tagNovels and NovellasBen & Nancy Ch. 21

Ben & Nancy Ch. 21

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XV: Ben and Nancy

Nancy monopolized the conversation as she drove to Ben's apartment. She prattled about her daughter, her work, everything but what he wanted to talk about. When they got to his apartment he asked her if she could come in for a few minutes.

Nancy was delighted by Ben's invitation, but wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to go in, but was frightened to. "Ben, I...I really should get back to the hospital," she said. "Dawn must be wondering what happened to me. I...I've been gone pretty long and..."

"Nancy, don't do this. I think we have something to talk about, don't you?" he said. "I mean, here you are, turning up in my life after all these years, and...well..."

Nancy nodded. "Yes," she agreed, "You...you're right. I...I guess it won't hurt anything if I come in for a few minutes. I...I guess I was babbling because I...I didn't want to talk about it in the car."

"All right," Ben said.

They got out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to his apartment building. He wondered what happened to all the spectators who'd seen him hauled away by the cops early that morning. He unlocked the door and they went inside and he was surprised how little damage the sheriff's deputies had done during their search. There were few obvious signs that anyone had been through the apartment.

"Would...would you like a cup of coffee?" he asked Nancy.

"I'd love some, Ben," Nancy said. She sat down at the kitchen table while he made a pot of coffee.

When the coffee was done, Ben filled two cups and took them to the table. After putting the cups down, he sat down across the table from Nancy.

"Nancy I don't understand why you did what you did?" he asked her. "You...you haven't seen me in five years and you...you lied for me. If the police find out, you...you could go to jail for perjury."

"I know you didn't attack Trish," Nancy replied. "I...I couldn't let you go to jail for something you didn't do."

"But how do you know I didn't do it?" Ben asked. He was more than a little confused. Seeing her again was bringing back all kinds of memories, and the feelings that went with those memories. On top of that, he found the risk she'd taken for him, and the faith she had in him, astonishing.

"I know you didn't do it because I know you," Nancy replied.

Ben took a sip of his coffee, then he took a deep breath. "You have a right to know who...who was here last night," he said.

Nancy shook her head. "I don't care who it was. It's none of my business," she said. In point of fact, she was so angry with the woman that if she knew her identity, she wasn't sure she'd be able to keep from doing her harm.

Ben was no less confused than he'd been when she surprised him at the jail by claiming she and he were lovers and had been together when the crime occurred. "Nancy, I...I don't understand why you're doing this," he said, "I mean, I..."

Nancy took a sip of her coffee, then she put the cup down on the table and held it with both hands. "Ben, five years ago, I needed someone desperately one night and you were there for me then," she said softly. "How could I not be there for you when you needed me?"

"But Nancy, the risk you took it isn't worth it," Ben said. "You could go to jail if they find out you're lying to protect me."

"What difference does it make?" Nancy asked. "What's done is done. Besides, I'm sure Trish will wake up in a few days and tell the police who really hurt her. Nobody, except you and me, will ever know what I did." She drank some more of her coffee, set the cup down and gazed across the table at Ben. She still wanted to take him in her arms, so much so that there was an ache inside her.

"That lawyer, Will, I think he knows you were lying," Ben said.

Nancy nodded. "I'm sure he suspects that I lied," she said. "But he can't prove it any more than the police can. And he has less reason to prove that I'm lying than they do, so I doubt he'll try."

"I guess not," Ben replied.

Nancy got up, walked into the living room, and stared out the window. "Ben, do you have any idea how I felt when Dawn came home from school and told me you were her teacher?" she said softly.

Ben, his heart pounding, got up and walked into the living room with her. "How did you feel?" he asked. He didn't understand why, exactly, but his legs were shaky, so he sat down on the sofa.

Nancy turned. "When Dawn mentioned your name, I felt all funny inside, as if I...I'm not sure, how to put it in words," she said. "I felt almost like I was a teenager again. I was really confused. I wanted to see you, but I was scared to. I..." She sat down on the opposite end of the sofa, tucking her legs under her. "I felt as if I'd explode if I didn't see you, but I was afraid you wouldn't want to see me."

