Bess Ch. 08


Bess waved to the woman seated at the table. "Auntie!" she said.

The two women kissed. "It has been a long time, dear," Deidre said. "We missed you over the holidays."

"Yes, but Bonnie and I decided we needed to escape from Minnesota so we went to the islands, St. Martin's."

Over a light lunch, the two caught up. "I see you are moving up in the news world. The noon news and all the games," Deidre said.

"Yes, I am. Next week I start with the AM report," Bess replied. "Not looking forward to getting up that early. The Vikes are not going anywhere, but there is spring training just around the corner."

"Carly said she doesn't see you very much anymore."

"Not with my schedule," Bess said, sipping her wine. "Besides Carly is pretty busy herself, teaching, coaching, and with her boyfriend. That seems pretty serious."

"I know," Deidre said, "I hope she is thinking it though. She didn't have that many serious relationships in school."

"Carly will be fine," Bess said, patting her aunt's hand. "She is a lot like her dad."

"In what way?" Deidre asked.

"She knows what she wants and when she finds that special person, she going to do everything to keep him. A lot like Scott."

Deidre smiled. Bess was right. Deidre was never happier in her life than now and it was all because of her marriage to Scott. She knew how much he loved her and it made her feel good. Still she had some worries.

"Bess, I have something that concerns me," her aunt said, turning serious. "Perhaps you can clear it up."

"What is it?"

Deidre reached inside her pocketbook and pulled out a small business card. She slid it across the table to Bess. On it, it said 'Black Leather, let your fantasies come true'- discrete & private.

Bess picked up the card as the color drained from her face. She turned it over in her hands. "Where did you get this?' she asked quietly.

"Scott was given it at a conference last month. The men who had it were discussing where they could find, let's say, a friend for the evening. The description of the woman made him uneasy so he took the card and brought it home. We talked about it together. So?"

"Here is not the place to discuss this, Auntie," Bess said abruptly. "I have a place we can talk. It's not far."

Bess was right. It was a short ride but it seemed longer as no words were spoken between the two.

"Make yourself at home." Bess said, pointing to the living room. "I'll just be a moment." Bess returned quickly with a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, and her album tucked under her.

Deidre was admiring the décor. "Quite a place you have here. Must be expensive?"

"Please, have a seat," Bess said.

Pouring the wine, she began to talk. "Bonnie asked me to join her in her business about a year ago. She's 'Black Satin' and I'm 'Black Leather'. Together we provide a discrete service to a select group of friends."

"You're whores!" Deidre said.

"You may call us that," Bess continued, "We tend to look at it differently. Here take a look at this and then decide." She opened the album and placed it on Deidre's lap. She explained each picture in detail, actually telling her aunt how she acted on each one.

Deidre took a gulp of her wine. "You mean to tell me, men called you for a date. They look at these pictures, pick one, and pay you to act it out, right?"

"Yes. Look, everyone has fantasies. I just give them a chance to act on them. I make sex fun and what goes on between two adults..."

"Even this one?"

"That's Cathy. She was asleep when the burglar broke in. You know what happen? He held her down, forced himself on her."

"You're talking about rape."

"Yes, but it is fantasy rape, not intended to actually hurt or do anything that anyone is not willing to do. It is all under control."

Deidre just shook her head. Turning the page she gasped. It was the dungeon pictures and it showed Bess tied down, open and exposed. "Is that you?" she said quietly.

"Yes, it is. All these pictures are fantasies, a release. Everything you see here is just that. I bet Scott has fantasies."

"I suppose you know them," Deidre snapped.

Bess put her hand on her aunt's knee. Calmly she said, "No, I don't but sadly I bet you don't know them either. Many of the men that come to me are married and say that their wives won't do these things. Maybe if they were open to each other, they wouldn't need me."

Deidre finished her wine, "This is all too much for me," she said. "Do you really know what you are doing? Don't look to me for approval and I wish you would reconsider what you're doing but for God's sake be careful!"

When Deidre got home, she went straight to the bedroom and shut the door. Sitting on the bed, she began to cry. "My beautiful niece is a whore," she thought. "Well, this isn't over, by a long shot."

