tagNonHumanBeneath a Full Moon

Beneath a Full Moon


In the Beginning:

I am alone. My pack has abandoned me for this weekend, their plans taking precedence. As I wander this small township, I allow my fantasies to become more vivid to me. Fantasies that have kept me warm on many a cold night. It is hard being a pack leader. Harder still, when one has no one to share with. I step into the shadows of an alleyway and call forth my deepest desires, letting them fill the empty place inside of me.

*A woman. Secure in herself, knowledgeable of the world and her place in it. Someone who will come to me willingly let me guide her, hold her, care for her. I need a female who is able to hold my beast at bay, or call it forward with just her smell, her look, her needs. *

I hear the light steps of someone on the street, near my hiding place. A female, pale skinned and wide eyed, makes her way past me. Her eyes are ever alert, glancing back and forth as she walks. I can smell her as she passes. The smell of womanhood and loneliness calls to something inside of me.

The hunter in me wants to lure her into the shadows. Seduce her with my mouth, tongue, teeth and hands. Mold her to my will and then bite her, hard enough to feel her flesh between my teeth. Chew on her and make her a small part of me. Ah but the human part, the essence of all wolven kind? That part wants to watch her, take her in. Help her if she will let me.

I start to move forward, my mind still not made up as to what I will do when four men converge on her from an alley across the way. They surround her, and her immediate reaction is so unusual that it cements what I want. She begins to curse them, her eyes flashing, her body straining from the need to lash out. They let her words wash over them as they move en masse to take from her.

A growl is all I release before stepping forward, into the light. Allowing first one, then another, to see me. My body has grown in bulk. My black hair has grown into a tuft of fur and even my teeth are longer and razor sharp with the need to defend.

I can smell their fear and her rage. The combination of scents is enough to arouse my blood lust, my need to hunt, to stalk, and to kill. I tamp that need down and give them a chance to be afraid, watching them with golden eyes, marking their scents. They turn and run, a pack of fearful hyenas, falling before me.

I push the change away, a moment's pain, and stride forward.

"Hello, I am Shelly. Tis a good thing I came along, yes?"

The female turns to look at me, her body still trembling from the need to fight or run. She is taller than me, nicely built with curves that scream womanliness. She is a bit older than me, as well. Her hair seems dark in the moonlit night but what get me are her eyes. Somewhere, deep inside she is a giver. I can feel it, like a light rain against my skin.

I want her. Not to make her part of the pack, or to hide her away for fear that she will break in the real world. No, I want her for me. To mold, to cherish, to cause pain and soothe with kisses when I am done. I want to wrap her in leather, stroke her with a lash and caress her with my body. I want her.

I can feel my inner beast stretching beneath her gaze. I am small. I know I don't look so scary in human form. These things are a blessing. She will feel safe with me. And while she is near, I have a better chance of making her want me.

"I know you don't know me but I would really like to buy you a cuppa coffee. Would you walk with me?"

Her head nod gave assent. We meandered along, no words being spoken. I could feel the first flush of wanting as we entered an all night diner and I saw her face clearly beneath the harsh glare of light.

She had lived and lived well. Nothing had been easy for her, but she fought and won. I waved a tired waitress over and waited for her to place her order before placing my own. Then when the white mugs were placed before us, I spoke again.

"Now, tell me about you. Make up a name if you would like, I don't care. Tell me anything you want to share."

Her voice was a husky contralto. She spoke about her troubles: a man who would not leave her alone, a house payment due, a fight. She told me a name: Sheri. I did not believe her, but I let it slide. The name wasn't what I needed anyway.

Afterwards, I paid our bill and took her back to the street, to wander, to talk. It was after we had entered the shadow of the park that I turned to her and bade her to watch.

My eyes grew large and luminous, the silver of the moon reflecting in them as the brown bled into gold. My body grew only a foot or so, but more than enough to show the difference. My voice became a husky growl as my teeth lengthened, curving down. I reached for her with hands that had grown 3-inch long claws. One movement and her coat was gone, hanging off of her in shreds. Then I stepped away and forced the change away, clamping down on the need to feast on her pale skin.

