tagInterracial LoveBefore the Age of Digital

Before the Age of Digital


A recent power failure whilst trying to sort out my cellar took me back to when I was at college. As a full time student, summer work at a very large film processing company near Uxbridge was ideal for me, not only could I catch up on a few Z's but also being in total darkness I found it gave a clarity of mind, the unseen blank walls became my blackboards onto which I would project my thoughts. Darkrooms were also my dens of iniquity; their nature alone leads those with raging hormones having the most lurid of thoughts.

Processing film negatives needs to be done in complete darkness and although young I was senior enough to be placed in charge of a continuous film processing machine, my main job was to load the machine with reels of 35mm film day-in-day-out, sometimes working 12 – 15 hour days; when I wasn't either loading or sleeping, I would help with the splicing or teaching someone else how to do it.

As the season got busier more and more students were taken on and that's how Emma and I first met. Emma; was an 18-year-old student of West Indian decent. She had been with the company for a couple of seasons but for some reason we had never met; having come up through 'the ranks' as we say, for this season she was taken on as a 'splicer'. All training for this job first starts out of the darkroom, where one can see what's wanted, also as an aid we ask the trainee to close their eyes whilst we stood behind them, reach over their shoulders, and then holding their wrists guide them through the process. The process isn't difficult just fiddly especially if your wearing cotton gloves.

Over several days I watched Emma grow from an awkward, homely girl into a proficient 'splicer'. She was also one of the most naturally sexy women I had ever known, and I started to take an interest in her, it soon got to the point where each time I heard her voice it gave me a hormone rush. Eventually I became totally infatuated with her and lusted after her tight body, cotton gloves soon became 'wank-socks'. She was lovely on the inside too, a bit of a tease, which of course only increased her appeal. She had never really expressed an interest in me, but there, a darkened room hides many a thing.

This particular summer it was becoming almost unbearable working in the darkrooms, I can remember extra fans being installed in an effort to keep the temperature down but it was useless, in the end most darkroom staff just resorted to wearing undergarments and 'flip-flops'; as for the cotton gloves these became useless at keeping fingerprints off the films.

One afternoon whilst slouched in the processing room catching up on a few Z's, Emma started to have trouble with her splicing machine and called me in. With my knowledge of the darkrooms I made my way straight to her station, whilst moving a little closer I accidently pressed my groin against her back. As I said, darkrooms are sexy places, and something about being in complete darkness magnifies the effect and I soon felt my cock stirring.

"Take it out and drop it down then press down with your left thumb," I said trying to ignore my growing problem, as we cleared the jam between us. "Then take the next roll out and try again."

"I think...I've got it," said Emma hesitating. All the while she kept pressing back against my cock and from what I could make out, she was only wearing a bra. I may not have been able to see her, but her odour was intoxicating, a sweet, subtle perfume with perhaps a hint of shampoo. As her movements became more confident, I moved my hands to her shoulders expecting a rebuff but none came. They were muscular, tight and coated in a fine sheen of perspiration. Gently I moved my hands and cupped her breasts, even through the thickness of the bra I could feel her nipples react as the fans moved cool air across our bodies. It felt so good. My chin moved her hair out of the way as I nuzzled her neck.

"Do you mind if I do this?" I whispered in her ear.

"No...No, I like it. But what about the films?" she said, her breathing just a little heavy.

"Err...Just attach a trailer and can up," I murmured as I nuzzled her jaw line, knowing we wouldn't be disturbed for the next hour.

She reached behind my head, turned and started kissing me. Freeing my trapped arm, I looped under hers and re-cupped her breast through her bra. Now taut they were not large, but a delightful handful. I felt her hard nipple through its fabric. I nipped her neck then pinched a nipple through the material of her bra. Each past of the cooling air caused her body to react, her nipples hardened and a slight shiver followed by 'goose-bumps' raged through her body.

"It fastens in the front," she breathed.

"What?" I didn't understand.

"My bra. It fastens in the front."

