tagLetters & TranscriptsBellway Ch. 08: All Virtue Gone

Bellway Ch. 08: All Virtue Gone


Author's Note: All characters are adults, which in this context means they are at least twenty-one years of age.


Dearest Emily,

Any hopes you harboured that I might resist the dreadful act of sodomy I must now dash, and with them any last iota of respect for me, but it is some small matter of pride to me that I maintained this last pretense of virtue for three whole days.

Yes, dear sister, for three days I have not written, praying each day that valiant officers would ride to our rescue, though in truth fearing the same, for there can be no disguising how Charlotte and I have been used by these ruffians. Three days of being treated like a menial servant during the day, and as a whore at night. Three days in which my mouth has grown increasingly familiar with these men's proud cocks while listening to Charlotte's ecstatic cries.

She has been so well used, and so variously, that if she conceives as a result it will be impossible to guess the father. Were it not for the iron corset and its lock that is both blessing and curse, I would no doubt be equally at risk myself.

While I do not fear pregnancy, being so cunningly guarded - pray forgive my humour - only the last shreds of morality prevented the excess of sodomy, but after three days of watching Charlotte delight in it so, and with the growing fear that I am doomed to this life forever more, frustrated for all eternity within this wicked device, my iron will crumbled.

Furthermore, my promise to Henry was ever present in my thoughts, and whenever he plucked Charlotte's tail from her rear to assault her there, he would wink at me and thus conjure in my mind the vision of him ravishing me similarly, and far from making me shudder in apprehension, this would awake in me each time a sinful desire for him to do so.

Sweet Emily, no doubt you will judge me harshly, as I deserve. I can hardly excuse myself by saying I could have resisted the one if I could have offered up the other. In truth, my cunny was so sorely neglected I would have welcomed all and sundry within. I craved to be used like Charlotte, to feel such sensation that I cried out in ecstasy. I wanted to feel their hands on my breasts, my nipples between their teeth, their cocks thrusting deep into my cunny to fill me with their essence.

It is a measure of the sickness of my mind that I would stare at Charlotte's cunny, so slick with the evidence of combined passion, and feel a bitter jealousy. She played on it too, entertaining the men by forcing herself on me and demanding loudly, "Lick me clean, whore!" Sometimes she would even be taken again from behind, so that my tongue swept both cunny and cock, until a fresh new outpouring of cream was added to the old.

Sweet Emily, how I wish my harlot's heart could have been satisfied with my mouth's sinful worship of their cocks. How will I bear your reproachful gaze when you hear how I have offered my arse to these men, even begged them to use me in this degrading manner?

I beg you, dear sister, if you have read this far, desist! Do not defile yourself by sharing my adventure further. I write now to confess my sin, not to burden you with knowledge of it.

Sam and Rob brought a piglet this morning, stolen from a farm no doubt. Andrew set it on a spit, and it roasted half the day, the smell driving me crazy with hunger. I felt quite the savage, holding the hot meat in my hands as I devoured it.

Henry sat by me, kissing me between mouthfuls of pork, his hands slippery like his lips from the pig's fat as one teased between my thighs, though its upward progress was of course blocked by the unyielding shield, and the other searched between my cheeks for that forbidden entrance.

His cock was exposed, for he had earlier persuaded me to use my mouth, and it was again hard. "Your lips are indeed divine," he whispered seductively in my ear, "but I am impatient for the day you let me pierce this sweet spot."

His fingers pressed gently, mischievously, but this time I sat still and allowed the pressure to build. I think at that initial point I was just curious, the meal and wine having put me in a generous mood.

Abruptly, though, his finger slipped into me, and it was the most extraordinary sensation. I think Henry was as surprised as I, but he quickly took advantage of it, working his finger deeper, even greasing his hand with more pig fat and using it to ease the way.

Everyone was looking at me as he did so, and grinning openly at my confoundment. I felt quite ridiculous, and dirty, sitting there as a man thrust his fingers into my arse as if stuffing me with pig fat. And yet I couldn't bring myself to stop him.

My own hand found its way quickly to his cock, and I stroked that urgent length as I wondered what it would feel like inside me. Just a finger or two seemed a significant presence.

