tagGroup SexBelle Ch. 06

Belle Ch. 06


Since the start of her love affair with Alexander, Belle had grown to enjoy - wait, no crave - the most carnal of senses. The feel of her husband's sticky cum leaking out of her and down her thighs, the smell of her cunt juices on his face, the soreness of her well-fucked pussy, the taste of his cum still deliciously on her tongue and lips. These badges of sexual satisfaction prompted a new found, wicked smile. This is the enchanting visage one would encounter as Belle awoke after a night of lovemaking.

Belle stirred in the darkness. The momentary dysphoria of a strange bed was wiped away by a familiar sensation. Yes, quite familiar indeed. The firmness of her husband's beautiful cock evident, and increasingly so, between her ass cheeks.

A barely noticeable shift. Then suddenly Belle's fleshy labia, still wet and swollen from the sinful night before, enveloped the tip of Alexander's penis. Naughty boy, she thought, he was already inside her before she could muster an assent.

The strokes began to lose their gentility, more of his nicely thick cock finding its way deeper and deeper with every thrust. But Belle moaned permissively. Yes, she inhaled contentedly, knowing that before her husband, such an initial gesture might have been all there was.

Her past lovers had been considerably shorter in length and smaller in girth, and none were equipped to enter her from behind with any real success. With Alexander, however, Belle glowed with the appreciation that he still had several inches to go with that glorious cock before he bottomed out.

Even better was the strong hand massaging her full breasts. Grasping them all over, kneading her stiff nipples with determination. "That's right baby, you know I love that, pinch my tits . . . harder."

But what? Something else here.

A surprising third, and then fourth, hand. Grazing Belle's clit. Lightly tracing her flat tummy. A smaller, more delicate set of hands. A feminine pair.

Belle's glow spread throughout. Yes, of course. She remembered now.

Belle and Alexander had welcomed a third into their bed for the first time last night. A stunning, young French woman. Monique was everything a seduction hoped to be.

The Air France flight attendant pushed her tongue past Belle's full lips, playfully begging for a response.

Belle accepted unequivocally, opening her mouth and inhaling this sweet woman's breath to mix with her own. A taste, a nibble, the play continued. Quicker, firmer, quicker.

Then all of a sudden, Belle moaned deeply mid-kiss. Monique could see herself reflected in Belle's widened eyes.

Felling Alexander's penis harden even more, his balls tightening too, Belle recognized the unmistakable gush of his seed flooding her womb. Her own pussy contracting vigorously, but with little hope of containing the copious fluid her virile husband was depositing.

The sensation of Belle's orgasm being triggered by Alexander's own was not lost on Monique as she felt his strong hands reach forward to draw Monique firmly against Belle. How fantastic to feel so connected to another's orgasm without your own physical coupling. Even more so with two others.

Monique's sexual mirage was soon surpassed by the pressing of her tits against Belle, evoking an involuntary twitch between Monique's legs. This was the most erotic experience the young woman had ever had. Monique could hardly find words to describe how enlightened she now felt. Graduating with honors, ready for her sexual commencement.

The threesome remained in a lover's grasp for several minutes before Alexander withdrew from Belle, and Monique shifted to the side onto her stomach.

Mindful of a proper finish, Belle dutifully gripped Alexander's flaccid cock, still well lubricated with their mixed fluids. Belle stroked him lovingly but purposefully, milking the last drops of his cum onto her hand. Always the courtesan, Belle made certain Alexander could watch his wife wantonly lick him off her hand. A prideful swallow never failed to follow.

At the same time, Belle had reached back with her other hand to begin caressing Monique. The young enchantress answered Belle's overture by raising her ass and spreading her legs invitingly.

Rolling over to face Monique, Belle slid her hand against Monique's pussy. Monique's only thought was that surely Belle was introducing a sinful blend of saliva and semen into Monique's most private of places.

This must be the ambrosia of which mythology spoke, Monique was certain. "Oui, more . . . please, more," she gasped.

Belle smiled, comfortably assuming her new role as mistress. Plying between Monique's soft folds, Belle's thumb and forefinger tantalized Monique's delicate clitoris, anal rosebud, and smooth taint. The older Belle was intent on orchestrating a climax that the ingénue Monique would never forget.