Ah! You idiot; with a subtle movement I felt between the cups. A quick movement of fingers and I felt the material slide away. My fingers glided across her warm moist breasts. I cupped a breast ensuring her nipple protruded through my fingers and squeezed a little, she moaned, holding my head tighter.

Emma muttered "I think it would be better if we got rid of the stool" as her other hand tried to reach behind her and feel for my now fully-erect cock. Emma stood, kicked the stool away then reached behind again.

Warm slender fingers glided up and down its length through my pants. She moved her hand away and pressed her firm ass against me. My cock became trapped in the cleft between her ass cheeks and I slowly swayed. She moved against me in response, took my other hand in hers and held it against her other breast as if pledging an oath of allegiance. Holding them like two delicate melons I began to knead and pinch each nipple, slowly I pressed her forward against the edge of the bench as I moved to and fro between her ass cheeks as she sighed.

"I wish I could see you" she exclaimed.

"Pretend your blind, use your hands and imagination to build up a picture," I whispered in her ear.

I moved a hand from one breast slowly down her ribcage and stomach to the top of her panties, all the while I could feel her body trembling with emotion; slipping my hand inside her panties then gently moved down until my fingers found her curly haired mons and hot-wet pussy lips. Her knees buckled for a moment as my fingers teased her labia. She gasped and moaned, pressed back hard against me, before spreading her legs slightly to give me better access. The one hand still caressing her breast, traced patterns on her moist skin as I moved from one to the other in turn. Gently I worked a finger between her swollen lips and felt her warm inner wetness. The soft skin of her inner walls felt so good against my finger. A second finger followed the first, and again her knees buckled for a moment, her breath became ragged.

"Is this okay?" I asked, "Say if you want me to stop?"

"No...No," she breathed, "It's so erotic, my whole body is alive!" She moved her hips against my fingers, and we began a gently rhythm of finger-fucking.

"Do you want to make love to me?" she murmured,

"Yes" I said honestly. "I'm totally infatuated with you. For days I've wanted you just like this, alone in the complete dark, able only to smell and feel you. Having to concentrate on imagining how beautiful you are right now. I want to make love to you until I'm too exhausted to continue then I want to keep on loving you."

"Mmmm, that's some wish" she purred, and nuzzled against me. I continued a slow rhythm of moving my fingers in and out of her. She pressed back against me.

I withdrew my finger and moved both my hands to her waist again. We turned around and in the dark I felt her legs part, touching the outside of mine as I stood before her. She hooked her other arm around my neck, pulled me in and gave me a deep long kiss. Her legs then wrapped around mine, pulled me closer until our groins pressed hard together. She rubbed against me. I rubbed back. Our tongues fought as if in battle.

Her hands slowly traced their way down my body then reaching between us felt for my erection, by now there was no missing it. She gently stroked its length while feeling its shape beneath my pants. Her hand moved up found their hem, and a quick tug pulled them down to give her hand access to feeling me again. Her fingers found me and felt the warmth of my sweaty hardness. I moaned as I kissed her with renewed passion. She wrapped her fingers around my glans, squeezed then brushed aside any precum with her thumb. My knees almost buckled.

"Oh, Fuck, Emma, that feels good," I breathed.

"Oh!" she said, "This will feel even better." She took the sides of my pants and in one movement pulled them right down as she knelt on the floor, I then felt her hands move slowly up my legs until she had the base of my cock and balls firmly in her hands. Then, like an electric shock, I felt her lips close around the head of my cock. She took my member deep down her throat, and then pulled up to enclose only the head. She came off, and I felt just the tip of her tongue on the underside of my head – right at its most sensitive point. I shivered and goose bumps popped out all over my body. I heard her laugh as she engulfed my entire erection again, her nose in my pubic hair, her tongue massaging my shaft. Again, she came up in a long, slow stroke, keeping my head in her mouth at the top. I felt her mouth circle around my corona and her cheeks collapse as she sucked me hard. I could feel her mouth and tongue all over my glans. It was incredible. Again she sank my cock down her throat, and again came up to massage my corona with her lips and tongue. She came off, and used just the tip of her tongue to lick up and down the underside of me, holding me in position with warm fingers. Then she engulfed me again, and started a slow rhythm of stroking up and down my shaft with her mouth; her hand holding me at the base of my cock. She was an absolute expert at cocksucking, I could feel my cum starting to rise up in my balls but I didn't want it to end this way.