It was a comfortable spring night with a hint of rain in the air as a stretch limo arrived in front of the condo at exactly 8:00. Richard helped Bess inside. "Hello," he said. "Nice to see you again." He wore a magnificently tailored midnight blue tuxedo with matching tie and cummerbund.

Richard smiled as he reached forward and slid the partition window closed to prevent the limo driver from overhearing. He poured two glasses of champagne. Handing one to Bess, he said, "It is a short drive to where we're going, so let me get right to the point, do you understand what I want?"

"Yes, but please explain it again. I want to be sure I understand everything."

"I belong to an unofficial sex club. There are about thirty of us, all men, some married, some not. Once a month we get together and indulge in our shared passions. Some men bring women, and some don't. The women must be a particular type."

"I know. Submissive."

"Exactly. After that night with you, I knew you would perfect for it. I would like to thank Bonnie for telling me about you."

Bess smiled and nodded. She couldn't picture Bonnie bowing her head and submitting meekly while men used her body. To Bess, however it sounded irresistible. All week she had been consumed by the anticipation of tonight.

"Anyway," Richard continued, "I've never brought a woman to one of our parties...until night. You will be my first."

"I will, as long as condoms and the safe words are agreed to in advance." There was no mention of money but Bess understood it would be substantial, if everything went as planned.

"They are," Richard said. "No whips or things like that, except with your permission. The word 'Red' means absolutely stop. Is that alright with you?" In the darkness of the back seat, Richard gave her a smile but she didn't or chose not to notice a glint in his eye.

Bess took a deep breath and nodded. It was hard for her to reconcile Richard's handsome, open expression with the dark nature of what he was describing, but as she thought about the sex party and what was going to occur, she shivered.

"Good. From now on you follow my and the other men's directions without question. You will keep your eyes downcast and speak only when spoken to. Do you understand?"

Bess started to answer, then decided to begin her part immediately. She looked at the floor of the limo and nodded.

"Good girl," he said. "Are you wearing the clothes I sent you?" When she nodded, he continued, "Then take off your dress."

Quickly, Bess pulled off her navy knit dress. Beneath it she wore a tight, crotch less, dark blue satin teddy with openings at the front of each breast so her nipples were exposed. Old-fashioned dark blue and white lace garters held up her blue net stockings and she wore very high-heeled blue satin pumps. She placed her dress on the seat beside her, folded her hands in her lap, and stared at Richard's shoes.

"Very nice," Richard said staring at her scantily dressed body. "Your clothes will be returned to you at the evening's end." He looked her over carefully then continued, "You really are a gorgeous woman, Bess, and you have the proper attitude." He pinched one of her nipples hard and, although she winced slightly, she didn't make a sound or look up. "Yes, indeed," Richard smiled, "I will be proud to present you tonight."

She knew it was silly but Bess found she was pleased that he felt her worthy of the night's entertainment. "Now," he said, "a few additions." He buckled a leather cuff with a large metal ring attached around each of Bess's wrists and ankles. A slightly narrower cuff went around her neck and he turned it so the ring was in the back. He attached a short chain to the ring and let it fall, cold and heavy, down her back between her shoulder blades to her waist. "Now, remember 'Red' is the safe word," he said. He took a small padlock from his pocket, drew her arms behind her back, and locked the rings on her wrists to the end of the chain. Bess wasn't in any physical discomfort, but with her arms secured behind her, she felt awkward and off balance.

"Very good," Richard said, as the limo pulled to a stop. He buttoned a long, full-length, royal blue evening cape around Bess's shoulders and, as the chauffeur held the door, they got out. Bess quickly realized that despite her immobilization, to any bystander she looked like any woman might, going to a formal function.

Her head lowered, she moved her eyes from side to side and realized they were entering the lobby of a very exclusive hotel, although she wasn't sure which one. Passing people standing in the lobby, they entered the "Penthouses Only" elevator. Richard said, "Only members and their ladies will be permitted up here. We've taken the entire floor for the evening."

The elevator doors swept open onto a small vestibule. Her eyes still on the carpet, Bess followed Richard through the only open doors into a large room.

"Ah, Richard," a man said. "I see that you've brought a young lady for us. Wonderful."

Something about the gathering made Bess shiver with expectation. Although she had heard about them in college, she'd never believed that clubs like this existed.