"That's funny," Ben said. "I felt the same way. When I found out Dawn was your daughter, I didn't know what to do. I...I wanted to call you, to talk with you, but..."

"Then, today, when I saw you," Nancy said. "I knew what it was that I feared."

Ben looked at her, puzzled. "What were you afraid of?" he asked.

She moved closer to him. "I was afraid that, if I saw you again, it...it would be just like it was five years ago," she murmured. "That all of those powerful feelings we shared would still be there."

"And...and was it?" Ben asked. "Are...are they?" They certainly were for him. His heart was pounding so hard he was sure she had to be able to hear it.

Nancy shook her head. "What I felt when I saw you wasn't anything like what I felt when I was with you five years ago," she whispered. "When I saw you today, I realized if felt different."

Ben looked into her lovely eyes, not quite sure how to read them. "How...how is it different now?" he asked. Was she going to tell him she didn't feel the same way about him any more?

"What I feel now..." Nancy said softly, "...it...it is far stronger than what I felt for you five years ago. And now there's no reason for me to not feel that way."

She touched Ben's face lightly with her fingers and her face started moving toward his. After what seemed like an eternity, their lips touched and sensations more wonderful than any he'd ever experienced in ages roared through him. Every kiss he'd ever had paled in comparison! He wanted to grab her and pull her into his arms, but he couldn't move!

The kiss continued for a wonderfully long time. Then Nancy's lips left Ben's and she gazed deeply into his eyes. "My word!" she whispered, her breathing ragged, "It's been so long since I've been kissed like that!"

"Nancy...do...do you really mean what you said about how you feel about me...us now?" Ben stammered. His heart was thudding against his ribs and he was gasping for breath.

"Yes, my darling, I do mean it. What we're doing...it...isn't wrong any more," she replied softly.

Ben reached for Nancy. With a soft moan she came into his arms and their lips joined again. The second kiss caused him even more fire and joy than the first.

When it ended, Nancy snuggled against him, her slim arms around his neck, her soft hair tickling his face. Ben couldn't recall the last time he'd felt as wonderful as he did right then. Going through all he'd gone through that day was worth it to have an outcome like this!

"Oh, Ben, darling, what am I going to do?" Nancy said softly. "You...you make me feel so wonderful...so..."

Ben's hand slid up and down her back, caressing her through her soft blouse. After five years, he was experiencing her warmth and softness once again. He realized that even though he'd held quite a few women in the time since he last saw her, none of them felt as right in his arms as she did. She continued snuggling against him, and he could feel her breasts pressing into his chest.

Ben had mixed emotions about the powerful sensations growing inside him. He wasn't sure how Nancy would react if those sensations, which he knew he would have problems controlling before long, took over.

"You make me feel wonderful, too, Nancy" Ben replied. "It's been far too long since I've felt like this."

Nancy leaned back and gazed into his eyes. "Ben...I-I..."she murmured.

Ben silenced her with another kiss. Without thinking, he cupped one of her petite breasts in his hand and his fingers sought her nipple through her blouse and bra and began strumming it.

Nancy, surprised by Ben's action, groaned softly and shuddered. Her tongue slid across his lips and into his mouth where it was met by his. Lightning bolts of ecstasy arced through him. His touch was just as gentle and loving as it had ever been!

The young man shifted position and pulled Nancy across his lap, their lips still joined. Down over her body his hand slid. He pulled up her blouse, then he slid his hand under it. For the first time in five years, he touched her bare skin, and when he did he experienced a feeling very near ecstasy!

The level of need Nancy was experiencing astounded her. She continued to press her lips against Ben's and kept her arms locked around his neck. Her body twisted and strained as his hand slid over her bare flesh. Each tender caress added to the wild sensations already roiling in her. Her movements and cries became more and more impassioned the longer Ben touched her.

