tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBegging For It

Begging For It


She walked down the hall toward her locker, the halls of the High School were empty and her footsteps rang out on the tiled floors. Her school sweater was laid out perfectly over her white blouse, her skirt was long enough to cover her knees, and draped over her back was her senior jacket with its track and field and academics patches. Golden blond hair neatly curled, blue-green eyes set into fair skin, perfectly manicured nails and golden class ring, she was the picture of a spoiled rich kid. She was a goodie-goodie, always on time, 4.0 GPA, stayed after to help the teachers, and scowled down her nose at the jocks and slackers.

She reached her locker and opened it, exchanging the books she wouldn't need that night for the ones that she would. Setting down her book-bag, she bent over to straighten one of her knee socks and smooth her skirt. As she finished straightening her socks, she noticed him standing across the hall. He was standing in front of an open locker, duffel bag and field hockey stick on the floor next to him, jacket open, hair disheveled, and staring at her ass. She scowled darkly and stood up, slamming her locker door, grabbing her book-bag before tossing a glare at him and walking off toward the teachers lounge to get some files.

He entered the lounge behind her closing the door and flicking the lock behind him. Startled she whirled around to face him dropping the armful of files she had been holding and her book-bag as well. Scowling, she looked over him and scoffed loudly, "What do you want, jock?"

"You." He grinned and started to walk toward her.

"You know better." She drew herself up and took a step back bumping into a table. "I'll scream."

His hand closed around her throat and shoved her back against the table, banging her head as she fell back and he moved to hold her down. He yanked her shoes off her feet and peeled off her knee socks while he held her down by the throat. Using one hand, he tied one of her ankles to the leg of the table, binding it tight. She whimpered in her throat and tried to yank her leg free even as he tied her other leg to the opposite leg of the table spreading her legs wide open. He climbed atop of her body and placed his knee against the flesh of her throat as he pulled his field hockey stick out of his bag and a roll of athletic tape. Sliding the stick under the table, he taped her right wrist to one end and her left wrist to the other end of the stick immobilizing her completely.

He shoved her skirt up her hips, twisted, and snapped her panties off her body wadding them into a ball and shoving them into her mouth to quiet her. He finished pushing her skirt up her legs and looked down at her soft nearly naked pussy and thighs spread wide open by her bound legs. He tore the front of her blouse and sweater open, popping open her bra and cruelly twisting one of her nipples until she whined through her panties and arched her back trying to relieve the pressure on her breasts. When he released her breasts, she fell back to the table and whimpered pathetically a few small tears clinging to her lashes. His hands ran down her sides and along the inside of her thighs, slowly he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and ground her thumb into her clit.

"I'm going to make you enjoy this no matter what it takes." He smiled at her, "I'm going to make you beg me to take you everyday until you can't go an hour without thinking of me deep dicking your pussy and you beg me to fuck you until you scream."

She shook her head and squirmed under him even as her body responded to his thumb stroking her clit, coaxing her pussy to grow wet and warm to accept him. He slid his fingers along her slit and slowly extended a finger inside her tight hole, feeling her muscles tense around his fingers instinctively as he persuaded her body to grow wetter and more willing. He bit her breasts raking his teeth over her nipple as his finger slid in and out of her body and his thumb ground against her clit. He removed his fingers from inside her body and unzipped his jeans pushing them down off his hips and letting his cock strain out, stiff and throbbing to plunge into her body. He parted her lips with his fingers, stroking her clit, and then moved his hips forward and stroked the length of his cock down her slit wetting himself.

She was still pulling at the restraints on her wrists and legs trying to squirm away from under him, trying desperately to stop what he was doing, trying not to admit that her body was starting to respond to him and enjoy what he was doing. He bent his head down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting it until she arched her body back up against his, angling her hips to accept his cock without even realizing she had. He grinned through a mouthful of her breast and slowly rubbed his cock head into her clit feeling it throbbing and watching her squirm under him trying to deny what she was feeling. She tried to slap him and only managed to yank her wrists painfully against the tape holding her down causing her to groan in frustration even as she felt her pussy drip wetness down her thighs.

He grabbed her hips and held her still sliding his cock down and pausing with his head resting at the opening of her cunt, feeling her dripping down onto him. He tensed and slammed his cock up into her pussy filling her completely and stretching her tight pussy wide open. She screamed, even through the wad of her panties he could hear it, feel her entire body tense and try to force him out. He grunted and lifted slowly, pulling himself almost completely out, rubbing his shaft along her clit as he pulled back out of her. He twisted her nipple in his fingertips to get her to raise her body and he thrust down into her again, filling her and stretching her cunt back open as he ground down against her cervix.

