tagNonHumanBen'hamin Ch. 05

Ben'hamin Ch. 05


"Yeah, why not," Ben'hamin teased. "I love the sound of your voice when I do this." Avron was curious and moved just enough to see what Ben had done.

It drew Ben'hamin's eyes, ever watchful even during this for a threat. He drew back enough to allow Avron to watch as an extended talon drew another bloody line along the red center of another stripe.

Ben'hamin kept doing it until every stripe on Derix's foreskin was bleeding slightly. Every mark of his claw drew the same hoarse, nearly orgasmic cry from Derix's lips. By the time he was done, the great warrior lay there shaking eyes almost entirely rolled back into his head.

"You are much more like your brother than you want to admit, Derix," Ben growled before sucking that heavy length between his lips, automatically deep-throating him to lick away all of the blood on the first attempt.

Derix completely ignored the comment, possibly missing it as his body jerked and writhed beneath his lord helplessly. When he pulled on his wrists, they tightened painfully and he cried out in pleasure forgetting the warlords gathered nearby.

Ben'hamin sucked him hard working more blood out of the cuts. It turned Derix on more than many of the normal things he liked. A relic of his odd past, he knew. Besides which, the cuts on top of the highly sensitive striping hurt a great deal, but Derix refused to admit he liked the pain.

Ben'hamin rose up to look at him. He would die of pleasure if Derix and Medr ever attempted to best him together. It was a thought Ben had often. In fact, lately it had been haunting his dreams. It was a fantasy doomed from the beginning of time.

Still, once...They had been friends. Medr had come to him while Derix had been at the other end of the battlefield. They had fought, but Medr had recognized Derix's scent on his skin and faltered.

It had been easy to best the enormous creature after that. Medr hadn't wanted to hurt him without knowing why he had smelled Derix on him, but Ben'hamin had not known that at the time. He had battled wickedly nearly killing the poor creature and taking him hostage. Medr had been hard to tame. He had feared having a male lover, but once it was done...Things had changed between them.

Then, Derix had come home. The two pretended to be civil with each other, but it was obvious they shared a past and secrets. They were wary friends, at best, but they had tried to get along. It had been wonderful...for Ben, but it hadn't lasted more than a dozen years.

There was one comment made in a drunken moment that ruined everything. Ben hadn't heard anything wrong with the taunt, but it had sparked old hatred.

They had started growling at each other in a language so guttural he had been unable to make out the words. Then, blood had flown! Ben'hamin had stepped in to stop it. Medr'ainder had been much larger then, and he had feared Derix would be killed. It was the opposite these days.

"Gods, Ben," Derix growled, "stop or I will explode!" He rose startled to find Derix beginning to pulse between his teeth. He grasped the base to keep him from spurting his control all over his face.

"Sorry, love, I got carried away," Ben'hamin teased as he held him tight. "You know how much I love doing that."

He didn't want to admit to thinking about Medr'ainder during that little scenario. Derix would likely run away and never forgive him for it.

"I didn't mind," Derix laughed huskily. "Gods, you are too good at that."

Obviously, Ben thought irritated at his lack of attention. He had missed Derix for so long, and then thought about someone else while making love to him.

"I'll try to be even better at the rest," Ben stated very seriously, but Derix groaned in mock complaint.

Keeping to his teasing mood he asked, "Do you want me to suck at it?" Derix laughed uproariously. "Bad pun," he agreed dryly.

"If you suck any more, you are going to have a face full of cum," Derix told him point blank. "Be my guest," he offered happily, "but you seemed determined to stop it a moment ago." Derix relaxed beneath him quite content to allow it if that was what he intended to do to him.

Assuming that Derix had his very firm control back; Ben'hamin decided to test his reactions. "That is because," Ben'hamin said carefully, cautiously releasing his hand to let go of his tight restraint, "I intended to make you squirm beneath me until you begged me for it."

"Not a chance," Derix laughed. "That would take a very long time, my lord."

"Would it?" Ben'hamin sighed in mock disappointment at his observation. "Avron, could you do me a favor, pet?"

Derix narrowed his eyes at his best friend's amused tone of voice; years of knowledge leading him to be quickly suspicious of his suddenly mysterious behavior.

"What are you up to, Ben?"

"You will see, won't you," Ben stated proprietarily grinning at his wrist restraints.

"What do you need me to do, master? I will help you any way you want," Avron offered eagerly coming up to kneel on the edge of the bed.

"That is what I like to hear," Ben growled happily.