"Get on your hands and knees," he growled softly, and I obeyed. I would be lying if I said I was not anxious, but equally I was excited. I would have preferred to do it in private, but after three days my constant shame at having every privacy stripped away had given way to resignation.

His cock seemed so big going in that for a moment I was sure he would fail. The pain of being stretched so wide confirmed my belief that this was an unnatural act, but then the gate opened to admit him within, and he rested there awhile.

I panted for breath, momentarily overwhelmed with the rush of sensation. I knew what I was doing was wrong. That it was dirty, and unnatural, and sinful, but it was such a wondrously intense sensation.

I needed it to continue. I needed more. "Deeper," I said, pushing back.

Henry laughed, and provided, thrusting into me. I cried out more with astonishment than pleasure. This was nothing like the time John robbed me of my maidenhood. This was a slow, determined penetration that stretched me impossibly and had me craving still more.

He gave me everything he had, and proceeded to give it to me again and again, hard and fast. I was no passive participant. I was soon thrusting back against him with a desperate hunger to take him deeper still. I was an animal in heat, stripped of all humanity, uncaring of the spectacle I made or the consequences for my immortal soul.

Until I felt him stiffen, and he held me tight against him as his essence pulsed out deep within me. I felt at once victorious and deeply disappointed, for wonderful as the moment was, I had only begun my enjoyment of this sinful activity.

And that frustration was as nothing to the aching emptiness that followed Henry's withdrawal. All I knew in that moment was that I needed a cock in me.

I was fortunate therefore to have seven men watching, all eager to have their turn with me. I refused none of them. Indeed, I encouraged them with language too obscene to recount here.

Sweet Emily, you would not have recognised that pathetic foul-mouthed creature as your sister. You would have dispatched her at once to the brothel, or to the madhouse.

I have been most thoroughly used tonight, so much so I wonder if there is visible evidence of it, a loosening of that tight hole, perhaps. Certainly I feel the cream they deposited with such delicious force escaping now.

But it's not enough, dear sister! I need more! I fear shall never be content again without a cock to fill my arse, and another to occupy my mouth.

Tell them, Emily! It is too late to rescue us. As Charlotte says, "We are now nothing but whores, unfit for polite society."

Your lost and loving sister,


ps. I am too tired to write now of the events of today, but be assured that I am well and returned to Bellway. Write soon, sweet Emily, if only to disown me as a wanton harlot.


My Poor Sweet Susan,

You cannot imagine my profound relief on learning today that you had been rescued. For days we have feared the worst, that you and Charlotte were not merely abducted but surely dead! Please do write at once and tell me what has befallen Charlotte.

Your own missive to me arrived hot on the heels of the first, and our parents insisted on reading it - but fear not! I snatched it away from them, remonstrating furiously about sisterly love and trust, and hid away in our room to read it securely. I have never been so grateful to have a lock on the door, for it allowed me to undress in anticipation.

I took great pleasure, Susan, in learning of your predicament. While you are correct that I have no wish for better acquaintance with a man, the thought of being forced against my will to serve the pleasure of others stirs such a hunger within, and I am not denied access to the core of my pleasure. So let me reassure you, dear sister, that your harlotry instills in me not horror but delight. I only wish I had more than my fingers to satisfy my own lewd cravings.

As for the pleasure of the arse, our maid Lizzie and I have often used a dildo there, and Lizzie has on occasion used her tongue instead, something I am ashamed to say I enjoy. Even more shameful is that as I read your account of Henry's determined seduction, I imagined myself in his place - I imagined my fingers and tongue penetrating my own sister's virgin arse, and imagined you crying out with pleasure as my wooden dildo thrust ever deeper.

I pray you will forgive this incestuous fantasy, and understand your sister shares your corrupt heart and would never condemn you. If we are damned, we are damned together.

Your beloved sister,



Dearest Emily,

First let me say - for my thoughts are all ajumble - that it is a profound relief to know I am not held in contempt. I am most deeply grateful that I may rely on my sister's unswerving affection, and on her determination to guard my undeserved reputation.

Second - I hardly know what to say! The fantasy you confessed to me is not one I share, and in truth it troubles me. I am still haunted by the knowledge that our father's cock has twice filled my mouth with cream, though I knew it not at the time. Sweet Emily, you are beautiful and deserving of my desire, but you are my beloved sister and I could not bring myself to lie with you.