She dug her nails down into her palms and closed her eyes shaking and willing it not to be happening, keeping her eyes closed and refusing to look at him. He held her hips, his hands squeezing her flesh and brushing his thumb down over her clit as he rocked in and out of her body probing her inner walls searching for her g-spot. He knew he'd found it when her entire body jumped under him and she moaned loudly her eyes flying open and eyes locking on his as her muscles locked around his cock and shuddered. He smiled lecherously down at her and groaned in his throat quickening his pace and slamming into her body harder and harder as he felt her muscles tremble and flex around him responding to his movements. He pushed himself into her, forced her body to move under his, rocking his hips and fucking her with movements that rubbed his engouged cock into her g-spot again and again bringing out a base instinct in her and forcing her to take pleasure in it.

He had her now and he knew it, despite her haughty attitude, she was gaining pleasure from his dick plunging down into her soaking pussy again and again, and he knew he could make her his slut. He thrust into her over and over again, increasing his pace, giving her no time to stop responding, driving into her and forcing her higher, closer to release and surrender. She howled and her body leapt up against his, her muscles tightened and released as her cum flowed down over him out of her body and pooling on the table underneath her. Her whole body went limp under him giving way to the shaking pleasure running through her as he continued to thrust into her until with a low growl he slammed deep insider her cumming hard, filling her insides with his seed and claiming her. Before his cock emptied inside her body, he pulled himself out and spurted cum over her breasts and abdomen finishing in a small pool on her belly.

He looked down at her, she was laying there panting, his cum splashed across her chest, pooled in her abdomen, and dripping from one of her hard little nipples. He laughed when he saw a few tears clinging to her eyelashes and saw the red blush creeping up her neck to her face. He brought his hands down roughly on her breasts, grinding the sensitive nipples till she moaned out and arched her back again. As she arched upward, he gripped her body and dragged her down to the edge of the table, letting her ass hang off the edge, her arms stretched from their restraints and her legs now bent at the knees and pinched by the ties to the table. She whimpered pathetically at the pain the tape on her wrists was causing and the uncomfortable position of her legs and tried to squirm into somewhat of a better pose but his hands held her still and didn't allow her to move away from him. His cock was hard again and he rubbed it between her pussy lips, soaking himself in her cum.

She was struggling again under him but he just laughed and flicked his finger over her clit causing her to moan low in her throat and her muscles to tighten up. He coated his fingers in her juices and slowly rubbed them down her slit and over her ass. His fingers rubbed her cum against her tight little hole even as she squeaked and began to truely fight to get free as she realized what he was up to. He laughed and slapped his hand down hard on her wet pussy, his fingers then biting into her hips as he stroked his cockhead down the cleft of her cunt and to her tight anus. He pressed the head of his cock forward, pushing till her hole opened to accept the tip of his head. He heard her whimper and her body shake from revoltion as he grabbed her hips holding her tight and slammed himself full length into her ass, giving no gentleness to her at all. Her scream would have been ear shattering if she had not been gagged, her entire body arched and caused her restaints to bite into her skin.

Tears of pain rolled down her cheeks as she bit down on her panties trying to force him out of her and only succeeding in making her muscles clench him tighter which, she could tell he enjoyed from his moans. She went slightly numb, lying limp as he began to thrust himself in and out of her ass, widening her hole and working in and out of it with his engourgaged member. She almost succeeded in closing out what was happening when two of his thick fingers dipped into her still sensitive cunt and began to fuck her at the pace of his cock in her ass. Grinding his thumb down into her clit and curling his fingers inside her pushing against her g-spot, he brought her back and was rewarded with her throaty moan as again her pussy began to grip and betray her enjoyment. She moaned again, as his fingers worked her pussy it made the feel of him filling her ass seem like a perfect compliment and hightened some base animal instinct of pleasure, her body betrayed her and moved into his cock and fingers.

His balls tightened as he fucked her ass harder and faster, thrusting himself deep in her and working his fingers in her cunt, he was going to cum again. Thrusting himself in to the hilt, balls slapping against her ass, he sprayed inside her, his cock unloading hot cum into her tight little body again. Even as he came in her ass, he quickened his fingers in her cunt abusing her g-spot until she was shaking and bucking to him ready to cum as hard as the first time. He thrust and curled his fingers inside her, scraping her g-spot as she came again, the warm sticky fluid flowing over his fingers and out of her body between her thighs and down the crack of her ass, covering the base of his shaft still buried inside of her. He removed his fingers from her cunt and slid his cock out of her ass, sliding his fingertips over her lips leaving the taste of her own cum there.

