my cock started squirting all on it's own......

I knelt there, cock twitching and dribbling out cum, I shook and shivered and felt fantastic.

Roy exclaimed, "WOW! He shot off just from sucking your cock, he never touched his cock, what a show"!

I was still shaking, and just starting to come down from a high of cocksucking, and cumming myself.

Roy came over and took my head and rammed his hard cock into my cum coated mouth. He started to pump in and out of my mouth and ram into my throat. Roy was spreading the remaining cum all around my mouth, as he used it to pleasure his big hard black cock.

I just knelt there, being used, still my mind was mellowed out and swirling from my previous face fucking. As I regained reality, I was so aware of that cock as it used my mouth, as it fucked my face.

In and out it stroked, I sucked down on it, sucking squeezing that cock in my mouth, as it used me for just a hole for pleasure. Roy stroked and pushed past my tonsils and into my throat.

My cock started to get hard again as I knelt there submissively being used.

With Roy's cock stroking my mouth, cum and spit, drooled out and down my chin and joining the sticky mess already on my chest. I had neither strength nor the will to do anything but kneel there in front of this powerful black man, that was obviously, now, my master. A superior man, who would be able to do anything to me, use me in any way as his pleasure toy.

Then he rammed his cock in all the way, and said something, I was so lost in my servitude I didn't process what he said.

"I SAID, stick out your tongue, and lick my balls."

I got it that time, gagging on cock, I strained forward deeper on that cock and stuck out my tongue and licked his balls. Then I had to pull back to get air, I sucked in air, but right away he pulled my head back down that cock and my I licked his balls again. Gaged on cock and licking his balls to please him, anything to please. And once again my cock was rock hard. I was drooling, my eyes watered I gaged, I couldn't breath, but I suffered and licked balls.

Then Roy started to really stroke and fuck my mouth. Ramming in and out fucking for all he had. Cock sliding in my slippery mouth and into my throat. He fucked, I gagged and sucked. Sucked like his cock was a gift of life.

Then he groaned, "OOHHOO yes, YES!, damn this is good, OOHHOOH, I'm going to cum! OH YEAH!, I'm going to cum and give our dog a juicy treat!"

Then he fucked my mouth as cum shot out of his cock, he fucked in my mouth, shooting cum and spreading it all around in my mouth. I was again drooling, slobbering out cum and spit down my chin and unto my chest and protruding cock. Then he rammed deep and was injecting cum right down my throat into me.

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