Ben managed to get Nancy's turtleneck pulled up to her shoulders, exposing most of her upper body. His eyes roamed over her bared torso and he realized she was every bit as lovely as she'd been the last time he saw her. Her breasts were still firm, tipped by large, rosy circles which surrounded her swollen nipples. He slid his hand from one breast to the other. He could feel Nancy's nipples growing harder and harder the more he touched them.

Finally Nancy wasn't able to stand it any more. She tore her lips from Ben's. "Ben...I...I want you!" she groaned. "Oh, God! Ben! I...I need you!"

Ben slid out from under her, stood up, and began to strip his clothes off. While he was pulling his sweat shirt over his head, he felt Nancy's hands at the waist of his sweat pants, then cool air flowed over his bared middle when Nancy began pulling them down.

The lust-drenched young man moaned softly and shuddered when her warm hands cupped his cock and balls. His legs were so shaky he thought he'd fall. He hadn't felt like this in so long!

"Take me, Ben! Please! Take me!" Nancy groaned. She laid back on the sofa. Her body was arching, twisting, and moving constantly. "I need you! Please, Ben! Please!"

Ben positioned himself atop her and felt her guide his rigid cock to her wet opening. When he lowered his hips and began slide into her, nearly unbearable feelings of elation tore through him. As he thrust deeper, wild sensations bounced around in his brain and he realized that what he'd done with other women was have sex. What he was doing now, with Nancy, was making love! Her legs rose locked behind him as she pressed against him, moving urgently.

"Oh, God!" she groaned. "It's been so...long! So...long! Oh, Ben! Oh, Ben! Take me! Take me!"

Powerful emotions roiled through Ben while he continued to plunge into Nancy. Her tight orifice clutched his cock as he thrust wildly against her. He had no control! He couldn't stop himself, couldn't control his pace! He was as wild as he'd been when he made love the first time!

"Oh, God, Nancy, I can't wait! Oh! I can't wait!" he cried, "I'm gonna come! Nancy! Nancy! Ahh!" Powerful spasms in his loins caused a torrent of his hot juices to gush from him into her hot, clutching cave.

"B-B-Ben! Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes!" Nancy cried, her body straining against his, shaking, shivering, spasming. "Yes! Oh, yes! Ahh! Uhhh!"

Spent after their powerful union ended, the lovers lay in each other's arms on the sofa.

"I...I'm a little frightened by how powerfully you affect me," Nancy whispered breathlessly. "It...it's unnerving to be that out of control. It was like that five years ago and it still is like that. When I'm with you, I always am out of control. Being away from you for five years hasn't changed that. If anything, it's made it worse."

"I know," Ben agreed. "You bring out something overwhelming in me." He paused, took a deep breath and told her what he'd wanted to tell her for five years. "Nancy...I...I love you."

Tears filled Nancy's eyes as she realized Ben had told her what she'd desperately wanted to hear. "Oh, Ben, I...I love you, too. What are we going to do?" she murmured, looking deeply into Ben's eyes. "I...I'm in love with you, too. I...I guess I've known it for a long time, but..."

"But you thought I was too young, right?" Ben asked. He kissed her softly.

Nancy smiled and nodded. "I...I guess that's part of it," she admitted. "And the fact that I was married, and did love my husband complicated things, too. Our relationship hasn't been simple from the beginning, has it? I...I think I was in love with you, at least a little, five years ago. But, well, I...I was married, then, when George died, I..."

"I know," Ben said. "It killed me when you told me you wouldn't see me any more. But...I...I wanted you to be happy, so..." He couldn't stand not touching her, so, as he spoke, he began to caress one of her breasts softly.

Nancy shuddered. "Oh, Ben! When you touch me, it makes me feel all funny inside," she murmured. "It's been so long since I've felt this loved. It...it's been too long, way too long."

Ben kissed her. "You better get used to feeling that way," he said. "Because if I have anything to say about it, you're going to feel that way from now on."

"Oh, Ben!" Nancy said, pressing against him.

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