tagLoving WivesBen and Michelle's Lost Marriage

Ben and Michelle's Lost Marriage


Ben and Michelle's lost marriage

The wife is lost; A lonely man hears two stories

Part 1, Two men meet in a bar

An anonymous man, a stranger in town, was sitting in the bar of a city centre hotel and had ordered a drink; it was a clear spirit, gin or vodka and tonic. He was in his early sixties, a bit age ravaged but not weary, an 'interesting' face but not what was thought of as attractive. He had been a director of his company for many years and was about to retire, so he had been visiting all his contacts to assure them their business would still be continuing. He had returned from his day's appointments and had been to his room, showered and changed for the evening and was now waiting. That morning he had phoned an 'escort agency' and ordered an appropriate female 'companion' for what would otherwise have been an evening alone.

A second man ten years or so younger, arrived and ordered a beer. "Good evening."

"Good evening to you. The name's Alex, Alex Dwyer."

"I'm Ben Harvey. Drinking alone?"

"At the moment yes, but I'm waiting for a companion to join me for dinner in a few minutes."

"Mind if I join you for until then. I don't like to drink alone although it may look like that."

"Sure, what sort of day have you had?"

"So so. I've stopped here because my partner is visiting family with her sister; it's an empty house tonight until she gets home with the kids."

"Yes, I know how it is. My wife died a few years back and our children moved away. Married and grandchildren et cetera. But you're not married are you?"

"No, my partner and I are not married even though we've been together for nearly twenty-five years. You may think that we should be married, but there's a particular problem with that for me. I'll tell you the story, if you want to hear it, it'll take a few minutes. You see I am married to my wife Michelle. I never wanted to divorce my wife and she refused to divorce me. Actually we never really split up, we just drifted apart. We never formally separated; we just used the money in our joint accounts and then had separate ones. We still, sort of, share the same house. You see my wife left me for an ex-boyfriend, Joel-Patrice; she was working for him at the time, and had a child. A colleague of hers, Priya, was already lodging with us then because she had had some marital problems of her own. Priya was a beautiful young woman; she stood out in a crowd. She had long black hair and the smooth brown skin of a beautiful Indian princess. Her breasts were high and her cleavage peeped from the front of her blouse inviting you to reach in to fondle. She had full lips that always needed to be kissed and I did that as often as I could. After my wife was gone, she stayed. Well she had nowhere to go to, so she just stayed and we lived together, very closely together as it turned out. We have two kids. We were happy as we were and as far as we knew my wife was happy where she was."

There was a pause as the younger man's mobile rang. He answered with an affirmative and then continued speaking.

"Anyway, things turned out badly for my wife, she was misused by JP, as he liked to be known, after she had the baby. He literally swapped her in a business deal and he went back to his wife. She had to live with the other man called Kitson, no choice, but he was very rich and kept her well. I say kept, because she was his mistress, he was already married, as of course, was she. However he would not let her keep her baby, she was to be his sex toy. So she asked Priya and me to take care of the little boy. Priya loved kids and was delighted to have him. I couldn't let the little lad simply be sent for adoption so I agreed. Shortly after this time her JP was murdered, so the deal he and Kitson had between themselves was off. Anyway he had grown tired of her and a third man, Duke, picked her up. To cut it short, I came across her while I was working, by coincidence, for Duke. He had to go to America for his business and went away a couple of months and took his wife with him. I had to stay and look after his business's in London and could not get home to Priya and the kids. My Ex and I were left together at his club with time to reconsider our relationship but decided it wouldn't work out. It was several years later that Duke dumped her, she had by then had another baby and both her children were growing up. She said Duke told her she was 'not right for his requirements', he wanted a younger woman. So Michelle and her children came back to our house, we were and are still joint owners. I divided the house into two apartments and there we are. Unlikely as you may think, it's strange but true, as they say."

At that moment a well dressed and sexy woman in her late forties came into the bar and walked straight up to the older man. "Hello, are you Alex? My name is Mickie, How are you?" She smiled at him and closed for him to kiss her cheek. He obliged and she sat next to him. He looked her up and down. Her body was obviously that of a mature lady. Her unblemished legs rose from her high heels to her rounded and very feminine bum. Her stomach bulged slightly but that only served the more to emphasise the pubic area between her thighs. Her bust pushed against the top of the dress exposing her pale skin at the neckline. Her face showed maturity and experiences that would be unknown to younger women and her hair was cut to neck length allowing the flash of jewelled earrings when she moved. She was a good choice for the night.

She turned to the Ben, said, "Hi," looked at him and gave a quick smile as if expecting something more.

He responded with a "Hi," smiled a greeting back, nodded and then obliged by putting his half empty glass on the bar and politely leaving.

"Drink?" Asked Alex, "I take it that you are my dinner date for this evening?"

"Yes please, a martini and yes, I am here for you."

Alex ordered and was served. They sipped their drinks and chatted about their likes and dislikes. Alex offered her dinner and they went into the restaurant. As they dined a three-piece combo started to play dance music. So they danced, they had coffee and liqueurs. Then they dance even closer, moulding one body onto the other and swaying to the rhythm and allowing the sensual feeling between them to grow. Mickie suggested they should find somewhere quieter to talk. Alex suggested his room would be perfect and Mickie agreed. They moved to his bedroom with their drinks.