Leaning over to catch up the boy, he kissed his cheek and whispered something very softly in his ear knowing how good Derix's hearing was.

The boy giggled and his mischievous eyes lit up as he studied Derix speculatively.

"Just like that," Avron purred enjoying the idea completely. Derix shifted in apprehension at the look in their eyes. "Are you sure that is all you want me to do?" The boy glanced at Ben'hamin with a wicked smile. "I can do a lot more, my lord."

"No," Ben said thoughtfully. "I don't think he could handle anything more despite his bravado. Just do as I asked, pet, and we will work on the rest later."

Avron sighed. "Okay, I guess..." Avron sat down closer to Derix kneeling comfortably. Derix let out a restless breath of air waiting for that first touch anxiously. Avron grinned knowingly emboldened by Ben'hamin's confidence.

Avron reached out and gently cupped Derix's cheek. The big warrior closed his eyes leaning in to that touch like nothing else in the worlds meant more to him. He had always loved the softest touches. They sensitized his skin for what was to come later.

Avron slowly moved his hands to lightly rub over his bare skin. Derix began to purr instinctively, his vocal chords automatically shifting to cat form for it.

Avron kept moving his hands over new skin going slow, keeping the touch light, and paying careful attention to the way Derix was reacting to it.

Soon, Derix started to gasp at every stroke. Then, he groaned in realization.

"Oh, Gods...You told him to pet me! Ben," he whined upset at his devious ploy. "That has got to be the rudest thing I have ever seen you do, you bastard!"

Ben'hamin burst into spontaneous laughter at Derix's disgust, as Avron continued to pet his helpless warrior. "Oh, you poor, little kitten," he drawled adding his hands to the torture.

Derix purred hissing at them and loving it, even as it irritated the shit out of him. It was hilarious.

Ben'hamin was completely amused by his attitude. "Do you need a little lovin', pet? Have you not been getting enough attention, little darling?"

Derix growled low in his throat at him, but the helpless purrs continued to erupt from his throat.

"You are so fucking rude; you are a complete asshole. Do you know that," Derix mewled in utter surrender.

"Better than a half an asshole," Ben'hamin chuckled, "What would you do with just a half?" Derix groaned in defeat.

"You have been away too long. Even Avron thinks you are deprived of unselfish attention," Ben'hamin informed him.

"Not that this is completely unselfish on my part," Ben'hamin purred finally laying his heavier, taller body over Derix.

Derix moaned raggedly. "Gods, that feels good," he whispered nearly gasping at the sensation of his weight pressing down on him.

"I am so glad you like it, pet, but this is not how I want you," Ben'hamin fussed. "Turn your ass over for me."

Derix twisted beneath him and Ben'hamin turned holding him tight until he was on bottom with his back flat on the bed. Derix looked back at him curiously lying on top of him and feeling very odd at his choice of positions.

"And this is..."

"Exactly," Ben told him using his hands to trace his muscles as he adjusted Derix until he was lying comfortably on his chest. "I love it that you are so much shorter than me and I can actually get away with doing this."

"Jerk, you point it out often enough," Derix growled eyes nearly closing in pleasure. Avron stroked his skin where Ben couldn't reach. "Ahh, Ben..."

"Is there something you wanted to say, love?" Derix groaned and it made Ben laugh. "I will take that as a 'no'." He shifted his body again and an even more ragged, helpless groan was torn from Derix's throat as Ben'hamin rubbed his erection along the crease in Derix's buttocks. "That is it...beg for me, baby."

"That is not begging," Derix panted already wanting to comply.

"Not yet," Ben sighed, "but you will." Avron giggled uncontrollably.

"You think this is funny, you little shit," Derix threatened amused, but half angry too. Avron paled. "Wait until I get you tied up again," he warned.

"I wouldn't know what to think of someone just petting me because they loved me," the boy whispered. "No one has ever done it before." Derix frowned at him and looked back at Ben in surprise.

The Great War Chief groaned. "It never occurred to me," he admitted. "It only came to my mind with you over the way you gave off the impression you would be so damn reluctant to cuddle up in my bed with me."

"I am never reluctant for that," Derix protested dismayed that he would even think it of him.

"You sounded like you were," Ben'hamin pointed out. "Didn't he, Avron?" The boy nodded his head flushing in embarrassment to contradict a warlord's word.

Derix hissed in irritation, glaring at him. "Do not blame the boy," Ben warned perceptively when Avron almost flinched, "blame me for asking him."