"Will you come with me? Let me have you just for this night? I won't hunt you later or try to hurt you, much. I need something only you can give me. Will you surrender, just for tonight?"

She looked shocked, amazed, even confused, but I saw no fear. Her voice was hesitant as she explained that she had never involved herself with a woman before.

"Ah, but all you have to do is respond. Cum for me, let me take you there and back. These are small things, yes?"

A head nod, a sigh. She would be mine, if only for this night.

I led her to the far side of the park, heading for my black jeep, parked under a stand of trees. She hadn't said anything more, only followed behind me. I could hear her heart and the rush of blood as we reached the jeep and I unlocked the passenger door. Just the smell of her had me salivating and it took all I had to control the urge to ravish her right there.

Once we were on the road, I turned on the radio and allowed the warm strains of Norah Jones to fill the empty space between us. Her scent had gotten stronger, the spice of the unknown blending with her tiredness and just general malaise. Something about her made me want to drown in her.

My house, when we arrived, was as dark and forbidding as I had left it. No lights to greet our return, no noise of any sort. After unlocking the front door, I turned to her and motioned her in. I spoke a word for light and smiled back at her when lights flared on in the hall and living room.

"Come on, girl."

I led her upstairs, never once looking back to track her progress. I could smell her and I knew she would follow me. We entered my bedroom a few moments later. I gave her a few minutes to grasp the enormity of what she had agreed to, moving to the side to allow her a better look at the crops, floggers, blinds and the like which hung from a cross by my far left wall.

"You may leave, right now, if you choose to. If you stay, there will be no leaving until daybreak."

I waited, but she made no move to run. Her smell intensified and I knew then that I would keep her for as long as she would allow it.

"Strip for me."

My voice had taken on a huskiness I despaired of, but she did it without hesitation. I watched in utter fascination as the whole of her body was revealed to me. She was beautiful: lovely legs, gorgeous hips and a waist that was quite small in comparison. Her breasts were neither overlarge nor miniscule...just the right size and shape for nipple torture or light bondage.

"Clasp your hands behind your back, spread your legs hip distance apart, tilt your head back slightly, eyes open."

Her body moved perfectly into stance, her breasts thrust proudly forward. I got up and walked toward her, inhaling her scent with each step.

"Mmmmm. Lovely."

My fingers traced her shape; cruising over the swell of her hips, the dip of her waist, the small of her back. She never moved, not so much as a muscle. I pinched each of her nipples, hard enough to bring them to partial hardness and then laved each one with a tongue tip.

Dropping to my knees before her, I leaned forward enough to plant my nose against her crotch. The smell was honey rich. She was ready for me to begin.

"Come girl. Walk on my left, to the cross."

The walk was completed in short order and then I spent a few moments gathering a few toys: a leather crop, silk scarves for tying, a long length of jute for a pretty game I had in mind, a black blind, a small anal plug. With my hands full, I leaned forward and captured her mouth with my own, licking the edges with my tongue. She opened to me with a sigh and I plundered the inner recesses with my tongue, stopping when my body screamed at me to continue.

"Go to my bed. Lie back and close your eyes."

I waited impatiently for her to position herself and then I strode to the side of the bed, looking down at the pleasant contrast between pale skin and black silk sheets. Grabbing her head lightly, I placed the black velvet blind over her closed eyes and positioned it so that it was snug. She looked so alone there; her body lay out before me.

"Arms stretched out above your head."

I took a silk scarf and wound it around both wrists, taking care to keep it from tangling. Once her wrists were bound, I used a second scarf to attach her hands to the wrought iron bedpost. I checked the connection, making sure she wouldn't hurt herself too badly if she moved.

"Spread your legs."

I used the remaining scarves to secure her ankles to opposite corners of the bed. Her body was now open for inspection. After a moment, I reached for a small pillow. I rolled it up and placed it under her back, causing her breasts to tilt higher.