And Belle's quest found its destiny. Monique came on Belle's hand with a release of silky liquid that left no doubt of success. Utter fulfillment between women.

As Monique locked stares with her incredible lover, Belle treated the young woman to the same lascivious display of licking clean the masterful instrument of Monique's pleasure.

Belle retreated between Monique and Alexander. Belle laid back as the first rays of sunlight began to peak between the heavy curtains. She now knew how dawn treated conquering heroes throughout history. As she mused, Belle melted into an incomparable satisfaction.

As if recreating their threesome for all to see, Belle and Alexander embraced their sweet new friend as she departed the hotel. Off to resume her normal life, Monique had a new normal to reconcile. With a blur of recollection and reality swirling about, punctuated with the honks of Paris traffic, Monique wondered whether she would ever see this couple again. A hope and a wish.

The remainder of their romantic weekend in Paris seemed less robust, but only by comparison. Belle and Alexander continued to luxuriate in their time together, interrupting their lovemaking with a few, quick tourist diversions and gustatory delights. Belle made sure that the only tales her husband would have to tell about this weekend would be about how many times she had insisted he fuck her.

As they boarded the Air France flight for their return to New York City, Belle quickly scanned the First Class cabin, half wanting to see Monique among the crew. But of course, Monique's absence was confirmed. A tinge of melancholy lulled Belle to sleep as home jetted closer.

Back home, the next several months passed quickly as the two professionals resumed their hectic work life. No one would question the healthy sex life that Belle and Alexander enjoyed nonetheless, but the two longed for another getaway.

Walking up to the bar, Belle greeted her husband with a hand on his shoulder as support as she shimmied onto the stool next to him. Alexander sighed contentedly as her skirt parted to reveal the alluring lace tops of her thigh high stockings. Yes, he could hardly wait to have Belle's lovely legs wrapped tightly around him as he fucked her.

Their synchronicity had always been a curious mystery. As her husband looked at her lustily, Belle returned his enthusiasm by taking his hand and guiding it up past those stockings to her unadorned cunt.

"I shaved this morning for you just in case," Belle said matter of factly. "Think you might have something for me?"

In response, Alexander stepped up and nudged closer, pressing his crotch against Belle's leg.

"My goodness," Belle gasped. She loved how big Alexander's penis was. How long, thick and hard it became when she was near. Belle marveled at their chemistry. His physicality always made her soaking wet, involuntarily. Good thing too. If not, it would probably be a chore stuffing his big cock into her tight pussy. As it was, Belle could almost reach orgasm immediately each time Alexander entered her, as the joy of being stretched and filled completely overtook her whole body.

Belle failed at feigning disinterest. "Well, it must be Happy Hour," Belle said, biting her lip sultrily. "Will I be having a Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall or Sex on the Beach?"

Alexander rocked back a bit. Belle's wit never ceased to amaze him. A perfect marriage of mind and body - the whole package. "Funny you should say that, babe."

Belle cocked her head questioningly, as Alexander reached into his suit jacket pocket. Awakening his iPhone 6 Plus with Touch ID, he quickly retrieved what he had been waiting to show Belle.

Belle's smile widened further as she glanced at a tropical beachscape she instantly recognized as Tahiti. "But now for the best part," Alexander beamed. The next swipe screen revealed - Air France E-Tickets, La Première cabin confirmations to Papeete.

"Yes, yes . . . . I am all yours," Belle declared. "When do we leave?" Seeing Belle's hard nipples now prominently pushing against her silk blouse, Alexander managed "Well, with how you're displaying your approval, I suppose there's no better time than the present."

Standing back up on her stiletto heels and pressing her protruding breasts against her husband, Belle whispered "Wouldn't want to suck the joy out of things. . . . But maybe you should let me try."

As the couple hastened their exit for home arm-in-arm, Alexander paused momentarily. "Oh, I almost forgot. Someone we know might be on layover in Tahiti while we're there. What's that saying? - Two's Company, Three's . . . ."

Belle held her index finger up to Alexander's lips to silence him. "No, I think the saying is - The more the merrier."

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