Yet I am conflicted on this matter. I believe that if I were to be taken against my will, and if my masked assailant were later revealed to be you, dear sister, I would not be unhappy.

Third: Where Charlotte may be, I do not know. She was not in the camp when Sir Eduard's men arrived. Indeed, I was alone at the time, tending the fire, while the others were out foraging and hunting. I heard shouts from the forest, too distant to make out, but saw none of the men and nothing of Charlotte. Do not worry, though, for I believe her to be content in her new life. She is wife now to eight husbands, where before she was wife to none, and I dare say she will soon be mother to their children too.

Fourth, and now I get to the meat. The arrival of Sir Eduard's men alarmed me greatly, for I knew them not and imagined either fresh indelicacies would be heaped upon me, or that I would be condemned for my indecorous appearance. For several days I had worn nothing but the iron corset. My feet were muddy, my hair a tangled mess, and the stink of sex and sweat clung to me.

They were quickly ordered in pursuit of the robbers, however, leaving me alone with Sir Eduard. Meanwhile, ashamed of my essential nakedness, I searched the den for clothes that might fit me, but soon found myself alone with my rescuer. He stood in the doorway watching me, and though he was silhouetted against the light I could sense his interest in me was less than chivalrous.

"Come here, Miss Susan," he said, and I did, quivering nervously. "I must examine you."

He sat on a log as I stood in front of him and blushed furiously as his fingers explored the shield that guarded my cunny. "Very good," he said. "Now turn around and. Bend over."

This I did even more nervously, for there was sure to be some indication of how well used my arse was. I almost died of shame as his fingers probed between my cheeks, but that was as nothing to the sudden shock of his finger pushing into me. I had, of course, grown used to such penetration, but not from Sir Eduard. "Miss Susan," he said sombrely, "you have not been chaste."

I could hardly deny it. I was trying to resist pushing back against that finger, for it had whet my appetite for more. "No, Sir Eduard," I said.

"I can think of only one suitable punishment," he said, standing and tugging his breaches down about his ankles.

I stared behind me anxiously at Sir Eduard's member that was stiffening ominously, and I whimpered as the enormous head nudged against the tight ring that his finger had so casually pierced. "It's too big, sir!" I cried, but his grip on my hips was fierce and determined, and he thrust into me. I cried out again, but in wonder, for I had never felt so stretched before, and the intensity of it was blissful.

"Am I too big?" he asked, mocking me with false concern. "Shall I stop?"

But I didn't care. "No, sir," I said. "I want it in deeper, sir. I want it hard and fast."

Chuckling delightedly, he gave me what I asked for, his unequaled cock filling me more completely than I had known was possible. Every movement sent vibrations of pure pleasure rippling through my flesh, and his prodigious length seemed to work itself ever deeper into me.

His thrusting gradually became more urgent, his increasingly long stroke ending in a smack of flesh against flesh and a cry of unrestrained pleasure. He brought me almost to the precipice of ecstasy, and I thrust back against him in a frantic effort to achieve that perfect blissful end that had been denied me so long.

How long we coupled I do not know. Sir Eduard's vigour and stamina are truly impressive. At last his rhythm faltered and his thrusts became erratic, and with one mighty thrust he embedded himself entirely within me, his cock thickening in anticipation of his final ecstasy.

He roared victoriously and his cock pulsed and spat, and the tickling sensation of his cream pouring into me brought me to my own astonishing climax. We convulsed together helplessly as more and more of his creamy essence filled me.

Sir Eduard pulled out of me abruptly, ignoring my whine of complaint, and he bent to peer closely at my arse that continued to pulse with echoes of pleasure, and I knew he was watching his own creamy essence escape me.

"You have a fine arse, Miss Susan," he announced after a minute. "One that I shall enjoy regularly."

"Yes, Sir Eduard," I agreed.

Of the journey to Bellway and my reception there I have little of interest to recount. Lady Grey acts as if nothing at all happened to me, and as if Charlotte is off on a voyage to some unknown but exotic destination.

It is good to be clean and warm once again. My iron corset has been thoroughly cleaned and polished too, though I am once again its prisoner.

There is talk of another party. I don't know who is invited, or what the entertainment will be, but I find myself missing the eight men who abducted me and made me their whore.

Your confused and lonely sister,


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