"Sorry, Av...I didn't mean to blame anyone but myself on that one!" Derix smiled apologetically at the kid.

The boy turned beet red. "Damn, you both get so nervous with each other," Ben pointed out in amusement. "It is so God-awful cute!"

Avron was frowning having expected Derix to make some rude, sarcastic or teasing comment about it. Ben'hamin grinned at him wickedly, knowing exactly why his lover had missed the opportunity.

Derix didn't pay much attention to what Ben was saying because of what he was doing. Ben'hamin was flexing his hips casually against his rump. His hot, hard shaft was wedged rather perfectly along Derix's ass cheeks, but he could think of a much better place for it to slide so fluidly. Derix closed his eyes keeping a tight jaw against saying what he was thinking.

"What is the matter, Derix? Is there something you want, love," he growled in Derix's ear suggestively. Derix nearly moaned. It was inaudible, but Ben'hamin felt the vibration before his lover could completely control it.

"All you have to do is ask for it, baby," Ben informed him firmly licking at his ear.

Derix's ass was getting damp from the movement. "It is all the same to me. I can go like this, or I can go in you when and where you ask me to," Ben'hamin reminded too sweetly. Derix closed his eyes and growled in frustration.

"Fuck you, Ben," Derix gasped gritting his teeth. Ben'hamin laughed.

"Was that an invitation, love," Ben'hamin teased. "You know me, I have to have specifics...Maybe you should rephrase it just a bit until I am sure of what you meant to say to me."

"I said 'you can go fuck yourself'," he growled angrily. "I am not begging you, you conceited prick. I am not that damn desperate!"

"You will be," Ben whispered, "just wait a little longer. I know you too well, love. You want me so bad your teeth are about to crack."

"That would be because I'm gritting them," Derix growled irritably.

"Exactly the point I am trying to make, you stubborn fool," Ben'hamin sighed. "You are only mad because you want to give in," he teased. "I would love the satisfaction of it. You know I would."

"You are so damn stubborn, Derix! It has been too long," Ben'hamin whispered into his ear licking at the outer ring aggressively in a way Derix loved. He felt Derix tremble uncontrollably above him. "Give up your pride," Ben advised softly, "or you know I will make you seriously regret it later."

Derix groaned grinding his ass down into Ben's massively, swollen erection. "Gods, okay," he hissed giving up because he knew he would never withstand the both of them much longer, "please, Ben...just fuck me!"

That was all Ben needed, or wanted. He looked at Avron and nodded. "Now, pet," he purred happily. Avron's hands stopped petting Derix as he repositioned himself. Derix swore realizing Ben'hamin had preplanned his surrender all along.

Avron's lips nipped up Derix's dick in painful, little bites of skin alternated with sexy, little laps of his hot tongue. It caused a raggedly, hoarse cry from Derix! "Oh, Gods, Av...What are you doing?"

Following swiftly on the boy's assault, Ben'hamin began to force himself inside of Derix's rigid body enjoying the extra tight feel of him, because Derix could not find a way to relax no matter how hard he tried.

It brought forth cry after cry until Derix could no longer catch his breath at the pleasure they forced upon him. Avron ate at him mercilessly as he writhed back into Ben unable to get free of them!

When the boy's mouth closed solidly over him, Derix lost any discipline he once thought he had. His hips pistoned helplessly compelling his desire acutely down Avron's throat, and then to the hilt of Ben'hamin's shaft incapable of stopping or even slowing down his motions as the sensations drove him mad.

"That is it," Ben panted gritting his own teeth as he continued to hold back for him. "That is it, baby..."

Derix screamed. His body was so tight it felt like it was going to rip right into little pieces if he didn't do something soon! "Oh, Gods...Oh...my...Gods, Ben," he screamed helplessly nearly growling the words.

"Fuck," he swore angrily as his body twisted in involuntary shape-shifting. Avron choked, but quickly readjusted to his bigger size glancing up to see the fur flowing over Derix's striped skin in swift waves.

"Ben, you bastard," he continued to swear over and over again as his body became half man and half cat. "I will fuckin' get you for this shit!"

Derix screamed again in powerless enthusiasm, but it sounded more like the wail of a tempestuous, undomesticated creature this time!

Avron stepped up his tight suction as Derix drove up into his mouth ruthlessly adding the firmness of his tongue to the underside of his thick dick mercilessly. "Oh, shit, Av," Derix growled loudly, "oh, Gods, yes!"