Then I grabbed the length of rope. Starting at her waist, I wound it around her twice before putting a slipknot in it. From the knot I brought the soft rope forward, to nestle snugly between her slightly wet cunt lips. Now when she moved she would feel the friction of rope, rubbing against her clit. From that point I headed upward, wrapping her breasts. Over one and then the other, criss-crossing between them until all but the nipples and a bit of flesh were covered. After a moment's thought I lifted her head and wound the rope around her neck, using another slipknot to hold it all together.

The picture she made was utterly delicious. The rope meandered along her skin like a river, leaving far more skin exposed then she would believe. I was pleased with the final outcome. She was ready...and so was I.

"Test your binds for me. Wriggle and pull. I want to see if they will hold."

She did as I requested, her intake of breath letting me know that the rope between her thighs had caused the desired reaction.

"Good. Is the rope too tight on your neck?"

"No, Ma'am." her voice was now quiet, husky, almost needy. It was not the same voice she had used to defend herself earlier from her would be attackers, nor was it the voice I had heard as we walked along earlier.

"I do not know your pain limits, so I will give you a safe word. If anything becomes too much for you, simply say wolf. I will stop until you are ready to begin anew."

With those words, I picked up my crop and began a slow methodical testing. I placed each mark with care, starting with her thighs. The sound of swish/ snick and the flat smack sounded loudly to my ears. She moaned and moved slightly, each movement causing the rope to slide with her.

I covered her with those flat squared markings, her skin reddening with each touch. I began to really get a rhythm, my own blows becoming harder as I waited for her to cry out. She never did.

Finally, after a good twenty minutes, I stopped and bent low, to plant my nose in her sopping cunt. I sniffed once before moving the rope and running my tongue up the length of her vulva. Her body shuddered. I replaced the rope and stepped backwards, watching her as she shivered.

"You look beautiful, little one. Too bad you can not see how wanton you look, Miss 'I have never given myself to a woman.' You probably should have tried this long before now."

I waited for a few minutes and then I turned on my heel and left the bedroom. I needed a drink. I sat downstairs for a while, giving her a chance to think that I had left her alone. I had more planned for her, but I needed to get my bearings first.

After a long 15 minutes, I went to my playroom and grabbed my favorite candles. They were low heat, though the wax itself at first touch would burn a bit. I also grabbed a small turkey feather and my favorite halter and cock for use a little later on.

Finally, I returned to the kitchen and grabbed a handful of ice cubes. Placing them in a Styrofoam cup, I gathered the rest of my toys together and went back upstairs. I moved quietly to the side of the bed, not allowing my steps to make a noise on the floor. The first hint she had of my presence was the click of the lighter as I lit my candles.

Knowing that the candles would take a few minutes to start melting, I decided to cool her off a bit. Using one cube, I traced wet designs on her flesh. Teasing her nipples with the drip of melting ice before moving down, over the gentle swell of her belly. Finally, I inserted the melting piece into her cunt, adding another one behind it. The rope smelled of her and was becoming a soggy mess. I knew I was going to have to remove it sooner or later, but decided to let it stay in its cleft a bit longer.

I gauged the heat of my candles and then picked up the black one. Bending over, I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, biting it harshly and teasing it with my teeth. She gasped, once, as I tugged at her but never moved to try and avoid it. I tilted the holder and dripped candle wax over her hardened nipple and the pale white skin that could still be seen around it, before moving to the opposite side to repeat the procedure. I could feel my own cunt spasm as I watched a blush suffuse her skin. Her scent was becoming overpowering and I knew I was going to have to sate myself soon.

Moving down, I continued to drip wax on her skin, enjoying the way it left such lovely designs there. Eventually, I moved the rope again and bent to suck the mixture of melted ice and warm honey from her hole before spreading her cunt lips wide and using my other hand to drop big dollops of wax on her hard clit.