"Emma," I breathed, "I can't take much more of this!"

She laughed and took me deep again, sucking hard.

"No, really!" I breathed, "You've got to stop!"

She released me. "But I like to suck your cock! It tastes so good and it's so big and hard! What if I want you to cum in my mouth?"

"Not this time," I said, "That's not what I planned for our first time."

"And what had you planned?" she asked, I could hear the teasing in her voice.

"I want to cum inside you," I said, my hands now cupping her face and bringing her face up to mine before kissing her. My hands moved down her shoulders then her sides and along the outside of her thighs as she squeezed me between her legs. I kissed her and stroked my hands up and down the length of her thighs, stopping to massage the small of her back on the return journey. Our tongues sparred as we kissed deeply. My pants were around my ankles, my cock stood out straight. As I moved closer, I felt it poke her belly. She reached and took it between her fingers and stroked it.

"I want you inside me too," she whispered, "I want you in deep but first, can we kill the fan!"

"Of course," I said. I worked my pants so I could get atleast one leg free, reached across and found the switch for the fan, with no cooling breeze our bodies soon began to 'sweat-up'. Lifting her slightly I sat her on the edge of the bench then spreading her legs I carefully moved in a little until my cock trailed down her belly to rest at her opening. Moving my hips, I rubbed my little head against her wet lips. She reached down, took the base of my cock and rubbed it up and down the length of her lips several times in long, slow strokes. Then she positioned me at her entrance and moved forward a little, my head just starting to penetrate. I moved forward and sank deeper, my hands gripped her ass and I pulled her forward. I kept sinking until I felt myself buried all the way. We kissed deeply, and she began moving just a little, giving almost a little twitching feeling to my cock. With my hands gripping her ass, she raised her legs and locked them around my waist. I could press close and feel her nipples poke my chest. I nuzzled and kissed her neck.

"Now fuck me!" she growled, and began to thrust her pussy against my cock.

"Let me," I said, "I'd hate for you to fall off the bench!"

"Then do it!" She commanded, "I need to have you fuck me!"

So, I did. Long strokes in and out, I could feel her clench her muscles around me as I thrust. I pulled her ass in the in stroke, letting me enter even deeper. I fucked and fucked, the earlier desire to cum from her sucking having abated. I was in command of my cock now, and it wasn't cumming anytime soon.

It wasn't easy fucking Emma that hot sultry day, hands kept slipping, pools of sweat made the bench extremely slippery. Saline was getting into our eyes and each kiss tasted as if you were by the sea on a wind swept day; but the thing that did surprise me was the amount of heat Emma generated during our lovemaking. Coming from cosmopolitan Uxbridge all my previous experiences had been with white girls (I'm no racist, it's just easier to explain) who whilst enjoyed fucking, always seemed cold and normally glad to get it over with. Emma was totally different, so natural.

She started moaning, her excitement building towards an orgasm. She exploded and hugged me tight in the dark, her pussy milking my cock as I kept on pounding her, her face now pressed to my chest and arm, sighing and moaning as the spasms of her climax washed over her. I slowed my pace and kissed her hair, nuzzled her cheek, and found her lips in the dark.

"Do you like this?" I asked. "Tell me what you see?" I continued

"I love it," she replied, and fucked me back, grinding my cock deep inside her. "I love how you fill me up; each thrust generates a mirage of swirling colours. I've never seen anything like it before"

"Well," I said my thrusting increasing in speed and intensity, "That's the power of the darkroom, it clears your mind and you become a free spirit." I fucked her with renewed energy. I removed my hands from her ass; she wrapped her hands around my neck before pulling me to her with her ankles. With my hands now free I lightly traced over the contours of her body, soon Emma could take no more and with her body giving little shudders I put my hands on her ass again. We pounded away at each other for a long time. The feeling of my incredibly hard cock sliding in and out of her was heavenly. Her pussy was so tight and warm. It seemed like she had several more small orgasms, our rhythm interrupted by her shudders and clenching of my cock by her pussy. Finally, I could feel my own climax starting to build.