He gently unfastened her dress and helped her lift it off then sat and watched as she twirled around before removing her underwear. Clad only in stockings and shoes she turned to him and unbuttoned his shirt and trousers and slid her hands inside his clothing, stroking and caressing as she went. His clothes were thrown aside and he raised her onto the bed. His mouth kissed and nibbled at her body until she arched her back and pulled him close to her tits. His erect cock slid into her lusting opening and they moved against each other with increasing speed. They thrust and strained until one then the other exploded in sexual rapture and dropped back in a clammy embrace to sleep.

Later, awake and sated by sex, they lay naked on the bed in each other's arms.

"Thank you for a pleasant evening," he said.

"Oh, it was all for your pleasure, but I did enjoy it, I always try to enjoy it. Sometimes I don't, but I always try," she replied somewhat sadly.

"How long have you been doing this kind of work?"

"Forever, since I was sixteen I think. I had a short break while I was married but I couldn't stop."

Part 2, Mickie tells her story

He asked her to tell him the whole story and she recounted the details.

"I had some wild teenage years doing all kinds of bad stuff. I got together with my first real boyfriend, Joel-Patrice, back then. He's the one who took my virginity. Later we were both arrested for doing drugs, I got probation and he got prison. I had to work hard at school to catch up with my education and go to university. When I was at work my boss took me as a lover and introduced me to a lifestyle I could only previously guess at, but his wife found out and got me sacked. Then I met my husband, got married and tried to make a go of setting up a home together. I regret it now, but a few years later the wild years rebound on me. My first boyfriend, JP, turned up offering me a job and lured me into leaving my husband with all sorts of promises. I became an escort for the pleasure of lonely businessmen and bored husbands. Then JP began demanding more and more of the money I was making as an 'escort'."

Part 3, Michi's Descent

She leaned back and took a deep breath and then continued;

"JP renamed me Michi, he thought it sounded better. He told me we would be having a Caribbean holiday to visit his father and that I would enjoy it. When we got to Jamaica I was given to the old man as a plaything for a month. I returned home pregnant but I avoided my husband and moved into a room provided by JP's wife, Breona. She regarded me as a prostitute and her slave and was intent on getting me earning as soon as possible. So I had my first child by my boyfriend's father. JP then gambled me away in a business deal and I was forced to give up my baby. At least, I had him placed with a good family, I won't elaborate further. However JP was killed by a business rival and I had to return to his widow, only then she sold me as if I was chattel. I was eventually passed on to live as a kept woman with a succession of new men. At one stage during this time I was abandoned by my current man, Duke, while he travelled aboard. That was when I re-encountered my husband and lived with him for three months. We had sex every day, but argued, and he disowned me afterwards telling me to live my life as I wanted. I had his baby, although he was not aware of this. Duke thought it was his child and so reclaimed me for his own and his friends' entertainment. Then he changed; he wanted a younger woman. I had grown too old for him and I had a child, not his style; he got rid of me, disposed of me, dumped. I had to find somewhere else to live."

Part 4, They continue talking in the hotel bedroom

Alex continued with Mickie, "Oh well, you've had an interesting life. Should I be sorry for you or were you happy to continue as, shall we say, an escort?"

"Both, I liked sex with lots of men, but it's not ideal if you get married. You can call me a prostitute, I don't mind now."

"So that's why you divorced I expect?"

"No, actually I'm not divorced, just separated from my husband; Ben and I are still friends but live separate lives. He still likes to take care of me when I need help and I keep a check that he is always taken care off. He has his life and family, I have my life and a different family but we still care about each other. He looks out for me to make sure I'm safe."

"Do you see your husband often?"

"Oh yes, everyday. We live not far from each other. But we just don't have sex together anymore."

"Have you seen him today?"

"Yes I've seen him today. He likes to check out my clients. In fact you were drinking with him earlier. You see after I was dumped by Duke, I eventually returned to my marital home, which I still part owned. I knew Ben was there with Priya and their children. He divided our house into two apartments and we shared it."

Alex paid her the money he she asked for. Mickie stood up, got dressed and went home, alone.

And that would have been the end of the story except for a tragedy which was soon to develop.

Part 5, A postscript; No happy ending?

Mickie gave up being an escort at the age of fifty, and reverted to being Michelle, her real name. She was exhausted by the life and saw the drugs she had been taking as the route to an early death, but she was worldly wise beyond what most would expect of a suburban lady of her age. She was financially secure by the money her previous lovers at left her, she had a home and her sons. She joined a church voluntary group and helped young women who were falling into the same difficulties that she had. She had done this for two years, still living in her part of the house, half of which incidentally had been hers for twenty seven years.

One winters evening Priya had been to see Michelle at her church. She was returning home to Ben and was mugged by a druggie. Her bag was snatched but she hung on, the robber swung her around, she lost her footing and was thrown to the ground hitting her head hard. The robber then stamped on her and kicked her. She was taken to hospital but died. The robber was the partner of one of Michelle's wayward girls.

Ben was devastated. Priya had become his soul mate and sex partner, and in all but for the legal paperwork his wife, for many years. Their families gathered and of course Michelle, almost a lifelong friend of Priya, was also there. After the funeral Ben and Michelle had to return to their shared house. He had Priya's children and Michelle had her two. Michelle told Ben he was most likely the father of her second child. Ben dismantled the division between the apartments. Now both in their fifties, Michelle was reunited Ben as husband and wife. They realised that they now had their chance with the children and grandchildren to be together as they had planned at the outset of their marriage so many years before.

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