"Gentlemen," a man said, tapping a tiny hammer on a miniature gong, "now that everyone's here, the meeting will come to order. Bring the women forward."

Richard propelled Bess to the stage in the front of the room where she stood, eyes downcast, with two others. Both were about Bess's age. One woman was a statuesque blond with light blue eyes and dark red lips. The other was a petite black woman with very short fluffy hair and skin the color of light coffee. Each was dressed capes of different colors. Bess looked around the best she could without raising her eyes. She estimated there were about thirty older men, of varying race, and physical types, all in formal attire.

"Do the women know the correct forms of address?"the leader asked. He had very dark hair and eyes and olive skin.

"Not mine," said Richard. "I felt it was your place to instruct her."

"For tonight I will be your king and you will address me as 'your majesty' or sire. All other men will be addressed as 'my lord.' Understand?"

"Yes, your majesty," Bess said. She heard the other two say the same thing.

"Obedience is your most important function. You will follow the orders of any man here, without question. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sire," the women replied.

"Now, will the gentlemen who brought our gifts for the evening please unwrap them." With a flourish, the capes were pulled from their shoulders. Bess could see that the other women were cuffed and chained the same way she was and dressed in teddies, stockings, and shoes that matched their capes. There were some grasps and nods of approval.

The leader started with the blond. "Vanessa," he said, "you're as beautiful as ever." The leader raised his right arm and slapped her hard on the ass.

"Thank you, sire," she said, a small smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

"For the new men here tonight," the leader said, "Sometimes Vanessa deliberately disobeys your command and must be disciplined. Those who enjoy that type of play may want to spend the evening with her."

He moved to the tiny black woman. "Shawna, we haven't seen you for quite a while. I see you cut your hair."

"Yes, sire. I hope you approve."

He tangled his fingers in her hair, dragged her head back and kissed her hard. "I do," he finally said. "Down." Shawna clumsily fell to her knees despite her chains and pressed her forehead against his shoes. "As you see, Shawna is very well trained and will gladly do whatever she's told to. We are all happy to have her back with us."

He turned to Richard. "This one is new. Thank you for bringing her to us." Turning to Bess, he said, "Do you have a name?"

Bess looked at Richard from the corner of her eye and he nodded. "Bess."

"Bess what?"

She knew he wasn't asking for her last name. Softly, without lifting her eyes, she said, "Bess, sire."

"Very good, Very good indeed." He turned to the men gathered around, "Blindfold them."

Someone tied a soft cloth firmly around Bess's head. She heard the rustling and shuffling of people moving around and the hum of lowered voices. Someone pinched her left nipple which was proudly standing erect through the opening in front of her teddy. She gasped, but didn't move. "Nice," a voice said. Then several hands slid over her breasts, legs, and buttocks, the sensations heightened by her lack of sight. "Very nice." Another voice said.

Bess recognized the leader's voice. "Mike, I assume that you want to take Shawna." There was a pause, then he continued, "Good. Take her to Room 2. Peter, take Vanessa across the hall. I want to break in our newest guest," he said. "The rest of you," he laughed, "pick your pleasure. You have three lovely ladies from which to choose."

Bess was flattered at having been chosen by the leader. She had no idea how many men were now in the room. Her skin tingled with anticipation. Someone slid a finger along her pussy, touching her lips. She softly sighed. "She's very wet," a man said.

"Wonderful," the leader said. "Richard, you have made an excellent choice. She is a lovely piece."

"Thank you. Shall I undress her now?"

The leader must have nodded because someone loosened the laces of the teddy and it fell from her body. Immediately, numerous hands were everywhere, rubbing, probing, stroking.

"She has the most fantastic boobs," a voice said. "May I have them?"

"I see no reason why not. Prepare her." Bess's hands were unlocked and a belt was buckled tightly around her waist. Her wrist cuffs were refastened above her elbows and then attached to rings at the sides of the belt. Her upper arms were efficiently attached to her sides, leaving her lower arms free. Then she was told to lie down on a pad on the floor.

Bess obeyed quickly. Lying face up, her legs were spread and her ankle cuffs fastened so she was held wide open. Hands checked to be sure that her blindfold was still in place.

A man straddled her waist and squeezed her full breasts. "These are so big, so full, so firm," he whispered. "I must have them." Hands rubbed something cool and slick all over her chest.