"Emma" I breathed, "I'm going to cum soon!"

"Yes! Yes!" she said in rhythm with our thrusts, "I want it! I want to feel you shoot inside me. I want to feel you explode!"

We really went at it, thrusting as hard as we could. Up it bubbled from my balls.

"Hell!" I yelled, and rammed myself as deeply into her as I could, the head of my cock expanding and my entire shaft spasming as I shot a huge load of cum deep into her womb. She screamed and hugged me hard, a huge shudder wracking her entire body as she came with me in a major orgasm. I couldn't stop spurting as my cock filled her pussy and felt her muscles clamp around my length. I felt my being emptying into this young, tight, beautiful pussy. My cock felt huge, and it felt like my orgasm would never end. My knees buckled. I hugged her hard in an effort to remain standing, pulling her to me and trying to sink even deeper within as my seed filled her.

Slowly, we came down from our peaks. My still-hard cock rested in her warm folds. We held each other tight.

We laughed and held each other in the darkness, bodies pressed. We kissed. We kissed some more. We pressed harder. I could feel her breasts against me. My cock remained hard, tucked deep in her pussy. I rocked a little, and slid in and out. She purred and rocked against me.

"Are you ready to go again so soon?" she asked.

"Don't know, but it's worth a try," I replied.

So away we rocked, her legs wrapped around me. I held her cheeks and lifted her a little each time we rocked. Not much, but it added a little length to the strokes, and I could feel my hard, wet cock stroking the walls of her slick cunt. I was definitely still excited to have this beautiful young woman fucking me in the dark. Being able to see nothing, all I could do was concentrate on the feelings: of her warm, wet pussy, her legs on my legs, her arms around my neck, her ankles pressing into my back, her nipples lightly rubbing against my chest. Her lips pressing against my lips, her tongue fencing with mine. All sensations in the dark.

A little shudder told me she'd come. I moved and kissed her eyes then her nose followed by her ears, then taking lobe into my mouth I began nibbling it, soon I was 'pussy-cat' licking her.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, and a big shudder coursed through her entire body. She held me tight and fucked me with little movements as her orgasm made its way through her body. After a few moments, she came down from it. "That was incredible!" I rubbed up and down her sides and felt the goose bumps. I smiled in the dark.

"I'm glad you liked it," I said.

"My turn," she said, and I could hear the smile. Her lips kissed lightly along my cheek as she sought my ear. Once she found it, she caressed it with her lips and the tip of her tongue. It tickled, and I giggled. "Oh, we like it," she said softly in my ear.

"Yes, we do," I said.

"Then try this," she said, and plunged her tongue deep into my ear, breathing into it and practically sucking on it. The effect was electric, for I instantly exploded, shooting another load of cum deep into her pussy, moaning and pulling her close, feeling her entire body against mine as my cock strained with spasm after spasm as it gushed sperm deep into her womb. It was a mind-bending orgasm. I buried my face in her shoulder as she continued to tongue my ear, her body shuddering in mutual release, goose bumps covered her body. Finally, my cock stopped its contractions, but I still held her tight, awash with the aftermath of a stunning climax. I had to catch my breath.

"Wow," I panted simply. She was everything I had fantasised as a lover. And more.

I could hear her smile. "I now have absolute power over you," she said. "I know what to do to conquer you!" She nestled her pussy on my now-just-beginning-to-deflate cock.

Over those few sultry weeks of summer our affection for each other grew but deep in our hearts we knew it would never progress beyond the confines of the darkroom, for this was the mid 60's and England was in turmoil; fraternising between 'Blacks and Whites' was highly frowned upon and usually lead to either a good beating or at worse a 'marking'. Looking back my only regret is I never saw Emma naked but there, one cannot have everything.

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