She arched her body just a bit as I replaced the rope. The mixture of cooling heat and jute causing a sensation I could only imagine.

"You are a very lucky girl to get so much from pain. I could watch you respond all night long and never tire..."

My voice trailed off as I watched her. The little jerky movements were subsiding and she was now ready for me to remove the wax. I used my fingernails to loosen it and tug it away. The red marks left behind made me want to devour her. I could feel my control slipping even as I removed it. When the last bit was gone...from nipples, belly, clit and cunt lips, I used the ice once more, running it over all the reddened spaces.

Then I forced my claws to grow and used them to divest her of the ropes which had held her body for so long.

"Do not cum, girl!"

These words were harsh, almost a growl but I was beyond caring if I scared her at this point. I needed the honey thick fluid that glistened so prettily on her nether parts.

I climbed up onto the bed and bent my head, sucking her clit into my hot mouth. I kept the pressure constant, not too hard but not the least bit gentle. When I tired of her bucking (even if it was spasmodic), I stopped.

"Hold still. The next time I have to stop it will not go well for you."

I grabbed the feather that had been lying by her left foot and used it to gently tickle her clit as my tongue delved inside and licked her clean. I felt her need to move, her wanting to cry out or cum. But I did not want her to release that way. I stopped before I would have to punish her and turned around to shred the scarves that held her feet immobile.

I got up from between her thighs and moved to the head of the bed, shredding the scarf that held her wrists to the bed. The one binding her wrists together, I left in place. It was time for something new. She was ready and even if she wasn't, I was.

"Up and over on your belly, girl. Hike your ass high."

She moved with some hesitation, unsure as to what I had planned next. I waited until she was as I had demanded and then used a pillow to prop her ass just a wee bit higher.

Climbing behind her, I used fingers and tongue on her anal entrance, rimming her gently and spreading saliva around the inside. Then I reached for the small anal plug I had placed on my bedside table and quickly inserted it.

I heard a slight gasp, a quick moan and then nothing. I got up from the bed and removed my clothing; glad that she could not see the scars that covered me from past fights. Then I returned to the crop, warming her ass as I used some of my super human strength to cover her skin completely, a pattern of markings, claiming her as mine, if only for this night.

By now, I was ready to begin. I took a moment to put on and adjust my hand made halter, placing the straps with care and tightening them so they wouldn't move at an inopportune time. Next I fit my cock into place, making sure the clit attachment pressed just to the side of my clit. I knew if I placed it on that sensitive bit of flesh, it would be over before I started. Then I climbed back up on the bed and positioned myself behind her slightly raised hips.

"You know what's good about being fucked by me? I will never grow soft and I can fuck you senseless."

Grabbing a hand full of hair, I wrapped it around my right hand while using my left to guide that bit of rubber into her hot hole. She shook, as I pushed it inside, slowly, moving back and forth, never all at once, just enough to tease,

She was mewling, whimpering. Each moan made my heart race. I began to fuck her for real. Slamming home repeatedly, jerking her head back with each thrust, my left hand curling into her hip. I was controlling her movements, taking her.

I could tell that I was changing. My eyesight grew brighter. My sense of smell heightened and yet I could not stop what I had started. Curving myself over her back I let go of her hair and curled my right hand around her throat, biting down on the back of her neck repeatedly.

When we had finished, I opened my eyes and studied the back of her neck. I had broken the skin, twice, and left a long scratch on her left hip. The scent of her blood, coppery, sweet made me hungry. I withdrew from her and flipped her over, spreading her thighs wide and fastening my mouth to well fucked cunt.

I sucked, licked and bit...tonguing her slit, using my tongue to explore every crevice inside. My fingers pinched and prodded, testing the flesh I so wanted to rip open. Her sighs and cries, drove me to the brink of madness, yet this one was special enough that I did not REALLY want to hurt her. I raised my head to look into her face.

"Cum for me, girl."

She did, and I drank it down as if it were the most heavenly liquor ever produced by man or beast. It sated the wolf in me and it was enough.

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