"Carl's in heaven," a voice said.

"If he's not careful, he'll come before he's even started," the leader laughed.

"A hundred dollars says he'll come in under 2 minute," Bess heard a voice say.

"Hold them," Carl said. He grabbed Bess's wrists and pressed her hands against the sides of her breasts. "I said hold them!"

Bess had no idea what he wanted, but held her breasts the way his hands showed her. Suddenly, she felt Carl's hard cock thrusting between her tits. He was fucking her breasts, driving his cock so hard that on each stroke it struck her chin. Now that she understood, Bess held her breasts tightly together, making a narrow channel for his cock. He bucked against her breasts until he screamed and spurts of cum covered Bess's chin and chest.

"One minute, forty-two seconds." There was a round of applause.

Almost immediately Carl was lifted off Bess's body. "You have great tits for fucking," the leader said. "How is your mouth?"

"I hope I am worthy, sire," Bess said, licking some of Carl's cum from her lips.

"Open for me," he commanded. When she did, he filled her mouth with his erection, pressing it all the way in. The velvet length slid in and out of her mouth. She covered her teeth with her lips and tighten around his shaft.

"He'll come faster than Carl," a voice said.

"Squeeze my balls, bitch," the leader snapped, and Bess did as she was told, tonguing and sucking until he came. She eagerly swallowed every drop.

"My Lord, she's a great little cocksucker," the leader said as he caught his breath. He rubbed her wet pussy. "And she's loving every moment." There were low voices saying things that Bess couldn't hear. Then she heard the leader's voice. "Richard, she has shown to be an excellent choice so far. Since you brought her, you may play first."

Play first? Bess thought.

"If you have no objection," Richard said, releasing her arms from her sides, "I'd liked to remove her blindfold."

"If you like."

When the cloth was removed from her eyes, Bess blinked several times, then glanced around the room. Her ankles were being held open by two men who sat so they had full view of her wide open pussy. Another man sat on a chair, intently watching her face. The leader lay near her hip, his head propped on his hand. Bess quickly figured that there were about ten to twelve men in the room. Most had removed their clothing and were sporting erect cocks which some were slowly stroking. She couldn't see Richard until he walked around to her other side.

"Bess," he said." I have some toys for us to play with." Richard opened a large black and red lacquered box and showed her the contents. Inside, a collection of dildos was arranged according to size. The smallest was about as slender as her pinky, the largest about two inches around. "Let's see how much you can take." He inserted three inches into her wet pussy as Bess moaned. He selected the next to the largest one.

It looked too big to ever fit inside her but as Richard slid it into her waiting pussy; Bess realized she was completely filled. "Yes," he said, "that's just right."

Bess swallowed hard, trying not to lose control in front of all these men but it felt so good. She saw Richard select a dildo about the size of his thumb. "How's your ass?" he asked.

"Virginal," was the only answer she could think of.

"Fantastic!" the leader said. "Richard, you have chosen well."

As Richard spread some gel on the dildo two men slid Bess's body forward so her knees were bent. Another man rubbed some gel around her asshole, then Richard pushed in the slender dildo until the flanges at the base rested against her cheeks. Another man pulled a thin piece of fabric mesh from the belt around Bess's waist, and stretched it between her cheeks and across both dildos to anchor them securely in place. The mesh snapped to connectors at the front of the belt.

"How do you feel? Tell us."

"Strange, filled yet empty. Wanting."

"Ah, Richard," the leader said, "you have brought us a true gem." There was a quiet round of applause and some 'Here, heres', either for Bess or for Richard.

Richard reached into the box and pulled out a pencil-shaped rod. Suddenly a humming sound filled the room and as Bess watched, Richard inserted the wand through the mesh and into the dildo in her pussy. Shafts of pure pleasure coursed through her body and her hips bucked as much as her shackled ankles would permit. "Oh God," she cried.

Richard moved the dildo so the pulses touched every inside part of her. As one pressed against the other, the vibrations flowed from her pussy to her ass. He withdrew the rod, then slid the vibrating tip around her pussy, through her soaked lips. "Watch her," he said, "as I make her cum."

"We will," the leader said. "I love to watch a woman cum."

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