Derix snarled in pain as he yanked on the ropes that held his wrists and they tightened down sharply. "Oh, fuck, yeah...Oh, please...please...please!" He screwed back and forth between them desperately. "Ben," he begged.

Ben'hamin bit down sharply on the nape of his neck laughing and purring and growling all at once. He jerked his body in a way that nearly snapped Derix's bound wrists as he slipped further down the bed. Derix grunted and gasped.

"Oh, Gods, yes," Derix sighed ridiculously pleased by the tiny shift that brought his flesh into such sharper focus around him. "Come on, Ben...fuck me, baby" he pleaded wickedly knowing he could count on his best friend to know exactly what he needed at the exact second he required it.

Ben's legs raised to latch around his ankles and spread them letting Avron sink down lower giving him access to Derix's relentlessly, stretched skin constricting his sultry, engorged orbs underneath his jaw.

Derix gasped sucking in his breath through his teeth as slowly as he could manage as his body heated up unmercifully. It was cut off abruptly when Ben'hamin's powerful arms wrapped around his chest and throat.

Ben squeezed until Derix was breathless and a spurt of irrational fear unexpectedly seized him. It shot adrenaline into Derix's bloodstream forcing his blood to pound in his veins swiftly.

Derix snarled like a caged animal roaring past the restriction as his powerful form was squeezed cruelly. The oxygen deprivation starved his adrenaline soaked cells heightening the sensations to an unbearable state of hyper reality.

"Oh, Gods, Ben," he choked feeling his lover swell massively to excruciating width and length as his own beast took control. "Fuck, baby, I love it when you do that!" Derix coughed straining his pinched vocal chords past the pressure being exerted upon them to complement Ben's technique in delight.

Claws raked over Derix's chest ripping it to shreds. Ben growled barely holding off a substantial orgasm as he tried deliberately to wait for Derix's willpower to cave in before him.

Avron sank slightly sharpened teeth into Derix's dick, scraping deep furrows down the sides to remind him that Ben'hamin was not the only person contributing to the pulsating waves of orgasmic pleasure beginning to vibrate along his spinal chord! Derix cried out in shocked gratification!

"Av," Derix mewled, "oh, please...Av...do it...again!"

Ben'hamin compressed his teeth tasting blood as a splash of heat swept into his mouth. Derix jerked above him grinding down hard as his skin broke beneath the fangs both above and below.

"Aaaaaauuuuuuugggggghhhhhh......" The long sound lasted for an eternity before Derix's skin felt like it was peeling away straight down to the very bones!

Then, he shook as wave after wave of intense emotions practically caused seizures while he felt the head of his dick split open. He actually felt the tiny opening spasm around his seed as thick jets of it raced straight down Avron's greedy throat.

Avron was not the least bit content with his offering as he sucked it down. He sucked even harder begging Derix for more. It was an impossible feat if ever he knew one, Derix decided in a distant part of his mind as it splintered into a thousand consecutive thoughts; he was spent.

Vaguely, Derix felt the violent tremors in Ben'hamin's supple body as he pulsed and spewed into him. Derix could even feel the oddity of Ben'hamin's body sliding along his skin sleek with a sheen of sweat.

A deep bite and a groan later, Derix felt a dampening at his knee, where the boy had suddenly rubbed his hard erection intently. It was almost cold against his own heated skin, he realized abstractedly.

A part of Derix mind was pleased they had found pleasure, but most of it just plain didn't give a fuck! It was too busy enjoying the rapture of the best sex it had ever experienced in its' lifetime.

His body shivered one last time in what was nearly a second orgasm. Maybe it was, he thought in surprise as Avron licked at him again. It felt so good. He didn't have the words to express it.

Derix floated on a fuzzy cloud of bliss that casually reached up from the depths of his soul to engulf him in a sensation of euphoric peace unlike anything he had known before it.

Derix's breathing steadied out to a slow even pace as he sighed contently.

Ben'hamin grew still underneath him puzzled for a second. "Oh, my Gods," he breathed in amazement almost noiselessly as he tried not to disturb Derix. "Is he awake, Avron?"

The boy was slow to stir. "He doesn't look like it," Avron rasped huskily, throat savaged and raw from its previous usage. He stretched his legs out more comfortably letting his dry eyes fall shut.

Ben'hamin carefully shifted enough to allow Derix's side to rest on the mattress. "I will be damned," he whispered in awe, "he passed out on us, baby."

Ben's delighted laughter softly filled the room for half a dozen minutes. He only gave up his merriment when his own exhaustion dragged away the very last of his energy coercing him gently into a much needed slumber.

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