He looked down at her, lying there, cum cooled on her skin, ass and cunt leaking his seed and her own juices, and he smiled. Turning away from her, he went to the small sink in the corner and cleaned his cock off, ignoring the muted whimpers he could hear coming from her as she paniced he would leave her there. He finished cleaning himself up and went back to the table. She had managed to squirm back on the surface so she wasn't stretched to the edge of the table, but instead was again flat and spread eagle on the tabletop. He slowly ran his fingers through her hair and then twisted one of her nipples until she groaned and her body shivered. He looked over her body, spread wide, wet and cum covered, used and raw, and another wave of lust tugged at him, hardening his cock slowly once more. His eyes went to her full pink lips, soft and coated in a layer of her own cum, and he grinned. His fingers reached for the panties in her mouth.

"Scream and I'll make you regret it," He looked at her. "Behave and I'll make you cum again."

She nodded as best she could and he withdrew the wadded panties from her mouth setting them next to his duffel bag. Her lips looked damn good and as she ran her tongue over them, moistening them and tasting her own cum he wanted that mouth. He tore the tape off her wrists and tangled his fingers in her curly blond hair, yanking her up and to the edge of the table again. As she sat up his cum ran down from her belly, all of it that had not dried pooling between her legs. He guided her face to right in front of his cock and with his hand rubbed the tip of his engouged head over her lips. She opened her mouth to gasp and he tightened his fingers in her hair and thrust her head forward, sliding his cock into her mouth and moaning at the hot silky feel of her lips and tongue. At first she just sat there, her mouth around him and her eyes looking up at him wide and shocked as a virgin on her wedding night. He couldn't hold still inside her mouth and began to pull her head and thrust his hips in and out.

She began to move her head on her own, sliding her lips around him, beginning to explore his cock with her tongue and sucking him tentatively and cautiously. He moaned loudly and gripped her head with both hands, tangling in her hair and beginning to thrust in her mouth, fucking it like he would her pussy. She gagged a bit but tried to keep up with him, sucking more and reaching up and gently caressing his balls and inner thighs, her manicured nails lightly scratching his skin. She tilted her head just so and it allowed his cock to move further into her throat, her eyes closed and she managed a soft moan around him as she sucked him more, tightening her lips around his shaft and stroking with her tongue. He groaned, her submission pushing him over the edge and causing his cock to burst inside her mouth, filling her until it leaked down her lips and over her chin. She gagged more but swallowed what remained in her mouth, panting softly as he withdrew himself from her lips, smearing a bit of cum on her cheek.

He was still hard, so turned on by getting her to submit to him, that he knew he had to fuck her again. She was looking up at him, her blue-green eyes filled with enough hunger to finish off any composure he had in him. He pushed her back on the table hard, rewarded by her small moan and her thighs spreading open of her own will. He groaned and thrust into her soaked cunt fast and hard, quickly finding a rythem inside her, moving his hips to drive himself down into her as he felt her lifting into him. He plunged his cock in and out of her time and time again, feeling how tight she gripped him with her muscles, sliding in and out smooth as glass in her soaked wettness. He bent his head and bit her nipple, sucking it greedily until she cried out and scratched his back with her nails, her hips coming to meet his eagerly each time. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, his balls already tightening and aching and he thrust himself deeper and deeper into her.

He ground himself into her g-spot until she moaned and dug her fingernails into his shoulders as her muscles tensed around him and shuddered ready to release. With a low, throaty sound she let go, cumming as her muscles spasmed and twisting, clenching his cock and milking it deeper as she soaked him and came till it ran down her and out of her. That was all it took for him to explode inside her, filling her cunt again with his cum, thrusting it in deeper then the first time and pumping till he was dry.

Finally, he stood up and off of her, untied her ankles, and tossed her panties at her. Shyly she sat up taking her panties and wiping the cum from her chest, soaking it up from her belly and thighs, finishing by wiping her pussy gently, careful of the raw, stretched feeling it had. She pulled her ripped blouse closed over her breasts and closed her knees, inching her skirt down to cover herself.

"Tomorrow morning you'll come to school wearing a skirt that is no longer then midway between your knees and your hips, you'll wear a tight tube top and your hair down and loose. You will wait by my locker and when I come in, you'll kiss me and act like no other male in the entire school exists. After school, you'll come to the locker room and I will fuck your tight little pussy until you scream and cum all over me. You're mine now, my toy, my slut, my whore, and everyday I'm going to fuck you hard and long until I get tired of you, understand?"

Meekly she lowered her eyes and nodded, her body was his now.

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by Anonymous11/05/17

Ouch. That is HOT!

👌 Let me know when you're done with her yeah?
Gravy graphic. She was into it, her betraying box anyways.
P.S. I'm a chick.

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by Anonymous06/11/17

You are fucking sick in the head. It is not okay to rape girls until they like it. Wtf you should be in jail

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